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Intense Leg Workout (Get RID OF INNER THIGH FAT) Toned & Slim Legs

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Hey guys! This workout was SUPPER INTENSE and it really works your INNER THIGHS! I was super sore after the workout but I think it will defiantly help you guys get SLIM LEGS! INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/gabriellawhited/
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Hailey Wideman (7 hours ago)
This barely gave me a workout
Mayflxwer 0505 (10 hours ago)
It’s been one week and a half and wow my legs haven’t looked better! This workout definitely skimmed down my legs! I 100% recommend! If you’re wondering about my diet here it is: For breakfast i eat 2 hash browns, a poptart and drink some orange juice. However now i will replace the poptart with a fruit! For lunch i eat salad and fruits and for dinner a meat and fries sometimes i mix it up and eat a stew.
Sad Kid (23 hours ago)
I did this like 2 months ago and i got the results but now i ate a month diet free lol and i gained all my weight back but i ate like crazy hahahah but i have a christmas party and i'm gonna put on a thight skirt so yeah i need to slim dem leggies so im gonna update y'all
HappyNature Life101 (1 day ago)
I don’t like how she talks during her vids. And when she says let’s go and starts screaming it actually makes me 😡, so yeah, no hate just feedback
fish sticc (1 day ago)
how many calories do you burn?
Noor Ali (1 day ago)
Hey, so I have t h i c c thighs and I'd really like to slim them a little, I've seen SO MANY videos and all of them just show workouts to gain thigh muscle instead of lose thigh fat. Help I'm desperate 😂☹️💔
adnirv Patel (2 days ago)
Me (after trying little) : ok now i'm dead. She: Breathe Me: ok She: six seven.. Me: i've be going in heaven.. She: Stay strong Me: i cant do this anymore She: COME ON!! Ahh Gabriella is such a motivator!
Avery Armas (2 days ago)
I can hear my bone crack every time i do the second one. Is that okay? What can I do to make it stop?
Joeun Kim (3 days ago)
does this really work? i really need to lose some lbs
HONEYBUN LUCY (4 days ago)
I can't believe I found armys in the comments 😂,it's real guys ARMYS ARE EVERYWHERE!!!!!
Mia Brown (6 days ago)
Don’t do this work out if you’re looking for Slimer legs. She is only adding bulk to her legs. Toning and bulking are two different things if you want to tone your legs to small motions very slowly
Antzi06 Antzelina (6 days ago)
Omfg I did this yesterday and today my legs were so sore that I could barely walk😂 (I'm so out of shape) Today I couldn't do it, my day was full but I'll try to do it tomorrow after my dance lesson.... Edit: If you guys want me to keep updating tell me in the comments. I will try to do this routine for a week... Or in Christmas holidays ;)
Okay Lol (7 days ago)
Ima try to update everyday doing this
Ana Beatriz (9 days ago)
1 like = 1 day working out Please , i rlly need some motivation
ilove st (9 days ago)
The 1st move was so harddd. I couldnt do it full
Biancaaa (10 days ago)
My left cheek is bigger than my right and my left thigh is smaller than my right AND my left side booty is smaller than my right... WHAT EXERCISES DO I DO TO EVEN IT ALL OUT!! Can someone please help me I’m not lying when I say this and hopefully I made sense at the start 😞
Rivedale_ xo (10 days ago)
Me : Does 10 secs of 90° wall sitting. Also Me : Hahahhaahhahshhshshshshhh hell nah
Nur Sya (11 days ago)
I'm gonna try this workout for till the end of December will keep you guys updated :) 5 Dec -
Eunike Jovina (12 days ago)
Only eight lunge jumps on my first leg and i gave up;(
Babak Heydari (13 days ago)
Siennah Vi (13 days ago)
I’m dying
eilish attacks (15 days ago)
The 1st workout makes me feel like Mario lmao
Juliana Provenzano (15 days ago)
The photoshop is real and aweful
Amna Najeeb (15 days ago)
Today is my day 3 or 4 my I don't even remember
kavita mishra (16 days ago)
amazing workout <3 great jobbb
Kiara Mendez (17 days ago)
How long do we do it for
Gamergirl5889 Gamer (17 days ago)
Day 1 of this workout im DYING but ill keep u guys updated and im being serious doing this workout for a week and i will tell u the result and i keep my promises :)
Peggy Schuyler (21 days ago)
im going to be doing this workout! i will post updates as well so that i keep to my word and stay motivated! :)
Antzi06 Antzelina (22 days ago)
me: *stops so I could get a breath* her: LET'S GO! me: Okay, okay! I'm coming!
Ann Monna (22 days ago)
so day 1 : im sweating....... im dying......and by the way I did this exercise three times.....those lunge jumps killed me😅😅 I can see a small difference
Nishka Ravish (23 days ago)
This workout made me gain a ton of muscular don’t do it if you want long skinny legs
Becky Jenkinson (27 days ago)
Try doing this with a resistance band...I needed picking up off the floor and was bed ridden for a week 🤣
Tristin Pauley (26 days ago)
i’m going to try this starting today! i’ll update every day this week then after that, weekly! day 1: sooo hard i couldn’t even finish the workouts, i only did 16 of each😓
bossgirlll (29 days ago)
Shes the first person I have seen wearing sunglasses during workout 😂😂😂😎
Jenna Romeo (1 month ago)
I changed my mind can I like go to heaven instead and just ditch hell
Avery Gauthier (1 month ago)
What app does she use?
Ayy Yall (1 month ago)
Im going to try and do this until i See a difference and i Will update
Priya Rohra (1 month ago)
Does it just tone your legs or helps in losing fat..my aim is to lose fat as I have heavy thighs
Janine Dutrey (1 month ago)
1 like= one day of doing this I need the motivation I will update on results
Olivia Gierulska (1 month ago)
How many calories does it burn?
Amanda Petersson (12 days ago)
Gonna do this for 1 week like if u want me to update Day 1💙 it wasnt that hard, but my legs hurt a little bit Day 2💙💙 It was harder today cause i’m very tired but it’s good cause than i know it helps, don’t give up Day 3💙💙💙 Tired today too but did the workout. When i started this i already had a gap but today i can see it’s bigger!😍 And after thid i’m gonna eat junk food..😂 I’m worth it Day 4💙💙💙💙 Today wasnt a good day to workout, My head hurts and i feel ill. Did the workut, not so hard anymore. I think it’s a little differens since day 1 at least. But let’s see how my legs are when day 7 is done. I ate so much unhealty 2day so it feels like i ruined all. But i’m not giving up on this Day 5💙💙💙💙💙 Did the workout, ate a little unhealthy today 2 cause it’s fathers day. 2 days left! I hope to see more differens on my legs Day 6💙💙💙💙💙💙 I did the workout. Love this workout Day 7💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 It is differens i’m gonna do 1 week more for a bigger differens Day 8❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ First day on week 2. I know it is hard but you guys out there i know u can do it, its getting easier. Day 10❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I skipped the workout yesterday, i needed to rest, but today i did the workout and i am going to tell you how my legs have changed in day 14💞 Havent made the workout in like 1 week but gonna start again add me on snap if u want before and after pictures - amanda070272
catalinamariaxo (8 days ago)
Amanda Petersson My snap is catalinathorn can you send me before and after pics if I add you please?
lujain jasim (1 month ago)
thank god i am still alive
J Yen (1 month ago)
The most hardest part is the first exercise
Olivia Hawkes (1 month ago)
Thank you so much Gabriella For helping people out there such as myself and inspiring people. I am skinny but I'm still not happy with myself. But I am getting way better because the help of you. I really hope people can get inspired off of this. Everyone can do it. Don't give yup huns x
Blyzel (1 month ago)
Ain’t nobody got time fo dat
Chesca David (1 month ago)
boy does this kick ass. im doing this rn and my sweat is literally dripping
Halle Jane (1 month ago)
I’m literally so sore and I’m hurting so bad Read more
Miss Tindle (1 month ago)
Honestly? Stop counting. Its annoying
*All* *Black* (1 month ago)
More effective when you wear leg weights
ReconHawk_Twitch (1 month ago)
does she no how to count like plzz
cutecat maca (1 month ago)
Okay, this is working. I done this 4 times and I can alredy see the deffrent
Dara Plett (1 month ago)
Gabby, I did this workout with no problem after doing 2 ab and 2 leg workouts and only my fourth day working out. I don't get how you could say it is a killer workout. But it is still good.
Girl Nextdoor (1 month ago)
I am going to try this workout for two weeks because I’ve tried a million workouts and none of them work so I’ll keep every one updated
tacocatolife 12345 (1 month ago)
Girl Nextdoor update ?
bellasourasrex 308 (1 month ago)
Atleast shes feels our pain.
Chloe Lilian (1 month ago)
My legs hurt just watching this 😂😂😂
Emily Matthews (1 month ago)
I like one day I workout
Emily Matthews (1 month ago)
And today we are *clap* doing a leg workout *clap* to make your legs look *loud slap on legs* gooooooood
Mrs Bieber (1 month ago)
Bruh during the first one I couldn’t get up after doing first 5 steps I swear
xd Danii •_• (1 month ago)
So I’ve been trying to work out a lot more especially because I play a lot of video games and sit down but I do play club soccer so Mabey that help but this will help a lot
Kongkeo Thephasone (1 month ago)
are you a gym teacher or something like that ?
Do you have to do this (whole workout) like 2 times? (:
Kongkeo Thephasone (1 month ago)
the first 5 jumps . i died
aiyen cosalan (1 month ago)
Uhm.. Can I change likw the first excercises because Im the really most fat and akward child and I really dont wanna do any noises while excercising sooooo yah
JAX R. (1 month ago)
You look like KYLIE!!😱😱
Khalila M (1 month ago)
I'm going to try this... I'm always self conscious about my weight. My friends say I'm perfect, but I just don't see it. I started not eating breakfast or lunch, and very little dinner. It didn't help at all, all it did was make me weak and tired all the time. I'm going to start doing this instead. I'll try to keep saying my progress. I'm really gonna try! Yay!
Khalila M (1 month ago)
One night I couldn't sleep so I did this, and in the morning my legs were slightly slimmer. Wow, it felt like a miracle. I'll keep you posted on my progress.
Nimra N (1 month ago)
Okay so I am did this with another extreme leg wk every one week a month it’s been four months so I probably did it for four weeks with long breaks and I just see such a huge difference I have a huge thigh gap and toned legs tried many videos but olny gabby make me feel the burn and see changes really quick
Lps Fox (1 month ago)
AHHHHHHH lol that's all the pain and it works! I did this everyday for a month and now my legs are so thin!
Hanna Modin (2 months ago)
Work this? How many times you need to do this before it gives results?
Abby Madrid (2 months ago)
She sounds just like Emma chamberlain when she does the workout
Kimberly Rodriguez (2 months ago)
Its my first day finished it I'll update on how I am tmr
Kimberly Rodriguez (2 months ago)
Well I probably did everything wrong I'm try something else
Elifmerve Gok (2 months ago)
how often do i have to do it?
Jupitermoons (2 months ago)
Hey guys, I’ll start this routine TODAY (12.10.18) for two weeks. Please like and comment, so I stay motivated. If you want feel free to comment about the process, I’ll always update as soon as I can. Some rules (you don’t need to read it it’s for me) - 2L of water per day - I’ll eat around 1300 - 1500 kcal (Google your needed kcal per day if you want to do it with me) - Yoga in the morning That’s it, if you want stay tuned 👅💕
KittyKat_MeowMeow (2 months ago)
Me: I’m gonna do this, even though I don’t have thigh fat! IM MOTIVATED. * snuggles deeper within the bed * I think ima go get a Starbucks.
Leah Madden (2 months ago)
Litterally just started the video and she started doing those lunge jumps I was just like wat the fuck is that honestly pls tell me what the fuck that is and how I’m ment to do that
Einfach Happy (2 months ago)
This workout is soo good! 😍 I did it for 2 weeks straight and I saw really good results. Thank you so much!!! 😍
Nightcore Minx (2 months ago)
hurts SO bad, but SO worth it.
Ganesh Murugayah (2 months ago)
Hi Gabby , I started to do this workout since yesterday and I felt so tired . I just want to get Jungkook 's leg and abs in 3 weeks because my birthday is coming up and need to look slim and beautiful Infront of the people who called me fat
Liztastic (2 months ago)
claire wincaster (2 months ago)
I started 4 days ago :)) I do the exercises two times a day day 1: pretty difficult,, felt a bit wobbly when I was walking around after day 2: easier but still hard,, felt a small amount of pain in my legs day 3: a lot better, already started to see results day 4: I looked at my legs and actually see a difference,, I can do the whole exercise with no breaks now :) I’ll keep you guys updated 💘
sandy amiry (2 months ago)
Im gonna Update: 1st day: Im about to die, and i feel the burn in my thighs... thighs are currently 58cm/23 inches. 2nd day: Didn’t do it... woops 3rd day: it was easier today, and i felt Really motivated. A great tip is to listen to songs you Like and Can the lyrics to, I did this and the time went much faster and I Didn’t have time to take A break. My thighs are still the same size, but it’s only the 3rd, well 2nd day, so I’ll probably first SEE results after 2 weeks I Think.
감자Ö (2 months ago)
Heheheheheh Haha (2 months ago)
I did this twice every single day for a week and got a small thigh gap. This does work guys you need to do it
JJ 22 (2 months ago)
I started this workout on the first week of September. I do some ab workouts from one of her videos and after I’m done I do these workouts. Being honest I see a difference already. Not a major difference but I can see my thighs getting slimmer. Unfortunately, I can only do this workout on Saturdays but I do watch what I eat and I walk everyday because of school. If anyone wants to do this, do it. You’ll feel great I promise.
BLACKPINK IN UR AREA (2 months ago)
What’s the difference in the thumbnail
claire wincaster (2 months ago)
it’s the same pic, I think she just wanted to show you what her thighs look like after doing this workout
Andrea B (2 months ago)
I dont see anything focusing on the inner thigh though 🤔
Sandra Borowiec (2 months ago)
1 like- does this workout twice a day
Pratiksha Kadam (2 months ago)
What the hell..
Giovanna Koloffon (2 months ago)
Boy, did i sweat Gabriella, you are my godess
Olivia Karasz (2 months ago)
How long should i be doing this work out to see the reasults??cause i really have been needing this and haven’t found such a good “gym trainer” that does it with you i want to make a impact on my life I decided to this in 3rd grade and im in middle school now and this has made me SUPER SLIM❤️i am soo happy
Hend S (2 months ago)
Ur amazing💗💗
Stelena's Wish (2 months ago)
The amount of likes I get on this is how many times I do this
That’s the tea sis (8 days ago)
Lol you’re fucked
Doaa Abo Alia (11 days ago)
Iam a big fan of tvd to and legaciees
Jazzy bear (2 months ago)
1 like = 1 day of this workout
AleiaAnimalLover368 (2 months ago)
It's really hard to do this when you have a dog trying to lick your sweaty face.
Lili Kaneva (2 months ago)
Hey guys I started yesterday with this workout and her workout for abs so I think to keep u motivated so I will tell u everyday what's going on with me Day 1: The first and the last two exercises are realy hard to do. I am not feel pain after the workout but during I feel a lot of pain Day 2: Actually is the same like yesterday but the last two are easier today but the first one is the same so harrdd. I am not on diet so I don't think that I will have so big difference I am gonna come tomorrow so stay tuned!
claire wincaster (2 months ago)
Lili Kaneva update ??
Musicalfoxxx (2 months ago)
Okay, ima do this for like 3-4 weeks, because I have homecoming and an audition coming up within that time range. Ima try to keep u guys updated!!! (I’m not planning to do a diet... just planning on cutting out fatty foods and others stuff like that) I am 16 and I have pretty big thighs. I didn’t measure my thighs however, I know that I am about 115 lbs. I also have PE dance in Monday’s, Tuesday’s, and Thursday’s. However, I’ll try to do this everyday even if I do have PE 😁😁 Also another thing, I do walk my dog around for about 5-15 minutes, but just for these next couple weeks, I’m gonna try to walk (maybe run) for about 30minutes Day 1(September 19, 2018): So... I took a lot of breaks. I’m kinda typing this while laying on the floor cause I can’t exactly walk at the moment 😅😅 Day 2 (September 20, 2018): I didn’t do the work out today cause I have a busy day today. However, I had dance today and we also had to the pacer gram fitness test (the curl ups). I also walked to and from school today. So yea. I’m sorry!!! ; - ; Day 3 (Sept. 21, 2018): I wasn’t able to do them today... IM SORRY!!! Day 4 (Sept. 22, 2018): So I did them, and I definitely took A LOT less breaks than day 1. I still took a couple of breaks though. Since I skipped two days, I don’t see a difference and, I’ve been doing it for 4 days. Sooooo yea ._. Day 5 (Sept. 23, 2018): So when I did them, i was finally able to do them without breaking. But that doesn’t mean that I was SUPPERRRRRR tired later on. Also, I was so sore from yesterday, but it was bearable. Once again, no difference since it’s only been a little time. Day 6 (Sept. 24, 2018): So my mom told me that I should just run with my dog at the park to lose my thigh fat. I’m planning on doing this for a couple of days. Probably a week or so. I’ll come back to this workout later on though!!! So just wait for me ; - ;
claire wincaster (2 months ago)
amazing work!! I wouldn’t be able to stay motivated,, keep us updated 💘
Bookishfantasy_ (2 months ago)
and the next days etc obviously
Bookishfantasy_ (2 months ago)
Sounds amazing guurl! You should keep up, would love to hear how it went till now
chloe wise (2 months ago)
Can someone pleaseeeee tell me does this excerise help loose thigh fat?
claire wincaster (2 months ago)
I also ate pretty healthy (I didn’t restrict my calories, I ate however many is healthy for my body)
claire wincaster (2 months ago)
chloe wise it really does!! I did it twice a day for 4 weeks and my legs are unrecognisable!!
mmegann (2 months ago)
i’m gonna do this for two weeks and update at the end of each week. day 1: i did it but i woke up the next morning and THAT SHIT BURNS day 2: im so sore but im gonna keep going day 3: i feel like i can see results. its SO difficult
Kylie Chi (2 months ago)
Hey people I'm here because I don't want fat thighs so I will give you guys a update for every day!! 😅 Day 1 - Today I barley started so it was pretty hard the first one drained my energy! So I took a break for a few minutes!! ( Also Get water for this workout) I'm so tired my legs feel heavy 😭. But ya ! Daily update every day until my thighs get toned and skinny 😉 Day 2 : Hey guys I haven't been on daily family always visits and I can't but yap 😣 Ok my legs are killing me couldn't walk but tried to . My legs were so sore and still are . Also guys this is really tiring and I give you a suggestion to take some breaks sense working out to much is not good for your health. 😅
Mahina Swan (2 months ago)
Bouta do this at 12am...GO HARD! Just finished the workout...THE SWEAT I CAN PRODUCE MAN
Coolspygirl (3 months ago)
Like for real I would start today but tomorrow is monday and I need my legs for Volleyball practice/The game after school. I will update how it goes in the comment section either Monday after my game if I finish my homework, or on Tuesday. (I will come back, I'm jobless and have nothing better to do. Will also take pictures to see the difference and make sure it's accurate.)
Ams (2 months ago)
+Coolspygirl maybe.. I mean trembling is a good start but may not be enough. Good job for day 2 whoo
Coolspygirl (2 months ago)
+Ams thank you, Day 2: ran a mile at volleyball practice so I could only do this twice before my legs started trembling. Then rested for a minute and did 50 lunges on each leg. My legs still don't burn for some reason. Am I not pushing myself hard enough?
Ams (2 months ago)
+Coolspygirl can't wait to hear more :) good luck
Coolspygirl (2 months ago)
Day 1: This was actually fairly easy, thank god for my 45-minute gym class last year that got me really fit even if I was still like 150 pounds. Over the summer I lost weight and I'm now 139, so like I said this was easy so I decided to do it 4 times. My legs still don't burn, but it shakes when I lift it from the floor so I decided to stop. There is this really tight spandex my 133-pound friend gave me that I worked out in. Now it feels comfortable and my thighs aren't straining against it. I pretty sure i'll have a thigh gap in 5 days. Bye guys.

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