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【TVPP】S.E.S - I’m Your Girl (with Seohyun), 에스이에스 - 아임 유어 걸 (with 서현) @ Infinite Challenge Live

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【TVPP】S.E.S - I’m Your Girl (with Seohyun), 에스이에스 - 아임 유어 걸 (with 서현) @ Infinite Challenge Live S.E.S # 077 : S.E.S had ‘I’m Your Girl’ stage with Seohyun at Infinite Challenge 20141227 S.E.S : Sea, Eugene, Shoo Watch More Clips : http://goo.gl/0fRpn2
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Text Comments (833)
pnoi808 (2 days ago)
I love how the young generation remembers SES and love the music lol.
B B (3 days ago)
Seohyun looks great here, when she’s thin
Gina Andriani (5 days ago)
I remenber in early 2000s in all variaty show bada is one of the dance queen
Wazakauye Zulu (8 days ago)
So...Bada is ageless
leex2295 (10 days ago)
Regardless of how many years it's been, Sea still has her amazing voice. SES Fan!!
Sue Cat Boy (11 days ago)
Digggyyyyy (12 days ago)
Man it's just beautiful to see how happy Shoo was performing here. That smile is as genuine as they come and truly infectious. Huge love for S.E.S to this day! WE LIKE S.E.S Y'ALL!
黃小壹 (22 days ago)
Bada canta igualito que la primera vez
warunee saimao (24 days ago)
2018☺️👍💗😆I love this song
민석Mutiara (29 days ago)
Juan Diego (1 month ago)
Queen Seohyun can´t hide she is a queen, always. La reina Seohyun no puede evitar ser una reuna, siempre!!!
Dora TV (1 month ago)
OMG. I love this
Ruth Chavez (1 month ago)
How could it be ? There faces dont change ..what kind of sorceries is this 😂😂😂😂😂 lols..
Umam Milanisti (2 months ago)
Jon.o (2 months ago)
bada looks same still
liyana chii (2 months ago)
柯文哲 (2 months ago)
αf nєptσσnѕ (16 days ago)
Where TVXQ??
4NIGHT OFFICIAL (1 month ago)
The Grace
4NIGHT OFFICIAL (1 month ago)
4NIGHT OFFICIAL (1 month ago)
4NIGHT OFFICIAL (1 month ago)
Yang Qin (2 months ago)
Me encanta el kpop por que escuchando algo diferente he podido superar la pérdida de mi esposa pues ella tenía rasgos horientales y me encanta ver reflejada su sonrisa en tantos rostros tan bonitos
Qiong Wan (2 months ago)
Bada really is the treasure from the deep sea. Her voice is so special.
Qiong Wan (2 months ago)
" To the left to the right " ...
Mark Hall (2 months ago)
so foxy all three
mo gana (2 months ago)
자막 상태가??
KayBassYT (2 months ago)
Bada may looks the same but her vocal is infinitely better than her debut days
ааааа какие они классные даже спустя 20 лет
MelodySorrow (2 months ago)
존나 놀라운게 저 나이가 되서도 목소리가 그대로임;;; 서양 가수들은 목관리 몸관리 못해서 저나이에 전성기때 목소리 유지하는 사람 거의 없는데...
Regina Ojo (3 months ago)
chaerang우리 (3 months ago)
Legends 💗
도박은나빠요... 여기로 놀러오세요 슈 씨
김태근 (3 months ago)
서현이 자기 목소리 버리고 유진 창법 연구한 티가 나서 고맙다. 서현이 유진보다 좋아.
Wai Wai HL (3 months ago)
It was real singing in the old day not lip syncing
vanillacokejunky (3 months ago)
awesome! where can i see this performance without the cuts/commentary
Rica Juliani Florentina (3 months ago)
Bada waahhhh😘😍
Nam Joonie💕 (4 months ago)
I hope they Do this with 2NE1 in a future...😭💕
Khoa Nguyễn (4 months ago)
help help me, what ep Infinite Challenge ?
MaDeusa (4 months ago)
One day 2NE1 and Girls Generation will perform again in your classic style in Infinite Challenge? I hope so
nurin hajidah (4 months ago)
S.e.s such a legendary queen..but seohyun did a really good job..
lá xanh (4 months ago)
where's EUGENE?
Dyah Vita Astriana (2 months ago)
She was pregnant with Rohee at that time
wut (4 months ago)
Where is Eugene? Is she ok?
Wahyu Tri (4 months ago)
Pregnant and the baby is due soon
Ohmmy Images (4 months ago)
you're my child memory. S.E.S was the best until now!!!!
ARMY. SONE (5 months ago)
Christina Haack (5 months ago)
Seo suits so much
Zhavia unicornpuffs (5 months ago)
My eyes are sweating
Oscar Zero (5 months ago)
Seohyun.... Perfect
R Kim (5 months ago)
Having followed Kpop since H.O.T. and S.E.S. days, I can tell you that nothing today comes close to the nostalgia that the 90’s kpop music creates. Even without social media, they were HUUUUGE all over the world. Today’s kpop bands are more skilled and perfect in every way (IU and Gfriend fan here). But bands today don’t have the magic that SES had.
Snowy Wish (5 months ago)
Seohyun must be happy dancing in the stage with her senior its an honor for her for sure
Dawn Lee (6 months ago)
This song was released on the year I was born,but I am still a fan of S.E.S. Seo did great.I just wish Eugene was there. I'm crying
Lin Tina (5 months ago)
lewis carrera (6 months ago)
My unnis...
PrettyPink Jem (6 months ago)
Sara Han (6 months ago)
Who still looking at this in 2018? p.s LOVE YOU S.E.S❤️❤️😭😭
Mandy Chan (6 months ago)
Will this happen to SNSD in the future?😭 I mean 9 of them...❤️❤️
BbyKiS2y (6 months ago)
My first ever girl group crush!!! <3 SES!!!!
eva hong (7 months ago)
chung2F5 (7 months ago)
Bada is probably a vampire she looks the same here and during the release of this song.
Tere Lovino (7 months ago)
Bada didn't aged at all...love SES
byuntae (7 months ago)
why im crying huaaa
린정 형 (7 months ago)
s.e.s are legend, and now snsd are legend too
Rengga Novrijal (7 months ago)
Pisces cancer scorpio. They are prefect water sign
Khuyen Kim (8 months ago)
Can anybody tell me the music appear from 0:15? it's sound so familiar
NyokouChannel (3 months ago)
Khuyen Kim S.E.S. - Dreams Come True
蘇郁庭 (8 months ago)
Gucci Tae (8 months ago)
i can feel this is the next 20 years of snsd
o O o (8 months ago)
Letaniaa (8 months ago)
i miss this song and watch again in 2018
Fiqi Fitransyah (8 months ago)
Fiqi Fitransyah (8 months ago)
miss her so much,,, still adorable,,,
다녤강 (8 months ago)
Fiqi Fitransyah she's pregnant during this time
Julius Romario (8 months ago)
this is SSS not SES lol
khanh phạm lê (8 months ago)
Both Bada's voice and face remain unchanged, the only difference was that her skin has become lighter Seohyun blended in so well Shoo is energetic for a mother This performance is just awesome
Trần Son (8 months ago)
Running man Ep 388 bring me to this song !
Mydea Entertainment (8 months ago)
Love you Bada and S.E.S.
SunNy ShiDae (9 months ago)
Waiting for 2027 for SNSD reunion😊
Indraswari Rahmadani (9 months ago)
It would be perfect if Eugene was there, but Eugene was pregnant at that time. However, seohyun did a good job.
YU W (9 months ago)
So moving
JOHN SON (9 months ago)
아니 이런 유익한 프로그램이 있었다니..
Mathieu Lizotte (9 months ago)
2 first gen queens and 1 second gen queen.
Jae Wavyy. (9 months ago)
I wanted to cry.
Luisina Guzman (9 months ago)
omg they are the same!!! amazine!!
Anime4 Mii (9 months ago)
What the intro song?
yassin5255yy (14 days ago)
Ses - dreams come true
Auo Christina (10 months ago)
bada...bada never changes :')
Neel Ghosh (10 months ago)
now I am missing ECO 😢
iasmin rabelo (10 months ago)
This song is amazing♡So cute
team Ramza (10 months ago)
I got goose fucking bump i wish i was born earlier
KimKim (10 months ago)
Youn Soo욘수 (10 months ago)
Alya sone (10 months ago)
This would be girls' generation in 10 years from now on, they will come back and perform maybe gee and make all us old sones cry, i believe in that future, i hope other 2nd generations group does this too soon in the future
cheesegritz (10 months ago)
I remember me and my mom would be jamming out to this ❤
zima (10 months ago)
Bada didnt even fuckin breathe
zima (10 months ago)
I love bada so fucking much
vina shin (10 months ago)
옛날 기억이 스쳐 가네요 전주만 들어도 설래임이 생깁니다 ses 평생 잊지 못 할 겁니다
Airi Hr (10 months ago)
Bada still look so young! Howww
Mandy Chan (11 months ago)
I am waiting for snsd like that one day🙆🏻
arashisbiggestfan (11 months ago)
Gah haha almost ruined this whole thing. Hate his voice
Jay (11 months ago)
wow it’s come back 90?
SnsdTaeNyisLove (11 months ago)
Srsly crying while watching this. Especially when Shoo looks like she miss being in a girl group
김민 (11 months ago)
아니 어린 외국인들이 왜 우리 90년대에 향수를 느끼는 거여,,,,,
cherryya (11 months ago)
有感動到 時代的眼淚 還是好聽
吳老 (11 months ago)
Mi So Park (11 months ago)
What show is this?
Seo Min (11 months ago)

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