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United Airlines Flight B777-200 Business Chicago-Beijing

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http://www.TravelsWithSheila.com Global Upgrades to Business Class came through without any aggravation and this flight even had empty Business Class rows. How come that doesn't happen when I'm waiting for a last minute upgrade? Duh? Good polar flight, delicious duck (would you believe that) and wonderful crew. Welcome to China!
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Anthony B (1 year ago)
Hi Sheila, I noticed that you were using your clip from the Narita flight when you displayed the Polaris amenity kit ; ) I heard the Japanese again. I just flew on Polaris from NRT-EWR earlier this week. Very good service. Our flight attendants were really friendly..offered the pajamas without having to ask. I quite liked the pajamas.
Sheila Simkin (1 year ago)
So many years ago we flew Lufthansa First Class (free tickets using miles) and they were the only carrier giving out pjs. Would you believe we are still using them at home? Safe travels to you also.
Anthony B (1 year ago)
The pjs were great. I'm 6'2 and around 220 but they had my size as well. Big score I completely understand your reasons for using the older amenity clip. Since I speak Japanese fluently, I'm partial to that clip anyway( hehe). Safe travels!
Sheila Simkin (1 year ago)
Hi Anthony. Aren't the pjs great? I am still using the amenity clip but did have type on it saying (I hope) that the Polaris Amenity Kit clips are from an earlier flight. I really, really hate opening the darn kit and video'ing it every single time. Glad you had a good flight! And best, Sheila
jo son (1 month ago)
Does an EXTRA business class airfare really compensate for the unpleasant TURBULENCE in mid-air, though natural as airfare.
Sheila Simkin (1 month ago)
Turbulence is a part of air travel and a part that no one likes. But Business Class is always more comfortable than Economy if there are lie-flat seats. If not, I don't think the class of service makes any difference. Thanks for taking time to watch and best regards, Sheila
China No.1 (7 months ago)
Thanks for the video I was going to take this flight in business and was so curious what it was like, your video was so helpful
Sheila Simkin (7 months ago)
Thanks for taking time to watch, China No. 1 and I hope the video didn't dissuade you from flying United. Every flight is different though the amenities remain the same. And as I always say, the entire experience depends on the crew. Have a safe, good flight and best regards, Sheila
Kate (1 year ago)
Have you ever ordered a special meal in the new business or first or seen someone else order one? I request the veg ones and am wondering what they are now. Thanks!
Sheila Simkin (1 year ago)
Hi Katie. Sorry for the late reply but no, I have not ordered a special meal recently. I tried ordering special way back when and airlines (plural) usually messed it up so gave up on that. Airlines today are better at offering veg choices than they used to but I always suggest that anyone on a strict regime bring their own food...just in case. Thanks for watching the video and adding a comment. Best regards, Sheila
Andy Smith (1 year ago)
Hey Sheila. Intranet is a Mexican express carrier.
Andy Smith (1 year ago)
No just info for you. I know you said you never heard of them in the video.
Sheila Simkin (1 year ago)
Really, Andy? Is this just "info" or did I make a boo-boo typo in something? Sure hope it's just interesting information and thanks for watching. Best regards, Sheila
Kuan At (1 year ago)
Hi Sheila, it looks great! I remember you reviewed the same route a few years ago.
Sheila Simkin (1 year ago)
Hi Kuan and yes we did. Our last trip to China was in 2014 but we may have flown through Beijing since then on the way to somewhere else; I don't remember and am glad you did. I have lots of reviews on the same equipment, in particular 777-200s, but as one viewer pointed out to me, each flight is completely different. The equipment may be the same but flight attendants and food are not. Thanks for watching and best regards, Sheila
Charles Evanstar (1 year ago)
Wow it was a little strange seeing the 4 business class seats in a row like that in the middle. The duck looked nice!
Sheila Simkin (1 year ago)
The duck was delicious! I was a little wary of ordering it but had eaten so much in the Polaris Lounge, it wouldn't make a difference if the food stunk. Have you flown to China yet?
Jetsetter Twins (1 year ago)
Have you thought of flying Delta Airlines Sheila ?
Sheila Simkin (1 year ago)
I have to say, never, because routes from Chicago to where we fly aren't the greatest. United has the best routes from Chicago to almost everywhere, many of them nonstop. Delta is an excellent airline (from what I've been told). Thanks for watching and best, Sheila
nekopanda (1 year ago)
Always fun to see your traveling video. Thank you :)
Sheila Simkin (1 year ago)
Thanks for watching. All views are comments are important to me and I appreciate it. Best regards, Sheila
kush chhabra (1 year ago)
Hi mam u were in india only a few days back..u could have directly taken a flight to beijing frm india ...u could have saved money on ur chicago to n fro tickets.
Sheila Simkin (1 year ago)
HI Kush. My videos are not uploaded to YouTube until sometimes 6 weeks after a trip finishes. It takes me lots of time to edit and I don't want to stream or bother with them while on vacation. That would take away too much time and fun from visiting a country. Thanks for watching and best regards, Sheila
why are you always flying on united airlines???
thanks Sheila, check out my travel channel at Eli Tutucan
Sheila Simkin (1 year ago)
Hi Eli (hope that's your name): There are several reasons. 1. United has the best routing system from Chicago; 2. If a person sticks to one airline and achieves upper tier status, United gives a limited amount of free upgrades each year. Thanks for watching and asking a question. Best regards, Sheila
Chip Williams (1 year ago)
Another great video. Thanks for continuing to read the menu. I know some folks requested that you not read it but I really like when you read, comment and describe the food. By the way the Duck looked really good !
Sheila Simkin (1 year ago)
Thanks, Chip. Yes I have decided to keep on reading. All us vloggers have their style and that is mine. Several viewers made good comments like, "Mute if you don't like" and "some people may have an impairment." The duck was so delicious. So few restaurants serve duck these days that it was a little surprising to see duck on a flight but I'm glad I took a chance and ordered it. Thanks for your views and comment. Best, Sheila
Daniel Hammond (1 year ago)
I am excited about these videos, to say the least. Sigh! China! Enjoy your weekend wherever you are now!
Sheila Simkin (1 year ago)
We are home in Chicago and it is finally sunny today! Not hot but at least the sun is shining -- a change from all the rain. Hope you also have a great weekend.
Nick The Train Guy (1 year ago)
great video ...
Sheila Simkin (1 year ago)
Thanks, Nick. I appreciate your view and time to comment. Hope all is well with you and Best, Sheila
Richard Sundown (1 year ago)
I have flown wide body airbus and boeing nothing like the roar of a 777
Sheila Simkin (1 year ago)
Hi Richard: I guess I've never thought to compare the take-off noise, hmm. Thanks for watching and commenting, Best, Sheila
n777ua (1 year ago)
Sheila, do you every use your GPU's to upgrade to 3-class United First? Or have you every been operationally upgraded to F? If I recall, during your "trapped in Narita" video, you were in the Intl. United First lounge, right?
Sheila Simkin (1 year ago)
If you are strictly talking International, which I think you are, then I don't then it's worth it. The food is almost the same and when all equipment is a "pod" definitely worth be worth it. Just one opinion. And you are welcome!
n777ua (1 year ago)
Thank you for you response Sheila! Do you really think United First is worth the difference in price (either in miles/cash) over United Business? It's direct aisle access, has a lot more storage, but otherwise is sort of similar in terms of soft product. Thanks sheila!
Sheila Simkin (1 year ago)
That's a great question. We may have been flying in First free on that flight because we have NEVER, a big NEVER been automatically upgraded from Business to First and rarely from Economy to Business. Airline computer systems are just too good these days with estimating loads, etc., and on the rare occasion we've purchased a Business Ticket, it is usually in the lowest fare class with no upgrades from there allowed. Oh well. Thanks for watching and best regards, Sheila
Aero Mundos (1 year ago)
Sheila , they didn't ask you to leave the plane ??? United style ;-)
n777ua (1 year ago)
Sheila Simkin And he has quite the "backstory" indeed. A court ordered psychiatric evaluation found "anger management issues". I'll leave it at that
Sheila Simkin (1 year ago)
Cheers back at you. The problem will people posting videos "in the moment" is we all see (just like on television) what is happening then and we all react not knowing the entire backstory. And then, no one is really interested in the backstory.
Aero Mundos (1 year ago)
Interesting details , still remains a sad story.I am sure it could have happened in any other carrier that does these kind of things to give seats to their own workers. Of course it doesn't make it right at all.
n777ua (1 year ago)
Aero Mundos Mr. Mundos, please be aware that what happened to Dr. Dao wasn't because UAL overbooked the flight. In fact, it was booked to just 100% capacity (every seat occupied). However, after the pax boarded, UAL decided they needed 4 flight crew on that flight so they could make another flight and ensure it didn't cancel. So they booted 4 people out of their seats...err...3...Until Dr. Dao had his [very profitable] temper tantrum
Aero Mundos (1 year ago)
I know Sheila i was just being myself ,it was disturbing so see that video.I hope it doesn't happen to anyone ever again ,since we all share this passion for flying and we also know airlines use this over booking system ,just to be sure they fill their planes.Nice video by the way , you sure do get around, cheers from Germany.

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