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Stylistics: Background

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SIGNIFICANCE OF LITERARY THEORIES IN HUMANITIES & SOCIAL SCIENCES (July 03-07, 2017) Professor Smita Jha: This is the time to Rethink of Literary Theory we have to go to the Age of Hyphen-Era. Style is Language and Language is Style. DAY : ONE SESSION : TWO 11:30-13:00 BACKGROUND OF STYLISTICS (RB: DR RAJ NATH BAKHSI, NORTHERN BORDER UNIVERSITY, KSA) STYLISTICS AS THE PART OF LINGUISTICS Style has long been associated primarily and exclusively with literature. 1. Partially Evaluative and 2. Partially Descriptive Style refers to literary term. Style Refers to the selection of Language and Diction STYLE OF AUGUSTAN, MODERN POET OR Style of Legal English Stylistics Deals with : 1. Out of Several available features: We look at special grammatical features peculiar to an author, 2.Legal English STYLE OF PUBLIC SPEAKING (NOT ORGANISED) Spoken Language can be analysand by the phonetics and phonological feature along with other levels. We can study the next level Lexis where specialized vocabulary 1.Simple Sentences 2.Noun Phrases 3.Verb Phrases 4.Adjective Phrases 5.Adverbial Phrases 6.Complex Sentences 7.Compound Sentences Simple sentences: A Subject + A Verb and what else will be used will be depending on the nature of the verb There can not be any passive if the verb is Linking. Thus, the Linking Verbs can not be passivized. Intransitive Verb can not be Passivized. If you have a transitive verb sentence can be passivized. Transitive Verb: 1.Mono transitive Verb 2.Ditransitive Verbs 3.Complex Transitive Verbs (She called him an idiot. School elected Ravi the President.) When to use Passive When focus is shifted on the Object, Passive is used. Subordinate Clauses: 1.Finite Subordinate Clauses 2.Non Finite Subordinate Clauses (She fell on floor while entering the room. I hate her sending her reminders.) Main Clause can never have non finite clause. Thus, they have to have a fine verb. He also discussed the backdrop of Speech Act Theory by introducing the same. Stylistics helps us in understanding wide range of genres and Registers in English.
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