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The Best of Classical Music Vol I: Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Brahms, Handel, Vivaldi, Wagner

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3 hours of The Best Classical Music Playlist, with beautiful piano, violin & orchestral masterpieces by the greatest composers of all time. WATCH VOL II ►https://goo.gl/0MEHlh Live Better Media is a place where you can find all kind of music: relaxing music, motivational and epic, happy or sad music, and much more. ★ Please SUBSCRIBE: ► https://goo.gl/Q6d6hi Follow us: ► Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LiveBetterMedia ► Twitter: https://twitter.com/livebettermedia PLAYLIST: 1- Serenata n. 13 for strings in G major - I Mov Allegro - Mozart (0:00) 2- The Blue Danube Waltz - Johann Strauss (5:47) 3- Ave Maria - Johann S. Bach / Grounod (15:09) 4- The Spring - I Allegro - Four Seasons | Vivaldi (19:53) 5- Summer - III Presto - Four Seasons | Vivaldi (23:25) 6- The Fall - I Allegro - Four Seasons | Vivaldi (26:02) 7- The Winter - III Allegro - Four Seasons | Vivaldi (31:02) 8- Symphony no. 5 I Allegro con brio - Beethoven (34:15) 9- Symphony no. 5 IV Allegro - Beethoven (41:04) 10- Symphony no. 9 II Scherzo - Beethoven (51:50) 11- Symphony no. 9 IV Recitative - Beethoven (1:02:33) 12- Preludio op. 28 no. 4 - Long MI less - Suffocation | Frederic Chopin (1:26:14) 13- Prelude op 28 no. 15 sostenuto in D flat minor - Frédéric Chopin Raindrop (1:28:04) 14- Piano Sonata no. 14 - Moonlight - Mov. I Adagio sostenuto - Beethoven (1:32:27) Piano Sonata 15- no. 14 - Moonlight - Mov. Presto agitato III - Beethoven (1:37:51) 16- The Messiah - HWV 56 | George Frideric Handel (1:45:47) 17- For Elise - Für Elise - Bagatelle no. 25 in A minor - Beethoven (1:49:40) 18- 1812 Overture - optional 49 | Tchaikovsky (1:52:27) 19- Hungarian Rhapsody n. 2 - Franz Liszt (2:09:06) 20- Egmont - Beethoven (2:18:03) 21- Gymnopédie No. 1 - Slow and painful | Erik Satie (2:27:04) 22- The Valkyries - Die Walküre - Cabalgate of the Valkyries | Richard Wagner (2:30:06) 23- Piano Sonata n. 11 - III Alla Turca - Mozart (2:44:52) 24- Carmen - Entr'acte Act IV - Georges Bizet (2:48:05) 25- Carmen - Act I - Les toreadors - Georges Bizet (2:57:09) 26- Toreador Carmen - Georges Bizet (2:59:25)
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Text Comments (966)
UnknownDarkDragon (1 hour ago)
the Serenata n. 13 for strings in G major was in that asian vine: A plus! A plus! im gonna get A plus!
Nataša Relić (8 hours ago)
When I first heard Mozart I stooped breathing and toled myself, this is God he spoke trough his muzic, and that¨s it
david Contreras (12 hours ago)
I like this music it makes good
Karen Silver (23 hours ago)
quite nice to hear musin played at its full length and I'm sending it to friends whose nerves are abraded by the times in which we are now stuck.
Carlos Aillon (1 day ago)
Algo hermoso para calmar el alma y poder mirar de frente el nuevo dia .que comienza .es una musica que libera y dar fuerza para abrontar las duras pruebas diarias de esye loco mundo actual .materialista y poco sentimental
ejercicio Alberto (1 day ago)
Exquisitas melodías
alfareroteayuda (2 days ago)
Lo mejor felicitación.
quem estiver lendo os comentários se increva no meu canal tbm.. Gratidão sempre.
남경 옥 (2 days ago)
잘 들었습니다 거장 아닌가요? 혹
christine sedano (3 days ago)
C’est magistral !!!, merci,
great han (4 days ago)
감사합니다. 멋진음악에 목록까지 배려해주셔서
John Braski (5 days ago)
There is nothing better for frayed nerves than Mozart and Beethoven, after listening to news !!
tuqa muhammad (5 days ago)
OMG, this is amazing, I already told my friends and my family that in my funeral they should play symphony 9- Beethoven, Carmina Burana for Orff, the queen of night in the magic flute for Mozart, Carmen for Bizet and winter part in the 4 seasons for Vivaldi.
Damara Dima (7 days ago)
William Castellanos (7 days ago)
Eleva el espíritu recibes paz
Chandrasekhar Giri (7 days ago)
Very very very good
No entiendo cómo a alguien puede gustarle el reguetón y no amar piezas de arte como éstas. Increíble♥️, gracias por tan grandiosa colección y explicación.
Kriz Kroz (8 days ago)
Tja das ist größenteils Deutsch. Danke dass ich ein Teil davon sein darf. Liebe!
Bbthu _Mendes (9 days ago)
2019 quem ta relaxando agora com esse pockt da like ai
Aquiles Games (10 days ago)
Lindsey Van Aerschot (10 days ago)
여류순열 (10 days ago)
연주곡 잘 들었읍니다~감사합니다~🎵🎻
Lucydawinner (10 days ago)
#22 is Die Walkure: Grand Fantasie, not die walkure the valkyries
Etan Kohcz (10 days ago)
WELL,, HALIDON, , , YOU'VE, ,GOT, , COMPETITION, , ,FROM THIS!!!!!, , , , This, received my subscription!!!!!
Etan Kohcz (10 days ago)
Etan Kohcz (10 days ago)
INSURPASSABLE!!! Acccompaniment, , ,for an indoor day, , ,enduring, a cold,, foggy,, rainy,, day!!!!!!!!!!!
Ilona Bondarenko (11 days ago)
all I herd was a bird dying
Ana Cecilia Hillar (11 days ago)
ora ormai questa musica non la ascolta più nessuno ma la dovrebbero ascoltare tutti perché la musica di tantissimi anni fa è la più bella che ci sia
ELNARA. GEKHOVA. (11 days ago)
김몬모 (11 days ago)
maxime destrait (12 days ago)
Sara Sanchez Lopez (12 days ago)
Hermosa música relajante
박준석 (13 days ago)
Setyo Hanitawati (13 days ago)
Bruno Lotti (13 days ago)
la musica sinfonica mi rilassa acquieta la mia mente
daisy yuan (14 days ago)
I like its a picture day at work and I have no time for it but it’s not working at any point now I
progetti inc. (14 days ago)
Just NOTHING better than this music , I wish I lived in time of Beethoven and pat his neck for a good "Thank You" even I know how to say :Danke Shoen !!!!!!!
pleiadxxx (15 days ago)
I'm thankful for this video, but "1812 Overture - optional 49 | Tchaikovsky" (from 1:52:27) could have been played much better...
jone911 king (15 days ago)
超喜♥的音樂 小 時候聽到大的心靈音符♥
Grillo Pepe (15 days ago)
Que hermosa musica, me encanta!!!
Andy Summers (15 days ago)
I fucking hate classical shit music
Raiane Bertolucci (15 days ago)
Amo música clássica, acalma a alma❤🎻🎵
απλά υπέροχα !
Ho_ Bak (16 days ago)
Moonlight playing is not good.
last man breathing (13 days ago)
Why is that
Indra lesmana Mandra (16 days ago)
'nothing compare to'🎧💕🌹🍇✌️👌👍🤒
Gamma Zeta (16 days ago)
23:30 the four seasons , summer
david enrique (17 days ago)
Len Joe (17 days ago)
Like unto a musical portal to another place n time , peacefully calm. Serene. Thk u all ,now n then
Alojzija Markovic (17 days ago)
The best musica!!!
Helio Martins (17 days ago)
Para meu deleite todas que por mim foram selecionadas, são as minhas favoritas...
DO Michel (18 days ago)
TOUT simplement FABULEUX !!!!!
Ateiluj apiat (18 days ago)
Me relaja la música, me gusta mucho. 😍
kely Ramirez (18 days ago)
es fascinante una composicion completo la musica insuperable por la eternidad
Dwight Roth (19 days ago)
of the composers listed above who is your favorite?
Dwight Roth (19 days ago)
to a special woman
Amr Sherif (19 days ago)
who listing at 2019 ?!
Test TESTKONTO (19 days ago)
Rafig Mammadli (20 days ago)
Humankind's pride and joy. Thank you. December 28, 2318.
Que Tran (20 days ago)
Mozart is the best piano
valija Baltiņa (21 days ago)
Brīnišķīgā nemirstīgā mūzika! Paldies!
SunLightGoddess999 (21 days ago)
Arminius (22 days ago)
90 % done by germans
ballerina.onlline A.V (23 days ago)
спс что непосредственно подписали играющую в этот момент музыку))
OFA LOVE (23 days ago)
….Loving this compilation... ..Listening on Xmas eve while cleaning :0) took forever to finish 'cause I keep stopping to listen, … ….then lay down to feel,. ….eyes close..... …. immersion.. ….then got drowned in the music.....whew!!!!… XMAS morning and still cleaning :O)
SrSinDioses (25 days ago)
Thanks!! :)
Gabriel (25 days ago)
lu deng (25 days ago)
Camoens DE CERVANTES (25 days ago)
and rap too!
Camoens DE CERVANTES (26 days ago)
when I think that most of these great artists lived in poverty and were only recognized after death, I understand that the world really is not fair. Even more so today, when "artists" make millions of dollars singing crap, foul-smelling filth music - death to the American pop rock!!!
Natur Provence (26 days ago)
Vielen Dank, besonders auch für die interessanten Erklärungen im Video
Emirk Qjejada (26 days ago)
Danh Huynh (26 days ago)
Nhạc hay 👍
Karina Espi (27 days ago)
My favorite, helps me fall asleep
Suelen Almeida (27 days ago)
Ludwi. Van beethoven
garry garceso (27 days ago)
vasil atanasov (27 days ago)
Lenny Bogger (27 days ago)
Lol thank you live better media
Angela Jose Luiz (28 days ago)
Escuto sempre quando estou estudando, me faz muito bem!!! Recomendo a todos que estudam!!!!
Budi Santoso (29 days ago)
Terimakasih Tuhan kau ciptakan music yang indah
J Cooeyate (29 days ago)
These songs makes me relax an I love listening to em. 😍😍😍😍
Brenda Ayala (30 days ago)
Muchas pero que muchas gracias por escribir el nombre de cada melodía.. Porque por fin encontré la melodía que estaba buscando... La he buscado incansablemente y por fin la reconocí en este video... Ya voy a llorar de la emoción... No puede ser que aquí está, me cuesta creerlo... Gracias
Майкл майрс (30 days ago)
А где. Вагнер
Distinguished and Destiny of Mozart music. Consequently, Mozart music is without borders and inspired many composers in the worldwide today. Surely, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart music has contributed to humanity worldwide and lasting forever.
Regina Penny (30 days ago)
Lindsey Stoneham (1 month ago)
Beautiful to listen to this music
INNA BI (1 month ago)
A 1,9 mil badbunis no les gusta esto v:
Real Lamy (1 month ago)
calme repos meditation interieur relAXATION ..........AVANT DE DORMIR SUPER.......
Real Lamy (1 month ago)
tres bonne musique synphonique merci.........
Beleza que impressiona e emociona muito!
Srivatsav Yaddanapudi (1 month ago)
Whos here for that finals grind?
vtnk21 (1 month ago)
Как можно на эту красивую музыку поставить дизлайк скажите ?! Да, все люд различные, однако классика - нескончаемая !!!

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