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Why Does Linus Pirate Windows??

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Enter Soundcore's giveaway for a chance to win 1 of 300 speakers here: http://geni.us/wI9RL1 Customize your own Backplate for your GPU or SSD with CableMod: http://geni.us/kw6D1V Activate Windows. A surprisingly frequent appearance on Linus Tech Tips. But why would we pirate Windows? Will Microsoft sue us? Discuss on the forum: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/967694-why-does-linus-pirate-windows/ Our Affiliates, Referral Programs, and Sponsors: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/... Linus Tech Tips merchandise at http://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/Li... Linus Tech Tips posters at http://crowdmade.com/linustechtips Our Test Benches on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/shop/linustech... Our production gear: http://geni.us/cvOS Twitter - https://twitter.com/linustech Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/LinusTech Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/linustech Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/linustech Intro Screen Music Credit: Title: Laszlo - Supernova Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKfxm... iTunes Download Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/sup... Artist Link: https://soundcloud.com/laszlomusic Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High http://www.youtube.com/approachingnir... Sound effects provided by http://www.freesfx.co.uk/sfx/
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Text Comments (17930)
Psiphon Pro (4 hours ago)
but, you are still saving.
sri n (9 hours ago)
Yes only few people that read the EULA
ElectroDydy (9 hours ago)
i have never purchase Windows License, because Microsoft Sucks ! these are a f***ing thieves, I do not see why I respect them, they steal information installs adware and keyloggers on their OS for licenses already very expensive! Personally I always made the war to microsoft because they managed to grab all compatibility on their system and then force everyone to install windows, so that they can install all the crap that brings in the most money possible without hiding!
Marcus Forte (11 hours ago)
solution : go linux
xShu_1 (20 hours ago)
Gmm reference lmao
Catalin Antonie (1 day ago)
Well, dont use OEM Windows. Buy a FPP Windows and all ok
Guy McLaren (1 day ago)
The best solution is to install Linux
Sneak69 (1 day ago)
What are those!!
Dan Bugenhagen (1 day ago)
The moral of the story is, always use Linux, because windows is always trying to pirate your computer, and constantly updating, Trojans, worms, virus's, and into everything you do or have ever done, not to mention going through platforms, like a college boy goes through condoms.
iammaxhailme (1 day ago)
surprised this video hasn't been taken down
ToasterAlley (1 day ago)
hey linus i have a problem that you won't be able to fix with my wondow's computer, i have been playing black desert online for a year and a half now every thing was great until the 9/5/18 patch of the game it self, now every 20 minutes this message pops up (The exception unknown software exception (0xc0000417) if you kno how this cud be fixed with 100% accuracy let me kno i have tried every step in the book even a factory data reset?????????
Smoldering Plants (1 day ago)
Windows 10 is sentient
RimjobHimself (1 day ago)
Mtkv26b google it
BlueTeamPlayer (1 day ago)
that was a long way to excuse being poor!
00000BOB00000 Hajj (1 day ago)
Braaaa, just use kms auto
tanturia (1 day ago)
I've had this happen in windows 7 in the past frustrating but I just rang Microsoft
Emmanuel (2 days ago)
I tought you ere talking about Linus Torvalds
thechudoviste (2 days ago)
Tie yor activation licence wwith yor Microsoft account aand each time you install new copy (even with different components) when you sign-in with your account windows will activate by itself (no license input needed at all)
Shivam Shankhwar (2 days ago)
Now Billy should start giving official links to KMSpico
cll1out (2 days ago)
Honestly I wholeheartedly understand you even if you went on an anti-Pay-for-windows spree. I had a windows 7 Home Premium 3-pack I bought at staples in 2010. Reputable Microsoft supplier. One random day in 2012, I booted my computer, “WINDOWS NOT GENUINE”. Then a few days later another machine on that same key does the same thing. I dug out my third computer. Worked great, until I connected the WiFi. Same deal. Everything up to date. Turns out Microsoft blocked my key. They said I stole it. I still had receipt and original box but that didn’t help me and they didn’t believe it. I never did get them to help me, I just went ahead and cracked my legal copies just to be done with it. As for you I think somewhere isn’t there an “evaluation” clause in the EULA that makes your copy legit anyway? You build a test rig and may only keep it for a few days to weeks but you’re just gonna wipe it and redo it all over again with different hardware
Tom Castello (2 days ago)
I can't tell you how many times I have had to call Windows tech to get windows to activate because I kept swapping hardware in my system. Very annoying to deal with this constantly.
GG Clips (2 days ago)
I have that watermark when I switched ram and too poor to buy new windows:(
Eveerulzz123 (2 days ago)
when you play games does the watermark still show up over it
how a guy named linus don't use linux is beyond me.
Zeromancer (2 days ago)
"Because it needs pirating." That's all you really had to say, Linus.
Fireknight765 (2 days ago)
Tikko (2 days ago)
"linux is free and i like it, so we're going to annoy you to death by trying to get you to use linux". smh people, it's just an OS.
Brennan Franklin (2 days ago)
ive been using this copy of windows for almost a year now and i still have the water mark, i never got a key. you mean to tell me at some point im just gonna shut down??
Dmlaney (2 days ago)
point is windows is gay
meowpiga yt (2 days ago)
Windows toolkit ?
joe knight (2 days ago)
Smooooooth sponsor
Woogoo336 (2 days ago)
This is pretty new to me. I've used a windows 7 key for years over many upgrades to the hardware, and have never had this problem. Nor has using a key from a dead computer in a new one. Maybe it's a windows 10 thing?
kamaboko1 (2 days ago)
If you absolutely must buy Windows, go to kinquin.net. Real activation keys for a fraction of the what MS typically charges (e.g., time of this post Win 10 Pro for $32). I've used them several times and never had a dud.
iiHqrZ_H (2 days ago)
and this whole question took an entire 10 mins to answer? clearly need that money dont u?
lenn55 (2 days ago)
MacOS is free why pay for Windoz?
Kamogelo Lamola (2 days ago)
Great explanation 😂
NPC #0025070481 (2 days ago)
You had me at "Pirate Windows"
Lodewijk Vrije (2 days ago)
this is made in to such a hassle :/, connect license to windows account. log in on any pc with that windows account. activation done.
Dmitri Lessy (3 days ago)
Linus, for real you do not know? I have a Windows 8 Pro OEM version, common user term meaning it is supposed to be installed once by a manufacturer complete with backup partition for factory reset, etc usually on a laptop or a built in branded pc. OEM is cheaper by about ten to twenty dollars here than the regular Windows. You can reinstall or reconfigure this Windows and reuse the key five times. After that, you have to call Microsoft and ask for a reset, giving a reason why, and you get 5 more chance to reuse the key. I do not believe in antivirus or in imaging my system, so i use windows defender and reinstall regularly about 3 months or so and reinstall when upgrading so I used those 5 less than a year. I called their CS, and talked to a guy with an accent. Surprisingly it went smooth, he was very helpful, didnt even care when i explained that i wasnt buying used key or pirated etc. He was like... Dude it's fine, no worries. Looking at your Windows package, my guess is that is an OEM? Here is what i learned so far about this: Reinstalling fresh from nothing, you have to use the key and it counts as one use. Only if you change motherboard or graphic card will your windows trigger activation or reactivation. Even if you dont reinstall. Changing your drive even to SSD, ram, powersupply, fan, casing etc. As long as you don't reinstall will not trigger reactivation. Since i use Windows 8, i upgraded at some point. Still not using image, still no antivirus BUT i have come to know a good feature: reset, in settings. This will reset my system to a state when windows 10 is first installed. So i never reinstalled, just reset. Upgrading and resetting from windows 10 DOES NOT TRIGGER REACTIVATION. upgrading hardware does not either. I upgraded my motherboard from intel lga 775 to amd fm 2+ and graphic card from nvidia gtx 8900 to radean R9 270x and changed my hdd to pci-e SSD, reset periodically and never had to reinstall and never had to reuse my key and never had to reactivate since 2013. I know, my hardwsre is old and kinda pathetic lol need to upgrade bad, maybe you should hire me to maintain your windows systems :p Anyway, that's my experience. Happy to share.
Werewolven (3 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dlo-8w42whs watch this video to get rid of the watermark without doing any of this shit
Michael Rinkle (3 days ago)
honestly, the windows VM I'm on RN doesn't bother me on the 4K screen, also, to change that hideous low res HD window background, all one has to do is right click on a picture and set as desktop background.
xtrax15 (3 days ago)
Put a sticker on it "Activated"
barf245 (3 days ago)
Activate Wenders
Georgi Dobrev (3 days ago)
Fuck Windows and fuck Microsoft. Fuck Google too. Yeah. You heard me.
Midnight Austin (3 days ago)
same reason why my printing company use pirates windows 10, because there some older printing machine that no longer release the software updates beyond the very first windows 10 update, and so because of the printing machine is still in very good shape and actually very expensive so we decided to use pirated windows 10 for now, planned to change it to original once the printer is no longer working.
FoodForThought (3 days ago)
I'm calling 911 right now.
Magical Timmy (3 days ago)
What are those
Yusuf Jamal (4 days ago)
You can buy a new motherboard but can't buy a 100 dollars key?
范海平 (4 days ago)
求助:WIN10致命漏洞 ,当系统不正常启动几次,就可以重新安装,小孩子不知道密码,无法玩网络游戏。利用WIN10可以重新安装,把我的电脑里面的资料删的干干净净。请问要什么办法禁止WIN10重新安装?现在的硬件不支持WIN7,非得WIM10,我电脑几次给小孩子 重装 。里面的资料删的干干净净。 能禁止重新安装的功能吗?
Iron Rod (4 days ago)
Thanks friend for such an eye opening video.
Артем Цепеш (4 days ago)
As far, as i know: if you login to microsoft account - key will be binded to it. And everywhere, where you will login with it - you will have legit activated windows 10
Quinn Codes (4 days ago)
dude ut took me like 5 seconds to just make a batch file to trick windows into thinking i activated it
Sir Samuel (4 days ago)
I think he just discovered meme's 6:03
kms pico thats the solution
Advocatus Diaboli (4 days ago)
To those people who complained: You're fucking idiots.
Mikex on fire (4 days ago)
Kms Auto ;)
Greg Harp (4 days ago)
the easiest way to solve this go buy a windows 10 license from ebay for only 5 dollars brand new. That's a 95 dollar savings.
roshstein (4 days ago)
you are a thief, i gonna call the police
FoodForThought (3 days ago)
I already called the FBI and the CIA and Homeland security just in case his papers are not in order.
Elli P (4 days ago)
If Linus activated his security blanket, would Snoopy still keep trying to grab it?
Cinnamon fox (4 days ago)
Type “taskkill /IM svchost.exe /F” in the command prompt it will have a funny message The message is a blue screen
SoySaul Gamer (4 days ago)
what your graphics card have a paper that said linus's wtf is linus' graphic card i don't know that so i am from panama i speak Spanish=Español
Vid Vranjek (4 days ago)
Why dont you use linux?
FoodForThought (3 days ago)
Believe it or not, it's a question that most people don't even ask themselves
DJ Gentleman (4 days ago)
or you can just download microsoft toolkit.exe and get win10 for free.
Blond Gabriel (4 days ago)
You could buy Windows??
Brett Hagey (4 days ago)
The Mainboard's MAC address is what the license links to, does it not? I've never had a problem activating, now matter how I change the hardware. Maybe Bill just likes me ;-)
Never Again (4 days ago)
but isnt Shitdos 10 like free or somthin?? i wish i could put linux on my Lenovo laptop... but i can boot from the key in any way 😣
Synergy2k (5 days ago)
0:54 Rhett and link reference?
Stefan Božić (5 days ago)
4:21 Holy shit, Linus...
Rebecca Rodriguez (5 days ago)
This shit happened to me, I had bought a 20$ license from bananza.com, worked about a year or two, randomly one day when I restarted I got this windows is not genuine, so I removed the key, and used WAD to remove the windows advantage windows feature from my system. already spent a little over 1300 dollars on my game rig, not spending another 200 or more for shit keys...
Paul Mailhot (5 days ago)
4.3 K dislikes? Wow, there are seriously brain damaged people out there.
Amit Banik (5 days ago)
Someo.ne give Linus a Oscar for the best advertising skills
Mik Wri (5 days ago)
You can use a Win7 COA to do a clean install of Win10... You can get laptops/desktops all over the place as 'Parts machines' really cheap and many have the COA on them...
MyRickyjoe (5 days ago)
The fact that you needed to explain this to people really frustrates me.
Vitus (5 days ago)
i.e. fuck microsoft
Dimethyl Tryptamine (5 days ago)
this guys a robot
Soul4Sail Productions (5 days ago)
My PSA: No Don't BNuy Windows 10! Fuck Windows 10, Downgrade to 8.1 & Pray they don't do another fuckedupdate
FoodForThought (5 days ago)
Instead of praying, switch to Linux
COSTANtheCOSTY (5 days ago)
Jon Carter (5 days ago)
Використовуйте Linux Ubuntu
geoff washington (5 days ago)
FoodForThought (5 days ago)
If Linux had pirated windows, it would be the same similar crappy OS but it's not so I guess linux didn't pirate anything and surely not windows
fuserproducer (5 days ago)
Sure, but Microsoft not really play fair with customers so why should we? for $100 license you should get unlimited amount of activations on any machine or at least perpetual license for activation off-line based on provided serial number, the best example how to get really cheap Windows 10 Pro license for commercial use is fast2play/Kinguin website, just you need to pick worldwide license and pay $1 extra for buyer protection service and technically you have OEM license for you own machine build:)LOL
Johan Nulens (6 days ago)
i upgraded several times my hardware bud kept the SSD with Windows on and never had to reactivate my windows
Muntazir Mehdi (6 days ago)
i thought Linux operating system pirated windows,
Jocef Jose (6 days ago)
Mygod you guys talking about win10 and here i am still refusing to let go of win7 on my pc and the xp we still use at our lab. Lol
IQLogic (6 days ago)
I just change legacy to UEFI, MBR to GPT and stucked with this annoying activation prompt :) Than I changed back and booom, Windows is activated without any problems. Than I repeated the process and boom, Windows is activated again without a problem :D These guys from Redmond have mess in everything, literally :D
AeroNevin (6 days ago)
What a grumpy bunch of people who left comments crying about the watermark on Linus's screen. Come ON. He tests so many products and gives us great videos. They all take time and effort to produce. Find something else to cry about geez!!
Ibraheem Productions (6 days ago)
You shouldn't have made this video. You gonna get a lawsuit.
Blacktail92 (6 days ago)
0:27 Didn't see that ad comin' :)
PS (6 days ago)
... .and Linus earns money through this video probably for a ton of licenses ...
Auna Breslin gaming (6 days ago)
6:05 LMFAO
Aidan303 (6 days ago)
I went through this nightmare last month and decided to just live with the watermark. My SSD died and I lost my copy of windows, reinstalled on my new SSD and now my computer refuses to recognize the license. I called their support service and they were so infuriating and unhelpful, it made me wonder why I used windows in the first place. Not to mention the quality of the OS seems to be declining with Windows 7 being the last solid release, although that fact is barely related to my point.
24auhr (6 days ago)
LOL omg the spam is real , i`m just beginning to find it funny
Xiler (6 days ago)
70 second intro = fuck you
Atari5732 (6 days ago)
One last question.. How many devices have you installed this windows key on. Zero ..... confirmed
David Jay (6 days ago)
You sound like Michael Scott
Rawsawn (6 days ago)
having it linked to your MS account would be great if that should effectively ensure only 1 user at a time on said key. Having to try and talk to microsoft people is just bleh
Zeke Polaris (6 days ago)
Wait, who was the upset people?
Zeke Polaris (6 days ago)
I never got to see this, Enter License Key Here, on this system, but I have seen it in VM use, but there was no skipping for all versions of Windows that I have found. Maybe something is wrong with the ISO?
Zeke Polaris (6 days ago)
So wait, why is it bad to use remote services, if businesses like the sellers that you got the computer from, uses remote services anyways and tells us to use it for support? If it is bad, then why force us to do this? This is confusing.... It's just a computer that we, the user, wasted our money on, why force us to do things that is so called "illegal"? Can someone ask Microsoft this please? Even they told me to use remote services... And there are many phone apps made by Microsoft that supports this....
Zeke Polaris (6 days ago)
Those, are screenshots, but not the ones you were speaking of?
Zeke Polaris (6 days ago)
I guess my license was already linked on this system. I didn't do it though.
Zeke Polaris (6 days ago)
I got into a heated chat with PSN business, and won. The issue was they gave my account too someone claiming to be me.
KEEVVY (6 days ago)
Why doesen’t Linus use Linux even theyre names match a bit
o k (6 days ago)
tea (6 days ago)
ur shirt was written gade denmark and im from denmark lmbo hejj
SC400 Sc (6 days ago)
HA! Looks like Microsoft's Activation Server suffered from bug and was showing Win10 Pro users the deactivation notice. MS just needs to go back to the simple serial number/key method instead of this boolshiet KMS system they have in place. KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid!) People have already hacked this whole KMS system, so it hasn't stopped piracy...instead, it's made it inconvenient for legitimate users.

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