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Why Does Linus Pirate Windows??

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Text Comments (19509)
Razvan Nechifor (3 hours ago)
You are saving only 15 USD :D on this website you can buy it whit this price https://www.urcdkey.com/microsoft-windows-10-pro-oem-cd-key-global_1966-20.html but whit this key CFT20 you get 20% discount :P
Mohit Akundi (4 hours ago)
Like he said, your mileage may vary. I had windows 7 home basic on my 10 yr old desktop which was upgraded to win10 after which it's motherboard and PSU died. To recover data, i put the hard drive in an even older Pentium 4 machine and it activated on it.(Completely different platform, motherboard, ram,etc) I then bought a laptop and activated win10 using that same old windows 7 product key sticker on the back of the desktop(Again, completely different CPU, motherboard, ram, HDD)
Hakan89 (5 hours ago)
Buying windows will make me NOT SLEEPING for that 100 bucks
Kid (7 hours ago)
the answer is- Do not activate, just use it.
Tech Dude 3000 (9 hours ago)
im on a mac
Mr. Trizzle (10 hours ago)
MICROSOFT TOLD ME that the license was tied to the motherboard. nothing else.
Starcraft And Caffeine (11 hours ago)
If anyone wants to download windows 10 for free (Make sure you're signed out of microsoft) and go to www.microsoft.com/en-gb/software-download/windows10 Hope that helps :)
katy donawether (16 hours ago)
Windows 10 worst windows ever i only use windows 7
Apixthy the Kingslayer (17 hours ago)
Windows is stuck with the motherboard, just that, that's the only thing that can't change. The reason why is because of the built-in Wireless adapter that has a unique MAC address and that can's be changed, so if that MAC address changes, windows will not work.
W Game (21 hours ago)
Yarr harr harr
C M (21 hours ago)
a little hint linus is not running pirated, but in trial 30 days mode that is set on each install date. where so to speak each users has 30 days free test version from point of installation .thats why windows without key is falling under the shareware software rules. as long you not enter a key at the installation! this is what the skip button does, is install it as the 30 days shareware version.
Mr Limitless (22 hours ago)
Soo we're all just going to ignore that his point was not proven and this entire video did not help his case? Yeah? Ah, ok. Gotcha!
Milendra Prankada (23 hours ago)
Use KMS pico ...😎
MostlyOp (1 day ago)
You can also remove it by editing the registry
pdubowner (1 day ago)
Linus is so annoying.
Ark Vyas (1 day ago)
0:13 I thought he was gonna play the Harry Potter theme lol
Detour Gaming (1 day ago)
I Found Out About You On A Video That Was About Tech And The Comment Misspelled Linus Linux And I Like Linux Then I Realised It Was Linus. Probably The Best Mistake Someone Ever Made.
Bosefis (2 days ago)
I’ve legit swapped out every part except for drives and.... Windows still works.
Björn Erlendur (2 days ago)
3:00 guess it was not OEM/computer-bound license btw, the unique ID changes even after replacing stupid laptop harddisk, that is intentionally put in easy-to-access tray to make it self-replacable, and the laptop itself is certified with windows 10, not just the harddisk.
N1ghtSh4de (2 days ago)
The thing is, it won't prompt on the go,it'll go after a few days usually, and previously it was 5 to 10 pcs(which can be a single pc with changing config)
SkY0le (2 days ago)
So I have a used 1 terabyte hard drive that I want to take out and give to a new pc while keeping my windows license, is this possible?
Michael Oates (2 days ago)
Because you would buckle and end up doing it yourself!
Christian Lance (2 days ago)
In a world without walls and fences, who needs Windows and Gates?
zXTheFoxXz (2 days ago)
why does linus talk about himself in 3rd person? to act like its another channel making a video about him to get more clicks, enjoy dislike goodbye
Swix ‏ (3 days ago)
imagine paying for windows lol
Grzegorz S (3 days ago)
Use linux - one problem solved, 99 new problems emerge ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
TechnoSnipe (3 days ago)
omg this is a pointless video i love my computer its a gt240 cpu intel i5 decent processor!! i can play minecrafttt and a couple of other games.
**cough KMSpico **cough
lazy man here (3 days ago)
you can still sign up for their partner services and the basically gives you all the new Microsoft software from windows 10 to server 2019.
Corps OG (3 days ago)
Haters be haters and trolls be trolls. Half of them probably pirate themselves yet winge at others that do it (even though you obviously have no need) Now there is a word for these types of people and I think it's called (contradictive selfish babies)
Anomalous (3 days ago)
piracy is not a crime
Stevee Wilmington (3 days ago)
Wouldn't it make sense for windows to activate on the cpu or ram specifically? or hell even the Cdrive? Idk it just seems weird to me that it would surprise linus that switching out the cpu would "deactivate" the key
Spiros Kaftanis (3 days ago)
just use Linux ffs
piotwoii (3 days ago)
What is his mobo stand model and brand?
Killgore _Trout (3 days ago)
Didn't Microsoft have to allow everyone to use their software due to FTC antitrust ruling?
Anony Ninja (4 days ago)
btw they store your hardware ID in like 4 different places now
Anony Ninja (4 days ago)
oops, he mentioned purchasing it from 'gray market' sites. sorry.
Anony Ninja (4 days ago)
I've purchased 4 that way, and every single one of them worked MULTIPLE times.
Anony Ninja (4 days ago)
OH, ALSO: A clean windows key goes for about 10 dollars on 3rd party sites. Don't buy it from microsoft!!! There are people in india and other 3rd world countries that do nothing but take the serial keys from broken computers all day. They have some way of testing them, and then sell them online.
Anony Ninja (4 days ago)
err.... sorry. What i mean is your hardware ID is generated by like 4 different things now
nick landreth (4 days ago)
Also fuck off if you care about the windows watermark.
SkyGamer (4 days ago)
what if you clone the hdd to another hdd?
Pewdiepie Channel (4 days ago)
Yeah fuck windows
Ettore Caruso (4 days ago)
It changes when you change CPU or motherboard, it won't do any difference if you mess around with ram and gpu. Changing a motherboard for another of the same kind will still result in valid Windows licence. There are several kind of digital licenses, each kind has a different number of activations limit. Several activations in a short time might result in key abuse so MS will block the key, so it makes complete sense not to waste money on buying a licence each time you test a rig. Plus Win10 won't block any major features once the first days 30 expires, only the ones in the new UI and settings menu which can be easily bypassed by going into control panel.
Austemagne (4 days ago)
I like how many times Linus says "I don't know" per day.
Jonathon T (4 days ago)
Who the fuck cares, Windows 10 sucks. Use a real OS.
Brenton Thomas (4 days ago)
This is the same thing I do.
Raven Darkfur (4 days ago)
well my windows deactivates itself upon random installs of updates..... so what I'm installing illegal updates now? yeah the moment that happened to me and my key STOPPED working,.... I decided to just pirate windows... I had a legit instal.... and the next day,... I didn't... because... updates... windows might need to make some CLEAR regulations on the whole activation... BULLSHIT and not rip people off c:
TopRoller (4 days ago)
I have used the same copy of windows on multiple motherboards/hard drives/gpu's ect. None of this matters.
Joey van Hummel (4 days ago)
Still the best thumbnail they've ever produced.
Lionel Sanderson (5 days ago)
skip to 8:36 and save a portion of your life where he makes a point
OrangeC7 (5 days ago)
Easy: Because pirates are fun
Manlypineapple1 (5 days ago)
1:23 his shirt stag
NotOrdinaryInGames (5 days ago)
You don't need a reason to pirate Windows.
Kaz EE (5 days ago)
I want to forcefully cuddle him in the morning
evan mccabe (5 days ago)
Lol i switched my MoBo once and lost my key... Microsoft needs to fix this
Erick White (5 days ago)
It still doesn't update always. I had been assured with my system I had been running for years, when I took out the HD and put it in the new case with mostly new parts..... that it couldn't be reactivated without the actual old licensing disk.... Which had been stolen, and that there was no way for me to retrieve it. I said, "It's on my account and I can see it right there. Its the one for this machine.. I just changed the name and updated hardware..." This is to which I was informed by Micro$haft that I was going to indeed need to buy another windows 10 pro license to continue using it on that machine... OR.... I was going to have to put all the old hardware back in the old machine and set it all up, have it reinstall all the old software and drivers for the hardware I wasn't using, and then try to reactivate it there, and then slowly change the pieces back to what I had and hope that it remained activated. The insane part, Mr Linus, was that it had been activated after I had transferred it to the new machine for several months with the new name (All computers in my network are the names of Starships in Star Trek. Yes, Geek.) and had been fine until personal life issues had kept me from updating anything for.... around six or seven months on my secondary machine. (Working away from the house 7 days a week 18-22 hour days tends to do that.) It was when I told it to update that it deactivated itself saying it couldn't identify the machine it was in. In the long run, since it was a gaming machine as hoss as my main one (for gaming that is) and set up for friends doing LAN parties or something like that in another room in the house, that I had to buy another license to have it run on that machine.... despite the fact my account showed 4 licenses. One of those were of course not being used. If it was a machine that I had used for work, or something I was setting up for Media and or goofing off just in another room in the house I would of put my Linux os on it and been done with it. I can game a lot on that. However, friend/uninitiated/simple individuals would always dork something up or alter something and ... well issues in general. The point was as well my good man, that I also had had a license on it to begin with and it was running quite a few things with all my games library, secondary stuff, back ups, and whatnot on it for games as well as my old windows Desktop before the upgrade and new computers. So..... They more or less squeezed me in places men do not like to be squeezed and I had to purchase another license....
Ata5ll. (5 days ago)
So technically you're using trial periods :D
Dan the great (5 days ago)
Dude upgradeability wtf
Silvest3r (5 days ago)
i got my win10pro from g2play with 10dollars.. it was legit.
lol it says that for me too
florin bogdan (5 days ago)
fuck microsoft linux its bether and 100% Free
Mark Nayler (6 days ago)
Windows 10 is meh I still run windows 7 and I also have a bootable windows 7 cd with no activation key it auto activates when you connect the pc to the internet which is useful seeing as how Iv installed this on many pc's not only mine but friends as well.
Robert Zanatta (6 days ago)
Just use a retail version for your test rig and you'll be able to reactivate as many times as you like.
ankit negi (6 days ago)
i have pirated activation windows on all my laptops
Exterminater_474 (6 days ago)
This channel is so tech related that even the time of the vid says 1030 well for mobile it says 1030
Andron MacBeton (6 days ago)
01:42 there's proof. That shitfart doesn't understand computers.
JonitoFischer (6 days ago)
Not activating Windos10 isn't the same as pirating windows... For pirating you would need a license generator and a crack for it to work permanently... Why bother? Just don't activate it (forever) and that's it...
Deadlylyon15 (6 days ago)
Tries to prove he's not a pirate, proves he is a pirate, but only because he is lazy. Oh, and shows how he breaks eula rules with things we didn't ask about. Don't shoot yourself in the foot just to prove your chest has no bullet hole.
GoldMoon97 (6 days ago)
smoothest sponsor transition ever
Myamdane 777 (6 days ago)
Windows 10 is absolute Shit.
Myamdane 777 (6 days ago)
Windows 10 is absolute Shit.
NoesisAndNoema (6 days ago)
You forgot about "time". They ignore certain changes in short times. When you have booted many times, with new hardware, it records that as a "change". Some changes are ignored, others are not. Also, the older they get with a version, the more they allow. It is/was intended for when the OS version was first launched. However, you have "rights" to use it, even if it was a pirated version. Rights are not implicit to a select production. They are not the only producers of the software, just producers of the "foundation" of the software. Also, there is no reason to activate it anyways. You gain little from activation. For your purposes, it is fine without activation. If you are never using "customer support", they don't care. That is why they lock you to hardware. There is also special "terms", for this type of use, which qualifies for "fair use", as an "unregistered product".
Dank Harambe (6 days ago)
Wallpaper Engine is all you need to remove that watermark.
Rea G (6 days ago)
Tell me in the last scene.. ? Is that oneplus cellphone ?
Jasen (7 days ago)
So OEM key is software piracy?
C. Alex (7 days ago)
using pirate version since ages...no problem whatsoever:)
Gary Anderson II (7 days ago)
YT commenters make the biggest deals out of the smallest things.....and often times the NOthings. hehe :P
holmrekR (7 days ago)
*linux time*
bobthesavage (7 days ago)
10:00 pokemon go xD
Walka Walkaway (7 days ago)
I want to crash and reload win 7 . Can someone help me. Were do I get a clean copy? I'll pay for a key. My computer is old and I want to reload a fresh new copy. (why you ask...I use it only for a Flight sim. called Falcon 4 and I like to come home after work and work out on this sim. I dont like games.{yes there is a differance ;} )
Walka Walkaway (7 days ago)
P.S. NO ....MS will not give you a copy. I tryed
Walka Walkaway (7 days ago)
" My computer is old and I want to reload a fresh new copy. " Over time they get slugis ... I want to bring back its speed...OK
Pat Marinier (7 days ago)
Kmspico... problem solved
Litho-matrix Drawing (7 days ago)
Why doesn’t Microsoft just make a ‘testing edition’ that you can transfer automatically with no limit?
delt (7 days ago)
HAHA worthless piece of shit microsoft... The windows "license agreement" also states - in somewhat convoluted terms, but here's exactly what it means - that if you install it on your computer, microsoft fully and legitimately owns and controls 100% of your computer, since it legally becomes nothing more than a "storage device" that contains their "intellectual property". This is why they're legally allowed to force their shit "updates" down everyone's throat, whenever they want, and make them do whatever they want. My advice is USE LINUX OR FREEBSD, BUY A MAC, OR DON'T USE A COMPUTER AT ALL.
Israel Wolstein (7 days ago)
People actually pay for windows 10? I mean i do of course, i would never pirate anything "cough cough" But seriously, how many of you actually bought a copy of windows 10?
Cinccino Charlie (7 days ago)
Zyttoire (7 days ago)
If you think the Activation shennanigans are already a nonsense for legit license key... i leave you imagining how troublesome it becomes when your license key involved is NOT a regular OEM windows but a RETAIL one, one that is supposedly made to be transferred from one pc to another as long as you uninstall it on the older rig and use it on one rig at a time... (and it could be defined simply by the hard drive where the licensed OS is installed, right ? afterall, if it's installed on a hard drive, and you change every element except for the hard drive, you are on a new computer and the old one doesnt exist) Well, have fun: even for RETAIL license KEYS, the activation flag just get blown away rather quickly after a few hardware changes... Change your GPU, add RAM, possibly another hard drive and a second network adaptator to use your computer as a bridge or a DMZ server... and the activation will need to be done again, and yes, you'll end up against same stubborn representatives at support line... And yes, it is the case for RETAIL / BOX non-oem PRO versions as well... It is the same insanity than for HOME OEM keys, except that your PRO RETAIL key is way more expensive :) Not to mention that some of the terms in the EULA are already against some countries' legislation already, and you'll end up understanding why all this licensing legal crap is a badly disguised attempt of pure robbery and it wipes its ass with customer's rights and many domestic legislation of many countries where Microsoft does have a local office for commercial and fiscal purpose.
DanVzare (5 minutes ago)
Once I had to replace the hard drive of a laptop, because the old one broke. I had made sure to find out the original key (which wasn't on a sticker at the bottom for some reason) shortly before the old hard drive broke (you can usually tell when things are starting to break). When I put in the new hard drive, downloaded and installed Windows 7 using the same key, a few week later I get told that it was an illegitimate copy and that I need to activate it. The only damn thing that was changed was the hard drive! Naturally I just cracked the damn thing, but still. Talk about annoying.
gg boost ghost (7 days ago)
losttownstreet (7 days ago)
I thought linus has some kms-licenses or so for buissness use. These licenses are good for 180-days and go back to the licensing server after this period. Ok linus might need to many KMS-licenses if the license isn't revoked at a short enough period of time and installing without entering a key might be faster anyway. (you can't copy and past it)
Edward Greene (7 days ago)
It’s all allowed in Ula some things you cannot do on a inactive win 10
Imran Hasan (7 days ago)
Hook your license with your email That's the way to get things done
Andrue Finley (7 days ago)
Gonna be honest. His segways are legit
Tyblerone (8 days ago)
You're full of shit the hardware change is based on the mobo or CPU only. And you can always call Microsoft and get an activation key after you certify that the installation is only on one PC. Even though you can put it on up to 3.
Robert Rogier (8 days ago)
If you hadn't made a video trying to defend what your doing based on inconvenience, this wouldn't even be posted. First, you really should do your homework. While TechNet was discontinued in 2013, Microsoft did replace it. It's called MSDN Platforms (https://visualstudio.microsoft.com/msdn-platforms/). I don't work for Microsoft and have no interest in what you ultimately do, but don't create a video defending your (self admitted) violation of the EULA and act like you're the hurt party because you literally are "saving a buck" by not purchasing licenses. Next, I'm not sure who you talked to at Microsoft, but I'm very sure that no one outside of a level 1 call center person who doesn't understand your question would tell you to keep using Windows like you are. I do get that you may have the license key be invalidated if you're demoing, for instance, a graphics card swap on camera to show the comparative performance change when "X" is done but, your systems should not run as a daily configuration with an inactive or invalid key/license. I am fairly certain that the cash isn't an issue since you commented in your video on the Chinese "YouTube" button that one of your old channels that you don't put out content for, makes... "not an insignificant amount of cash each month"... from ad revenue alone. You even said that anyone on your team who did something related to that old channel could schedule a group skydiving trip because of the amount of money you have. Switch to Linux and then use WINE, switch to Apple and use Play On Mac, switch to Chromium and (I guess) write your own emulator, OR become a more mature business owner and realize that running a business takes money and buy each employee a copy of MSDN platforms. If you have a reasonable amount of computers, call Microsoft licensing and see if you can't get VLKs for your systems. It's been years since I bought that, so the license terms may not allow you to use it like you do, but the Microsoft license sales teams, either direct or from somewhere like CDW can tell you that.
that one guy (8 days ago)
I am going to manufacture smart microwaves that activate based off household ip address. If you change internet providers or sell your microwave to someone else you will have to purchase a product key to make your microwave work again to put an end to hardware copying.
MURRAY WEBSTER (8 days ago)
does any1 actually pay for windows for private use?
Genes Gaming (8 days ago)
Can you giveaway some windows activation codes if you dont need them ? :P
Robert Sistrunk (8 days ago)
Just because your using an unactivated copy of Windows doesn't mean your pirating it.
Daniel Mozol (8 days ago)
What about 90 days free trial windows copy from Microsoft site? For me it resolves the problem. But really i didn't read tes and conditions
Zonex (8 days ago)
Because he's an absolute MADLAD!
Lafond RC (9 days ago)
I'm more concerned with the lack of anti-static measures more so than the Windows activation.
Brendon Andrews (9 days ago)
The troubleshooter fails like 90% of the time, at least in my experience.
Tony Anytime (9 days ago)
Another reason I havent used windows or any MS product in over 8 years
Ali Altaf (9 days ago)
Pirating windows is not good thing to do.. especially windows 10.. it's slows down because Windows Activator keeps running at the background while eating up all the CPU Usage,

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