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The Battery Revolution of Electric Cars! Present And Future Advancement of Battery Technology For EV

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Amazing Home Camping Emergency Power Supply CPAP Battery Pack - https://amzn.to/2RzgrTO TOP STORIES=== Electric Car Batteries Get A Second Life. Inside Tesla's enormous battery factory. Will The Battery Revolution Be The End of Gasoline? Engineer showing off new ways to reuse electric car batteries. Tesla Starts Battery Production at Gigafactory. Toyota to Sell Long-Range Electric Vehicle in 2022. Toyota, Panasonic talks on developing batteries for electric vehicles. Present and future of electric car battery technology. This Self-Charging Electric Bike Is Powered By Human Energy. Watch the video to see all these and many more... SUBSCRIBE HERE: https://goo.gl/w3A8IS Don't forget to subscribe for upcoming videos - Richard Aguilar Richard Aguilar Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYzz2SkhAaM0FDKuGk-IPZg -------------------------------------- You Can Also Subscribe to My New Channel "AllAboutDiscovery" And Watch New Discoveries and Breakthrough in Science, Technology, Outer Space Exporation and Beyond... SUBSCRIBE HERE Now: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy0wP3-4ZgfTAHqQhzxG-Nw?sub_confirmation=1 MY Social Media Accounts: https://twitter.com/RichardATrends https://plus.google.com/u/0/+RichardHansAguilar https://www.facebook.com/richardaguilarpage/ Thanks for watching... #BatteryRevolution #EVBatteries #FUTUREBattery #ElectricCars EVbatteryTechnology DISCLAIMER: This video description contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases through those links and this small commission help support my channel and allows us to continue making videos like this. Thank you for the support!
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Richard Aguilar (4 months ago)
Don't forget to Subscribe for More Latest News & Updates on Technological Innovation, Breakthroughs and Advancement shaping our modern world.. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYzz2SkhAaM0FDKuGk-IPZg?sub_confirmation=1
pete smyth (27 days ago)
7:24 wow,this robot is so lifelike..
David Kaas (29 days ago)
Electric vehicles are the future, but to allow for the generation of positive+ spin electrical current from towers is yet to be seen or allowed.
Andres Lite (30 days ago)
Question for the tech geniuses: isn't there anyway to recharge the battery pack while driving...like installing a large alternator on the motor....like ICE vehicles do charge their conventional battery. On the other hand, I think electric cars should be kept simple, without so many unneeded electronics... And I guess it would probably be better, cheaper and less polluting converting your medium/small ICE vehicle into an electric...we don't really need so many new cars but to electrify existing ones.
Rodney L Wright (1 month ago)
Aug 14th 2018 date and yet it has way obsolete content about the Tesla Model 3 and Gigafactory. Both are now in full production. Can we trust the rest of your reporting if you missed those developments?
Ravindra Tendle (1 month ago)
Electric Car Batteries Get new generation....
Dixie Lough (1 month ago)
Back in 1990 GM had Lead Acid in the EV1, Batteries have come a long way. They need to be reusable.
Matthew Califana (1 month ago)
Leave some garbage for the seagulls !
787brx8 (1 month ago)
I discovered A trick that can make batteries last for decades longer than they normally would. I am giving away the information for free on how to do it. Try it on an older battery from A cellphone or power tool Ect. It does take months to get the full benefit. The information is on my YouTube channel.
You comment about not being able to Reuse Tesla S batteries is Not true...there us a massive reuse programme and secondhand market that is undeniable...please retract this from your video it is very misleading...
sleepyboy (2 months ago)
CATL is world’s largest electric car battery manifacturer , china is world’s most electric car consumer and market. But this video primarily focus on korea . Wrf
stefan (2 months ago)
Is it better than BYD LifePo4 which is charging in 15min for 300km range?
Ai Chan Bot (2 months ago)
やったー!٩( ᐛ )
Patrick Carey (2 months ago)
Old and out-dated news.
omegafile (2 months ago)
The reality is that you don't even need a battery. All you need is a tuned capacitor, 2 quartz stones, a transducer and a switch and you have an electric heart that recharges by vibration... oh and a bit of water to short out the capacitor.
Ydur Senun (2 months ago)
The only battery I like is Battery - Metallica.
Gentleman Gamer (3 months ago)
Gasoline cars are obsolete now. Electric cars are the only way forward
Leif Johnson (3 months ago)
RIP ICE vehicles
Gentleman Gamer (3 months ago)
They are obsolete now. Diesel engines cars were a mistake
new world of information (3 months ago)
Music is terrible
786otto (3 months ago)
This is about 3-4 years old, thumbs down from me.
John Catalano (3 months ago)
Its about time oil companies go out of business..... They gouged us enough
danlatu (17 days ago)
+S Campbell Ev cars can easily cost under 20k to make. Cars are expensive now because their is no competition. Remember when cell phones came out. In 1983 they cost 4000$, today that would be 10k$. Now I can buy a cell phone at a grocery store for less than 15$. All new tech costs money. These high prices are also helping to pay for development, assembly lines, marketing etc. Machines can assemble electric motors and batteries. Machines cannot assemble engines (ice). Electric cars will run longer and be more reliable than any ice ever could be. By 2020 every major car brand will have a full ev in their line up. Chevy just laid a bunch of people off and Ford/Vw is soon to follow. Ngk, leading spark plug manufacturer now makes batteries. Even the Rothschilds acknowledged that ice is dead 8/12/17. Tax incentives are going away for full ev soon. Tesla, Mack, Vw and now Daimler have electric big rigs. Oil will never fully disappear.
fane babanu (19 days ago)
+S Campbell price of oil will go down... good news for airplanes.
S Campbell (1 month ago)
+Boyd electric cars need oil.... Plastic fenders, carpet, seats, computers, tires, grease in electric motors, bumpers, airbags, Wire insulation, headliners, wind screens, turn signals and indicators, headlights, are all derived from oil. Not to mention the trucks and ships that deliver parts via diesel for EVs to dealers. Don't forget about the asphalt roads you drive on.... Not to mention every other industry that thrives on petroleum based products and list is endless. Smoke another 🤔
Boyd (1 month ago)
+S Campbell There are already cheaper cars than this. Technology will advance. Bye bye oil companies. Graphene revolution.
S Campbell (2 months ago)
And 60-100k for an EV is not ? While the electric manufacturers demand tax incentives to drive their market... lay off the huka 😬
Bram Moerman (3 months ago)
China has been “recycling” ordinary alkaline batteries for years, just putting a yellow wrapper around them and packaging them in cheap “solar powered” outdoor lights. I was suspicious of this and swapped out their “rechargable” battery with a depleted duracell AA cell. . . It performed exactly like the supplied “rechargeable”. Clever people, those Chinese. . .
Gentleman Gamer (3 months ago)
You are trolling
Borivoje Travica (4 months ago)
Democratic communist state is sow better than the democratic capitalist state. China - India for example
Harry Kier (4 months ago)
More information and less irritating background music please.
Mark Plott (4 months ago)
TESLA 2170 batteries are more Efficient than pouch batteries, the pouch batteries are NOT high performance and are only used in cheap Compliance electric vehicles.
Mark Plott (4 months ago)
Because you drove efficiently, and had Regen. most Americans don't drive even a Chevy VOLT efficiently.
David Drake (4 months ago)
Mark Plott Why then can I get 300 miles per 95% charge consistently with my 2017 Chevrolet Bolt compliance car? Yesterday after Regenerative braking down the mountain, I had 319 miles at the bottom for Ubereats driving with 60,000 miles driven.
Mark Plott (4 months ago)
Richard - LION batteries can almost be completely recycled, many many times, there is too much valuable materiels inside them, and for Right now its still cheaper to just Mine new ore than to Recycle. but, TESLA recycles all of its spent batteries, because its the Right thing to do.
Vaibhav Bhonde (4 months ago)
S Campbell (4 months ago)
Destroying mtn ranges and ravaging countrysides in poor nations for electrics in rich western and asian nations to charge on coal and nuclear is great for the environment ;)
S Campbell (2 months ago)
+Van Barnes and maybe you cannot catch sarcasm. The " ;) " is a hint for future reference Mr. Internet Troll 😛, saving the world one comment at a time. I really appreciate your dedication as you swipe through life.... That's sarcasm again. You should really go back and re read my original post with a slower pace as it is not to difficult to comprehend, for reals. Not sure it could have been more direct actually. ?Are you a common core millennial by chance ¿
Van Barnes (2 months ago)
nuclear is great for the environment. Maybe you don't know uranium comes out of the ground and it can be reprocessed with a breeder reactor.
c cparc (4 months ago)
unless there is a very significant battery breakthrough, which nobody has, electric vehicles will be a flop. Elon Musk is a glamorous guy but even he can't violate the laws of physics. He says he's not aware of a game changing breakthrough in batteries and he should know.
sergio mesmo (4 months ago)
Electric car polute more!!! Research about ...
Boyd (1 month ago)
You are correct Sergio. America is too stupid to be able to recycle batteries. Sarcasm.
MsSomeonenew (3 months ago)
In an alternative facts sort of way for sure. And people do love their alternative facts.
Rr Ii (4 months ago)
Trump's speeches demand America to rethink coal powered hand held flashlights. Make America tank again !
Rr Ii (3 months ago)
+MsSomeonenew speak for yourself you decrepit old piece of s***
MsSomeonenew (3 months ago)
Well he is an old man, using his old man logic. His mad ramblings are almost exactly the same as my dads, new things just scare the hell out of him.
Rr Ii (4 months ago)
I mean stank again.
The RealButcher (4 months ago)
They throw old batteries away? Thanks users of EV's , thanks a lot for polluting our environment ....
Boyd (1 month ago)
That is illegal. Just like the dumb redneck dumping used oil down the drain . You can't stop progress Realbutcher.
David Drake (4 months ago)
Mark Plott Right being done all over as we write.
Mark Plott (4 months ago)
actually, you can create a DYI off the grid Home battery to power your home with Solar and Battery storage.
Peter B. (4 months ago)
Afterlife: batteries for electical bicycles.
Peter B. (4 months ago)
Added to a Bird of Prey type bicycle.
Nordin Akachar (4 months ago)
Systems that convert kinetic energy into electric energy have made great progress in recent times. I presume that self-charging batteries could become a real thing in the near future.
Shin Chan (4 months ago)
Oil pls let batteries to play. ..
Sir Asbjorn (4 months ago)
Mostly old new.
john jay (4 months ago)
*electric cars are far more polluting on a general point of view then a well built competent gasoline car with an LPG sequential fuel system installed! proven fact by economic statistic data! including the power loss wich naturally occur when transporting electric energy from power plant to direct user! bottom line,ELECTRIC CARS ARE DECEIT AT ITS BEST!*
Paul Aiello (4 months ago)
John, electric cars are not quite prime time just yet, they need to drop a bit more in price and the battery tech needs to be better so they've got better range but it's looking like over the next 20 years it will happen where thier will be little reason to not buy one. Good news is now is that we are seeing a real push with electric cars and battery tech as well as alternative energy sources so it's only a matter of time now.
David Drake (4 months ago)
john jay Well at least there is that.
David Drake (4 months ago)
Paul Aiello Good! You nailed it!
David Drake (4 months ago)
john jay Take your car and an electric car put them in separate closed garages sit in each. The electric car first. Turn them on and wait for ten minutes. Case closed.
Matthew Wright (4 months ago)
Gas cars are dead.
Don Lunn (1 month ago)
Sad, how insulting “you” are. But of course you are privy to knowledge of EV’s that no one else has.And obviously you know the occupation and education level,of everyone on the Internet who has an opposing view to yours.After all if you didn’t, you wouldn’t have commented! This, having never spoken to them,much less know who they are or what they do in life.Remember,you are merely putting forward your opinion,they are merely putting forward theirs.Allow people that right, without insulting them.
S Campbell (2 months ago)
Only in yahoo news articles And YouTube posts
billdale1 (2 months ago)
S. Campbell and Ron de Haan: I feel so sorry for you fellas, you are painfully myopic. Every man (and wonan!!!) of vision has had to look past such trolls as yourselves, and keep developing whatever tech was necessary to achieve their goals. Everyone was in agreement, laughing at Wilkinson when he built the first iron boat to haul cannons and other heavy loads, since wooden boats were unreliable. They were all quickly embarrassed and humiliated. Similar with the Wright Brothers, even AFTER they went into aircraft production... same with the invention of the parachute, manned space flight, and so much more. You are shortsighted and cowardly, sitting back blathering about what cannot be done, while those that see the same obstacles you do charge forward, making those obstacles disappear. "... we do these things (moon missions) not because they are easy, but because they are hard." ---- John F. Kennedy Brave souls choose tasks that weaklings such as yourselves will never attempt! Let me guess: the two of you both are either unemployed, or engaged in bagging groceries at the local market, dragging rags over polished hoods at the car wash, or are hired hands for the landscaper... and will never aspire to more...tsk tsk. Grid? You actually think anyone is going to rely on today's grid long term to keep EVs running? The only way you can even imagine that governments, techies, Tesla and utility companies are not already all over that non-issue. 1.There are already hundreds of thousands of EV drivers that have solar panels on the roofs of their homes that not only supply their car charging, but their home's energy needs as well. Solar is already CHEAPER than fossil fuel, and continues to drop in price with economies of scale (look it up). 2. The typical EV charges at a home connected to a "smart meter" that only starts charging late at night, when the grid actually has a SURPLUS of energy; often, utilities cannot reduce their power production significantly at night for several technical reasons, so they are forced to GROUND OUT the unneeded energy into the earth. Ergo, EVs are using the energy that would otherwise go to waste. 3: Do you really think you are somehow the Einstein that had thought of these issues for the first time, and there were not oceans of techies much more brilliant than you working on this? Rephrased, did it occur to you that YOU'RE the dummy, rather than people like Elon Musk, Carlos Ghosn, etc.? 4: If this were a REAL issue, don't you think every exec at every utility, every city hall, and the Energy Department would be frothing at the mouth, trying to keep the grid from going off a cliff? 5: Do you not realize that while Musk and others are working on developing cars that are already light years ahead of ICE cars in every way, that others are working on the mundane stuff you think is so daunting? Developing a really compelling, reliable EV was the hard part! Charging and infrastricture merely a matter of engineering, much like a national roadway was necessary. for us to use cars a century ago, to replace horses. 6: Installing a charging station is far easier, cheaper and less dangerous than designing and building a gasoline station. Today's gas station occupies enough space for dozens of charging stations. 7. Since you obviously are still playing Donkey Kong all day rather than actuallly doing something relevant such as following cutting edge tech, look up "Vehicle-to-Grid" to understand why EVs are the ANSWER to blackouts, rather than the CAUSE. 8. In the US and elsewhere, utility companies and other parties are PAYING for homeowners to install solar roofs, since it means the utilities do not have to worry about building new generating stations that require meeting stringent emission standards. I could keep going, but just realize: the day comes soon when EVs are so cheap that even you will need to drive one if you don't want to be wasting your money on gasoline, tune-ups, tranny maintenance, oil changes, and frequent brake jobs (look up REGEN, or REGENERATIVE BRAKING, to get up to speed.) You've obviously never driven a Chevy Bolt or a Tesla Model 3, or you would not be trying to knock EVs... you'd be trying to figure out how to buy one. Unlike whatever you have, EVs are NOT a compromise--- you can have Porsche-beating performance, but still spend pennies on charging up. Sad, how out-of-touch you are
Cell of Green (2 months ago)
I wish
UNSAFE INDIAN (4 months ago)
Dislike because nothing special in this video 👎
global amnesia (4 months ago)
Worst and useless report ever, 1 minute case, in 15 minutes
Ross Moore (4 months ago)
What is that god awful annoying music?????!?!?!?!!?!!?! I stopped watching.
Patrick Chubey (4 months ago)
It can't happen fast enough. I live in the middle of Buttscratch Nowhere and the main vehicle of choice is a big pickup truck or SUV. The thing is, in this part of the world, it's warm for the majority of the year making it a good climate for a battery powered car. I'm certain that people would buy into the technology if it were both affordable and available but as of yet it is neither. A crummy homely Chevy Bolt STARTS at $44,400 here, and the totally sexy bad ass Mustang coupe starts at about $27,000. It isn't all about being green, there's style to consider. I'd certainly buy an electric Mustang, IF the viable long range battery technology were available. The problem is that it isn't available yet. I get it, we're being tantalized with images of possible things to come, but that don't cut the potatoes, we really need the real deal here, the sooner the better. The narrator said that there has already been a car battery developed that can be charged in one minute. Fantastic,,,, WHERE IS IT? Nowhere near here, that's where. It all sounds good but we can't really take it seriously until we start to see this technology on our streets and roads, for REAL.
Jeevan More (3 months ago)
Well said bro. What were these scientists doing until now? because after Li-ion batteries, which is a decade old thing, there has been no new development in batteries. This is like digging well after you feel thirsty.
David Drake (4 months ago)
Bobbie Curran Good Yes! That is down to about 10 thousand now, and less if you use cannibalized parts from junked wrecked cars and trucks. See the YT video about the recycled car that outperformed the Bolt, the Leaf, and the Tesla.
Bobbie Curran (4 months ago)
Have you considered the second hand market, or a conversion of a classic?
Ronny Japutra (4 months ago)
Patrick, "... ... has already been a car battery developed that can be charged in one minute." LOL. It's obviously just a joke.
Ed Thoreum (4 months ago)
Fran Tackle (4 months ago)
Magnetic propulsion is the future of all our energy needs when used in the correct manner, wtfu movement
Bruce McPherson (4 months ago)
Your explanation needs to be a whole lot better than that before I'll come near to believing it
Fran Tackle (4 months ago)
Bruce McPherson we can use magnets to propell the electric motors that generate all our electrical needs, simplest way i can explain.
Bruce McPherson (4 months ago)
Please explain how that's going to work
crazieeez (4 months ago)
The guy said a lot of nothing. "We have higher density, higher charge/discharge, can charge quicker, cheaper" Where is the number??? Is it $100 kWh? 10,000 charge/discharge? 10lbs per kWh?
Neville Park (1 month ago)
Must be a TV program filler.
Bram Moerman (3 months ago)
crazieeez : well said. Withoit numbers, they are only opinions.
eDrive (4 months ago)
I never like to drive an internal combustion car anymore. I hope there is a fast development of much better battery packs...
David Drake (4 months ago)
eDrive I agree. With my Bolt I can get 6mi per Kwhr. With a 75Kwhr hour battery that is 450 miles. Charge in 6 minutes is fine. I can accelerate faster than 95% of the automobiles. I can pedal down 0-70 in 6 seconds. And in perfect control. Also You Tubes about safer even than the Tesla Model S.
David Drake (4 months ago)
SickPrid3 Those stories don’t wash anymore.
David Drake (4 months ago)
eDrive Me too! Want 75Kwhr battery for my very efficient Bolt. I can get 250 to 300 miles range now. If I can get 400 or more I will be tickled pink.
Save men power to batteries?Yes,but the man need to eat a lot more.
Don't trust SK.
SK? Are they making Battery Bombs?
Martin Gill (4 months ago)
Tesla are making more batteries than the rest of the world NOW. Not 2025!!
leneanderthalien (3 months ago)
false: they are built from Panasonic (Japanese not Chinese), close all in the Tesla Gigafactory in the USA (Nevada)
Borivoje Travica (4 months ago)
What about grafit battery... Elon must switch from lion or he is dead
Ben Angel (4 months ago)
America and their love of wars and capitalism! Marx may have been wrong on several things but he was bang on with his list of seventeen contradictions of capitalism! A system that is neither good for people or planet. I would like to remove private employers out of the game and have Mondragon style worker co-operatives, one man businesses, partnerships and familly run concerns. These don´t need a unions to function fairly. I don´t have a problem with councils, but believe in a much smaller government and military. Also a hybrid society where if people want to can choose to volunteer at least three hours of their time. They get all the benefits of of the products and services of the other members. This is now being tried out in some places. Capitalists claim that we do not have true capitalism. Maybe they mean not the type of capitalism almost devoid of regulations or safeguards? Some are idiotic but some are beneficial. It could also be said that there has never ever been a true communist state. That is where the workforce own the means of production. With local democratically run communes. Can you name me such a country? I can name countries without a welfare state and a capitalist system with no union without any safeguards (regulations). These are all extremely poor countries who are easy bait for capitalists. So sure it is a system that works well for capitalists, but what about everybody else?
S Campbell (4 months ago)
+Ben Angel capitalism does not fail... corruption of gov't abusing authority fails it ! That is why our founding fathers gave us the second amendment ! And can you name a more successful system that's has halted two world wars led by fascists and held off communists from over taking Europe and Asia ¿
John Wang (4 months ago)
Second and even tertiary use will only go so far, at some point the batteries need to be torn down and rebuilt into new batteries and they need to be both designed for this and remanufacturing facilities must be built. Problem is, the technology will surely change so ant investment in remanufacturing infrastructure will likely be for naught.
Splatterhead Jones (5 months ago)
Charge!! =j
heartobefelt (4 months ago)
Charge of the Lithium Brigade ?
This is the new innovation in world of battery.
MARILYNANDERSON88 (5 months ago)
Emissions standards have made the electric vehicle the benchmark, and this has driven battery technology to excellent advancements, what more is to come.
Peter Robann Sobrepena (5 months ago)
Jason Carrasquillo (5 months ago)
LOL The one guy said something about lightning in the comments. Yeah, lightning... The 'other ' energy source.
Jason Carrasquillo (4 months ago)
Bartosz Barejko , ==== ?
Bartosz Barejko (4 months ago)
Jason W Carrasquillo l L
Dave L (5 months ago)
Has anyone ever tried to build a capacitor big enough to store a lightning strike? If that was possible, could the capacitor then charge multiple home battery systems? Just thinkig...
fane babanu (19 days ago)
+MsSomeonenew the lightning, is just too fast for our tech. it have a lot of energy, but not the volume of energy is the problem, but the time that energy is delivered... a lightning is formed by a series of short impulses of energy, how short? 0.06-0.07 miliseconds... that's 0.00007 seconds to catch and store all that energy.
MsSomeonenew (3 months ago)
Yes there have been attempts at catching lightning, most of them were prone to explosions. Of course the real problem with catching lightning is that it never moves where you want it to, although the basic logic is that it will try to take the path of least resistance in reality with the erratic atmospheric patterns during a storm lightning only decides it's final path on the last 20-30 meters. So it will almost never hit your best constructed lightning rods.
David Drake (4 months ago)
Одессит в Законе So make it six instead. I can go with that.
David Drake (4 months ago)
Dave L Nikola Tesla tried that and it destroyed his apparatus.
337 -3-6-9 - to charge 50kWt battery in 1 sec, the kabels have to be capable for 180mWt/h.
Salah Ahmed (5 months ago)
والله انا مبسوط انه العرب مو مغلبين حالنا بالابحاث حنا ناكل المناسف والصنوبر ومريحين عقولنا، الله بحبنا،،،
pebre79 (5 months ago)
Hey i really appreciate these compilation vids. I would not have seen these stories otherwise
Parture (5 months ago)
Why don't car makers just add a breathing apparatus to extract carbon dioxide from our lungs to power the car?
Steven Sik On Kong (4 months ago)
It takes energy to convert CO2 back to O2, as is done by the plants with photosynthesis. We cannot use CO2 to generate energy.
Pieter Steenkamp (5 months ago)
+1 troll point for you....
Mary Gugliotta (5 months ago)
Can be flamable
Andy Wakeman (4 months ago)
+David Drake No I haven't, and thanks to the safety features brought into rallying (and motorsports in general) hardly any drivers (or co-drivers) have been badly injured or killed. Nor have occupants of normal cars. Unless they are knocked unconscious in a crash, they have a good chance to get out of the car. The point I was raising was that Fire Brigades around the world are being told to leave EV fires. Gasoline fires have never (to my knowledge) had that restriction.
David Drake (4 months ago)
Andy Wakeman Yes But do you carry burned, charred human beings out of them? And remember gasoline always burns the same. Electric cars and batteries always get better.
David Drake (4 months ago)
Alex James The Tesla told the driver it was going to catch fire, and he still had time to return to the car and retrieve things from the glove box. The driver in an ICE car would not know unless he smelled the fire or felt the fire, and that might be too late.
David Drake (4 months ago)
eDrive Yes strap yourself into metal coffins with 20 gallons of liquid fiery death carried with you.
Andy Wakeman (4 months ago)
Pieter Steenkamp Really? Here in the UK, I am a rally marshal, and we have to train for the job (despite us being volunteers). As the prospect of EV rally cars starts increasing, so training for the possibility of crashes has to be prepared for, and MSA that runs the UK motorsports looks to the fire fighters for guidance. Guess what it is for both fire fighters and us. LEAVE IT TO BURN! They cannot yet fight EV fires safely. It takes, if I remember rightly, over 400,000 litres of water to bring it under control. Foam doesn't work as the gasses generated are self perpetuating. In 2017, TV star Richard Hammond crashed an EV super sports car in Switzerland, and it was left to burn for 4 days before the Swiss fire fighters were able to put it out. So it's not trolls saying this. It professional fire fighters who are not happy with EVs being on the road.
Mary Gugliotta (5 months ago)
Bram Moerman (3 months ago)
Mary Gugliotta : there is a certain attraction to magnets. . .

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