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Quantitative Skills in A Level Business - Decision Trees

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In this revision webinar we explored the role of decision trees, taking some time to explain how they are laid out and calculated.
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suk d (4 months ago)
good thorough video.
Tatenda Mutazu (6 months ago)
Man said less than 10%
Ben R (5 months ago)
He was right, Chelsea won it
Felicia Phuah (1 year ago)
Can please enlighten me how did you arrive at 330k and 290k for the net gain? I calculated 270k and 210k, though the final option would still be X. Please correct me if I am wrong. Thanks. Look forward to your reply.
Dan Mass (2 months ago)
James just smoked you. Byeeeeeeee Felicia.
James R (7 months ago)
This is probably an irrelevant answer at this point but it seems you did: ((Expected value of success - Expected value of failure) - Cost), instead of: ((Expected value of success + Expected value of failure) - Cost).
Jonathan Pilmore (1 year ago)
Brilliant vids!

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