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Amazing Made in China Car

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Everything in one. BMW Porsche Tesla Range Rover and the best part is the price
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Knight Kings (15 hours ago)
if Chinese cars come in the US market I bet many auto companies will tear...
Aditya Madiraja (20 days ago)
Is this a luxury car?
Tim Mouers (28 days ago)
Looks like a range Rover
MOTAZE alr (1 month ago)
Name: zadjw fieje Cost:5.99$ Maximum mileage:40~60m Model:E123567890R
Jim Miklas (1 month ago)
Very nice!
gusti chokorde (2 months ago)
usually foreign buyer wants china car if china car brand would expanding constantly advertisement until at least 10year for booming demand, customer are waiting on how many showroom, service centre, used car market demand, price on the road after tax, design model, spare parts, etc. The more expensive china car, the more waiting time customer to buying china car. The price OTR must be lowered than Japan and european car brand for the same engine cc class on each suv/mpv/sedan/jeep/van/truck/bus/etc. " Value for money but safely secure for investment must be recognize too."
edwong3 (3 months ago)
Nice car. I see the usual butt hurt comments from jealous people always making excuses.
Melissa tcy (1 month ago)
thank you!!! yes its special and eye opening, a little funny at the same time
Leroy Barron (3 months ago)
Funny how it looks like a Ford model. Copy cat design.
Peter Leo (4 months ago)
This car is awesome man.
Melissa tcy (1 month ago)
thank you I think so too!
John Kupa (4 months ago)
This car is amazing.. China up..
Melissa tcy (1 month ago)
thank you! yes, we should all encourage new products!
fojnica222 (4 months ago)
chinese car maximum mileage 55 000
fojnica222 every car is like that in china becase the air is bad and traffic to so ur engins have to be running for ever
Brian Weiss (4 months ago)
Is there anything they won't counterfeit what's next I promise I won't be shocked
Melissa tcy (1 month ago)
hahah yes its funny! especially when you see it yourself
Brian Weiss (4 months ago)
It's a range Rover with a few chinky changes
pussicat pusicat (5 months ago)
no more copy cat, be creative! PLS!
Goh Huan hiang (4 months ago)
pussicat pusicat i like that car if u say its copy then dont send your kid to study in school .every one is copy cat.things u use is copy too including u the way u walk.if not u should have walk with your hand
caiting song (6 months ago)
it's looking good , but i am still worried about the safety
MOTAZE alr (1 month ago)
The safety rating: 0,3 FROM 5
Goh Huan hiang (4 months ago)
caiting song dont say that they can even built plane.dont drive if u without driving document
Khaled weladALDHUMI (7 months ago)
Hi china car im khaled welad aldhumi
chinnappa m (8 months ago)
Car looks stunning though! Reliability a question!
water heart (7 months ago)
chinnappa m u just have to test drive. and check directly. chinese car has better quality than Japanese car cos i just bought wuling cortez. i live in Indonesia
daahir Abdi (9 months ago)
Woooow chaina new car 😀👍👍
traaaumaugen (9 months ago)
Price is?
Thái Linh Nguyễn (8 months ago)
in my country, it's about 1/2 mercedes c200
Thelonious Lin (9 months ago)
a hundred and twenty thousand rmb

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