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Booty-, Thigh-, and Abs-Toning Workout From a Victoria's Secret Model Trainer

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Tighten and tone your butt and legs with this no-equipment workout from Victoria's Secret model trainer Stephen Pasterino. His P.Volve method focuses on building long, lean muscle tone and eliminating bulk. Get ready to work your body in a new way. To subscribe to P.Volve for unlimited streaming workouts loved by Victoria's Secret models, visit: https://my.pvolve.com/trial?source=4601 On Anna: Good Hyouman top, K-Deer tights, and APL shoes On Brittany: Lorna Jane top, JustFab tights, and APL shoes On Stephen: Alo Yoga outfit and Nike shoes POPSUGAR Fitness offers fresh fitness tutorials, workouts, and exercises that will help you on your road to healthy living, weight loss, and stress relief. Check out Class FitSugar, our do-it-along-with-us, real-time workout show hosted by Anna Renderer, who will inspire you to sweat alongside fitness experts and Hollywood’s hottest celebrity trainers. Class FitSugar regularly covers the most buzzed-about workout classes and trends, including the Victoria's Secret workout, Tabata, P90X, Bar Method, and more. Subscribe to POPSUGAR Fitness! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=popsugartvfit Like us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/PopSugarFitness/ Check us out on Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/popsugarfitness/ Eat Clean With POPSUGAR Get a full 2-week clean-eating plan with our brand-new app! 70 recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and treats, simple shopping lists, and more! Get the app here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/clean-eating-plan-and-recipes/id1262482098?mt=8
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Text Comments (433)
MiraBethy (8 months ago)
This guy does some really unique stuff I've never seen before. Great toning workout :)
Saurab Khanal (1 month ago)
⏰♈fyuhj j L.
P.volve (8 months ago)
Hey Heather - our method is very safe for the knees. Make sure you focus on putting the weight in your heels and keep your butt pushed back. You can email us at [email protected] if you have any other questions!
P.volve (8 months ago)
So glad you liked it!
Heather Klink (8 months ago)
I felt it the next day, but I also felt my knees... I wonder if this is bad for the knees.
Rachael sexey (8 months ago)
I thought I wouldn't feel this workout but I am sweating a lot more than I do normally
Julia Haw (28 days ago)
This workout looks insanely inventive! I'm going to try it for sure and maybe incorporate some of these moves in a class I teach! Thank you! <3
Val Chase (1 month ago)
Thank you so much this workout is amazing! ❤️
Madison Clausen (1 month ago)
These moves are SO effective in leaning the body and muscles while toning!! No bulk for me. I have been doing this video in my routine for quite a while and it feels so good to do this workout.
Yummy (1 month ago)
This is the best workout I’ve ever seen👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
ManuelaBrugnolo (1 month ago)
Awesome work out! Definitely one of my faves from popsugar! Keep them coming!
legrand mustache (1 month ago)
I love it!! Please more workout of this kind!!!
Laura Corona (1 month ago)
I just love it.
chrispmutha (2 months ago)
What a nice guy! Good workout, too.
Lauren Forero (2 months ago)
I'll be honest, I like mostly fast-paced workouts and this is definitely not a fast pace. I was initially bored but then I really began concentrating on targeting particular muscles in slow motions and I can truthfully say I was not disappointed. My legs and my glutes are literally on fire! This is a fantastic exercise to do especially if you hit exercise hard earlier in the week and you want something relaxing and low-impact, yet still challenging. Great job, Stephen!
Fay Khudairi (2 months ago)
7:25 25:05 i mean.....
Karolina Ujek (2 months ago)
It was really amazing workout and for those people who are saying that it was boring : Fine, if you looking for HIIT it's not video for you. Small, slow movements can really make diffrence and give you amazing effects!
Zoee Gaige-Wilson (2 months ago)
Yes, this workout is slow... However it is all about being in control and activating those muscle groups. I'm not sure if I've ever felt my butt this well before! And yes, I am writing this the day after 😂
We want more of this!
tiggermatty (2 months ago)
At first I was thinking this was too easy. Later I realized that it was working secret muscles that probably haven't been touched in a while. Great isolated work out
Jordan Mason (2 months ago)
LOVED this. I'm a writer and spend 8-12 hours sitting and this felt amazingggg, esp for my hip flexors
TheScentofSunflowers (2 months ago)
my knee kinda hurts doing these maybe i was doing it wrong. i even watched his form videos before starting this. though this is my first time doing his style of workout.
Sharon Lys (3 months ago)
Hi all of you you shall really listen to William branhams sermons they are really important don't ignore our life depend on
lissa bean (3 months ago)
only 1% will read this but i hope you have a great day for life
brianna heart (3 months ago)
You guys this is for toning of the thighs and butt. It's not fast paced like cardio. Go watch a different video, and find something you're looking for, instead of complaining. Nevertheless, great video! I needed this.
Juliette Zwaans (3 months ago)
To be fair I am sweating, but did not feel my butt at all, just by the time I felt maybe al little of a burn we were on to the next exercise. Anna always seems to be feeling everything I gather from the sounds, am I doing something wrong?
Helena Escapist (3 months ago)
this workout was amazing! Its great for rest days. I have done it several times already. Would love to see more from this trainer
Rama Hanvi (3 months ago)
OMG !!! i totally felt different after finishing this workout !! I love it . Please we want more workout with Stephen Pasterino :)
Julia Lemke (4 months ago)
I need to stay off my wrists and this workout fit the bill! It required a lot of balance and coordination. I was sweating and my glutes were shaking by the end.
Eliza Aguilar (4 months ago)
Love this workout. ❤️❤️
Abigail Lindner (4 months ago)
That was a much different workout from what I'm used to. It felt more like stretching than strengthening, although I suppose the two can go hand in hand. The philosophy of this P.Volve method is unique: to build long, lean muscle through concentrated and purposeful movement rather than bulky muscle through stressful movement. The class introduced many new moves that I'd like to integrate into my day-to-day life, especially during "office hours" when I've been sitting for awhile.
Deepashree Rajendra (4 months ago)
I really liked the workout. I sweated without any cardio... Good job.
Amy Widmer (4 months ago)
the girl on the left's alignment seem to always be slightly off
Amy Widmer (4 months ago)
The woman on the left is popping her right hip out. Should this be avoided?
ارش جعفری (4 months ago)
همه ی ویدیوهاتون عالیه مرسیییییی 😍😘
Chrissy's Photo Life (5 months ago)
Loved this!
Martyna Markiewicz (5 months ago)
This was a great workout. Thanks so much popsugar!
jennifer rangel (5 months ago)
this was great, quick and effective. It might not be a high speed cardio but if you take your time and do every step you will definitely finish sweating . I also like that it's a good workout for all fitness levels
Gabriela Bernal (5 months ago)
i didnt like it, we didnt toned the abs! just butt
Chris Collins (5 months ago)
So borring.
Alejandra Santiago (5 months ago)
Great different workout, however it was at some point really hard on the knees.
kimberly stewart (5 months ago)
Loved this workout!! I've been doing barr pilates, kickboxing, and hiit 4-5 times a week for about a year. I have lost 6 pant sizes, but, I'm still flabby in the legs. And, my hips are notoriously tight. This is a killer in-between-cardo-day workout that seriously tones and lengthens the legs! I definitely worked up a good sweat. Not at all as easy as it looks. That girl who said she was bored was clearly not working it.
Samantha Martz (6 months ago)
This is such an amazing workout. It's challenging if you make sure your form is right, and for someone with tight hips like me (and I think a lot of us have tight hips), it felt great to really focus on opening and stretching of the hips. This is a workout that should be done as frequently as possible. LOVE IT!
Cody Ref (6 months ago)
i love this workout and finally not something on here that the trainer keeps on shouting "yes! Yes! you can do it come on come on!". i know this is Anna's channel and it's rude so say so but I just wished she would have stayed more quiet throughout the entire video, you can definitely see Stephen was so annoyed by her and even got interrupted several times. Well, guess its a east/west coast difference then.
Akasha Javed (6 months ago)
really great lower body toning workout especially when it aches slightly to really get in thier
Cordelia Tok (6 months ago)
this is not the first time someone has done a workout like that.. its very similar to Justin Gelband's method and he was featured on Popsugar Fitness in 2013... look for 'Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Workout'... also a bit similar to Tracy Anderson's method.
Jenny Herrera (6 months ago)
please don't talk during the workout, or moan. its annoying
Ananya Dutta (6 months ago)
This was really an average one! Felt bored! I love Katie’s workout regime.
Vera Vera (6 months ago)
Peculiar workout but lovely!
Empowered Alex (6 months ago)
Agk! the benefit I experienced with this short class was spectacular! I felt the ability to fire up and target muscles that are hardly ever brought into play. The pace was maintainable. This mind body ability for the muscles to really communicate with the brain was an interesting topic to bring up and definitely did my research on that. It has made my form and functionality of my workouts so much more effective. Thank you so much for triggering me to do a bit of brain work!
Komet R (6 months ago)
Can we get more of Stephen please?? I just love this workout
EWE MA (6 months ago)
he's awesome and really hot ;)
Rosie Muffins (6 months ago)
can you do a 45 minute only cardio jump/dance workout please? toning is useless and boring. don't tell me it has benefits. it doesn't. I only do cardio workouts and have been doing that for 6 years now. here's proof: 1 week of only cardio workouts: lost 3 pounds, happy, looked forward to working out. also felt energized all day 1 week of strength training/toning: lost 0 pounds, got bored within 2 minutes, felt lazy and sluggish all day control variables: time of day i worked out, same meals/snacks, same stress schedule, etc.
Reva FoSho (7 months ago)
It’s videos like this that make me love Popsugar! Thanks for bringing us cool and challenging stuff. 💓
Noelia Gonzalez (7 months ago)
Did it twice today its awesome! 😎😅
Lisa Viktoria Skutella (7 months ago)
not warm at all. boring and for well stretched people almost not streching. nice teacher though but sorry, nah.
Mbeauty (7 months ago)
Try it for the first time today. Little skeptical at first but I can’t feel it and my legs so I think you have to do it at least 3 times a week. What difference in my body will this workout give ?
Irene Airiohuodion (7 months ago)
Great workout
shantel shantel (7 months ago)
Man you are genius, this is awesome,inteligence workout..(sorry for bad english)...
Irina Petrova (7 months ago)
That was abs amazing!!! Thanks Anna and Stephen xxx
Rosie Muffins (7 months ago)
Alexx Raven (7 months ago)
I am literally obsessed with getting more workouts from him after this. This was everything I want in a workout. Wow.
mariam lbn (7 months ago)
I did it.it was unique and I like that
SmellslikeTienspirit Le (7 months ago)
This exercise will help with lower back pain. This is coming from someone who has a Physical Therapy background. I see so many negative comments. I see a lot of people preferring the High intensity exercises for fast result. I like My HIIT workout. I love this exercise as well. 1. It really gets into your deep muscles that people tend to neglect. Especially if it benefit your core and posture. 2. You’re adding a stretching component. That I’ve seen so many of us neglect to do. Lends to joint problems. 3. It helps with your joint. So important to take care of those joint. I see a lot of patient with joint pain and issue. Due to poor mobility. Balance, stability and mobility is so important to your overall skeletal and muscular health. I definitely appreciate this video. I hope to see more. FYI lots of sciatic pain is due to weak internal rotation. This exercise will help if you have lower back pain.
Mary Paloma Chipman (7 months ago)
You are so right! As someone who has had piriformis syndrome and now osteoarthritis in both knees, I've learnt the hard way. This workout is fabulous for both situations, for working the smaller, underused but essential muscles, engaging muscles properly and correcting alignment issues.
Khoza (7 months ago)
i am loving this workout, great for toning. you should bring back jake dupree too, i love his intense pilates workouts :)
Allie Koehler (7 months ago)
i felt nothing with this 👎🏻
WorkoutVideosX (7 months ago)
The workout is fantastic! I did it several times already. I wish @P.volve would do more videos like this, present and demonstrating the moves all the way through. I loved it so much more than doing his workouts by watching his students when I tested his streaming. Especially the super skinny student who seems to be in most videos moves too fast and does things differently than he adviced.
Veronika P (7 months ago)
I totally agreee! And the background music is great as well...it makes such a difference compared to the soundless videos on p.volve´s chanell! Any idea where to find the music?
COCOLIME FITNESS (7 months ago)
I LOVED this one so much, it was perfect and sweated like crazy without having to jump around. Thank you so much for this stress free workout🤗♥️
Dena Swords (7 months ago)
i need toning for the whole body i really need to lose inchs off my hips and waste and need to strengthen my flappy arms and sagging inner booty
Bianca C (7 months ago)
Eat healthier.
Nadia Ruelas (7 months ago)
All I got was just joins pain and and a continuos question of ''why am i doing this?'' lol
Nadia Ruelas (7 months ago)
idk if i'm doing it wrong or just do not get the movements right but I feel noting ._.
Ivy Gomez C (7 months ago)
Amo esta rutina! se siente el trabajo! :D
eolis87 (7 months ago)
Me yesterday: «uh, boooring, I dont feel anything». Me today: «kill me please». One of the trickiest routine I've ever made...You just sweat a bit, next day your body shows the results... By the way : is there any chance for Jake Dupree to come black? I loved the bootie workout!
Lucie Marie Dorion (7 months ago)
I really enjoyed these absolutely unusual moves. Suffering from OA on both hips, I ruined the right one with excessive hill training. As I'm waiting for hip replacement surgery, I've got to keep on toning "all my butt muscles" to minimise rehab work. Thank you Anna for putting on such a variety of training clips. After surgery, I'll continue this one but I'll be able to go back to my more "demanding" PopSugar favorites.
MissEm23 (7 months ago)
Stephen: We are going to do a turndown? Me: Turndown for what! Interesting set of moves, would be good for him to explain at the start that 'knees back' means knees over toes. I dont think is enough for someone with a dancer background, didnt really feel much of a workout, but for someone with a lower fitness level i am sure they would be effective.
patricia Hayes (7 months ago)
Thank you so much for the calm music and explanations! I enjoy exercising, but there are so many workouts (in general, not on popsugar specifically) where the workout is so fast, or there's no explanation of how to do the movements properly. And equally, or more importantly, WHY we are doing particular movements. Idk maybe it's just me. But I do not enjoy my workouts as much when I don't know why I'm doing an exercise. Hope there's someone else out there like meee! lol <3
Isadora Azize (7 months ago)
Can you make a 10 minute arm workout (for triceps, especially) whithout weights? I don't have weights at home, and I feel like I have to strengthen more my arms and make them more toned, especially the "bat wings". It would be really awesome!!!!
Lisa Leow (8 months ago)
this is really really really good especially when i am tired from assignments hope he does more videos with popsugar!
Gonzalo S (8 months ago)
I love Pop Sugar but this was definitely my least favorite :(
Dominika Juillet (8 months ago)
this was AMAZING.. such a different pace.. and LOVE his chill attitude!
I loved this one. After a full week of cardio every day, it's so nice to do something low key and stretch muscles you never tap into.
Emma Robards (8 months ago)
Basically half hour of stretching. Great for tight hip flexors although after a half hour of hip flexor work, mine were super weak by the time the leg lifts came around.
misskimberly5 (8 months ago)
couldn't even make it through 10 mins. too much side talking in between exercises.
Jessica Levis (8 months ago)
This killed me
Caroline Wirthle (8 months ago)
I’m going to do the same workout I’m doing with the models the night before the show! ...Yes, Man! Bring it on!
c joanna (8 months ago)
I like doing slow and controlled workouts like these especially after a day or two off. Instead of hopping right into cardio and dying cause I can’t breathe this is a nice way to kick start the week. I find the slower workouts can focus on specific muscles to strengthen them. Cardio is good but so are other methods. Switch it up!
Madison Kinney (8 months ago)
Such a great workout! Loved the slower more controlled pace!
Jitcha Shivang (8 months ago)
Is it for men too?
Ms Bull (8 months ago)
How does this even hurt so much lol
BarbieLovesChicken (8 months ago)
How many calories were burned in this workout?
Lauren Mix (8 months ago)
He talks too much! Just show me the moves please.
shill shill (8 months ago)
bb 974 bb (8 months ago)
Stephen you are sexy 😘😘😘
No Kia (8 months ago)
Boring workout
Stephanie Meroni (8 months ago)
Is this a work out?
Dianne Bryant (8 months ago)
Is this safe to do if you have had a knee replacement?
Nikki P (8 months ago)
Looks a total waste of time 🤔 like what’s the point of a 2 inch drop squat?! Guess I just have to try it
Val Chase (8 months ago)
Love this thank you so much!
Rosita Georgieva (8 months ago)
Before trying the workout i read the comments that its too boring, too slow and you don’t feel it.. i actually tried and i can say this workout is GREAT! Its not high intensity workout, but its focusing on the muscles, not everything should be fast and sweaty to give you results.. this small movements are really killing, i love it, i have done ballet beautiful (another series) which also are not HIT but works so good! Thank you for uploading it
Alexa Heard (8 months ago)
I loved this!!
Meredith Stimson (8 months ago)
Fantastic workout! Really enjoyed it. Thanks Pvolve!
Desi Cinemaa Lifestyle (8 months ago)
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angela stella (8 months ago)
Love this work out,want more!!
åshild nyrønning (8 months ago)
more excercises with this guy please. Great workout!
Nicolas Herh (8 months ago)
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