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Introduction to Intellectual Property: Crash Course IP 1

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This week, Stan Muller launches the Crash Course Intellectual Property mini-series. So, what is intellectual property, and why are we teaching it? Well, intellectual property is about ideas and their ownership, and it's basically about the rights of creators to make money from their work. Intellectual property is so pervasive in today's world, we thought you ought to know a little bit about it. We're going to discuss the three major elements of IP: Copyright, Patents, and Trademarks. ALSO, A DISCLAIMER: he views expressed in this video do not necessarily reflect those of the United States Copyright Office, the Library of Congress, or the United States Government. The information in this video is distributed on "As Is" basis, without warranty. While precaution has been taken in the preparation of the video, the author shall not have any liability to any person or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by any information contained in the work. This video is intended for educational purposes only and is not intended to be, nor should it be construed as, legal advice. Intellectual property law is notoriously fact specific, and this video (or any other single resource) cannot substitute for expert guidance from qualified legal counsel. To obtain legal guidance relevant to your particular circumstances, you should consult a qualified lawyer properly licensed in your jurisdiction. You can contact your local bar association for assistance in finding such a lawyer in your area. The Magic 8 Ball is a registered Trademark of Mattel Citation 1: Brand, Stewart. Quote from speech given at first Hackers' Conference, 1984 Citation 2: Plato, Phaedrus. 390 BC p. 157 Crash Course is now on Patreon! You can support us directly (and have your contributions matched by Patreon through April 30th!) by signing up at http://www.patreon.com/crashcourse Thanks to the following Patrons for their generous monthly contributions that help keep Crash Course free for everyone forever: Suzanne, Dustin & Owen Mets, Amy Fuller, Simon Francis Max Bild-Enkin, Ines Krueger, King of Conquerors Gareth Mok, Chris Ronderos, Gabriella Mayer, jeicorsair, Tokyo Coquette Boutique, Konradical the nonradical TO: Everyone FROM: Bob You CAN'T be 'Based off' of anything! BASED ON! TO: the world FROM: denial Nou Ani Anquietas. Hic Qua Videum. Want to find Crash Course elsewhere on the internet? Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/YouTubeCrashCourse Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/TheCrashCourse Tumblr - http://thecrashcourse.tumblr.com Support Crash Course on Patreon: http://patreon.com/crashcourse CC Kids: http://www.youtube.com/crashcoursekids
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Patrick Andrews (5 days ago)
3:00 balance the need to incentivise sharing of information and incentivise production of inventions(?) These two things are not really in opposition. The first doesn't need an incentive. The second is based on the idea that nobody invents things without a profit in mind. This is a specious argument, made by lawyers (who never have ideas) in support of their business. Companies need to start paying inventors without involving lawyers (whose only function is to create conflict).
StarSki11 (20 days ago)
Can you please do a Crash Course Law?
Tyler Barker (1 month ago)
Intelectual Property.. its kind of seems like a made up think.. to create a think tank. Like do you know how many catergories or Vocabulary words i could make up or put together, to create think tanks. I choose to just know people how there intrests and abilities. ( a base ball field as many positions, a basketball team does too, different sizes and different abilities, all put together) its make a intellegence community or team. Thats what was needed. The cool thing about it is, it put everybody else who "bought into the think tank deal, like actually paid for it contracted it" Its put them to work for us, Americans. I seen the FBI logo, on a Intectual property website or contract for example, I heard thepresident talk about "Intellectual Property" for example. It means they bought into the "deal" they got sold. Heres the stradedgy for hacker or somebody taking over inteclectual property. I say "cool" , you believe in intelectual property, Im gonna make you stick to that.. until your realize it sucks and holding you back, its causing you problems. Put them in there own think tank, then make them hate the think tank.. Boom i conquered intelectual property and the people who made it, along with the people they sold it to, along with the contracts and work they have to do to try to keep up, they have to do work, to keep up to speed. That is why is so important be honest, get your abilities out there,in writing in media, so you can expose the con artists... you get a following from it, its a good thing. A natural progression. Whats the difference between Intelectual Property and a Entuerpuenuer ... nothing really its the exact same word meaning, so why resell entuerpunuer influence, as "intelectual property".. Trump Fires in California the ones burning up the cities and state, Is that that "Intellectual Property"? if i see it on T.V.? a little flame map of the fires that say "Trump FIre" we can make intelectual property believers or professionals "think" about it, put it in there tank. Trump Fire.. Alls we had to do is say it.. write it or type it.. The people he contracted to use Intecetecual Property stuff is going to be used by us, they will make it a "thing" for us for free Presidential Intellectual Property TGB the way i mean it.. They can fight to make it a "thing" if they want, maybe take it through congress a couple times. Just be "American" its comes with all the good stuff... American intellegence is pretty awesome too. TGB the way i mean it. You guys called A.I. for awhile, i started developing it, American Intellegence TGB the way i mean it
Tyler Barker (1 month ago)
Trump Fires
Tyler Barker (1 month ago)
America Intelligence/American Intelligence TGB the way i mean it
JediSandwich (1 month ago)
Was that hot dog stand a School of Rock reference..? I sincerely hope it was.
Joseph Wright (1 month ago)
Love the FF VII reference with Cloud Strife...that made my day :)
Jimmy Cañosa (2 months ago)
Who cares about Mr. Green? This man got nice dimples.
Fabrizzia Corsini (2 months ago)
Jana Khabouri (2 months ago)
Captain Khan (2 months ago)
Superb excellent explanation thanks for sharing great video...!!
Gabriella Swan (2 months ago)
this series literally is saving my life
Rin pham (3 months ago)
valus person?
Drew Cochran (4 months ago)
the levels of self awareness is palpable. i love it
lhpoetry (5 months ago)
Life +70 is ridiculous. Period. It's all about publishing houses, and has nothing to do with protecting author's rights. Even if the artist is alive, 10-20, max 50 years should be the limitation before things go into Public domain. Also, copyright and digital media is completely unfair to developing countries, because 1)access to media is limited (Netflix, Vimeo, Spotify, Amazon, for example are usually technically region-blocked unless you use a VPN; still worse, Paypal is unavailable to creators) 2)If developing countries have access (Itunes for example), the prices are usually HIGHER than they are in the US, in countries where wages are as much as 10 or 100 times lower. 3)The regional DVD system is completely completely outdated in a digital, internet world, with many companies just not even bothering to release their work in in certain regions. 4)Unstable internet means that like, if I want to show this video in my class, I have to download it, and every time that Youtube updates their security, I have find a new way to download, just to share a simple video with my class. All of this in addition to the fact that access to digital media, like access to SMS services or cell phone coverage, is usually hyper-inflated in price to begin with. While I understand that an Avengers movie costs hundreds of millions of dollars to make, a digital, DRM-free copy of a movie shouldn't cost more than $10, an album, shouldn't cost more than $5, a book, probably no more than $7 or $20 in the case of a textbook maybe. I guess I'm okay with DRM for movies limiting me to one copy of something, but it should still be in a format I can move and use with my own player. Generally though, DRM is easily broken. Anyway, yes, intellectual property laws are important...however, the way the laws are now don't protect creators as much as they do media corporations. The Public domain as a concept has been destroyed by Life + 70, and these laws are more about greed and consolidating capital than they are about rewarding creative energies and creators who can't afford lawyers.
Aniri Richar (6 months ago)
...technology- is - magic -trickeries- that - last - longer - than - catholic -notes- & - men - has - less - chance - of - avoiding - distopia - $ince - robots - are - programmed - by - whom ?...keep - on - egnorin'- the - fortunate -that - bio - mesure- with ...Cameras - that - looks - at - old - & - young - people 's - even - nose - hair...😕 - to - control - what - 1 - can - wear - eat - breathes - forget - what - 1- saw - without - the - joys - of - tasty - aqua - vita ... looking - foward - pleasing - your - 💖💕- ones ,- sensous - kisses , - it - all- be - controlled. ..😕😰 Throlls - saying - not - true - it's - all - for ...😮😢😯...
Ronak Vachhani (7 months ago)
Your lecture was very good but can you tell me the exact difference between ownership,inventorship and authorship in intellectual property?
Domingo Salandanan (7 months ago)
You torb epi ha...a .modifging a certain word attive to basic woev.....vullshit
Domingo Salandanan (7 months ago)
Zyra I think walaka.g Pat tense ha ...miss u
Tzy Yee Thye (8 months ago)
I always pause to look at all the fun facts when they play the theme song.
WaterDrive1 (8 months ago)
Rambling on
Diana Bondarenko (9 months ago)
great video that has helped me with studying for IPIP, thank you!
yleineping (10 months ago)
this was extremely, extraordinary unuseful.
Kevin Teixeira (11 months ago)
Legendas em português, pelo amor de Deus
Marsha Creary (1 year ago)
I saw someone make a comment about employers who work for Disney. They said that their contract specifies that they own all intellectual property and they also referenced perpetuity. Are you familiar with that type of contract?
Round Square (1 year ago)
Why is this juvenile trash in my recommended? Anyway, there is no evidence that IP promotes new ideas, and quite alot of data suggesting it serves only to prevent the discovery of new info.
Mr Temporal (1 year ago)
Its Stan... He's real... I finally see his face!
Declan Gibbons (1 year ago)
hes so funnny
GPY 777 (1 year ago)
pleas writ every thing you seed it
Reuben Stern (1 year ago)
That patent clause might be useful... I might learn C++ and reverse engineer some AI. explains how AVE get's away with his BOLTR videos too.
Gewath (1 year ago)
Warnng. The words "magic 8 ball" will be used 12 times per episode, for every episode of this series.
Martin Kunev (1 year ago)
to summarize: Legally, intellectual property exists everywhere around us.
Frank Parise (1 year ago)
There is Stan and he is from the past. Lol
Derek Savage needs to watch these videos.
Justin Hill (1 year ago)
Follow our copyright laws...or you can move to Hong Kong where the copyright laws are almost non-existent.
Anna Castro (1 year ago)
Already love him.
Suzanna Guinn (1 year ago)
I am currently a HS senior and I am considering becoming a IP lawyer. What are the downsides and upsides to the particular area of law?
Sam Bowditch (1 year ago)
This video is a TUMS, FESTIVAL!.
Sawyer McBride (1 year ago)
Lol, I like this guy
Polaris North (1 year ago)
Our definitions of what intellectual property is are different which matters. A individual can copyright there own intellectual & physical property data. As for my property without payment is stealing which means that any internet provider or company providing a service on the internet or phone that I use have legal terms they have to o bid by regarding what is know as intellectual & physical property data. Email, twitter, face book, apps, games, you name it.
Dasus (1 year ago)
I usually enjoy these clips. This one began by implying that anyone saying, that copyrights and patents are inherently wrong and/or limiting towards society as a whole, are stupid potheads. It wasn't particularly pleasant for me and frankly I expected more from you.
Dasus (1 year ago)
This whole video relies on the premise that if there were no copyright, people wouldn't create and there would be no revenue even if they created. This notion isn't backed up by anything. ANYTHING.
Amun Atum (1 year ago)
Everything should be free on the Internet.
the studying erudite (1 year ago)
i have copyright over that: HSJSHjshbbdjsjsllalwjwhshshhshsui2iijajsjsjwwjjsjs^jzjsjsjjsjdh)@hdhhhdshjsjs([email protected]&-jzhdhd^hdhdhsjakslsbjslajsjshhshshsjskls.
Bradley Knight (1 year ago)
Holy cow... I totally forgot about Limewire
Luda3x (1 year ago)
when you wait so long for stan , and hes just stan 😂😂
Dag Odenhall (1 year ago)
The death of author plus 70 years length for copyright is just ridiculous. Make it five years from publication or something sensible like that. The author would still have protection during the initial surge of demand on release.
Rey02 (1 year ago)
I had to search some words to understand what Mr. Muller said. :D
Magicus1 (1 year ago)
Thanks! I wish you were my legal course professor!
niyam shah (1 year ago)
Important points/definition 6:56 7:31
Jack (1 year ago)
This is so boring!
Kyle Comeaux (1 year ago)
Can a single song lyric quote (one sentence) be used on products for sale? Or would that be infringement? Thanks!
Madhur Gupta (1 year ago)
How media channels use youtube videos without permission?
Jeffrey Riddle (1 year ago)
HA "Workers for Hire"  Classic.  Are we anticipating some sort of possible cause of action by your producers, artists, and/or cameramen?
Kightsun (1 year ago)
Intellectual Property is an oxymoron.
Antonija Mandic (1 year ago)
Robert Palumbo (1 year ago)
ahh the fair use debate ....the kindnesses of the scientists you use without compensating there living relatives...lmao
Ellias P. (1 year ago)
Are patent/IP lawyers in high demand?
Francis Lai (1 year ago)
Mark Twain (1 year ago)
This presenter & video is spectacular. Since Time is Money then this series of video in the Mind of the Right inventor is worth a Billion Dollars..
Linh (1 year ago)
Who is this person? What happened to Mr. Green? Dislike. Unsubscribe.
Linh (1 year ago)
did you watch this whole video?
Unificial (1 year ago)
Linh he is still here. Jeez.
lost Skeptic (1 year ago)
Its Stan! Go Stan! Your the best!
Blue Eyes White Teddy (1 year ago)
So if IP is to promote inventing and tinkering. Why is the modding of games not under fair use?
Carey A (1 year ago)
The quote about "nonphysical property is based on..." is missing a citation. It's marked as Citation 2, but that's Plato's quote. It should be Citation 3 and a citation given.
L Frank (2 years ago)
looks like puffy matt damon
Brynden Davies (2 years ago)
Not only did I need this course, I needed more of the man with the plan Stan Muller.
salah salah (2 years ago)
who is this person what happened to Mr.green dislike unsubscribe
Gustavo Campos (2 years ago)
Hey Stan! Nice to finally see you on screen!
Jose Sual Cuevas (2 years ago)
meme hehehe
Diego Moreno (2 years ago)
That's cool, but what about transparency?
heavyweaponsgaming (2 years ago)
I like how clearly neutral, unbiased, and impartial this series is, informing people and not trying to convince people of a certain point of view, definitely not.
TUCOtheratt (2 years ago)
Very well written and delivered information. I can't believe I actually paid attention to the whole thing.
Anand Sekar (2 years ago)
Who is this person? What happened to Mr. Green? Dislike. Unsubscribe.
ST AR (18 days ago)
Peter Parker (2 years ago)
"this person", is the person that directed entire Crash Course and making John/Hank as their main host! without him, John/Hank probably wouldn't even be here!
Bryant Park (2 years ago)
Maddy Diba (2 years ago)
I don't know why but Stan's voice really makes me interested in this information just as much or even a little more than Hank does...he's great.
Jordan Reinhard (2 years ago)
My favorite part is Mark Olsen lol
Kevin O'Neal (2 years ago)
I was watching on mobile
Ole Drippy (2 years ago)
there should be a crash course criminal law
Robert N (2 years ago)
There is nothing intellectual about "Intellectual" -property- bigotry - the idea that you can own an idea (through law and legal coercion and legal threats of coercion). Frankly, I find it quite delusional the idea that you can own an idea or an abstraction, atleast to the point of pointing guns at people or having others do it for you ie law enforcement. Add the fact that you can own the abstraction for 70 years after you have died, which makes it *that much* more insane. I know, "its not the abstraction that you own, its the physical object that your abstraction has been infused with that you own", right. Still, the principle is that: even after you gain (legitimate) ownership over it (lets say a book), the writer still owns it to the point to where he/she can tell you what you can and can't do with it (if he/she is alive to do so that is...) But the reality is, that by the principle of self ownership, once you have gained legitimate ownership over something through voluntary exchange, you own it. You can do what you want with it. (not in "legal" law ofcoarse, but in moral law) Sorry, I know that this is not a philosophy show... but that's all that I have to say about intellectual propertarian bigotry, anyways. ©This comment is copyrighted by me ;)
Kugelblitz Gaming (2 years ago)
Thanks dude
Gunflower (2 years ago)
can some of the info from the course be related to intellectual property in Britain?
ThePyromancer13 (2 years ago)
You might have to do your own research i also want to know about Australian law.
ejames80 (2 years ago)
Would be nice a crash course weapon's evolution.
James Darcy (2 years ago)
Yes! It's Stan! We've heard so much about him and finally get to see him!!!
Rahul Choudhary (2 years ago)
Man...are you Matt Damon's brother?? :D
Rodrigo Barahona (2 years ago)
Wow, this is going to be a very good year thanks to you.
FirstRisingSouI (2 years ago)
Hey it's Stan!
Dan B (2 years ago)
About time someone makes an enjoyable video about something I have an exam on. Good job
Zwat's Second channel (2 years ago)
3:57 Hey there Cloud! ^^
Fredrik Dunge (2 years ago)
Sweet but you can't remove enforcement from the equation. If they can't enforce a law they don't have a law, that's called a revolution, and they should just shut up and take it, because atleast we're not chopping the heads of all the rich people this time around... atleast we haven't yet. Jokes aside there's a rampant wealth disparity in the world right now, and as long as copyright laws is protecting the profits of those who have at the expense of those who does not have there's something wrong with them.
ShiltoCrarpo (2 years ago)
I'm not sure if this is supposed to be a justification, an explanation, or a definition. The Laws require so many exceptions because they're bad laws. Trying to dress it up as "...trying to increase our stock of knowledge" seems rather disingenuous, it's incentivising creating laws and enforcing them. That being said, I'm all for giving recognition to the creators; but even that doesn't necessarily increase our knowledge.
odhiambo peter (2 years ago)
mark calling Olson, come Olson
George Howarth (2 years ago)
On the iPhone at 1:50 how can you have airplane mode and wifi on at the same time?
Sebastian Altman (2 years ago)
So then why is it illegal to download a song book or movie for free? (for amusement 8:35)
Rowan Evans (2 years ago)
Because patents and copyrights are different types of IP designed to cover different types of thing? You can't do "limited experimental use" of a piece of art the same way you can an invention that serves a purpose, unless you think "try before you buy" counts as the same (it doesn't).
Merthalophor (2 years ago)
I'm extremely fascinated by the implications of information technology. It makes it possible to share, dublicate, store etc. information basically for free. How amazing is that! If I write an extremely smart and usefull program for instance, everything I have to do is to say "free to use for everything forever" ONCE and it will serve every person forever! It's like a little update for every person in existence, "user X added widget Y to your toolset, use it whenever you need it!"
Embargo (2 years ago)
I was initially unsure about this gentleman ability to hold my interest after seeing him act out the me-from-the-past act, but at 20 seconds I decided I subconsciously and then consciously came to the conclusion that I indeed did enjoy investing my time into him. Well done sir. You are, as you have maybe unknowingly been a valuable member of our collective species.
Asya.B (2 years ago)
I'm in year 9, in the U.K learning about I.P law in an after school club and hell yes, it is blood hard!!! This video definitely helped me! thanks, CrashCourse
Ernesto Enriquez (2 years ago)
who the fuck is this?
Themexicansnob (2 years ago)
I love Stan! Great host!
Marina 777 (2 years ago)
Хахахаа Он похож на Гарика Бульдог Харламова!!
Conrad JD 777 (2 years ago)
MORE Stan! MORE Stan! Who's with me?
Matthew (2 years ago)
DaSpartanPlays (2 years ago)
arry starks (2 years ago)
limewire, the good ol days.
Luca Masters (2 years ago)
GNU/Linux is very into copyright. It's enforced. It's just enforced with a particular "copyleft" copyright.

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