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DASHING LIKE A MANIAC – Sonic Forces featured on NHK English TV! (Supercut)

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Shun Nakamura's keeping it simple. He doesn't like complex gaming controls either... ►► Enjoy the video? Like, Share, Comment and Subscribe! ◄◄ Here's a 21 minute Sonic Forces presentation from NHK World TV, compressed to a 4 minute recap for your viewing pleasure. -- Credits Video from NHK World; Copyright 2017 NHK. -- Attribution Ryan on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TailsChannel Donnie on Twitter: https://twitter.com/SSF1991 Follow us on Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/tailschannel Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TailsChannel Follow us on Google+: https://plus.google.com/105868373907391839892 -- Original Content MMXVII Tails' Channel
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Text Comments (972)
StrikeWing (2 months ago)
"Because it's such a long running series, we intentionally dumbed down the gameplay and made it sloppy on purpose." Congratu-fucking-lations Sega.
Alongcame Adrian (4 months ago)
Shun Nakamura has been brainwashed by Iizuka.
#Crash4Smash (5 months ago)
Dashing like a maniac Excuse me sir you're saying that to the fans What kind of drugs are you on?
Bobby Dimitrov (5 months ago)
Yep this is proof that Sonic Team have officially lost their minds Can't wait to "freely roam around the 3D enviroment'' in the next sonic game
Jackeboy (6 months ago)
This was both extremely sad while at the same fucking hilarious to watch, like holy shit they’ve literally forgotten what made Sonic good in the first place.
DragonMK (6 months ago)
Yep sonic is going to die And in the ending they tried to make us feel sad for classic sonic and i was like pls no Oh and a *FAN* game was better than this I liked sonic forces but i dont want the franchise to continue to be bad
FireForces01 (7 months ago)
i'm sorry to say this but, they talk like drunk...
OmegaChase1002 (8 months ago)
The same man who was the producer for Sonic 06, everybody.
Ryno Behnke (4 months ago)
How could he go from such ambition and complex yet simple to learn system that was 06 (well if we ignore the issues born form being rush beyond believe) to DASHING LIKE A MANIAC!
Infernokit (8 months ago)
if i hear “with just a press of a button” one more time i will literally end
Felrin Kirla (9 months ago)
May this far-reaching game inspire new Sonic fans to play some of the older, more engaging games.
Dan Betts (9 months ago)
Nakamura san thinks that complex gameplay is not needed? Now, as someone who used to be a casual sonic fan before 2006, I should say that dashing like a maniac is completely irrelevant to this franchise. I've played Sonic Adventure( the first official 3D sonic game) back in late 1999 and I've took the time to compared it all the 2000s Sonic games. They don't compare to Adventure. My mentality on this franchise changed ever since I was 13 and understanding how the gameplay styles change constantly overtime. This observation the Nakamura just made was outright ridiculous. I just want whats best for this franchise and to get back into it. I can only hope future Sonic games learn from what people liked about Sonic Forces while removing all the shit nobody liked.☺
Scruffy 39 (10 months ago)
...Sega... Please, just... Now I just want Nintendo to be the official owner of Sonic as a whole...
Carlos Henrique (10 months ago)
Sonic Forces Sucks because of this guy? *sigh*
KatlikeRider (10 months ago)
Asura's Wrath was more of a game than forces, and that was basically just QTE's.
Satrio Trisiena Putra (10 months ago)
why sega, why?(echoing)
hedgehog the sonic (10 months ago)
Oh my goodness this is so Pathetic I'm sorry but it just is...
Akira Kurusu (10 months ago)
I can't believe this is Nakamura, c'mon he made STH2006, which wasn't "Dashing like a maniac", and more like Adventure series
SrSander (10 months ago)
dashing like a maniac
DJ Troupe (10 months ago)
I laughed at this cuz XD everything they said is just wrong mostly the sonic has a passionate fanbase XD
Lenam (10 months ago)
i am fucking speechless
Best JoJo (11 months ago)
3:27 ...
???? ???? (11 months ago)
*"as simple and enjoyable as possible"* No
MrMediamanx (11 months ago)
wow, even I can build a better sonic game than this, an already did .... not graphics wise of course, to bad i'm no longer part of the fan base anymore.
That One Guy (11 months ago)
Nakamura-san, I don't want to upset you, but I'm afraid that's not how excitement works. Pressing a button and letting the game do the rest isn't exiting. Worse, it makes the player feel insignificant, like they don't even have to be there. Which is something a movie should do, not a game. This is a game, and you made it that way. Please don't try to combine things that are better off separately.
Genesi5 ­ (11 months ago)
I hope Shun was forced to say that shit......after IMO glorious STH06. Dashing like a maniac....oh, fuck me.
Kokoriko (11 months ago)
If Forces came after Unleashed, a game where the day stages were consistently brutal, then I could understand this sentiment...but now I can't.
EricKirby1 (11 months ago)
Yes, because running in a straight line the whole time is super fun and not boring at all. Forget things like the Side-step, or drifting. No! We just wanna hold down that dang boost button the whole time and not THINK about what's going on. Hell, just take control away from the player entirely! Who even wants to play a video game anyway? Also, just shoehorn Classic Sonic in there, it worked so well the last time so why not try it again? Doesn't matter if it'll feel like he was added in at the last minute because he literally serves no purpose and the game wouldn't of lost anything at all if he wasn't included in the first place.
HyperZX (11 months ago)
The biggest mistake was me reading these comments saying how Forces is absolute garbage, eh I liked it. 8/10!!
BradleyX2000 (11 months ago)
It’s official, they forgot what made Sonic The Hedgehog, Sonic The Hedgehog. Smh
axelgear666 (11 months ago)
Fuck sega, fuck you lizuka.I want Yuji Naka back
just a ordinary Goron (11 months ago)
I still think that this game is "good"
blue wind (1 year ago)
aaaand Sonic is finally actually dead,thanks Sonic Team,SMH
down b is key (1 year ago)
The China part was kinda cool but the rest...
Ragnarok (1 year ago)
Can't stop laughing XD This is the best review of Sonic Forces that I've seen yet.
Crislak (1 year ago)
He doesn't kno da wae
Crislak (1 year ago)
"passionate fanbase" .......
ClassicSonicSatAm (1 year ago)
But I like complex gaming controls....
yung (1 year ago)
_"""""""m a n e u v e r i n g"""""""_ sonic!!
TheShibeRealm (1 year ago)
*A V E R Y P A S S I O N A T E F A N B A S E*
James Bryan (1 year ago)
"M o r e S l o p p y , B u t E a s y"
Kunce (1 year ago)
Fucking casuals
TheGranFan04 (1 year ago)
Grayson Candell (1 year ago)
2:04 Yes, but it's that *buildup* that makes the action satisfying, like the spindash, which isn't just instant.
Kawthar B (1 year ago)
"Loyal fans", "huge and passionate fanbase" OH GOD WORST LIE EVER!!!!
What the actual fuck am I watching Forces couldve probably beaten Unleashed, Colors, and Generations if it was conplex. Im losing hope I'll stick to mania and unleashed
KofTop Or the Xolf8 (1 year ago)
Huh, I must be an idiot because I never thought having one button mapped to one inidivual task was considered complex. I must be a complete noob.
99sonder (1 year ago)
Freely Explore a 3D Enviroment? Freely Explore a 3D Enviroment?! "FREELY EXPLORE A 3D ENVIROMENT!!!"
Kunce (1 year ago)
Sonic Unleashed let me dash like a maniac and look cool while doing it
RarefoilB (1 year ago)
There's a difference between trying to streamline design and have simple fun and stripping down all the features and watering down the gameplay and levels to being insipid. Yes, I can go fast, but why should I? Why should I go fast if it's the same thing I've experienced twelve times before and will experience twelve times again with little to differentiate them? Why should I go fast if nothing's trying to stop me? Why should I go fast if it's just given to me? What's the point then? When I have the speed at the touch of a button, the interesting thing shouldn't be that I'm using the speed, the interesting thing should be if I can keep it up and keep it going and do it well. I should earn dashing like a maniac.
theseconds (1 year ago)
3:27 Insert Laugh sound effect here
last first (1 year ago)
wow,now this is just really funny.
ccateni 28 (1 year ago)
Even the media is disappointed by the game.
Agent Brains (1 year ago)
Here's what needs to happen Fire: Nakamura Lizuka Ken pontac Roger Craig Smith And Hire well passionate dedicated fans like Christian Whitehead : I wish that Yuji naka and Ryan Drummond would return
???? ???? (11 months ago)
Agent Brains Naka is with SquareEnix now. There's no getting him back sadly.
tardissins (1 year ago)
You... you need some help there, Sonic Team? There are plenty of us who can.
MaZGiD (1 year ago)
who sent you that emails? Show me them. Give me their emails.
Hun Lepto (1 year ago)
I became a Sonic fan like a half year ago (because I barely heard about Sonic in my country, maybe only saw him in a flash game), played Genesis games and Generations and I'm not as blind as this man is.
OneHitmanZ64 (1 year ago)
Ya know, I didn't fall in love with Sonic because of the speed, I fell in love with the characters and the crazy platforming sections. Obstacles i had to figure out how to do while still maintaining top speed, that was fun. Not just holding a button to win.
hamed alzarooni (1 year ago)
اللي جاي من جفلمب لايك
Eeivui Vee (1 year ago)
Making it short: Drop dash comes back there is an FUCKING OC CREATOR and now Sonic is SLOW.
ZeroZmm (1 year ago)
This game is all about cheap thrills. Sonic has always been more about feeling cool through Sonic than being cool by doing stuff yourself (scripted loops and defeating enemies by just running through them mindlessly for example), but Forces took it to the extreme. The plot is a mess, and don't bother explaining anything, just keep running. Hell, forces starts with you going to space to save sonic..how did you get there? Who the fuck cares, save Sonic! Ok, I got Sonic, now what? The space station explodes! but..you're safely back at base already anyways..moving on!
ShadowWarrior 1999 (1 year ago)
Are you fucking kidding me? Can SEGA just fire these clowns at Sonic Team already, especially Iizuka? Sonic Forces should have been a great game. Yes, it's simple, and that is what dumbs down the quality of the game. Then again, SEGA seems to only care about profit so Sonic Team can get away with their stupidity as long as the games sell. The only good things about Sonic Forces are Infinite and playable Shadow.
50 kuruş 1/2 TL (1 year ago)
simple and enjoyable = autopilot ...thats not i wanted
ManiacX1999 (1 year ago)
I don't know whose worse, IGN or the cancerous comments...
???? ???? (11 months ago)
ManiacX1999 The people who make big assumptions.
TiruQuartz (1 year ago)
ManiacX1999 Why not the WHOLE Sonic Fanbase ?
Rayan Mussa (1 year ago)
Never ever let nakamura and kishimoto touch another sonic game again
NeutralL12 (1 year ago)
To be fair it's sonic teams fault that the fans are split between classic adventure and modern. All they had to do was continue each style and bring in a new team for the new one. Instead of ending classic games til mania. And adventure games. Also the lack of proper side games don't help. No reason boost should stop. But even less reason adventure can't return
AloneNezZ (1 year ago)
Sonic Team really break the history of Sonic Games they just made the worst Sonic game ever
TiruQuartz (1 year ago)
AloneNezZ You mean Sonic 06
Brobore (1 year ago)
I absolutely love this game. I am currently trying to do the stupid time attack challenges tho to 100% the game but ill beat them someday. Don't get me wrong tho. I love the game. But the fact that they made it "easy" just to get simple fans to enjoy the game is kinda worrying me. Its dumb. They should do more poll's for what sonic fans want. Im sure if they did that they would know that almost ALL of the sonic games WANT a sonic game as hard as unleashed.
AlphaElite93 (1 year ago)
I think the new guys in Sonic Team did a decent job with the game. Its because of these guys and their "simplistic" ideas are why this game is disappointing. There's a survey for Sonic Forces, if you want to voice your opinion you should fill it out. Just remember to use actual constructive criticism instead of mindless hate.
Pedro Gomez (1 year ago)
This fucking hack didn’t work in Generations did he? There’s no fucking way.
TiruQuartz (1 year ago)
Pedro Gomez Which one ?
ReeledFiber115 Gaming (1 year ago)
Simplicity is what made the game suffer?
Shiranui (1 year ago)
Goodbye Sonic
p_ditty2 (1 year ago)
Sonic Team, *BRING YUJI NAKA BACK!* I need Yuji Naka, I need Yuji Naka, These new games you put out are *WHACK!*
PotterAndMatrixFan (1 year ago)
How hard is it to make another Unleashed but without the Werehog? HOW HARD IS IT?? IS IT REALLY THAT HARD TO MAKE A GOOD GAME WITH A GOOD STORY THESE DAYS? GOD DAMN IIZUKA AND HIS FUCKING TEETH NEEDS TO GO. Sorry I'm mad at SEGA and Sonic Team.
jacob lebeau (1 year ago)
I'm not even a huge sonic fan. And I am beyond ticked
Inkling Mario (1 year ago)
Nakamura and Ilzuka are so stupid now they don't care about Sonic anymore I had a puzzled face while watching this entire video new younger experience staff that give a damn about Modern Sonic needs to be hired and Nakamura and Ilzuka need to step down cause they don't know WTF there doing with Modern Sonic anymore this is really sad.
Stefan Elite (1 year ago)
Clueless absolutely clueless
Lucas M (1 year ago)
Are you shitting me
ZSonic StaticZ (1 year ago)
Passionate FANBASE. ha sure
omar oyt (1 year ago)
the game is shit
Mariocat99 (1 year ago)
well since sega decided to make SA2 a BC title towards xbox one, hope this a sign of having a better and return those gardens back next year or 2, instead of the boosting with wisps :p and hopefully sonic team tails more courageous like in the comics, instead the force's version was one of the screw ups what sonic team did to their "old" fans. If his behavior was like the adventure series or sonic boom, everything would of been all good. and personally I hope sega decides to hire fan game artists along to help out
SDoll (1 year ago)
Please forgive me for asking this, I'm being serious... is this real? Like, he really said this and it's not a satire? The games are so consistently bad I honestly can't tell anymore at this point... D:
MasterKagato (1 year ago)
Freely roam around the 3D environment...? WHAT 3D ENVIRONMENT?!!!
JSR 1999 (1 year ago)
Well every modern sonic stage can be finished in 1 minute 50 seconds or less......
demonic drums (1 year ago)
after he said "dashing like a maniac" the seinfeld theme song just came to my mind
Lolo Galaxy (1 year ago)
Sonic is going to die..
APersonNamedJune (1 year ago)
"Dashing like a maniac" Just like the development of this game *HAHA ORIGINAL JOKE* (Guys I like this game I swear)
SamVision (1 year ago)
I just want a true 3D Sonic game where you only play as Sonic.
Psycho_Cat_Gamer (1 year ago)
Omg. All of you, quit fucking bitching. "Oh! Its cool to hate on Sonic Forces! All aboard the hate Sonic Forces train! Lol. I wanna be cool like the others! Im a little Sonic fuckboy that jerks it to Amy porn." Shut the FUCK up. Sonic Forces was not THAT bad. I played it! Yeah. The story was short. But there are extra levels after the story. There's more stuff to collect. Different routes to go in each level to explore. Quit fucking bitching just because the levels arent as hard as in other Sonic games. Appreciate this game for what it is. Jesus Christ.... One person hates on something then a whole flood comes in.... I like Sonic Forces. I still play it. Sonic Generations was better but hey. Thats how games go. Forces is still fun to play.
jacob lebeau (1 year ago)
How about you watch the f**king video before commenting you simple minded potato
Lucas M (1 year ago)
I don't really bandwagon (I like Shadow the Hedgehog), I just really don't like this game.
TigerWolf (1 year ago)
Sonic fans know how Sonic works more than Sonic's own creators... Sonic Team... just stop...
Kaibo Studios (1 year ago)
This. Is. Sad.
mars star (1 year ago)
are these really a game developers to make game more shallow automated linear short if they keep with this mentality sonic games will just a movie
mars star (1 year ago)
sega please kill sonic team they has alot of chances and they fuck it up every time they are not good developers hire someone good for the franchies
jiikuncorner (1 year ago)
'It's sloppy, but easy' Holy shit lmfao
TheIVAce (1 year ago)
Simple for new comes and accessibility!?!?!?!? I'm tired of all the recent new fighting games going with this mentality, now I can't even turn to Sonic to comfort me anymore....?
ThatRainTrainer (1 year ago)
“Dash like a maniac” Unless you’re classic Sonic trying to run up a short curve.
ThatRainTrainer (1 year ago)
I guess Mario has complex controls since he can run, jump, use an ability, AND spin a little in the air. Not to mention he can also pick up things! Such a difficult game!
???? ???? (11 months ago)
ThatRainTrainer And the backwards long jump
Lancelot (1 year ago)
As simple as possible.....so linear hallways and a single button press....sounds about right
GothicGamer91 (1 year ago)
I'm an optimist and I hope that Sonic Team can learn from this lesson but like Sonic Team dose not know what they want but what I want is not a new Sonic Adventure style game not a new Boost game I want something new but at this point The Sonic Fanbase don't know what they want anymore and Sonic Team dose not know what they want to do anymore
yoyoyoshio267 (1 year ago)
So Sonic Forces was so simple because of noobs? I thought this was the "Sonic fan's Sonic game"? just give Sonic back to the main team (There are two Sonic Teams, Sonic Team A and Sonic Team B, B made Colors Lost World and Forces)

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