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K Planet (10 months ago)
Comment what kind of videos you want to see in my channel 😉
Zulyeneee Zul (20 days ago)
Old Johnny (26 days ago)
Can u do Nct127 and Bts Similiarities If u haven’t done it yet
Ghina Azizah (1 month ago)
Kpop crack/funny moments
Marc Juaman (1 month ago)
Blackpink vs bts vs twice Please
louisse sajelan (2 months ago)
Random dance
Ree Ann Bendo (6 hours ago)
Black B Bastarz and BTS😍😍😍😍😍😍💜💜💜💜💜2 of my fav💕💕😍😍
lost puppy (10 hours ago)
VIDEO: *snsd itnw and gfriend glass bead* ME: *I see no similarities* Just my opinion guys, don't kill me.
Blue- Chan (10 hours ago)
Exo they never know and bts dead leaves are both sampled tho srry for bad english
ᥙrᥲᥒᥙ᥉. (13 hours ago)
am i the only that doesn’t see the resemblance between bboom bboom and ddd
Leia DeGeorge (20 hours ago)
Exo they never know, at that part it also sounds like a blackbear song. Like english rapper dude. Holy shoot
Chuli Jensé blink (1 day ago)
Stay with me and starry night mamamoo sound so similar too.
Got Milk Bitch (1 day ago)
Is that Ryu's mix in the beginning???
Dannyce Ann (1 day ago)
There was this song of Gfriend where Yuju's part sounded like Hyerin's part in Ddu Ddu. I just forgot the song.
Karmito Jr (1 day ago)
Mc drop and boom boom was better than other similar song
Letisha (1 day ago)
0:19 what is the song?
nuha nachos (1 day ago)
i think the last one is the most similar 7:15
Annie jane Sudayan (1 day ago)
View and 4 walls so similar 😊
Júlia Santos (1 day ago)
Hola Hola and Want you to say is just tropicals songs, they aren’t that similar
Winter 24/7 (1 day ago)
Exo and BTS used the same sample (Blackbear’s “Deadroses”)! :0
Melody Jack (1 day ago)
It's my thought but I think gashina's beginning part and egoistic's beginning part sound similar
Lonely Queen (2 days ago)
Bad boy and ko ko bop don't sound alike
Martina Almada (2 days ago)
crush (weki meki) and as if its your last (blackpink) is almost the same songs
Little Potatoe (2 days ago)
Apology by ikon and hate by 4minute
jung yerin (3 days ago)
snsd and gfriend
jung yerin (3 days ago)
apink no no no and elris my Star are just similar..... amazing
DubuJiminie-hirsch (3 days ago)
Omg red flavor and all night sounds alike
mong mong (3 days ago)
don't forget to add the boyz-boy after summer 127-nct127
Dela Diantari (3 days ago)
ickkck 8 (3 days ago)
IDOL y Monalisa
Giuli Benitez (3 days ago)
Mi opinión es que la mayoría son de la SM, al ser de la misma empresa es "normal" que suenen tan parecidos ya que son producidas por la misma
Happy Stanner (4 days ago)
Bboombboom and baam sounds alike....
Elizabeth Tranter (4 days ago)
I agree with snsd and gfriend being similar in those songs and I LOVE BOTH songs 💕
Beijing Saleem (4 days ago)
Wasn’t 4 Walls written for SHINee anyway?
Am I the only one that thinks Navillera by Gfriend and Breathless by ASTRO sound similar? D:
Rahma Elmi (5 days ago)
Dead leaves is a bop one of my favorite of Bts😍❤️
Sofía Val (5 days ago)
no, no se parecen en nada. cada uno son especiales y particulares. que no sepan afinar el oído es su cosa
Sunny Liu (5 days ago)
I don't think Bad Boy & Kokobop or All night & Red Flavour do sound alike
Princess Winn (6 days ago)
Seung Hyun (6 days ago)
Hi guys....y’all forgot iKON & BTS similarities...(B-Day - iKON chorus and IDOL - BTS chorus) 😊😊😊
Nancy Zhang (6 days ago)
Insanely similar!
breen breen (7 days ago)
what song is in the intro? bad boy and what?
seong김 (5 days ago)
exo ko ko bop
Andrew Gualvez (8 days ago)
Bboom- Bboom music came from EXID's DDD. That's why they're Plagiarism.
Andrew Gualvez (7 days ago)
Oh, just seen that on a video, ou can check that out
Karma Is A Bad Bixtch (8 days ago)
Andrew Gualvez it’s not actually plagiarism,cause those two song are produced by the same person
Arya (8 days ago)
I think the setting for elris was used for a toppdogg interview before xD (Not sure if it was toppdogg tho)
Helen Park (8 days ago)
Mr. Potter and Cheer up sound so similar tho
Jimins Lost Jams (8 days ago)
Solo and gashina are similar Please sue me and hit me with a bus
Beary Meary (9 days ago)
Guys i think momoland copying exid
MOMOLAND-bboombboom and EXID-are you hungry
SofieSifXx (9 days ago)
Am I the only one that was shook that Playback was in the video??? They are so underrated ):
Maddie Son (9 days ago)
i got an add of love shot and thought it was part of the video
noodle doodle (9 days ago)
Jennie solo and Sunmi Gashina
kk sss (10 days ago)
Ddd sounds like gfriend's love whisper
Ruchita Sonarikar (10 days ago)
Twice and DIA its actually kinda similar....
Annisa Savira (10 days ago)
Winner - Different and EXO - Playboy
Me Ellice (10 days ago)
Neha Das (10 days ago)
What is the 1st song name ..I mean starting song
Rosie (10 days ago)
Lmao is it bad how I literally disagree with every one except They Never Know and Dead Leaves because those are literally the same despite the small differences.
arianaisabelle (10 days ago)
they never know has the exact same intro as deadroses by blackbear bts' changed it a little
Run Wild (10 days ago)
Have similar samples, same samples or same rhythm that's what the video is about, a lot of songs in the video isn't similar at any aspect
Eleanor Norquay (10 days ago)
Oml I thought I wouldn't be able to agree BUT I DOO LIKE 90%
JiminNeedsJams 156 (10 days ago)
EXO-'They Never Know'and BTS-'Dead Leaves' had me really surprised at how alike they sounded, it almost sounded identical excluding the little extra parts 0_o
Min Yoongi (11 days ago)
*EXID's Are you Hungry? & MOMOLAND's Bboom bboom*
- ; chicken ; - (11 days ago)
ELRIS to APINK is SOOOO similar
Novia Iring Lukas (11 days ago)
I think SNSD Into The New World is very different from the song Gfriend Glass Bead
Adrienne Lloren (11 days ago)
Bboom bboom sounds like r u hungry too
Jihan Nabila (11 days ago)
Glass bead is not samiliar
I personally don’t see how kokobop and bad boy sound the same
ABID ZUBAIR (11 days ago)
I also didn't see any similarity
Captain Yoongi (12 days ago)
And gfriends glass bead has almost desame dance to into the new world i miss snsd
BangPink Hearteu (12 days ago)
Bigbang= Fantastic Baby & BTS= Fire (?)
El Somer (12 days ago)
• jungshook • (12 days ago)
twice bdz kinda sounds like twice shot thru the heart
Neema Kanunde (12 days ago)
I miss jbj 😭😭😭😭😭💖🖤
Neema Kanunde (12 days ago)
Kard songs are always so refreshing
Mims Oh (12 days ago)
What's your problem with SMEnt? Kokobop & Bad Boy doesn't sounds the same.
Darwis Huang (12 days ago)
Every Dreamcatcher's song = *what anime opening is this?*
Kim Jungkook’s (12 days ago)
I really don't want to say that 4 walls by f(x) is the same as SHINee View because I love both bands
Vanilla Ungjae (12 days ago)
I think Elris - My Star was inspired by Apinks NoNoNo these songs are just too similar!
logslf (12 days ago)
nah the song is not same
Ryea Eliana (13 days ago)
I think DNA and As if it's your last is simmilar
Lalaine Dueñas (13 days ago)
Park Jimin (14 days ago)
3:58 ;3 isso está mais pra cópia, mas não julgo pq pode não ser.
Jisoo Irene (15 days ago)
N°8 😱😱😱
Nada Pandicorn (15 days ago)
Bad Boy and Kokobop has the same High Note but the song..Nope.
The original are the best
BTS 4 LIFE (15 days ago)
Exid and Momoland sound just the same. Never knew that
Anan IU (15 days ago)
not whole song. just some part. zzz
Raina Raina (15 days ago)
I think Mic drop and cl hello bitches sounds similir
jimin isn’t a bottom (16 days ago)
*ko ko bop and bad boy are not similar, they just sound so damn good when they’re mixed together*
Iam Moonlight (16 days ago)
Boy in luv and Boy in luv (Japanese version) Sounds alike 😱😱
Jungkook's wife (16 days ago)
These songs are all so good that if u make a mashup of all of them it will surely break all the records!
MR. KPOPERS (16 days ago)
Thumbnail is baekhyun and seulgi😂🎉
Exovelvet Trash (16 days ago)
That thumbnail tho🤤 i ship seulbeak😻
Em xX (17 days ago)
I'm a simple person, I see Baekhyun I click.
IsabellaGranger12 (17 days ago)
Agree with most, except for the last one...You In Me has a totally different vibe from My Flower..
10107 (17 days ago)
SM is the best song recycling company :)
meisya (17 days ago)
oops i ended up enjoying all the songs and ignoring which one sounds similar
fleures (17 days ago)
wait deadass thought that “they never know” by exo was “dead roses” by blackbear 🤭🤭
test jer (18 days ago)
Both sm lol, same production crew perharps
кенди деш JD (18 days ago)
Bboom bboom Baam
Rizky Anshari (18 days ago)
Views and 4walls is from same producer.. so its same implemented sound..
Chimmy Park (18 days ago)
Chimmy Park (18 days ago)
I freaking need that KokoBop and Bad Boy Mashup pls for my ringtone!
Yixing's Dimples (18 days ago)
Is that Ryu's mashup at the intro uwu
kai (18 days ago)
am I the only one who thinks that Energetic (Wanna One) and Lullaby (GOT7) sound similar?
Flaming Fox (18 days ago)
Is it just me, or boom boom is a very problematic song

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