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Chill Out Jazz hiphop & Jazz Saxophone - Wake Up, Study, Work - Background Music

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Please Subscribe Cafe Music BGM channel https://www.youtube.com/user/cafemusicbgmchannel BGM channel https://www.youtube.com/user/bgmchannelbgm Music For Business「Cafe Music BGM Station」 JAPANEASE / https://bgm-station.com English / https://bgm-station.com/en 繁體中文 / https://bgm-station.com/tc/ Español / https://bgm-station.com/es/ 한국어 / https://bgm-station.com/ko/ You can use this music at your restaurants,shops,hospitals,offices,part­ies etc.. 〜New Release(iTunes)〜 https://itunes.apple.com/jp/album/good-morning-music/1331571951 〜Spotify〜 https://open.spotify.com/album/6XZCk3Ot8eQa3OYxFIdjGD Our Music for relaxation, for work, for study etc. All music in this video & in this channel is original music by me. We are playing all the songs. ~iTunes~ Jazz Bossa https://itunes.apple.com/jp/album/coffee-shop-music-jazz-bossa/id1068050505 https://itunes.apple.com/jp/album/happy-jazz-bossa/id1028904334 BGM channel https://itunes.apple.com/jp/album/yu-yin2-ep/id954262715 PIANO MUSIC https://itunes.apple.com/jp/album/background-piano-music-ep/id835673684 ~Official web site~ http://www.bgmchannel.com/ ~Contact ~ For business inquiries (live music&creating music for your business), contact us via contact form in website facebook https://www.facebook.com/bgmchannelbgm/?ref=hl Music is Copyrighted. #Jazz #BossaNova #CafeMusic
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Text Comments (267)
Boatna is Boat (14 hours ago)
So relaxing (´∀`)♡ it just makes my stress and anxiety going away like the waves in the background (^ω^)
niken sasa (1 day ago)
Nice music
Bruno Raynal (1 day ago)
so dope! J'adore.
EY's Music (2 days ago)
What's the organ sound starting at 5:28?
bexi rojas (3 days ago)
Kevin Weitgenant (3 days ago)
thank you!
Javier Castro (6 days ago)
Me encanta que tenga algunos toques de hiphop jazz en varias canciones
Michael Bellamy (6 days ago)
Getting me through my Master's program!
JAMES KWONG (8 days ago)
The music is great. But, does anyone know where this background is? Beautiful!
Sandra Durkin (8 days ago)
This is heaven! Beautiful sounds.
Benjamin John (8 days ago)
2:23:00 nice
Vlot Park (10 days ago)
First song is so cool....
Hi Hi (10 days ago)
Marcus Koza (10 days ago)
I'm a Brazilian Guy who loves this channel!!!!!!
Ana Flemming (11 days ago)
love it !!!!!!!!!!!
Bartholomeus Pinners (11 days ago)
Muito bom mesmo!
Justuare Bruno (12 days ago)
Love ittttt. 😆😆😇😇😇
Olga Severo (12 days ago)
Great music, very nice Jazz! Thank.
Жаль шумы у трека очень звучные.
Hahaha Tudia (13 days ago)
ima busineswoman..always alone n travel..music like this adds the class n luxury of my life ... so tqvm fr the deepest of my heart
Sara Baltazar (14 days ago)
-I like the beat:) ~Nice music!🎧
אפרת זיו (14 days ago)
thandokuhle manyeva (14 days ago)
The best of all times
Thomas Corfield (14 days ago)
This music relaxed me to such an extent that I've ruined my girlfriend's sofa upholstery. While she was screaming at me, I turned up the volume, and now we're ruining it together.
Melissa Murphey (14 days ago)
The best channel for studying or chilling! Just smooooooth.
Lou Lou (15 days ago)
Week end relax Paris 😚 Merci beaucoup
gissell ovalles (16 days ago)
perfect vibes
Keiber260104_ (16 days ago)
Wallpapper?? Please??
Rosita Sahuleka (16 days ago)
Absolutely amazing 🎵🎶🎼🍷🍹👍
R N (16 days ago)
I'm in construction, and its funny to see the faces of others when they hear my choice of work music. All smiles
許聰柔 (17 days ago)
my work music
Crystaline PPL (18 days ago)
This is amazing, it really helps with my anxiety :)
Mariko Colonia (18 days ago)
im adding this song in one of my choice to be in intervention for relieving stress :) i hope this one suits :)
Escape UK Series (19 days ago)
Nothing's better than great Jazz. YEAH :)
arlene dela rosa (19 days ago)
Yah right! very nice and relaxing music..LOVE IT!
Réda Thug (19 days ago)
so goooooooood
Steph Oates (19 days ago)
This is like any Winehouse first album ❤❤
Stress Free (20 days ago)
This is great 7 days a week!!😎👍
Mer Alfaro (20 days ago)
i've been there! Beautiful Maldives
Leo Caviglioli (20 days ago)
Bro this is some nice playing ! I'm playing it on the guitar and damn its a good ear training ! Love
Lamont Emerson (21 days ago)
janatig (22 days ago)
who likes poetry
kairon156 (22 days ago)
This is very chill music. You have a new subscriber.
I love music ❤️
Stefano Merli (23 days ago)
Rolaine (23 days ago)
Bed time worthy and I'm officially dozing off lmbo.....great!!!!!!!
Marçal rodrigues (23 days ago)
good songs, thanks
Jair Big Black (24 days ago)
Ótimo para trabalhar!!!
King Daniel (26 days ago)
I Love it , Thank U!!
Worrying about the small things sometimes is just not worth it. Thanks for the music!
💋💋👍👍😉😉👋👋 Jj0S RoMeO French Nigt FeverMusic
Raluca Atanasiu (27 days ago)
Such a delight !!!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Maria Sol Gelmetti (27 days ago)
I ❤️ jazz
Отличная отдыхающая музыка!
Sanzhur Tursunov (8 days ago)
He wrote: great relaxing music .....
Braden Keeney (10 days ago)
Emi B. (28 days ago)
I love this! Helps me when I'm doing my homework!
Aidan Moto (28 days ago)
love it so much wn\hen i edit some vido i always hear this jazz music love it so muchh
HIRO。 (29 days ago)
Alex Muntean (29 days ago)
great job u got urself another sub!
Rodrigo Mendes (29 days ago)
This playlist is the best! Thanks!
Galaa Ahmad (1 month ago)
I’m in love with jazz 😴♥️.
אנני זגורי (1 month ago)
wonderful music♥
Birane Ndiaye (1 month ago)
Soft jazz
Joe E. Garcia (1 month ago)
Great music for focus or work background. I love the song at 1:17:20. Tried Shazam and Soundhound to find out artist for that segment, no luck.
Kai Qin (1 month ago)
i love this music
Brian Jackson (1 month ago)
Perfect background music. Thanks.
Mari (1 month ago)
산에들에 (1 month ago)
정말 좋다. 하루에 한번은 듣게된다. 올가을에 찾은 작은 행복
MzSaxxyKeys (1 month ago)
Perfect accompaniment to a rainy day!!
luis alfonso sanchez (1 month ago)
meraviglioso ! relax totale. !
Just Sayin (1 month ago)
Cannot get enough. Bliss.....
Anton (1 month ago)
yes to the core activity heart's melting
Stanley kubrick (1 month ago)
Does anyone know where I can download the photo? it's so pretty! where is it?
Francisco Castro (1 month ago)
Just having morning cofee with the perfect sound in in my patio.
Victoria W (1 month ago)
Hermoso 🎺 jazz ☕🎶🎷
Chundy Wright (1 month ago)
At home, on a Friday night, studying algebra...Thanks for easing the pain.
Kioriin (1 month ago)
this is nice to listen to when i write.
Tyrone Shuze (1 month ago)
All the cats and dogs seem to like this. I approve.
Noob Steve (1 month ago)
Yes chill vibes 😘❤❤😏
David Steven (1 month ago)
where is my weed?
Charles Parr (1 month ago)
Exactly what I was thinking!!!!!!!!!!
Lerato Mawela (1 month ago)
Track list please
Alfonso Carrillo (1 month ago)
Música muy relajante y agradable, sublime....!
CoPi-studio (1 month ago)
Your youtube chanel is all free music? copyright free? I would like to use music as a visual background music. Is it possible?
josé martin almansa (1 month ago)
não consigo trocar de canal! Sugestão: poderiam colocar o nome das musicas durante sua reprodução?
Kim Relan (1 month ago)
I do title policy all day...zzzzzz...so this is my background music and it really helps me focus without getting distracted. thank U!
ᄋ ᄋ (1 month ago)
Diana Braswell (1 month ago)
Very nice love love love adding to my favorites
Carmelo Rosario (1 month ago)
Smooooothig even romantic ☝☝👌👌
Carmelo Rosario (1 month ago)
This is amazing 🎼🎤🎶
Suetania Emmanuel (1 month ago)
Smoothing even relaxing
Auli Liimatainen (1 month ago)
No need to think past or future. Only be present and listen - your own moment ♥️
laurent bretones (2 days ago)
Best of charlaznavour
Scarecow (9 days ago)
dood oo haha
maria cleuza dias goes (19 days ago)
Chiara Ciuffi (1 month ago)
Così è più bello iniziare la giornata, senti possibile ogni cosa😁
HabelFoc _ (1 month ago)
not all hero wear cape
funkmonkey06 (1 month ago)
terrible choice of snare drums. so flat it absolutely kills the vibe
Erdem Ergen (1 month ago)
Çalışırken güzel gidiyor :)
Yadira Martin (1 month ago)
I love that music thanks
박서관 Andrew (1 month ago)
So good at doing homework.I love this song
박서관 Andrew (3 days ago)
aiyah tot (1 month ago)
damn i like this
Шанталь Ли (1 month ago)
Прекрасная музыка. Благодарю.
Graça ramos (1 month ago)

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