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China Unveils The World's Super Fast High Speed Bullet Train! World's Fastest Bullet Train

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SUBSCRIBE: https://goo.gl/w3A8IS TOP STORIES==== China Speed. China unveils world's fastest bullet train. Eva Grey discusses China's new high speed bullet train. World's fastest high-speed train! China restores bullet train speed to 350 kph. High-speed rail bridge swiveled into place in central China. How are high-speed rail tracks laid. Watch the video to see all these and many more... Don't forget to subscribe for upcoming videos - Richard Aguilar My Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYzz2SkhAaM0FDKuGk-IPZg MY Twitter and Google Plus: https://twitter.com/gygenministries https://plus.google.com/u/0/+RichardHansAguilar Thanks for watching... #WorldsFastestBulletTrain #FastestBulletTrain #ChinaFastestBulletTrain #fastesthighspeedtrain #Chinasuperfasttrains
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Calvint Lim (8 days ago)
Wow! So high technology ya? Then it must be a technology stolen from US right? By the way… since when US build Super High Speed Train? Oh ya, US no need to build before China, whatever build by China is stolen from US, that's all.
Arnab Das (2 months ago)
Yeah we know china have more than light speed train 🚉
峰哥播报 (2 months ago)
D. G. (6 months ago)
Copy of the German "ICE" train.
huang jin (1 month ago)
You live in your world.
Van bình Vuong (7 months ago)
oh oh china ! the rich and big and hungry for money and power ..after all this frake economic of china will fall apart ..soon !!
WHITE DRAGON (7 months ago)
Chinese bullet train is the best in world🚅👍
Arnab Das (2 months ago)
D LOUI (7 months ago)
all of them were mit if not ucla alumni...
Serge Vivier (8 months ago)
How about Canada, we dont have high speed trains
Calvint Lim (8 days ago)
Canada need US permission to do everything.
Bob Jackson (8 months ago)
I was on the Shanghai's 430 km/h mag lev a couple of weeks back, relatively old technology but still impressive. China is so impressive, they have a 650 km/h one designed using Chinese technology, just waiting for final funding. I agree that their planes are a disaster, taking in account delays our trip Beijing to Shanghai would have been quicker by train.
铁笔骂谎言 (8 months ago)
主管制造业的中央大员,苗圩在全国政协十二届常委会第十三次会议上对《中国制 2025》进行全面解读时指出,在全球制造业的四级梯队中,中国还处于第三梯队,而且这种格局在短时间内难有根本性改变。要成为制造强国至少要再努力30年。苗圩的观点基本上代表了国家认知。 苗圩说,全球制造业已基本形成四级梯队发展格局: 第一梯队是以美国为主导的全球科技创新中心; 第二梯队是高端制造领域,包括欧盟、日本; 第三梯队是中低端制造领域,主要是一些新兴国家,包括中国; 第四梯队主要是资源输出国,包括OPEC(石油输出国组织)、非洲、拉美等国。 在中国经济下行压力不断加大的今天,许多人为服务业超越制造业成为国民经济第二大产业而欢呼,甚至认为中国可以逾越工业化发展阶段,直接进入以服务业为主导的经济结构。对此,苗圩认为,不管是从历史经验还是现实情况来看,这都是脱离实际的一种观点。 中国在制造业上要走的路有多长? 30年真的不算长。国人成天还沾沾自喜于第二大经济体,殊不知还差得太远太远!
ROMER1 (8 months ago)
kph is incorrect abbreviation for "kilometres per hour",,,correct abbreviation is km/h
Pajtim Pachuku (9 months ago)
In china goverment care for elites In turkey goverment care for poor more than rich
Xiang Ji (8 months ago)
Turkey government is a joke... look at what happened last year
fthis1234567 (9 months ago)
Alfred Zehden is the one that invented this technology waayyy back in 1905....sorry china man, you have been caught again.
Xiang Ji (8 months ago)
technology doesn't only belong to 1 person even if they invented it. Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, does all the light bulb in the world belong to him? technology is meant to be shared with everyone to improve their lives. Both China and Japan are giving this technology to many other countries
Ajit Nair (9 months ago)
China is unique. One country two systems. Both system is to finally serve people. China has melded socialist with capitalist and has both systems working together. What is more astonishing is the speed of project implementation and scope.
Willie Yuan (9 months ago)
High speed trans continental bullet train is impossible in the USA, though a boon to majority people as well as US economy, ... it is to be rejected (through democratic process) by many powerful groups (with lots of $$), and a handful of powerful, yet delusional and unhinged, people representing them. Simply put, the interests of those are to be eroded if there is a trans continental bullet train rail: 1. Airplane makers 2. Car makers 3. Energy (Oil, Gas, ..) companies 4. ..... Thus, democracy, in this regard, impedes the progress of a society.
level (9 months ago)
they spent their energy working and learning we spent our energy on gender neutral bathrooms and wedding cakes
Daniel Young (9 months ago)
Kai Tang (9 months ago)
We have odd taste in color. Make it like TRON
Basil Rathbonez (10 months ago)
What you don't realize...the reason China can build railroads fast is ...The Communist government OWNS 100% of all property.....CHINESE CITIZENS OWN....0% of any land,home or business....It is a communist country.....The government decides when, where and how of 100% of your life.....It looks good...from outside China......WHAT OUTSIDERS ALSO DON'T KNOW.....a lot of China's infrastructrue is collapsing.....They have abandoned cities, factories, etc....their rail system is great because it is relatively new....but there are places that are environmental hazards and are simply abandoned.....Remember China is BIG, size wise...and they move their population 'en masse'....WHY? AGAIN....because they are a communist country and their people can't own property(they can own depreciables, cars, clothes, food)...and are moved like CATTLE.
MrRCGNL (9 months ago)
Do you expect anything else from an American ? There's no world outside their own village
jian yang (9 months ago)
your words sound like 30 years ago.
MrRCGNL (9 months ago)
This has NOTHING to do with communism, but with VISION, especially LONG TERM VISION Europe has wide spread HS-Networks as wel, and isn't communism either. The problem with Americans is, that everything what is not capitalism, is marked as communism. That's what we call 'self convinced tunnel vision'
Massimo Alessi (10 months ago)
Will Tue (10 months ago)
Sachin Tendulkar (10 months ago)
India has better and bigger railway networks than China. Come to India and see for yourself Ahmadabad Mumbai high speed train, it's much cleaner and better than China's HSR. Look at the facilities provided by Maharaja express from Bangalore, China is only a hype but real development is in India. India is the No.1, China perhaps 10 or 12.
桑榆 (1 month ago)
Sachin Tendulkar is a joke ,india is rubbsh
Xiang Ji (8 months ago)
lol I hope you are joking. India's Ahmadabad Mumbai line won't be operational until 2022 and it will only cover a distance of 500km. As of today China has over 20 000km covered and it will be expected to reach 30 000km by 2020. Even though China learned or "copied" the technology from other countries but at least they built their own rail network and trains. India's future railway is going to be build by Japanese so technically speaking it's not even their own.
Puttin Trump (9 months ago)
haha . as long as you are happy
The end of time (10 months ago)
Wungram Lungleng , I'm sure India is, everybody in China knows, that India is No.1 in the universe.
Damien Gitton (10 months ago)
I love the infographie of the German ICE train made by a Chinese actor and they did really well integrated French, German and Japanese technology and build on it ........
The end of time (9 months ago)
Damien Gitton typical French, always think they know it better. The ice like train is Hexie CRH3 type train - the very first generation products, which built on contracts with foreign countries, Sweden, Germany, French and Japanese companies, everybody got a fat contract worth billions of dollars. It's not like China steal from anyone. What the title talking about is the second generation, which called Fuxing- the red painted ones. It's not the most characteristical looking, I give you that, but it works perfectly, not worse than any of yours. People this days always judge things by looks, how shallow. But I'm sure many other types will come out in the future, after all, we only started 10 years ago from 0. For a beginner, I'm sure we didn't do a bad job.
Damien Gitton (9 months ago)
jian liu just do a tiny bit of of research and you will see why I say that The design of the train is identical to the German ice even the paint to the shape of it !!!! Why the Japanese the French and the German even the Korean manage to make train with a proper visual identity !? Don’t tel me Chinese désigner are not some of the best in the world and can’t creat there own design !!!!! And I do admire Chinese engineering and design but not the one of the poorly made video clip !!!
The end of time (9 months ago)
Damien Gitton You are delusional, dude, I don't know from where you get such ridicules idea. Not a single Chinese have claimed that the high speed trains are Chinese invention! Don't be a bigot.
Damien Gitton (9 months ago)
jian liu you have the right to call it your own train but not to say you invented High speed train ....!!! Apple make great phone but they don’t claim having inventing the mobile phone !!!!!!
The end of time (9 months ago)
Damien Gitton, it's you who misinformed, the newest model Fuxing trains are Chinese own design, which has fully independent intellectual property, many improvements were made, many patents were applied. Designed by Chinese engineers, built by Chinese workers in Chinese factories, and run on Chinese rails. So, tell me, should we be shameful to call it ourown trains??
Jie Zhang (10 months ago)
The public transportation in California has been shitty for years!!!! The subway is not even faster than buses in China.
D. G. (6 months ago)
Because of your one party Democratic lefty state!
bob sanders (10 months ago)
atleast they wont copy japanese saftey system lol....
Baldevbhai Panchal (10 months ago)
in india also for the high speed trains there should be a separate branch in the railway in which the general staff should not be placed as the standard of workmanship and maintenance will be having a special norms and training for the staff. the general staff may not be able to do this . also the workshops, laboratories design and planning offices etc will have to be set up.
Saikhu Ah (10 months ago)
Project's BiG super BiG buiLLdings 100 buiLLding Big QataR (100:apartmen BuiLLdings100)
ah sah Wee (10 months ago)
These fast trains practically shrink the vast Chinese landmass to say the size of India which is some 3 times smaller. Speed in reality is money in all aspects of the word whether for passengers or cargoes. They have learned the impact of the US Class A trains in freight operations and from Japan on her hi-speed passenger trains super fast and with the speed of construction which no other nation could compete. It is no surprise that they can offer to build such infrastructure across the world at a cost some 30% cheaper than all the advanced economies! They have really combined speed with technology and trained manpower to achieve this!
Wallace Wood (10 months ago)
First, second and business classes. Some much for Marxism. 500,000 a day = 182,500,000.
Wallace Wood (10 months ago)
213.5 mph
Photon - (10 months ago)
Delhi to Mumbai by train takes 230 to cover 1360km. Beijing to Shanghai covers 1500km and takes 4.5hrs. India could do with high speed trains. If they wasted less money on military hardware and invested in infrastructure it would benefit the people more.
MrRCGNL (9 months ago)
Same for the US ...
wishingtree (9 months ago)
India Has too much politics, everyone is involved, they talks , shout hatred, and they always are over estimate themselves, India is not yet an important country, not a permanent member of the U.N.. people keep on talking about India is going be like china,, I think that's just nonsense, there is no other like china.
Nij Jin (10 months ago)
There is a reason why that is not happening, it is because India still have caste system. These Elites dont want others to get more wealth and power, they want to keep everything to themselves and enslave all other.
James Robert (10 months ago)
May god bless China and its people! Vision and hard work is highly appreciated! Chinese are great model of human being...
韩卫星 (9 months ago)
Thank you,也祝愿你和你的家人幸福安康
bob sanders (10 months ago)
they made in china tho
top spark (10 months ago)
jim bob, absolutely China got here today is a result of consistency , hard working the true spirit of the Chinese nation 👍
Arcadia arcadia (10 months ago)
Arcadia arcadia (10 months ago)
While China is steaming into the future like a nonstop bullet train, the good Ole USA boys are still playing with Thomas the magic train... oh wait, the US got the Acela which once I took from NYC to Boston at an incredible time of 5 hrs in a distance a little over 200 Miles
MrRCGNL (9 months ago)
You're right ..... Using railway lines for freight only Using inefficient, polluting diesel loco's Building 10000T+, 2 mile long train, running at 80 kmh but needing 30 km to reach the speed and thus dramatically reducing track capacity In Europe they found out, that running 10 1000T trains with 90kmh, reached within a few kms, hauled by one single 6000 Kw E-Loco is far more efficient then the American 10000T + trains. There already direct freight trains between W-Europe and China, faster then over sea, cheaper than by air
Arcadia arcadia (10 months ago)
China is already number 1
Mustafa Genius (10 months ago)
Very Nice Richard👌👍😊
bandwagon22 (10 months ago)
Looks like Communist one party system does actually work?
s3xyScorp (7 months ago)
Garry Coleman Japans shinkansen never had any accident in its forty years of existence,and thats on shaky ground,,cant get much safer then that..
Garry Coleman (7 months ago)
+ Mr RCGNL China has many parties,advising the CCP. They do not stand in the way they work together with the CCP unlike the west where they argue against each other who is right ,meanwhile getting nothing achieved!!!!!
Garry Coleman (7 months ago)
Yeah CHina is safer than Japans, Japan s lines are very short in comparison
MrRCGNL (9 months ago)
BTW: Typical reaction for an short sighted, narrow minded American for which everything what is not capitalism, is marked as communism. Don't have the vision and/or knowledge that there's a lot between ...
MrRCGNL (9 months ago)
Well, in fact it seems to work better than the 2-party 'if you're not with me, you're against me' "democracy" west of the Atlantic.
david lee (11 months ago)
I had a bed from Beijing to Shanghai. Slept at 10.30 pm and arrived at 4.30 a.m.. Then took number 10 subway to down Shanghai hotel for my morning breakfast !
david lee (10 months ago)
Okay! I meant downtown Shanghai at Nanking east road. I then took a taxi after I got off train station at the Temple.  Wish you would try it but the fare is not much lower than an air ticket!
Euphoria Z (10 months ago)
david lee neat grammer I give it a 12 out of 10 for trying 🙃 sorry for your ex bed and the Shanghai hotel that you "down-ed"
Bill Xu (11 months ago)
Zheng SUn (11 months ago)
dam 0 dislikes
Calvint Lim (8 days ago)
After one year, got 36 dislike finally.
Yijun Ding (11 months ago)
Great introduction!
Thomas Sutherland (1 year ago)
So much better than hyperloop concept which is Hyperdumb.
3:29 Huge mouth lady, I mean the size of her mouth.
nayanmalig (1 year ago)
LOL where are the silly Indians
Zohurul Haque Jafor (10 months ago)
why you India comparing with china its so far distance
Sean Steel (10 months ago)
J M Thank you for your super condescending remark.
Levine Levine (1 year ago)
@12:24:::: California receives nearly 95% rail funds from the Fed Government . The Fed Government is filled with anachronistic politicians who are still waging war on Communism. They see China as communism while pretending USA is capitalism; the self delusion comports with their archaic ideology which has destroyed the very foundation of USA. California can never buy China trains and technology as doing otherwise is an admission that USA is a 2nd class socialism and China’s capitalism has taught US socialism a lesson.
Pajtim Pachuku (9 months ago)
Levine Levine California should declare independence
Haibo Ren (10 months ago)
@Philip W: Good observation about China.
Hermit Crab (10 months ago)
Philip, have you ever read the famous comment by Deng Xiao Peng, the China leader that initiated the process of reform and open door policy that transformed China? Just in case you have never read it, Deng says, it does not matter whether a cat is black or white. As long as it catches the mice, it is a good cat. This has been China's guiding principle since then. It does not matter whether it is capitalism or socialism. As long as it works, it is a good system. The Chinese political leadership has no inherent dislike of capitalism. From what they have been doing, it's obvious that they believe that free market economy works. However, they are not market fundamentalists. It's equally clear that unfettered capitalism would run into another extreme and create a whole host of problems. This should be pretty obvious after the great financial crisis.
Dario Mendoza (10 months ago)
thank you for the TRUTH!!
Levine Levine (1 year ago)
Your are correct that "government's basic function is to keep order and safety." However, today's governments have expanded well beyond their basic mandate. For the decades the special interest groups have corrupted the governments and bought legislative favors that grant special treatments. For examples: dairy and farm product price support; Fannie, Freddie, Ginnie, FDIC, ethanol-biofuel subsidies, minimum wage, tariff, etc. The taxpayers paid the following: $700 billion TARP; $25 million Cash-for-Clunker; $25 billion and $20 billion bailout of GM and Chrysler, respectively; the $800 million bailout of FDIC; $800 billion toxic mortgage buy-back; the $2 trillion in Federal Reserve's QE1,2,3, and untold amount of free-money to bailout AIG, Citicorp, Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearn, and other WallSt Fatcats. Government interference in economy has created a moral hazard: socialized loses while privatized profit. Government subsidies and protection have created mal-investments that distort the economy. Company bankruptcy is the free market cleansing the mal-investment and business mismanagement. Contrary to the exaggerated notion that "The whole society would have gotten into a chaos..." when major corporations collapsed, investors would have cherry-picked and salvage productive parts of the bankrupted corporations, discard wasteful unproductive ones and thereby, producing a stronger economy. Social Security (SS) is a government coerced social program that has been bankrupt for nearly 2 decades despite several increases in contribution rate. The Federal Government has borrowed all the SS money and provided IOU's as collateral. As SS does not invest in productive activities, it does not enjoy compound interest, dividends, or asset appreciation. Consequently, SS payout is a giant Ponzi Scheme and is insufficient to maintain the basic standard of living, let alone a retirement. America runs best when America runs a free market economy. Governments' interference, intrusion, and ineptitude in the market place has eviscerated American capitalism, and replaced it with socialism, cronyism, and nepotism.
BluesCreation09 (1 year ago)
Great video! Thank you.

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