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China is Now Becoming the World Leader in Electric Cars And Solar Powered Vehicles

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SUBSCRIBE: https://goo.gl/w3A8IS TOP STORIES==== Inside China's Push for Electric Cars. Beijing promotes new energy vehicles to reduce emissions. A look at ELF, the solar-powered bicycle-car hybrid. A solar powered-car - designed by students. Solar Panels May be Included in Future Audi Cars. Toyota Adds Solar Roof to New Japanese Prius. Vehicles Powered By Solar, Electric Moving Into the Market. Watch the video to see all these and many more... Best EV Chargers (EV Charging Station) Siemens US2:VC30GRYU VersiCharge Universal - https://amzn.to/2ILFQpp ChargePoint Home WiFi Enabled Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger - https://amzn.to/2QBrevu JuiceBox Pro 40 Lite: 40 Amp Electric Vehicle Charging Station - https://amzn.to/2IMJnUH Don't forget to subscribe for upcoming videos - Richard Aguilar My Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYzz2SkhAaM0FDKuGk-IPZg MY Twitter and Google Plus: https://twitter.com/gygenministries https://plus.google.com/u/0/+RichardHansAguilar Thanks for watching... #chinaelectriccars #Chinaleadingtheworldinelectricvehicles #Chinaelectricvehiclepolicies #chineseelectricauto #Chinaelectricvehicles #solarpoweredcarsinChina #solarpoweredvehiclesinChina DISCLAIMER: This video description contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases through those links and this small commission help support my channel and allows us to continue making videos like this. Thank you for the support!
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Text Comments (293)
mike rebosura (1 day ago)
china can become a leader in all manufactured goods. but never in RnD and quality products.
John Smith (1 day ago)
But will they pass Australian design rules
Jossie Marie Lustre (5 days ago)
Arrogant china lead ametica followed and immatate china. China late bloomer.
Ryan Ho (6 days ago)
The oil kings will be raging.
ibs225 (9 days ago)
Haneregy is a fraud`````````
Atchi Reddy (12 days ago)
Sir here India petrol and diesel costs are very high. Sir China sir please develop China electric car automotive in India like China byd cars SAIC cars baic cars,electric cars manufacture in India. India always loves China. India China like family members
Atchi Reddy (12 days ago)
Sir here India petrol and diesel costs are very high. Sir China sir please develop China electric car automotive in India like China byd cars SAIC cars baic cars,electric cars manufacture in India. India always loves China. India China like family members
Atchi Reddy (12 days ago)
Sir China please develop electric cars in India and China solar cars also develop in India. India always love s China. China India like family members
Mulavin Cen (17 days ago)
If China electric car get in indonesia , all japanese's car brake down to iron liquit factories . The future is coming for electric car Indonesia .
荒井康彦 (24 days ago)
I am Japanese.I wish China govern Japan,so Japan will be improved.China has very good political strategy.
Mola Jat (28 days ago)
What is the price of ev car in China? In pound's or dollar's
Minhai Thangwa (1 month ago)
I wounter how mittle east country will survrife
shadowdance4666 (1 month ago)
lol Honda had straight gas engines that ran 45-55 mpg in the 80’s HAHAHAHAHAHA
Geoff Evans (1 month ago)
Workers rights democracy freedom of speech and much more before you can call it a success
Jonathan Millner (1 month ago)
Ya... but the electric batteries... like zillions of them... it's actually going to be an issue too. Electric is an intermediary step. I'm waiting for the compressed air car. Run on air and regenerated by the energy from moving through the air... Make it safe, which is doable... and why would that not be best?
727,968,667,890 views (2 months ago)
today ford in america still most petroleum power 2018 so poor
Doublescoop BS (2 months ago)
Part of the air pollution is caused by the low quality gasoline... a sort of corruption by the oil refineries cheating on gasoline standards. Something the Chinese government need to address.
Silver Phoenix #Legend (2 months ago)
The actual problem is they are not coming out with solar panels that is 250 more percent efficient so we won't have to plug in at all or switch out or batteries and plus the batteries are not lightwait the batteries need to be extremely lightweight but hold even longer charge than they ever held before they have the technology to do this but I think they're just lazy and don't want to do it they can also make them so cheap that a vehicle would only cost $500 so everybody can buy one
H.C ANG (2 months ago)
Gov should allow all shopping central build charging facility at car park for customer to charge their car during shopping
james yang (2 months ago)
Why you not making a electric car can charge in outlet ?
Vish Vpl (2 months ago)
Come on China..u guys are the real power...we need green energy
mogeking56 (2 months ago)
Chinese are selling cars to stupid people
mogeking56 (2 months ago)
Car roof top Solar cells in a in a 250 kilowatts car. It would have to be plugged in for a week for a full charge
Allan allan (2 months ago)
I don't like any product of China
MYOPINION OK (2 months ago)
幂幂梦 (2 months ago)
Kriss Moss (2 months ago)
Your company provides a little known service....high quality customer service. Keep up the great job. Phone number is +18553395376
Kanaji Samurai (3 months ago)
How about America? BANKRUPT
Duke (3 months ago)
One of the greatest conveniences of EVs is plugging in. I can recharge at home, so I don’t have to plan trips to a recharger or gas station most of the time, even with a tiny 10KWh battery.
medostylish (3 months ago)
China is really a super power
John Hall (3 months ago)
Electric cars in China charged with coal fired power, what a BRILLIANT plan!
Björn Lundahl (3 months ago)
Tokyo is the largest or one of the largest cities in the world. The number of cars per thousand people are a lot more in Japan than in China. Obviously Tokyo doesn't have the same amount of pollution that some cities in China have. The great polluter in China is the burning of coal. If China is serious regarding it's pollution, it should burn less coal, invest more in renewable energy and have stiffer air pollution regulations.
Björn Lundahl (3 months ago)
If China is the leader regarding EV cars, which Chinese EV brand outperforms Tesla?
Chong Dowdy (3 months ago)
Wow chines goods and food made from human's puffy wow, will sinking to bottom and xijin ping will death and China land will sinking! !
thomas amberg (3 months ago)
Bye Bye tRumpists
ROY WALLS (4 months ago)
long time ago me & my friend was making car run on solar powder & moon light but he pass away never got done on it!
Tc Linn (4 months ago)
The electric car is a commodity just as toilet paper, solar roof tiles, and bicycles. Only mass production of photostatic products sold at affordable price point will reach the masses. Guess who will win the race? Hint, it's not TSLA with a forward P/E of 131. The TSLA existential threat started a couple years ago. Tesla bubble will become more obvious by the day. The winners will be the low cost producers that provide the greatest value to consumers. IMHO. G'Day!
P Mac (4 months ago)
Want a Chinese electric car now!!!!
tremarri morris (4 months ago)
Does anyone know why we can't have solar panels put on the top of our cars in America
tremarri morris (3 months ago)
+I like anime I drive a ev car but anyway you would think if they put some kind of solar on the car it could help the car change while just sitting in the drive way or at work
I like anime (3 months ago)
tremarri morris not in gas cars because most components operate on gas engine, they're tied together and are not electric. For EV the reason is because it's not convenient and doesnt really extend battery life by much so it's best to just focus on improving the technology since energy is so affordable in America.
China Superpower (4 months ago)
Government should put a pollution tax on fossil fuel cars and gasoline. Tax revenue should be used to build EV charging stations everywhere.
Sean Pan (4 months ago)
Tesla is coming too.
Walter Black (4 months ago)
Ok, but seat heaters when the sun is out?
Lava Kafle (4 months ago)
China is Now Becoming the World Leader in Electric Cars And Solar Powered Vehicles
pe hgt (4 months ago)
The problem is greedy big oil corporations who have been working hand in hand with the car manufacturers to suppress the clean energy technology. This is the biggest problem for humanity the sheer greed of these corporations!! The sooner we stop burning gasoline and start using renewable technologies the world will become a much better place in all aspects!!
Poj Dia Vaj (5 months ago)
Come on China, Big country with funny engineers.
Son Hang (5 months ago)
who dare buy Chinese cars .....not me ......????????
I like anime (3 months ago)
Son Hang they're very efficient. I have five chinese vehicles.
miguel amaya (5 months ago)
Gregory Parrott (5 months ago)
No doubt that China will be the leader in EV, if they aren't already. The pace towards this inevitability greatly accelerated, thanks to trump's "clean coal" initiative, de-emphasis on technological research and education, and abandonment of the Paris accord,
sstchan924 (5 months ago)
Germany built the VW for the common folks. They are inexpensive and reliable. They also build Mercedes for the high end consumers. Guess which company took over the Mercedes in the long run. One has to be realistic to accept the fact that walking is first before running. But even more importantly one has to take the first step. It is exiting to see so many innovators on EV taking the first steps.
sam guapo (5 months ago)
Now? China has been the leader in EV's for the longest time. China has had hordes of ebikes but were contaminated by the entitlement of owning cars and esp. ICE vehicles. However, China has also had e-cars for the longest time as well way before Tesla. I would know because I've been inquiring from china for the longest time. They had a lot of basic e-sedans esp. no frills unlike the BYD. But it wasn't popular back then because they never had government support unlike now. It's just too bad that China took this long to figure out the ignorance of ICE vehicles. But at least they figured this out, which is more than can be said than most other countries.
Shanta Hsieh (5 months ago)
I found a detailed and accurate project on the Avasva website.
quercus (5 months ago)
Why would you want transportation without doors in Oregon? West side.
Naresh Kumar Duggal (5 months ago)
Stop purchasing Chinese Energy items purchase Indian
Robert Galletta (5 months ago)
swoon drones (5 months ago)
Also air motors for shorter distances. Di Pietro.
Keneth Michael (5 months ago)
Don't byu made in china
lekhraj parakh (5 months ago)
In Diesel and petrol cars alternater charge battery regular than why in electric cars we require charging station,which is time consuming and also increase charging cost
Keneth Michael (5 months ago)
Am using iPhone 4rom California
Orasto James (5 months ago)
China China!!!! keep it up as the west complain you progress.
SEAN PAN (5 months ago)
When Chinese manufacturers cabbage prized electric cars, Tester will go bankrupt.
ROUF AHMAD (6 months ago)
love china
Red Rooster (6 months ago)
So Big Oil Corporations in the USA are stopping solar panels on the roof so you have to use more fuel. Doesn't it make you sick?
middleburg11 (6 months ago)
I need a Billion SLAVES to...life would be great then...
Smoke Sum'um (6 months ago)
J C (6 months ago)
wholly BS Chin Commercials
narvekar1 Narkar (6 months ago)
Night time?
Achala Ukwattage (6 months ago)
Extra special
Bainsworth (6 months ago)
unless the battery recycling problem is solved, I see a world with lith ion becoming the new pollution.
zhenlin luo (6 months ago)
Shut all mouth,search : BYD China .you guys will know more.
Bing Archide (6 months ago)
Export to other countries of sucking them, wise move.
KC T (6 months ago)
China needs european car makers for technology input to progress for its own car industry, lets face it, china lacks innovative and technology know how to pioneer latest electric cars development !
Electrique = pollution !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vineet Kulkarni (6 months ago)
Thumbs up for elf
derek lambert (6 months ago)
i love haters
Ronny Tanjaya (7 months ago)
Technical Planet (7 months ago)
Technical Planet (7 months ago)
Arijit Das (7 months ago)
We don't want thard class chinese ev. We need our won ev. All chinese product are never long lasting.
Lucas Kerper (7 months ago)
Hi Richard, thank you for posting an informative video on automotive future. Do you think that it is possible to develop 400 lbs autos (under 200 kg) that could reach speeds of 40-45 MPH (70 KMH) like smaller 2 seater autos with much simpler design? Because with how slow we drive in-town (focus on the "in-town" driving) and how much traffic there actually is, we rarely get to drive faster than 40MPH anyways... Also most cars on the road only have one person in them (the driver). So all this to say is that our automobiles are very much over built (for "in-town" driving). I am just trying to offer some forward thinking ideas out there in a forum where people might be able to read about some honesty regarding our automobile habits here in the western USA. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
Ivan Drago (7 months ago)
If they really want people to drive E-V they can drop the price.
Mark Fischer (7 months ago)
It won't work, at least not in China. China gets 70 percent of its electrical power by burning coal. Another 5 percent of the energy is lost heating wires and transformers in the power grid. Electric cars will therefore produce more pollution and CO2 than gasoline powered cars. It's just moved from the car's tailpipe to the power plant smoke stack.
Nahom Zekarias (7 months ago)
China's bringing bright future to whole countries amaizing progressive great job China
Alto's Music Lab (7 months ago)
americans have done nothing.... Elon is South African...
edstar83 (7 months ago)
List them on banggood. I need one.
parry jackson (7 months ago)
Batteries are a quick fix to the real technology of HYDROGEN where water is the fuel.
SAIKAT GHOSH (7 months ago)
please innovate and create a universal wheel or regulator which can convert solar and revert different energies into different energy fast or slow as needed to balance all energies..such as a regulator in solar panel will control the energy need of the panel but the surplus will revert to sun....like this.....
Shantel Guetgen (7 months ago)
Instructions from the Avasva site are perfect for beginners.
Alex June (7 months ago)
New era of new empire! Long live China!
Rocco Romano (8 months ago)
David Zhao (8 months ago)
China is always have a good idea for any problems. Hope their cheap EV can come to North America one day
Stephen (8 months ago)
america slips further behind again...
아웅아잉 (8 months ago)
Tiwan no.1!!!!!
David of Yorkshire (6 months ago)
China is suffering the same smog London did back in 1952 ("the great smog"). Its amazing how rapidly China is advancing and how it's embracing new technologies. If the west doesn't pull it's finger out in just a couple of decades all the high technology in this sector will be in the Far East. It does seem their government is more interested is solving energy problem than protecting the cartels of energy providers. When innovation is encourage advancement us inevitable. We used to have that in the UK, we have centuries of pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation. Since the 1970's and the EU we have nothing to point at and say look we're still leading the pack.
Tiger Columbus (8 months ago)
Marciel Luta (8 months ago)
Why some people don't accepts the cars that not polluted our earth ,i think we should useds these tehnology.
debian lasmana (6 months ago)
Marciel Luta Some lunatic maniac love hear "sound"of machine(and act that sound was the life support)....another dickhead compare about polution cause electric VE(and don't want to know if technology Will be better and better)
MrMusic1950 (8 months ago)
China already makes electric cars/m'cycles for past 30 years and is way advanced to the rest of the world. China also makes most of the batteries, motors and transmission for most all other electric cars throughout the planet. They are the world leaders in electric vehicles.
Taz-on-the-loose Yusef (8 months ago)
chinese are the best including the japanese koreans and singaporeans, these people are brilliant,
John Wu (8 months ago)
from the worst polluting country to slightly less polluting country lol
Jason Gooden (8 months ago)
battery swap wont fly. new batteries coming out will charge in minutes.
Pradad Rao (8 months ago)
I love 3 wheel vehicle 🚗
Boa Nerges (8 months ago)
China copy everything.that your country to do copying china too
Thomas McGillivray (8 months ago)
No surprise here eh that they had to do something, being one of the worlds most polluted countries ...especially with that massive & dense population?

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