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TAEYEON’s 2nd mini album "Why" has been released. Listen and download on iTunes & Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play Music http://smarturl.it/TAEYEON_Why TAEYEON Official http://taeyeon.smtown.com http://www.youtube.com/GIRLSGENERATION http://www.facebook.com/girlsgeneration http://twitter.com/girlsgeneration TAEYEON 태연 'Why' MV ℗ S.M.Entertainment
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Text Comments (43751)
Dương Trần (13 minutes ago)
SoNyuhShiDaeYeongwonhi (7 hours ago)
Doing a taeyeon marathon hahaha. Plot twist. Annabelle was the one who sent that message 😂
I LOVE BNK 48 (7 hours ago)
As 0109 (1 day ago)
Legend says that the old man who got sprayed by taeyeon is still chasing after her
Joyjoy Ocado (1 day ago)
beshies are you still here?
Vorphus _yt (1 day ago)
make a comeback
APPLE PINE (1 day ago)
Jeremy Loayza (2 days ago)
I still dont get why the hell this wasnt a bop like I 😐
gimmie tae (2 days ago)
i miss u
SONE & SNSD (2 days ago)
Rikue7 (3 days ago)
Who else thinks Taeyeon is the best singer in K-Pop?
박지환 (4 days ago)
Oh yeah yeah Oh 언젠가는 내 두 발이 Oh 닿는 대로 이끌리는 시선을 뺏겨버린 대로 가볍게 걸어갈 낯선 곳을 그리다 또 결국엔 허전한 긴 한숨에 멈춰 Why, Why, 돌아서 또 넌 Why, Why, 꿈만 가득해 지금 떠난다면 Good, Good, Good, yeah 만나게 될 모든 건 Great, Great, yeah 가벼워진 맘이Work, Work, baby 이미 이미 눈 앞에 아른아른대는데 망설여 Why 나침반 위 돌아가던 바늘이 멈춘 곳에 가득 핀 이름 모를 꽃잎이 널 위해 끌어당긴 빛이 담긴 풍경 속에 어서 뛰어들어 나보다 자유롭게 더 Why, Why, Why, 괜히 미뤄 왔던 날 많았던 걱정이 모두 다 사라진 tonight yeah 바람 불어오면 Good, Good, Good, yeah 펼쳐지는 모든 건 Great, Great, yeah 달라지는 맘이 Work, Work, baby 이미 이미 눈 앞에 아른아른대는데 지금 떠난다면 Good, Good, Good, yeah 만나게 될 모든 건 Great, Great, yeah 가벼워진 맘이Work, Work, baby 이미 이미 눈 앞에 아른아른대는데 망설여 Why 쫓아가기도 벅차 숨이 찬 세상이 전부는 아냐 하루 종일 걸어도 똑같은 풍경은 절대 보이지 않아 하얀 종이에 적어 본 Why 잉크처럼 번지는 맘 I’m falling I’m falling I’m falling to you 바람 불어오면 Good, Good, Good, yeah 펼쳐지는 모든 건 Great, Great, yeah 달라지는 맘이 Work, Work, baby 이미 이미 눈 앞에 아른아른대는데 지금 떠난다면 Good, Good, Good, yeah 만나게 될 모든 건 Great, Great, yeah 가벼워진 맘이Work, Work, baby 이미 이미 눈 앞에 아른아른대는데 망설여 Why 날 위한 가사
ARMY NCZEN (4 days ago)
Comeback with Baekhyun jebal😭😭😭😭 The goddess you deserves a better , just tell me why 😭😭😭😭✨ Miss uri appa, 😭😭😭😭 Xiyeeeen 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Jaljjaeo
Susi Susanti (4 days ago)
Please Taeyeon duet with Jessica jung😊😊😊😊
Brandon the rock star (4 days ago)
내 친구가 되어라. 태연. nae chinguga doeeola. taeyeon.
Bunnyz (5 days ago)
In summer this music kinda give me those good feelings(Also in winter)
Cici Lin (5 days ago)
❤Taeyeon : We hope you come to Taiwan, please.
Cici Lin (5 days ago)
❤Taeyeon, 嬌小可愛的金童妍小姐❤,歌聲真的很吸引人。
Ayie Bella (5 days ago)
I'm sooo gay for Taeyeon. 😍😍😍
Dương Trần (6 days ago)
흑두루치기 (6 days ago)
노래 죵나 좋네 하루 죙일 듣네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Verina Cornelia (6 days ago)
no subtitle?
Cabaiasin 5 (6 days ago)
Love taeyeon🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻
Bi Ru Kai (6 days ago)
So I guess the story goes like this: Taeyeon meets Dean and they had an amazing time together, loving one another, but Dean soon realized that it's an almost love story as Taeyeon later on, left him (Starlight). She realize that she needs to love herself a little more before committing to Dean so she left and goes on an adventure, but at the end of every day she still misses him and obviously with the pictures on the beach and the sunset (Why). Previously on Starlight, someone called Taeyeon, it turned out to be her agency and she is actually a popular artist. (On Starlight and Why) she colored her hair blonde so people won't notice her, but she went back to her reality and goes back to her black hair. It's been a year and she has a crumbling relationship with someone. As she reminisce what she had done wrong, she realize that everything she had done with the guy was the same with Dean and the truth she wanted to have that kind of relationship. During a film for her new mv, she fantasize on what would it be like if she shows her true self (with her black hair) with him and they'll probably be still together, loving and cuddling together, him beside her, even if she is an artist, but she cries. She then writes a song about it, concluding that, that's probably it, her love ended (Fine).
Dương Trần (7 days ago)
xaexae 39 (7 days ago)
*Queen of QUEERS* Well i know what you meant Taeyeon.. Isn't it obvious for all?
lazy 039 (7 days ago)
WHY the best summer song of Taenggu I love this concept so much
SoneXArmy97 (8 days ago)
HAI SONES, Lets hop over to Party MV to stream to 100M! Party needs that views!!
SandraKimchii (8 days ago)
This was released right after the day of my birthday June 26.
Belle Fou (9 days ago)
ilove she so much 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍you are great 😍😍😍
이종현 (9 days ago)
Dương Trần (11 days ago)
Alisa Cox (11 days ago)
One of the best.
명철석 (11 days ago)
오빠 토끼 이쁜 오빠 태연이 오빠와의 사랑은 우리 두 사람 가슴으로 하는 거야
SONE & SNSD (11 days ago)
Dương Trần (13 days ago)
라유 (13 days ago)
idk (14 days ago)
Love Taeyeon😍😍
vivi k. (14 days ago)
Hey guys, does the last scene have anything to do with real life? Or was it just part of the story in the mv :o
vivi k. (7 days ago)
+I Miss The Boy In My Profile Picture Thanks! :D
It's just story of the mv, watch starlight mv for more information 😂
Formaset (14 days ago)
What?? She was born in 1989? She still looks like a little girl. That’s amazing. I’m from 1970. I don’t feel old anymore LOL. Most people think I’m 32...35 years old.
Phung Tran (14 days ago)
My why 2018 ??
Thúy Đặng (14 days ago)
Wan Fathanah (14 days ago)
Manha Maye (14 days ago)
Love her voice and the song
탱구야사랑해 (15 days ago)
태연아 사랑해❤️
Chuối già 2k2 (15 days ago)
I love you Taeyeon cute
lkuukiks (15 days ago)
<3 <3
Erfs Dork (15 days ago)
Hey boring people let's stream! 😂😂😝
Love -Hyuna (16 days ago)
It feels so good to hear her songs again. 💖😊
Lalice Manoban (16 days ago)
does anyone know the name of the tube that uses the password?
taengoo ly (16 days ago)
This song makes me feel happy
Christine Ho (16 days ago)
*if this isn't aesthetics, i don't know what is*
idk (16 days ago)
Christine Ho same
Ahmed Fathi (17 days ago)
sone vote for taeyeon and oh gg in mama
Fati FATEMEH (17 days ago)
Dear sones please stream harder 💕💕💕
Mandus and Peanuts (17 days ago)
Wan Fathanah (14 days ago)
Sones is alive and will stay with snsd forever.
Mémélanie (18 days ago)
I really love this part 0:42
idk (16 days ago)
Mémélanie 0:59
탱구만두발사 (18 days ago)
Kookie’s bunny teeth (18 days ago)
Tbh I miss this Queen’s comeback
Marselina Suntia (18 days ago)
I still listening this song
Aliii_ Rxsa (18 days ago)
I just found this song rn and wow i'm impressed I love the song and her voice thoooo
Dương Trần (20 days ago)
NINE Allein (20 days ago)
✨🌟✨🌟✨🌟✨ TAEYEON ANGEL ✨🌟✨🌟✨🌟✨
maimint27 _ (21 days ago)
0:15 -))) hey the cameraman
I i (21 days ago)
블루준 (22 days ago)
진짜 태연....이런노래로..여름에 또 컴백햇으면좋겟다....
Monay Heart (22 days ago)
whats with the dislikes :(
tao blackpink (22 days ago)
뀨.슈걸 (22 days ago)
돌아와요 태연.... ㅠ
ruby malfoy (22 days ago)
this makes me feel so happy skjdskdjks
_fah _prpiitncm (23 days ago)
Ravanmm Phone (23 days ago)
2018 were song?
HEALTHY BTS (24 days ago)
bts was listening to this in bon voyage it took me like an hour to figure it out
niloufar taheri (24 days ago)
Dương Trần (25 days ago)
Be quiet don't cry (25 days ago)
100M views lets go
Mandus and Peanuts (25 days ago)
I can tell that everyone forgot this :(
연태 (25 days ago)
Tín Trần (25 days ago)
Mohd Badrul Hisham (26 days ago)
She is Forever Young😢💖
Tín Trần (25 days ago)
Very sad :(
Dương Trần (26 days ago)
Bia Trice (26 days ago)
요그저 (26 days ago)
뮤비가 엄청 청량하고 자유로운 느낌을 받게 만든다
Tan Nguyen (26 days ago)
Dương Trần (27 days ago)
niloufar taheri (27 days ago)
Aung Myint Alexis (27 days ago)
2018 november?
Lâm Hương (28 days ago)
GBlackTwice yeah (28 days ago)
Her voice is so amazing..
YCGRis (28 days ago)
Serpil Uysal (29 days ago)
ann lovelyday (29 days ago)
Freedom Of Speech (29 days ago)
Anindita Anjani (21 days ago)
It's more lively
athena dominique (21 days ago)
this is so unnecesary. no need to make a fanwar between sones and blinks. they already have good relationship. so wish this unnecesary comment wont ruin their good relationship
taengoo blinkpink (21 days ago)
Is it really necessary to bring Jennie here?
xaexae 39 (22 days ago)
Jennie's SOLO is good tho 😍 (but for me not more than WHY or any other taeyeon's song, I'm being biased,, sorry ) Btw you can't do anything about it, jennie earned everyone's heart it's her time to shine :) since new gen has evolved! But tbh taeyeon deserves more love she is not a cheap singer tho.. yes i shouldn't care about the 'like' or 'view' rate but SHE DESERVES MORE THAN WHAT SHE IS CURRENTLY GETTING
Freedom Of Speech (24 days ago)
+hunterRon this is my opinion, if it's more easy listening
sila a.r (29 days ago)
Taeyeon why vs. Jennie solo Choose one
idk (16 days ago)
sila a.r Taeyeon why
EriLina Baekachu626 (29 days ago)
I am still waiting what happened to that guy in starlight WHY did he disappeared in why???
Alice Swan (29 days ago)
Is it only me who listens to this song in winter not in summer??

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