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Girls Generation 'Catch Me If You Can (ft. Jessica Jung)' Official MV

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Text Comments (1727)
Thu Nguyen (20 hours ago)
My first bias is Jess and second is Tae... Now, no more Jess 😭😭😭😢😢😢 Except for Tae, there is no one else 😭😭😢😢 ❤❤❤❤
Jessica's part is strong
Taesic Love W.y (5 days ago)
Sica 😭
Minhquang Hoang (10 days ago)
Wait.... At 3:43, I count there were 9 people dancing (of course including Jessica) But... At 3:48, there were just only 8 people I still wonder whether Jessica had disappeared at the end of the video I can't see Jessica still dancing until from 3:48 to at the end of the video
yikes (11 days ago)
Taeyeon may be considered by many to be the voice of SNSD, but Jessica was the very soul of it. Its been years and I'm still a bitter Sica fan. Bitter over her treatment by SM, bitter about how so many SONEs denounced her and hated her after he departure, and bitter over the shady behavior some of the other girls seemed to show towards her during live events. #Stillnotoverit
Intan kisnawati (11 days ago)
Sam Floren (11 days ago)
if you watch the ending, it's just 8 person. how can? 😫
Alexis AQUINO#05 (18 days ago)
now they 5 now
Alexis AQUINO#05 (18 days ago)
who still watching this???
tanya witron (20 days ago)
Hằng Nguyễn (20 days ago)
Can't love snsd without sica
Jhunward Mercado (24 days ago)
0:03 counted as 8 lol
Naiyz Heartlet (28 days ago)
I first watched the one in the official SM channel, then I came here, and I found the incomplete part literally
Princesa flávia (1 month ago)
Essa AMV e viciante demais😍😍😍😍😍😍
Tae ny (1 month ago)
Jirachaya D. (1 month ago)
I miss 9 girls to be girl generation.
Alexis AQUINO#05 (1 month ago)
I miss the ot9😢😢😢😢😢
Hannah Stepney (1 month ago)
So, uh, I'm new here. Which one is Jessica?
mesh5000 (1 day ago)
the one who sang the OOOHHHHH WHOOOAAAHHHH part near the end that gave you goosebumps
Niim t (1 month ago)
01:10, 03:03, 03:20
P• ALWAYS. (1 month ago)
I miss you jessica
Reveluv Sone (1 month ago)
2018 and i still cant move on. support both ot8 and ot9 💞 :")
Pratyush Pavan Saikia (1 month ago)
Have you noticed Girl's Generation has started losing its popularity after Jessica's departure. Don't know about others but this is what it feels like to me
MiSO is my religion (19 days ago)
Even on actual songs you can notice that after Jessica left sment is focusing on red velvet
MiSO is my religion (19 days ago)
The Innocent concept went down a hill after Jessica left. sment and Jessica's words tarnished the good and "sister hood" image that the group had.
Hoang Nam (1 month ago)
i miss these girl om stage tgt so bad TT even worse after i heard Take 0ver TT
Elif Bade (1 month ago)
ot9 forever
Florida Biton (1 month ago)
IM SONE (1 month ago)
I miss Jessica 😭
Mike Jeng (1 month ago)
I want Jessica
nyi ayu (1 month ago)
i think ot9 is better than ot8
Catherine sanjaya (1 month ago)
I miss her so muchhhhhhh i hope Jessica is backkkk
Jason Rodriguez (2 months ago)
I hope one day they all reunite and Jessi gets to perform this and even songs from Lion Heart. If the Spice girls did it, so can SNSD.
mesh5000 (1 day ago)
not gonna happen, we may see a single song reunion performance, but probably not a whole concert
MiSO is my religion (19 days ago)
It's Korea not America or Europe. Koreans tend to treat this thing as bad thus the reason why Jessica's fandom is actually from china
Phú Trần (2 months ago)
I wish Party 0T9
Jasper (2 months ago)
I always find myself coming back here.
DavidHurtadoVEVO (2 months ago)
I find it interesting that there has always been a version of this on YouTube and SM never really tried taking them down.. it’s almost like they leaked it on purpose to create more buzz around the song.
LNM GAMING (2 months ago)
Miss 9 members. Now just 3 members
may _may (2 months ago)
Didn’t she left in 2014?? How come she’s in this mv
apparently they filmed this before she left but idk
Noveinna Nelson (2 months ago)
But the most curious one . Why they told jessica to leave in the middle of filming their new MV . And then there a news about jessica got kicked out because her bussines . Im not understand ? Jessica already film the new MV then suddenly get kick out in the middle of the filming . Why ? Can u all tell me why ? Why their not finish first the new MV ? Y in the middle her get kick out ? CURIOUSITY . y ?
MiSO is my religion (19 days ago)
If you search for taeyeon's photos you will notice that the video was recorded 5 months before Jessica's departure. At that time Jessica was supported by sment
Noveinna Nelson (2 months ago)
Somehow it like they planned already ? Maybe yes , maybe not ????
wala na (2 months ago)
I live for Jessica's adlibs
Warcita Daryu (2 months ago)
Fake or real??
MiSO is my religion (19 days ago)
Real this was recorded 5 months before Jessica was kicked out
솔직히 대형은 9명일때가 이쁜데 헤어스타일은 8명때가 훨~씬 이쁘다 애들 머리 왜저럼??
Sunny looks happier in OT9 version. Taeyeon looks happier in OT8 version.
Sofia #GG4EVA (2 months ago)
jesus christ you people are pathetic, stop trying to make problems out of nothing 🙄
FC SNSD , BẢO ANH , (2 months ago)
ESTOY LLORANDO, AHHHHH! Grité al escuchar la tonada alta de Jessica ES QUE POR DIOS, Taeyeon siempre ha sido mi fav, pero a Jessica le tengo gran aprecio, y escucharla aquí y ver esto es hermoso y doloroso, sin duda prefiero esta versión, es más perfecta con Jessica 💛💛💛
Depressed Potato (2 months ago)
All the girls looking mighty fine here
Rahmad Aditiya (2 months ago)
Taeyeon and Tiffany's hair is terrible 😂😂 thank God they reconsider about it in the official MV
Call me QUEEN (2 months ago)
Now 2018 I still miss Jessica Miss snsd 9
Anei ._. (2 months ago)
Honestly, it's been 3 years but SNSD just isn't the same. Even now, three members have left SM so idk when SNSD will have a comeback. I find it so hypocritical that the three members that left SM are still counted as SNSD members and will probably still release music with them, but then they went and kicked out Jessica for doing her own thing. It's so idiotic. Ugh, I can never get over this because Jessica was my fave member (along with Hyoyeon).
fuzz buzz (2 months ago)
I don’t understand but when did they film the mv with jessica didn’t she left the group way before the catch me if you can comeback.Or did SM kindly ask jessica to be in the music video,I really dont get it but if someone could explain did to me I’ll gladly appreciate it 😁 (Edited) P.S I just noticed there was jessica in the video
mesh5000 (2 months ago)
i understand sica was going to be part of a comeback with this as a first single then a planned hiatus on her end with divine being her last song then a planned ot8 so sica can focus on her fashion brand b&e. midway through the launch she decided to not go with the planned hiatus i guess and sm already spent money on this japanese version and the divine video, so she got nixed. they had to redo the whole cmiyc single without her but kept the divine single and video and used it for the new single instead. hence there is no live performance of divine or cmiyc with jessica except for this video.
Jeanne Morona (2 months ago)
I can't believe SM had to reshot the whole thing when Jessica left 🤦‍♀️
Lara Martins (2 months ago)
It’s in japanese?
Taesic Love W.y (5 days ago)
Duy Bùi Khánh (2 months ago)
9 > 8 > 5 "9" Endless & Forever
iRUSS (2 months ago)
Why they didn’t put out this version!! I’m so sad 😞
Ayu Simamora (2 months ago)
Desta Aristandi (2 months ago)
I hope more Jessica ft Snsd again
anonomyss (2 months ago)
Hm... did they shoot one with Jessica and one without Jessica on the same day? Did they know this was going to happen?
MiSO is my religion (19 days ago)
No. Jessica's version was recorded on April. Ot8 on November. Also taeyeon's hyoyeon's and sunny's hair styles are different in both version...
JMICHAEL ALGRBS_06 (3 months ago)
When you pause at 3:40 there are 9 members but when you play it the members will turn in to 8 members😔 Jessica is gone in 3:45 🙁😔😭😭
NTH (3 months ago)
i miss jessi so much.,.............
Pham Huy (3 months ago)
Monicka Iturralde (3 months ago)
Missing them so much. The complete SONE. :'(
This is too much hurting myself 😑
Samsung g610f (3 months ago)
Did someone ever count the member on the ending pose? I just see 8 of them
JULIO CESAR (3 months ago)
seeing this in 2018, and thinking all the feelings from jessica before her forced departure and this video as a post mortem video because jessica is no longer ever :( too hard, more than tiffany, sooyoung and seohyun departures because they following with the friendship with taeyeon, sunny, hyoyeon, yuri and yoona but not with jessica :(
Yani Dove (3 months ago)
have anybody ever noticed that towards the ending & little parts of it that jessica’s missing? & then when it ended there’s only 8 instead of 9.
CMV K-Pop (3 months ago)
パンダ (3 months ago)
Hold jessica If I can
Hyoyeon is amazing
ChuSoo Kpop (4 months ago)
So ot9 made a Japanese ver, of this song with Jessica but SM kicked out Jessica before they made the Korean ver
dhyun JYP (4 months ago)
I miss Jessica
Thitiwan Pp (4 months ago)
Oh my God Taeyeon's voice + Jessica's Voice so wonderful I don't know why the fuck SM ent. Did that
ZomBee (4 months ago)
SOOOOO much better with Jessica
Taesic Love W.y (4 months ago)
Miss Jessica 😭😭😭😭
lalala ti (4 months ago)
How did jess got there??
Anne Justine (4 months ago)
My heart is aching...I still expect for them to be complete again😔
Aarushi Chauhan (4 months ago)
My dream comes true I actually listen this song 2 days ago and I am continuously thinking about how the video would be if instead of 8 there would be 9 members and suddenly I saw this
TWICE Little Mix (4 months ago)
Jessica 🍭💞
Jess Montano (5 months ago)
Ot9 forever ❤
Jasmine Le (5 months ago)
This was the same as the music video without Jessica But this has Jessica
maireen balibalos (5 months ago)
I really miss jessica😭😭
Siwon's Armpit Hair (5 months ago)
i miss ot9
Juno Boy (5 months ago)
This is make me so sad because the other mv without Jessica 😒
Aditi Jain (5 months ago)
I want the old snsd
Luis Bravo (5 months ago)
I don’t care what anyone says, Jessica looks fierce af! And that high note! Girl she freaking slayed !
Maisa Panganiban (5 months ago)
It is true?
Maisa Panganiban (5 months ago)
Yup...... I think last video with jessica
3:40 last scene where we can see them all 9
3:21 😢😍😩😭
hirai luiz andré (6 months ago)
Inflatable Arm (6 months ago)
i love you sica, also ot8/ot9 😁
Bts Angela (6 months ago)
Jessica 😍❤️
alonzo quill (6 months ago)
jessica :I don't wanna go stark/ no me quiero ir :'v
John Mark Villena (6 months ago)
I still miss this I miss you Jessica This mv is actually song for Japanese Fans of SNSD that's why it's only Japan not Korean and this song is comeback concert or gift on snsd's the best live at Tokyo. As you can see the face of SNSD Is different from the new Korean version of it and this mv was made 2014 but it takes 8months to reshoot it and they made it Korean version for their comeback 2015 PS: English is not my Fave subject sorry for my grammars ehehehe😂😂
Frank Lee (6 months ago)
The group is fine without Jess but She seems so dead whenever I see her on some TV show. Even on her Instagram she seems so sad and alone....I hope all the SM groups that have lost members have some sort of reconciliation down the road and are able to work together again. Maybe when Lee Soo Man is gone, they can all do some sort or super reunion show
Linh Ngốc (6 months ago)
I miss Jessica's voice 😭😭
mattyry38 (6 months ago)
Does anyone know if ALL of SNSD has 'proficiency' in Japanese (and I mean all Kirakata, hiragana & hanj?) Based on their language abilities were not great with English, as Korea apennds more than your language better than you. Saving$Billions on Walmart chair for you? Seems rather than just a showcase of directed towards Jessica/Tiffany.
Blue Subliminals (4 months ago)
mattyry38 Katakana* Kanji*.
Jia Cheon (6 months ago)
다시 보니 제시카 대강하는게 티난다
alfia snr (6 months ago)
This mv more good with jessica
G7SK18 (6 months ago)
Y yo siempre diré, Jessica era mucha competencia para Taeyeon y Taeyeon opto por sacarla. Débil. :'v
Marie Beatrize (6 months ago)
손주연 (7 months ago)
Snsd be like: Delete Me If You Can
Shela Alyssa (7 months ago)
Cuz i'm a fan TTS😍😍😍😍
Shela Alyssa (7 months ago)
But i'm kinda angry at her because when Jessica left, the SM voted that Jessica will leave and all fans of Jessica bashed taeyeon😭😭😭😭😭😭
Shela Alyssa (7 months ago)
Why did SM deleted this😭😭😭😭😭

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