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Why Pakistan Punjab much larger than Indian Punjab ?

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GYAN INFO (5 months ago)
one error in video = Mughal arab se nhi balke mangolia , cental Asia se the
Sumit Singh Bisht (1 month ago)
Babur was defeated and ousted from his hometown in samarkand,Uzbekistan by his uncles and his sister was kept as war booty he marched to afghanistan but due to massive poverty in afghanistan he could not stay there for long then marched to east and an invitation by governor of lodhi he decided to go on a war with Ibrahim Lodi with his governor ..
Bhai history ki Kitaab ki har ek sabd theek se pardna chahiye tha. Mughal Arab se aye the aur Mongol empire Mongolia se shuruu huwa tha. Genghis Khan ho us waqt is Mongol empire ke samraat the wo ek kafir tha Mussalmaan nahin. Khan aur Sikander (Alexander) jaise naam se kafir Muslim nahin ho jata.
Abhishek Sharma (2 months ago)
Ek aur punjab ki capital chandigarh hai
I Proud Pakistan (2 months ago)
Bata koi sai kam ha to kar varna YouTube sa dafa ho ja Pakistan 🇵🇰 Zindabad China 🇨🇳 Zindabad India Murdabad...
BABBAR (1 day ago)
I’m not happy and agree india did divide Punjab in 3 part. Last 70 years Punjab divide 4 times
ALI RAJPOOT (2 days ago)
Main ak pakistani hu kuch chand logon ki waja se Pakistan ka or India ka naam badnaam hai par bro har banda ak jesa nhi hota hai mari Jo souch hai woh hai ka kash ham ak watan hote kash
Bhutta Singh (3 days ago)
I may live abroad but i always go to my punjab i love punjab cant wait to move there
Bhutta Singh (3 days ago)
Wahe guru wahe guru punjab greatest land in the world
Gurinder Singh (3 days ago)
Bc pehle ache se study kar fir bol. Pehli baat ye bol k Sikh konse jungle mei rehte they Punjab mei jungle kaha hai be. Sari jameen upjaoo hai
Rana Hamad (3 days ago)
Love together punjab
Samarjit Deb (4 days ago)
The video has many wrong information
Naveed Gul (5 days ago)
Pakistani pujab be abi devide ho ga janabi punjab and punjab
Majidsatti Satti (5 days ago)
Problem ya hui sardar sekh bunjabi me koi ledr nahi tha Aur hindu Nyta thy jo wo khali hindu k liye sochty thy baki bar me Jain os waqat sb ko Loli pop dy k Apne sath mila liya bad me sb ko samj aya k ya hamary sath kia huwa tha mtlb sekh daram ki shorwat he pakistan punjab se hui Aur un k sb se bary Guro Nanak sb b pakistan punjab me dafan hin Aur india k sekh yahn Aty hin visa ly k waaaaa kia socha hindu Nyta ne sekhyon k liye
Kash pakistan aur hindustan ko kabhi partician ki jarurat na padti sukun ki jindgi jeene ke liye.ab bhi koi khush nahi hain . Ise kehte hain apno se apno ki ladai. Chalak angrez😑. Lekin akal to ham me honi chahiye thi hume pata hona chahiye tha na aj tak unhone isi tarh se hum pr raj kiya . Ab kya kahoo kuch bhi nahi badal sakta na😔
yoo yooo singh (6 days ago)
purii maachodo desh ko baat baat ke madarchoad gandhii pura india ko hi beach do
Shehrey Ansari (6 days ago)
Divide and Rule is an Excuse.. Secondly, further division administrative basis pa honi chahiye. Small provinces means more capitals, more development, more facilities.
Shehrey Ansari (6 days ago)
Pakistan Zindabad British didn't divide us, stop Excuses. Pakistan was essential.
OMNI FUN (7 days ago)
Koi Lahore layna chahta Hai Pakistan say to ajae we are waiting. 🔥 We want to repeat 1965 and make another Indians tanks grave yard as MAKED in 1965 at sailkot. And search out at Google world bravest army you will come to know about your father. 🇵🇰Pakistan,ISI,Pak army zindabad
Sukha Ravi (7 days ago)
Eh gall ta har ik nu pta hi aa
sukh preet (8 days ago)
Dividation of punjab because they dnt want sikh majority more in number so policy is cut the punjab and reduce sikh majority area
Hz (9 days ago)
Jalandhr, Hoshyarpur, Grdaspur, Ptyala, Shimla Punjab mn shamil thy. Dehli bhi .
Syed Nihan Patel (9 days ago)
Pehle khud knowledge gain Kar Bhai ...
Anonymous (9 days ago)
Gandu gandhne bedagarg kita
hbainsmd (10 days ago)
Your information is inaccurate and you have very limited knowledge of Punjab and it’s inhabitants. Sikhs and Hindus were in majority in many districts of Pakistan punjab but we’re moved to Indian part of punjab. It is maharajah Ranjit Singh not Maharana Ranjit Singh. Punjabi’s asked for a Punjabi state not a Sikh state but Nehru and his affiliates misconstrued the facts and presented it as if Sikhs were asking for a Sikh state and I order to reduce the influence of Sikhs divided punjab into 3 states not only that he also limited the entry of Sikhs in the arm forces to less than 2% and also stipulated no Sikh can be a army chief,ruling reversed by Atalanta Bihari Vajpayee. Sikhs still makes 17% of the Indian arm forces.Indian leaders could have easily saved punjab from going into Pakistan but they did not.Infact punjab assembly at that time voted against it and the governor was a Muslim. Nehru removed majority of the army Sikh generals or got them killed. 80% of the names of Indian freedom fighter in kala pani in a Andaman and Nicobar islands are Sikhs. All Sikh gurus have sacrificed their lives to preserve our India culture and our Hindu brothers.
Lovepreet GILL (10 days ago)
Now the india want the water and chandigarh of Punjab to haryana wow!! abbe bas karo behh 😥😢😟😰😨😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬
jo pepe (11 days ago)
Mughals were not arabs
Sudipto Chakma (11 days ago)
Bangladesh ki CHT bi india mein hona wala ta but unfortunately wo aabi bangladesh mein hay
Khushnam Kashif (11 days ago)
Sameer Umar (11 days ago)
Pakistan ka state blachistan hai
Ayesha malik (11 days ago)
Indiam pumjab bne ga pakistan bht jald.,sidhu bi chahta hun
Kashif Samsung (12 days ago)
Wahi Guru ka khuab tha Khalistan , jisme Lahore samet Indian Punjab ho, ab Dekhna ye hai ke Sikh Community Khalistan Kab banaty hain jiska Capital Lahore hoga , Baki Rahi baat Pakistani punjab ki to Wo 3 Province me batyga, 1. Punjab Province , 2 Saraiki Province jo wahanke makami hain, 3.Hindko province ye Bhi wahanke makami hain .
Dilipsinh Chand (15 days ago)
These all muslims are vonverted muslim ..they all were hindus b4...how can you give a while country ...to them....original muslims are only from soudi arabia..rest are all converted shits
Dilipsinh Chand (15 days ago)
Indian politician were in so hurry to become pm and get independent that they did not deal well and gave up good territory..to pak..they should have given bengal and bangladesh
Rizwan Tv (16 days ago)
Pakistan main 70%Punjabi boly jati hai proud to be a Punjabi from lahore pakistan
Aryan Sharma (17 days ago)
@46 proved you have no knowledge oh history. Mughals from Arabia? Seriously?
VARINDER SINGH (18 days ago)
Sala bevkoof
Saith Bilal (18 days ago)
Pakistan Jinda Bad Jinda Bad
My Love Song (18 days ago)
*Lahor Indian panjab ka h 😡😡😬😬😬😠😠😠* Hum la langa
Ravi jatt (19 days ago)
Khalistan jindabad
Muhammad Aslam (19 days ago)
Punjabi border day jairay pasay wi raway, ohdi zaban ik rehen sehen ik Tay sochaan wi ik, asein saray pain para waan
Muhammad Aslam (19 days ago)
We believe in unity.
Every thing for Ū (21 days ago)
Totally wrong bhardy
Every thing for Ū (21 days ago)
Sanjha Punj aab
George Brown (21 days ago)
Indian Punjab was divided on the basis of language in 1966 -Sikh wanted Punjabi as state language. A censor was carried out - Many large section of Punjabi Hindu,s decided to record their mother spoken language as Hindi - Based on this information - Punjab was divided in 3 parts - Punjab -majority Punjabi speaking , rest two parts - Himachal Pradesh and Haryana. Because of discrimination against Punjabi , areas where population was 50/50 of punjbi and Hindi - those ares we given to HP and Haryana , even at the objection of PUNJAB government... Congress at that time discriminated against Punjabi Sikhs, this was done behind closed doors and had the power do anything, as India was new union state.
nice sandy (21 days ago)
Madarchod the india ke Neta
Parkash Sidhu (22 days ago)
Veer s nerru di chaal c angrej tan dowe punjab da alaag desh den nu teyaar c baki rhi hreayana te himachal di gl a v indian government di e chaal aa kyonke punjab e aa jo india da 50% food denda water dinda sonu a gl pta howegi k 50 saal ho gye hr saal punjab ton raj. Hay. Nu 22000 crore da pani free janda j punjab da alag desh bnda tan india de ki state soka paoju a sari chaal c y (mainu jo theek lgeya likhta ok veer reply jrur dewi mainu pta tuc jada jandevhowoge
Parkash Sidhu (22 days ago)
Veer s nerru di chaal c angrej tan dowe punjab da alaag desh den nu teyaar c baki rhi hreayana te himachal di gl a v indian government di e chaal aa kyonke punjab e aa jo india da 50% food denda water dinda sonu a gl pta howegi k 50 saal ho gye hr saal punjab ton raj. Hay. Nu 22000 crore da pani free janda j punjab da alag desh bnda tan india de ki state soka paoju a sari chaal c y (mainu jo theek lgeya likhta ok veer reply jrur dewi mainu pta tuc jada jandevhowoge
Gurpreet Singh (22 days ago)
Gandhi family sirf ek ganda keeda
Akshay Dogra (9 days ago)
Singh family loda lasan or ha khalistan apni ma ki chut mai bna lena
Mohit Chaudhary (10 days ago)
Pr eh jinna mrji zor la len, Khalistan tan banna e banna h
Mohit Chaudhary (10 days ago)
Ehna kutteyan ne apne sikhan da alag suba ban ne de darr ton Sade Punjab de vi 3 totte kar ditte
Mohit Chaudhary (10 days ago)
Bilkul sahi gall a vr
Shahid Mushtaq (23 days ago)
Ab kitna punjab choda hai india main, india ny punjab ko divide kiya 3 statez main, inn video ky map main HP, haryana aur modern punjab combine hai.
banjab ko kamjor ne ka sajish kiya tha aur aaj bhi ho raha hai aur kal bhi hua tha kyu ke himachal haryana ko alag karne ka bhi sajish tha
Adriano Lombardo (25 days ago)
payal mishra (25 days ago)
Very sad....
Palvinder Singh (26 days ago)
i am from himachal. and my language is similar to punjabi.(80 - 90% approx). but different accent, i can understand with very ease.
dxb 2 dxb (27 days ago)
Why you cut Haryana and Himachal from east Punjab..?
Prince Charly (27 days ago)
sumitbaddon05 (28 days ago)
Punjab seperation was seperation of a heart. Lahore will alreays be vapital of Punjab. We hope politicians resolve issues so we can easily travel both side.
AMIT SAHU (29 days ago)
Actually punjab afgan or central Asia side he jha turk rhete the jise ki Turkish invaderss se in tribalss pathans ki war battle hoti rhti thi .....mughals to us smay 17 Cen tk khaaatmme ki trf the pir janam hota he khalasa panth ka raja rnjit Singh ji dwara
Syed Aqeel (26 days ago)
Mughals were arabs, grave historical error... they were Turko-Mongols...Sikhs drey away Afghans, not Mughals... correct yourself Paaji
micky virus (30 days ago)
We will kill all sikh and muslim terrorist ..
Qasim Ali (1 month ago)
i have been reading the comments. tey main dekhya hai hi ke some hindus tellian machis dian la rahy nai te sikh emotional ho rahy ne. assi ek rab nou mandy hain, sikho is da khyal rako ke tusi ve ek rab nou mananda ho! Arabi vich onu Allah akhdy hain!
Qasim Ali (1 month ago)
pakistan zindabad! Although the violence by both sikhs and muslims during the migration was wrong. yet im glad that pakistan was created. those that say that indians and pakistanis are same, they are very wrong! we are very diffrent in our principals, rules and more due to religion. its an ongoing stuggle and we will have peace between india and pakistan one day inshallah.
Leisure Club (1 month ago)
Khalistan Zindabaad
M Kabir (1 month ago)
India kabhi bhi aik united mulk nahi raha is ku Mughal aur angrezon nay bandoq ki nook par united rakha ju kay bilkul aik unnatural act tha..India kisi aik nation ka mulk nahi is liyah is ku bat kr rehna hai...
M Kabir (1 month ago)
Azadi kay waqat Pakistan mein Punjabi zada nahi thay bulkay Bengali zada thay apni tareekh ku sahi karein
Shagandeep Singh (1 month ago)
Yes hamara Punjab banta ha or Pakistan ka Punjab nhi banta
aleem afzal (27 days ago)
Rinku Hura (1 month ago)
Rocky Singh saab (1 month ago)
Sub saa jadha nuksan Sikh aur punjab kaa howa
mikejohn1978 (1 month ago)
0.40 Mughal from Arabs? you call this research?!
Muhammad SAJID (1 month ago)
Pakistan k 13 bray city indian punjab main hain wo pakistan ko mily hi nhi hain taqseem main bohat dandi mary gai the hindo ki tarf se
Mukesh Jaswal (1 month ago)
Punjab ko divide krna sikhon ko khatam krne ki sajish thi tbi pakistan ko sirf hindu muslim ki ldaai bna k rkha h aaj b desh k politician is hindu muslim k formula use kr rhe h
Mukesh Jaswal (1 month ago)
Ek bar padke dekho 47 se abi tk kya kya khel khele h sarkar k hmaare khilaaf
Mukesh Jaswal (1 month ago)
Me to yahi kehna chahta hu ki punjab ko ek krke pehle jesa usko j&k state ki trh special status milna chahiye tbi milegi sikhon ko unki aazadi
Haider Farooq (1 month ago)
Ya sab Pakistan ka hai
Haider Farooq (1 month ago)
Ya sab jalal u din Muhammad Akbar sa jeeta tha
Jagjit Lali (1 month ago)
Jagjit Lali (1 month ago)
indian govt baimani sikh realison ko week karn liya or sikh leader bewaqufy punjab divide
ch Asghar Ali (1 month ago)
Pakistan be hamara hi kashmeer be hamra hi khalistan be hamara hi inshah allah india ke hal roosh ki trah ho gaa
Bilal Shaha (1 month ago)
Thakur ji aaryo ke bare me ek vdo bnao
First Jo log khalistan maang rahe hai use ek question kya aap log religion based country chahte ho to yeh btao Sikh ek religion hai ya nh
S.A Bhatti (1 month ago)
Pakistan ka bara hay , India ka chota hay 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 it’s pure luck bro 😅😅😅 Mughals were not Arab , Mughals are from generation of Mongols (Chengez Khan). Pakistani Punjab is bigger because some big states were merged into Punjab, for example Bahawalpur which was rule by Nawab of Bahawalpur was merged into Punjab. Punjab , Kashmir , Rajhastan and part of Sindh should have been made a 3rd country between India and Pakistan, to koi jang he naa hoti.
Varsha Sharma (1 month ago)
I just wish tht kassshhh hm sab ek ho jaaayeee.......... Kaaasssshhh ye dushmani khtm ho jaayeee...... Ye jo politics or media ne hmare beech diwar khdi kri h vo mit jaayee..... Kaash hindustan or pakistan ek hi jaayeee..... Kaash ye kashmir ke liye you ladna or begunaah logo ka khoon bhana bnd ho jaaye..... Kaash unka 14th August or 15th August ek ho jaayee..... I just wish tht ham sab ek hojaayyyweee😔😔😔😔 I m an Indian nd honestly i just wish tht hm sab ek ho jaayeee....... Aakhirkaar h to dono mulk me khuda ke hi bnde na to fir kyu hm...... Khair choriye
Himesh Pathak (1 month ago)
oye dimag set ah na tera
yadav GuRuG! (1 month ago)
khalistan ki rajdhani lahore thi pahele pakistan me to khalistan banao fir bharat se le lena yrr ham bura nahi manega q ki tum bale hindu nam rakhate ho lekin tum hindu nahi....lahore to chhino pakistan se insaaalllah khalistan ban jayega..
Kulwant Maan (1 month ago)
Khalistan se koi dekkat nahi per hindustan hi kyu Pakistan me bhi Punjab h vha per bhi khalistan ki mang karo kyu khalistan to tabhi banega jab pura Punjab ek hoga aaj bhi pakistani ye coment me sikh bhaiyo ko bol rha h ki hindustan vale Punjab me khalistan banao kya ve ye bhi bolege ki Pakistan me bhi Punjab he vha bhi khalistan banao sikh bhaiyo samjdari se kam lo ye Pakistan valo ki chal he
AZHAR DUMKA (1 month ago)
Chutiya bana raha
arunachali info group (1 month ago)
Shivjot Singh (1 month ago)
Khalistan zindab
Taher Bohra (1 month ago)
I love punjab and Punjabi
Wundabar Klaus (1 month ago)
The Mughals were Turks.
R Real Rehal (1 month ago)
pave pakistan da punjab a pave india da sade lyi ta punjab ek hi a jo sade guru ne bnaya c pave ehna ne punjab nu alag karta par baba nanak ji sanu alag nhi hun duge kbi v waheguru sab dekh rhe a
Akansha Singh (1 month ago)
Chutiye punjab ki capital chandigarh h
Amit Choudhary (1 month ago)
Pakistan me abhi bhi kuch sikhs bche hai?? Hindu sikhs bechare in pakistan.
Amit Choudhary (1 month ago)
Sikh hindustan ki shan hai love you brothers
Mrtza Mrtza (1 month ago)
Sub dua karo humain milnay ka moqa day khuda yeh sub ladaie hakomton ki hay buss
Mrtza Mrtza (1 month ago)
Fazool bahs say guraiz karna chahyay
Jigyasu Mittal (1 month ago)
nadim ahmad (1 month ago)
मेरे जानकारी के मुताबिक भारत को लगा कि पंजाब में खालिस्तान की मांग उठ रही है तो भारत ने पंजाब को तीन भागों में बांट दिया जिससे सिख लोगो को एक कूटनीतिक तोर पर कमजोर कर दिया गया। और ये भारत मुल्क के लिये सही भी है क्योंकि भारत के अंदर एक अलग देश खालिस्तान कैसे बन सकता है। कभी नही बनना चाहिये और खालिस्तान ही नही कोई भी नया देश नही बनना चाहिय। ये सिर्फ सरकार या आर्मी की जिम्मेदारी नही बल्कि हमारी भी जिम्मेदारी है। हिंदुस्तान जिन्दाबाद।
mr. death ray (1 month ago)
Hindi language area is haryana Punjabi language area is punjab Tibetam , pahadi and hindi languages area is himachal pradesh.
mr. death ray (1 month ago)
Divide by language in india.
BIGG Brother (1 month ago)
Jo Sikh hinduo ko apna samjhte hai unka sukriya aur Jo paraya samjhte hai unka ma ka bhosda.. paresan ho gye madarchodon ke Karan..jabrjasti kisi ko gle nii lagana chahiye
Baldev Singh (1 month ago)
गंदी सोच
Rana Amir (1 month ago)
Punjab wandya ni wadhya gya wa..n
Jaani Haider (1 month ago)
Main Pakistan sy hun I think ab Pakistan ka Punjab Bada Hai
Amir Mughal (1 month ago)
mughals were not arabs they were mangols mangolian ..
mera shinka (1 month ago)
India k punjab ko 3 tukddon main isliye divide kia gaya k just in case agar Khalistan banta hay to Sikhon ki country chhoti se chhoti ho Yehi chaal in logon nain chali Jab Babri Masjid ko shaheed kia 1991 main to baad main 2 Diiffernt hindu religious groups ko agay laya gaya K Ap claim karo k Babri Masjid ki Jagha 1200 saal pehlay Hindu Mander hua kartay thay Hindu Court Nain Faisila 3 groups k Haq main de dia Jin main 2 Hindu aur 1 Muslim group tha So Babri Masjid ko bhi 3 parta main divide kar dia gaya Sikhon k indian Punjab ki tarah
Mr. Beans (1 month ago)
+mera shinka Boli jati hongi but agar tum india ko dekho yaha har state jaise tamil nadu me tamil, kerala me malyalam, andra me telgu, gujrat me gujrati, maharashtra me marathi hariyana me haryanvi, himachal me pahari, bengal me bengali etc etc boli jati h. Har country ki apni apni policy hoti h.. Jis time punjab state divide hui us time koi khalistan issue nai tha..
mera shinka (1 month ago)
Dear is main naraz honay wali kia baat hay Apko fact bataya hay Pakistani punjab main 5 languages boli jati hain Saraiki punjabi pothohari HindKo aur pashto Ham nain to divided nhn kia Pakistani punjab ko
Mr. Beans (1 month ago)
Indian states ethnicity k basis par divide hue h..
Mr. Beans (1 month ago)
Tujhey bada pata h???
Jashan Singh (1 month ago)
Punjab Sadie jaan
A.B SINGH (1 month ago)
Gurdeep Singh (1 month ago)
A.B SINGH Khalistan zindabad

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