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[STATION] 유리 X 서현 'Secret' MV

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SM STATION's new track “Secret”, sung by Yuri and Seohyun, has been released. Listen and download on iTunes & Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play Music: Coming Soon! Girls' Generation Official http://girlsgeneration.smtown.com http://www.youtube.com/GIRLSGENERATION http://www.facebook.com/girlsgeneration http://twitter.com/girlsgeneration [STATION] 유리 X 서현 'Secret' MV ℗ S.M.Entertainment
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Text Comments (12842)
Muhammad Sidiq (1 hour ago)
Shallom Gratia (1 day ago)
OMG i want back to era snsd are the best of the best
FY L (3 days ago)
Muhammad Ichsan (3 days ago)
LDN noise served an awesome dance track as always.
ruin3three 3 (4 days ago)
Is this what people mean when they use the word "sexy"???
ROSE lisa (4 days ago)
am fun kurdistan ilove snsd
liquidpersuasion (5 days ago)
seohyun is like your friend's little sister who grew up to be super hot
Patii :3 (5 days ago)
puput pipi (8 days ago)
9M this year
Dael Gonzales (8 days ago)
8,899,516👭👑👑 queens
Larmar Khamon (10 days ago)
Keep fighting !! ❤Yuri ❤SNSD
yulhyun forever (11 days ago)
Happy birthday yuri unnie💞💞😘🎂
not myname (11 days ago)
I love that first turn they do
hey ho (11 days ago)
kepo lo (12 days ago)
kaya iklan shampoo wkwkk
Bazsigood (13 days ago)
ooooo, 2 of my fav snsd members together yessss!!! How come I didn't even know about this till now?!?!?! :))))
cheesy alfredo (14 days ago)
is it just me or does rosé resemble a little bit of rosé? they’re both visually stunning
Christine Robles (15 days ago)
oh my heart! c'mon yuri-yahh dont do this to me <3
Stanford Lee (15 days ago)
Lee young ae
Emyly Lindgren (15 days ago)
o mundo começou a desandar quando vcs nao deram devido valor a essa obra de arte
Michael Castillo (16 days ago)
Zippy TheChicken (21 days ago)
They are a powerful pair... they should have done a lot more together... they play well off each other
Jena. Lee (24 days ago)
Sophia Tse (29 days ago)
My love, KWON YURI.
idk (1 month ago)
Seohyun Yuri love
pampam stepph07 (1 month ago)
Thats secret of pantene
hope dean (1 month ago)
How on earth was this 2016? It seems like something that would have come out in 2014-15
Yoni Pumper HD (1 month ago)
Whos go for 2019?????????????
Bibisbeautypalace ist (1 month ago)
Tori H (1 month ago)
yuri QUEEN (1 month ago)
S💖ne WATCH !!!!
sitges Puddings (1 month ago)
노래가 구림 .. 이거 컨펌한 새끼 누구임 ㅡㅡ
Hatsune miku (1 month ago)
I love how SM managed to make Yuri's and Seohyun's first project as solo artists a fuxking commercial venture. Like wtf ???
mandu YUL #GG4eva (1 month ago)
love my girls❣
Clarke Alter (1 month ago)
me at 1:40 and 2:00 : YURI YOU CAN RIDE ME 😍😍🏍️🏍️🏍️💦😵
JAM (1 month ago)
Young Choi (1 month ago)
뭔 개업행사곡을 줬냐
Shwimmy Wimmy (1 month ago)
i’m already confused which is which because they look alike and then i’m gifted this
JAM (1 month ago)
gotchu fam
Shwimmy Wimmy (1 month ago)
JAM thank you!
JAM (1 month ago)
light brown hair is Yuri, black hair is Seohyun
재원김 (1 month ago)
단순 아리따움만 놓고보면 솟 뮤비중에 이게 갑 ㄷㄷ
yulhyun forever (1 month ago)
Black pearl and maknae my forever favorite I love them both💞💞💞
ελλεν V. (1 month ago)
I get a severe 2000s vibe. The dance is tbh lame, cmon they can dance give them a better choreography
I Am Jerry (1 month ago)
2:25 Yuri is so sexy!!!😱😱😱😍😍😍
I Am Jerry (1 month ago)
Vocal : Seohyun👑 Dance : Yuri👑 😍😍😍
율권유리 (1 month ago)
Ellalala (1 month ago)
Bibili na ba ako ng pantene? HAHAHA
Cherry Blossom (1 month ago)
Nando araya herrera (2 months ago)
tanyajoy celis (2 months ago)
Yuri😍😍ayoko kay seohyun😡
Lamyy Jj (2 months ago)
Hanh Nguyễn (2 months ago)
Yuri ❣️❣️
Been a SONE for 3 years, I never knew my girl Yuri could slay like that.
it feels great when most of the comment appreciating yuri. we all know that seohyun has a lot of fans and yuri is underrated in snsd. yuri is slaying now. my two bias🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
my two bias .the innocent and the seductive in snsd.. my ULtimate bias is seohyun.
Cheryl Dobbins (2 months ago)
Just because Seohyun doesn't show her sexy side all the time doesn't mean she's not sexy. She showed she could be very sexy in her Magic stages.Sexy can be defined as alluring,seductive,sensual and sultry and I think her Magic stages sum that up.
Aemin Zia (2 months ago)
The only commercial song I like ❤️💖
Amced Bernardo (2 months ago)
Why's this song not in superstar smtown?
GOLDEN SONE (2 months ago)
2018 ❤ *10M* ❤
A Y (2 months ago)
winsome (2 months ago)
Maryam Razzack (2 months ago)
Yuri and Seohyun are such an unusual but fantastic combination 💕🔥
Kishiya San (2 months ago)
Sones! Our Yuri~ah's debut solo album is out!! Please help stream "Into you" & make our Queen happy. Soo young said Yuri is nervous for her first album so let's show our support guys! Go go go sones!!
Carlos Romero (2 months ago)
How did I just find this song and I can't lie it was by accident looking for Yuri's Into You song This song is honestly super catchy
Awieredi AhWee (2 months ago)
Thumbs Up!Greetings from KK Sabah,Malaysia🇲🇾💝🇲🇾🤗
Ar Sy (2 months ago)
Pliss live Performance SECRET or realeased Dance Practice SECERET
gdmxia (2 months ago)
I'm back from Yuri's Into You bcs i don't know i think my soul already sold to this bop......
germany906 (2 months ago)
gdmxia me too...
Sunayan Gurung (2 months ago)
They both look alike 😯 💖
Asad Ali (2 months ago)
Yuri looks awsome
tina Như (2 months ago)
marco (2 months ago)
Just found this gem. Snatched 2 years late. 😭💎🌼
Lou Sone (2 months ago)
2018 anyone? 💜
MY Rap (2 months ago)
John Ver Paneda (2 months ago)
seohyun+lamborghini= woaahhh gorgeous
John Ver Paneda (2 months ago)
I love pantene!!!
Johana Umpat (2 months ago)
October 2018 ?
Ika Agustina (2 months ago)
I think this music live genre t-ara right??
Ingrid BRIANA (2 months ago)
yuri and seohyun sister omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cookie (2 months ago)
talk about a high quality commercial
ArdAxe (2 months ago)
On first acquaintance with group i thought, that they are sisters. It was be 4th 'Phantasia' in Tokyo.
Khadi Dja (2 months ago)
2018 ?
sowon nochu (2 months ago)
Pantene commercial 😂
Mur Yati (2 months ago)
Yuri sexy n beauty💘 Seohyun beauty n polos💖
Meng two (2 months ago)
🐖看妹妹漏点小视频➕微信girL6393🐘🐂的疯疯癫癫的f t y hu
momomo mo (2 months ago)
언제 냈대 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 첨들어봄 ㅋ 그냥 천상지희다나랑 낸거 같은 병맛 노래인거같네요 ㅋㅋ 엘라스틴 광고보는줄 ㅋㅋ
Ku Pon (2 months ago)
I want to see Yuri solo single like this Yuri needs hard dance
lina marcela paez (2 months ago)
hermosa cancion
Go to 9 M.
ShinSlvrstv (2 months ago)
who's here after news about Yuri's solo?
Nhi Gia (2 months ago)
Secret 💋💋💋💋👄🗝🗝🗝🖼🕳
Yoong NuRi (2 months ago)
Đây là cf tôi xem nhiều nhất từ trước đến nay.
Alexandre mello (2 months ago)
Alexandre mello (2 months ago)
Alexandre mello (2 months ago)
Ange Crz (2 months ago)
Soshi Love (2 months ago)
ary loh (2 months ago)
yuri is so beautiful😍
KPOP9 (2 months ago)
8 727 357
Daniel Uk (2 months ago)
SM confirmed that Yuri will release her first solo album in October 🙌 Pls don’t let her flop and support her ❤️
Alexandre mello (2 months ago)
어라따 (2 months ago)
2년밖에안됬는데 이런거지같은노래갘ㅋㅋㅋ
G G (2 months ago)
둘이 유닛으로 언제 나왔었음? 왠지 광고 음악 같기도하고
지훈 (2 months ago)
CM송이래요 샴푸광고
Xica Chloe Jones (2 months ago)
The Maknae and The Sexy In GG!

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