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How Much Weight Can a Barbell Hold? | STRENGTH TEST

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We've seen dudes load up lots of weight on the bar and we've seen it bend a bit but have always wondered what it'd take to bend it in half. Solution? Load up the bar with thousands of pounds and see what it'd take to break the thing in half! Did we succeed? We definitely gave it our best shot. What should we test out in the future? Let us know! Buff Dudes / Fitness / How Much Weight Can a Barbell Hold Before it Bends?
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Text Comments (3363)
Pete Ruiz (20 hours ago)
ladyjohana arbelaez (1 day ago)
You tube música
Brandon B (1 day ago)
Probably made enough money off this video to buy yourself a new piece of equipment
Paul Barta (2 days ago)
In this video we destroy a perfectly good barbell for no damn reason. Like why? Give the barbell to someone looking to start a home gym or something
Warrior Spirit (2 days ago)
Killerash13 (3 days ago)
Stay buff? I like it!
Rich Lunz (3 days ago)
Wow don't throw it away try make a new sword and test how strong it can hold without breaking off . It challenge ! It like a car leaf spring it can make one of those too 😁
Andrew Crawford (4 days ago)
Why does that one guy look like Jim Hopper from stranger things?
Omzzz Z (4 days ago)
What the fuck you didn't even break the bar, what a fucking waste you dumbasses
0:43 have you pee yourself :)
Gill Lex (4 days ago)
0:22 he was one nanosecond from a brain explosion. He put so much preasure
PewDie Pie (5 days ago)
5:51 - 5:52 thanks me later
Kaitensatsuma (5 days ago)
Weird, I've seen a slight bend in the bars at Edge Fitness (New England Chain) at 495 (including the assumed 45lb bar). I wonder if the videos where you see them just go U-ie are bars that hadn't been replaced for some time and were some cheaper quality bars.
Your Mom (5 days ago)
Can it hold your hammer Thor????
christian walters (5 days ago)
I give the ropes more props than the bar lmao
Maykay.Jaykay Man (6 days ago)
For those metric people like me 1000lb = 454kg 1200lb = 544kg 1620lb = 735kg 1770lb = 803kg 2000lb = 907kg
Thememeking524 (6 days ago)
Congrats! You made a giant metal boomerang
That manatee can sure deadlift a lot
Vitalis Otene (7 days ago)
man that guy with the headband is hot as fuck, no homo
Wilhelm Lundgren (7 days ago)
Why are people acting all shocked that the straps held? Those nylon straps were rated at 2450 kgs (It could probably take even more as they have a safety marginal) and because the machine they used was a backhoe and not a dedicated loader, I'd guess the machine might not even be able to lift as much as the straps can take.
solomon goldsmith (8 days ago)
Shout out to thor
TeenGang (9 days ago)
I thought it would be Sam alone? Supernatural 😂😂😂🤷🏻‍♂️
julio iparraguirre (9 days ago)
Mas que ronnie coleman
Relapse Stars (10 days ago)
It’s not out of commission it’s just a big EZ bar now
ROBBINHOOD (11 days ago)
not surprised abt the barbells , but my God those straps used to hold the barbell , 😱😱😱
old man (11 days ago)
Shaggy can destroy the barbell without using his power
Fluto Fanta (11 days ago)
just simply ask the company that makes it.
Martin Strength (11 days ago)
How to make an extreme duffalo bar in 37 easy steps.
Kellen Allen (11 days ago)
They should’ve had 1 rope in the middle like a neck that bends it
Devon Shralpers (11 days ago)
I’ve literally seen this video like 5 times 😂
Fisnik Hajz (12 days ago)
Fake thump bitch
Emerald Gaming (12 days ago)
The real ogs are the ropes
TheKyle (13 days ago)
I think this vid makes what Eddie Hall did even more impressive
Kelvin Gartei (13 days ago)
Your made it like he was the one that lifted it. I don’t know what to believe anymore.
big beard (13 days ago)
You're not that buff tho
Kim Jong-un (13 days ago)
James Bryant Ramirez (13 days ago)
5:38 2tons
James Bryant Ramirez (13 days ago)
4:52 1.77 Tons 😱
Killer Kanary (13 days ago)
Phil swift can break it with 1% of his power
poptart man (13 days ago)
Buff dudes? Talk about egotistical
Ethan Gaming 1324 (13 days ago)
DJ Dj (13 days ago)
Christopher Stigson (13 days ago)
Thought those "pink dumbbells" at 1620 would do it. Disappointed :)
pak baits (13 days ago)
clickbait shet :P
Booty Jams (13 days ago)
So these Buff dudes have the same Max DL as Tom from Jujimufu?
Booty Jams (13 days ago)
Jordan Farmer Nono! If I remember correctly, Tom can deadlift well over 400... he picked up furious Pete’s 420 dumbbell like last year :)
Jordan Farmer (13 days ago)
Juji hit a 666lb deadlift. Your tripping
Emmanuel Trikha (14 days ago)
Usually bends yeaaah whenever i do my bench press 😌
Habib Ahmad (14 days ago)
£2,000 that's pretty amazing now I can definitely Trust my bench bar
Habib Ahmad (12 days ago)
Hahahahaha yeah I realised it once I sent the message then I was like oh shit lol
Michael Lavery (12 days ago)
Dude wut. Did you really just use British currency as a way of saying pounds because you were too lazy to write it?
Jonatan Olsén (14 days ago)
I am more impressed with the ropes holdibg the bar :p
TAIMOOR KHAN (14 days ago)
The image at the end
Matthew Lyman (14 days ago)
This guy would be Good Thor
Domo Brah (14 days ago)
Just gotta replace my arms, legs, and back with CAT hydraulic lifts and then I can beat Bjornson!
II Deathstar II (13 days ago)
Domo Brah ok saitama calm down...
Idonknow Konnow (14 days ago)
Long strip of cloth = more powerful than the bar.
The rope is the strongest
Nick Rambo (15 days ago)
Get legit steroids at www.us-domesticsupply.ws Bend any bar you want!
smiling pizza roll (15 days ago)
The barbell is now a dowsing rod
Alejandro Alfonso (15 days ago)
Estos vascos.... 😂
Nate Nizz (15 days ago)
Steel is malleable just like any other material. The thing about about steel is that it will bend a very long time before it breaks, and it will actually get stronger the more it bends up until that breaking point. That, compounded with the fact that its being bent into a stronger shape, a catenary curve, means that you had no hope of snapping the bar unless you began with an extremely heavy weight.
jay deep (15 days ago)
Why don't you simply use mks system?
Sawyer ? (15 days ago)
Sodagudi Rocks (15 days ago)
It bends at 4:50
Adan Jackson (15 days ago)
Shaggy at 10% of his power
kingspike 005 (15 days ago)
It didn't even break the chain broke... I can't even...
Toomas Adojaan (15 days ago)
kinda cringey
Ante Colo (15 days ago)
Or u could fins strenght of that steel on the internet....
Christian Rain (15 days ago)
can you do one but with the barbell breaking
Frelli SPB (16 days ago)
Alicia Merriman (16 days ago)
Brandon lookin like my mans chief Hopper stunt double from stranger things
adm 354 (16 days ago)
That second guys form makes my back hurt 😬
Siddharth Sharma (16 days ago)
Click bait
teto toreto (16 days ago)
forget the bar... How much can the straps hold before they tear?!?!
ernesto corona (11 days ago)
teto toreto shit one time in construction, a forklift lifted a 17 ft metal beams about 12 of them up in the air and one of the straps had a little tear and it was enough to snap. The beams fell about 30ft from the air destroying some scaffold
689Twin (16 days ago)
Thor’s bar was bending like a MF at the Arnold.
689Twin (10 days ago)
DCAFBoxingNoob yes, I’ve been following another thread about the same since the original comment. Still a mad lift but not taken the crown from Eddie IMVHO.
DCAFBoxingNoob (12 days ago)
Thor was using the elephant bar that bends like a MF and not a regular deadlift bar.
Enbirobear NevadaE.U. (16 days ago)
4.7 k feminazys didn’t like this vid
Trovem (16 days ago)
Shaggy can lift all of them with just one finger only using 0000,1 of his power
SirDeRp25 (17 days ago)
If KSI was white.
Matthew Klar (17 days ago)
Just imagine being able to dick around with your dad all day with some heavy weights and machinery
ROGS (17 days ago)
Only Americans do these kind of things.......only in ‘Merica this happens.
ROGS (17 days ago)
Ronnie did 800 and it didn’t bend guys come on you should know that and go from there..
KALAMITY GAME (17 days ago)
Damn !! Stupid dudes!!!!😬😑
Sam McLaurin (17 days ago)
Test a hex bar
just anotherone (17 days ago)
wasting a perfectly find barbell wtf? They couldve donated it
just anotherone (17 days ago)
Holy shit the first guy hand turned red LOL, i thought it was a red glove
mike laechelin (17 days ago)
These guys aren’t buff st all
William Fain (17 days ago)
That forklift needs to work on its form
Allen Dolberry (18 days ago)
put some flex seal on it to fix it
Ok2s (18 days ago)
I’m skinny af
TwoTsOnTheTrail (18 days ago)
What's the story of the maroon halfcab in the the background? I know it's an early Bronco between 70 - 76.
Ambrose T (18 days ago)
Pink Fong Fan 67000 (19 days ago)
My brother is weak And I’m so strong
Der Einzige (19 days ago)
Can anyone tell me how many kg this is
Timer 52 (17 days ago)
Well, let's say that 100 lbs is 50 kilograms, so 1770lbs :2= 885.So I guess it's 885 kilograms And 2000 lbs, yeah. Soo... 200 lbs is 100 kilograms times 10 = 1000 kg which is 1 tonne And you're welcome
antoine chatelain (19 days ago)
What the fuck? An old man who does that?
Aaron P (19 days ago)
Why 4.6k dislikes?
Landon.G !!! (19 days ago)
they used beak drumbs
Kaitlyn Moore (19 days ago)
U guys should have stood on the barbell will it had 2000 pd
HexQui Supreme (19 days ago)
More like buff retards, you dont deadlift using your back. You use your legs
GreenZone (19 days ago)
i think you should be embarrassed that your max is 495
Emir Aksoy (19 days ago)
Lets say it 1 tones
s1mple enigma (19 days ago)
I was gonna type "That thumbnail is gonna get you lot of views" then i saw the views already on the video lol, 9m as of now
Michael Clayton (19 days ago)
1000lbs isn’t Thors max. It’s 1045 on an elephant bar
Lil Dream (20 days ago)
Ik damn right those chains are not no 80 lbs
Caleb Taylor (20 days ago)
It saids how much it can hold on the bar

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