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How Much Weight Can a Barbell Hold? | STRENGTH TEST

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We've seen dudes load up lots of weight on the bar and we've seen it bend a bit but have always wondered what it'd take to bend it in half. Solution? Load up the bar with thousands of pounds and see what it'd take to break the thing in half! Did we succeed? We definitely gave it our best shot. What should we test out in the future? Let us know! Buff Dudes / Fitness / How Much Weight Can a Barbell Hold Before it Bends?
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Luis Fernando (1 hour ago)
moral of the story: you can use a tractor to lift weights more effectively... BTW the real hero here is that rope.
IRON MAN (1 hour ago)
Marko Štefan (6 hours ago)
Wtf??? Vw have 1200 kg Land rover jeep have 1800 kg
Tyler Jooste (10 hours ago)
put a cable to the test...how much force is needed to snap it
Yakuzo Armada (15 hours ago)
Barbell to boomerang
Dylan Davies (1 day ago)
How much weight could a barbell hold if a barbell could hold weight?
vishal yadav (1 day ago)
Its written on the package about weight which can be put on it.
Nebula 17 (1 day ago)
Why use a machine? Better call Ronnie Coleman to get up that Weight, or i could better say light weights...
Waitathu T.V (2 days ago)
They should have called me to lift those weights instead of burning Gas. 🤗
Rushed (2 days ago)
Doing a basic knowledge test. Do you guys think a person can deadlift 500lbs/220kg at body weight 175lbs/80kg at age 17 naturally. Like if you think this is not achievable without steroids. Comment if you think it is Thanks for participating.
dive (2 days ago)
there is nothing interesting in the video you can skip to 4:00 5:00 and 5:30, otherwise its crap
Thai Nq (2 days ago)
Easier way: search on google for accurate number :3
artem alagizov (2 days ago)
shit, i thought it was in kilos at first
My dad can hold 500
Jason Dahl (3 days ago)
Or you know, you could just call an engineer. Look up the type of steel, look up the modulus of elasticity, pretty simple mechanics of materials problem...
Ali Mahmoudi (3 days ago)
My coach in gym always does this
Walder Frey (3 days ago)
Barbell lives matter too!!!!
ELITE MASTER23 (3 days ago)
Calm down editors
Kameron Andres (3 days ago)
5:19 it looks like a green screen effect o_o trippy
Salim Jarif (3 days ago)
Very good vodeo I really liked it 👌👌👌
Tj Hankinson (4 days ago)
Use a 25 lbs bar
MakeMeDinner (4 days ago)
Now make a badass bow out of it with 2000lb draw weight
Juravle Mihai (4 days ago)
Call Larry wheels.
Counterflow Entropy (4 days ago)
Walker Woodward (4 days ago)
You peeps Arnt even buff?
Bob Eagle (5 days ago)
i want to see you bend it back. Like how many men does it take to straighten a bent barbell? also, I want to see a 120lb Hex dumbbell dropped from a really high place onto concrete and see what happens. Thanks for the fun. - Bob
BreadxD (5 days ago)
i mean it didnt really break/bend to the max, the chains broke off
Click bait
Trainer Caston (7 days ago)
liked for the max weight graphic
Scott The Dick (7 days ago)
what a waste of a barbell
David Kymdell (7 days ago)
Lol, Jeff Cavaliere has a 500lb plus no strap deadlift and he is like 40-50 lb's lighter than these boys!
Rodrigo Muxica (8 days ago)
forgot your security googles https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkaBT-u7qn8
Fiends4 (8 days ago)
495 is warm up weight.
Travis Pogue (9 days ago)
That was actually pretty kool
Oki Doki (9 days ago)
The quality is so good my eyes orgasmed.
Ben R (10 days ago)
That wasn't a CAT....that was Eddie Hall. lol
matthew kloep (11 days ago)
Know a guy who would do 800 on squat.
Lawless 867 (11 days ago)
I did the same thing to my bar bell. When I tried to throw it away, it came back.
Jamie Andersen (11 days ago)
That bandanna is horrible
Und3rg0d5 R3g10n (12 days ago)
Use your weight
muscleandmath (12 days ago)
Alphadestiny will now use this bar for double overhand block pulls
Brandon Finley (12 days ago)
5:08 greenscreen?
NaturalBornKillers2 (12 days ago)
brad castleberry can lift more than that machine , is confirmed 100% real
wut wat (13 days ago)
white people are weird😊😊😊
Bullet Club (13 days ago)
I wanna know how much buff dudes can dead lift
Fare_Frost (13 days ago)
3 grown up men childish AF
hangwithdoug (14 days ago)
I think it would be useful to test this on a standard bar. I'm using a standard bar because I doubt I'll get strong enough to break it. I think my standard bar is supposed to take 300#. I'm not super strong (yet) so I'm not even close.
Mark (14 days ago)
Brandon looks just like Sam Winchester from supernatural 🤔
NuMbEd (15 days ago)
You can make a bow out of it now
keemthedream 304 (15 days ago)
There faces turn so red
Scooter FuZioN gaming (15 days ago)
Sub to meeee
Ricardo Virginilli (15 days ago)
Buff Dudes Myth Busters kkkkkkk, Loved the video guys, awesome, a hail to you all o/
KDM 420 (15 days ago)
That truck ain't natty.
Chew 5 gum (15 days ago)
My barbell bends a little when I deadlift 160kg what is yours made of?
MaskedMan (15 days ago)
This is what stops me from going to the Gym. Don't wanna spoil the Barbell after my 1200lb deadlift.
Rahul Dalial Dalial (4 days ago)
Same here bro
TonyDracon (4 days ago)
Marie Anna (8 days ago)
Jessie Mangala (14 days ago)
PoopScoop2525 (15 days ago)
Joy Branch (16 days ago)
My knee hurt while watching this
Ram Rod (16 days ago)
That was good entertainment!
Sarah Davison (16 days ago)
This man just said he has never heard of the word cattipilla
Angelo DeMaria (16 days ago)
this guy sucks
Nova_the_Red (16 days ago)
The Question is. Which Barbell it is. If it's a cheap you may just can have 70kg but a good could go 200kg. A One Hundreds of dollar could even lift 300kg or more i think .
JFM JRKM (16 days ago)
Nice...dign the dad on the scene! Awesome fam guys. Stay buff Osu!
ThatOneOsuAddict (6 days ago)
Umm osu! Is a good game
Insolentish (16 days ago)
Brandon's Max is higher. Didn't want to outshine his brother
Jeff Narum (17 days ago)
Fake weights
Subscribe To Pewdiepie (17 days ago)
Alpha as fuck
"All Me!" 😂😂😂
Dagoatdj (17 days ago)
is it me or did Hudson turn into red.hulk
arnaldo (17 days ago)
Im saving money to buy a bar and just see one get destroied ..life its unfair
David Lawson (17 days ago)
You should try to return it
Kepop Retsnom (17 days ago)
it depends of barbell
ElCuervoProductions (17 days ago)
Lous cyr's backlifting 4337 pounds!!!!!
Gonič 003 (17 days ago)
math ster (17 days ago)
The man wearing specs look alike rdj
NoTo Shido (17 days ago)
Thing is you can just calculate it without need to test it :p but yeah it was fun to watch so np
Michael Lovell (18 days ago)
Guys, all barbells are not created equal... "This is your standard barbell you'd buy in the store?" I'm not sure there is actually a "standard." I'm betting some of the cheaper ones are made of weaker metal, and will bend more easily. You should do a brand comparison rather than pretending this "test" means anything.
Steroid Star (18 days ago)
Bro do you know Ronny Coleman? Don’t even try under 800
Sir Geoffrey (18 days ago)
Aha, I see how the did the thumbnail
ak 47 (18 days ago)
is badly distributed the weight the bar holds well as 500 kg without bending if you distribute good weight, do not stupid to put 4 disc of 25 of the fat and then 25 of the skinny and 300 kg in the whores as obvious bends is to know something basic stupid physics
Blake (18 days ago)
Nice jeep in the background!
The T Channel (19 days ago)
Does your dad farm?
Solo Artist (19 days ago)
The Hulk Or Thor could bend that lol
Twist3dpqnda 16 (19 days ago)
How to make a easy curl bar
Victor Renteria (19 days ago)
No way 495 is your guys max deadlift I’m not saying it’s little weight but I expected 500-700 pound deadlifts
ThePnattalie (19 days ago)
Do you even lift bro XD :) this is bob he has no mussules depending how meny likes we get is how many mussules he gets EDIT:WOWWIE
Maniac Bearman9 (19 days ago)
You look like Husky Starcraft
Yash Kulshrestha (19 days ago)
6.1 m views becuz of thumbnail 😁
Ferris (19 days ago)
The creaking sounds are triggering me
Lammert Van dijk (20 days ago)
light weight brah..
Mike Talich (20 days ago)
you guys have too much fun, love the country digs
Technology Teach Gear (20 days ago)
Aso M (20 days ago)
We need more educational videos like this this is next level #$%@ 😂😂😂
Johinator12 (21 days ago)
Pounds is such a stupid unit
Tyler James (21 days ago)
U guys should've just got Larry wheels instead of construction equipment to deadlift the weight it would've been cheaper
Hero Pabalate (21 days ago)
Alright put on the weights lets make the thumbnail
William Regg (22 days ago)
Bragy (22 days ago)
The bar at my dads gym started bending at 120kg lmao
NNCuber (22 days ago)
I didn’t know someone’s face can be that red 😳😳😳
garbagio (22 days ago)
Steven King helped out on this one?
Tylan XCurtis (23 days ago)
Shout me out I need to grow my channel!! thank you!

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