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Marketing Strategy: How To Write Copy That Turns Website Visitors Into Customers

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A must-have marketing strategy for any creative is writing good copy for your website. These copywriting examples demonstrate a simple trick to improve your copywriting skills fast — even if you’re just starting out. C'mon over to https://www.marieforleo.com/2017/05/copywriting/ where we answer your follow-up questions after the episode. If you enjoyed this video, subscribe to our channel and get the world’s best inspiration, motivation and advice delivered straight to your inbox at http://www.marieforleo.com. And if you’re interested in building a meaningful business, check out our YouTube playlist on that exact topic here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLD87A632CFD5449B5. Thanks for watching! FOLLOW ME AT: Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/marieforleo Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/marieforleo Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/marieforleo My YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/marieforleo
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Sally Darley (3 days ago)
Hi Marie Forleo, Thanks for helpful info. Please let me know where the painting is from? Sally
Marie Forleo (2 days ago)
Hi Sally. The painting was a privately commissioned piece just for Marie. We're so honored you like it.
George Munuka (8 days ago)
Wow, this is great. I have learned a lot.
Sally Darley (25 days ago)
Hi! Thank you , great info. By the way..where did you buy the painting or who is the artist please?
Marie Forleo (25 days ago)
Hi Sally! The painting in our studio was commissioned by an artist Marie connected with years ago. While we aren't able to share their information, we're thrilled that you love it, too, and we hope you'll find a painting that you connect with for your own space! - Team Forleo
What is (26 days ago)
This is glorious, I have been researching "how to write great headlines" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of - Fonucas Ziyyatt Tip - (just google it ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my m8 got amazing success with it.
Petak Zametak (26 days ago)
This was great, thanks, I been tryin to find out about "best copywriting programs" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across - Fonucas Ziyyatt Tip - (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my mate got cool results with it.
FeelGood Within (1 month ago)
Thankx so much Gr8 tips 👌
Rudy Cecere (1 month ago)
Thanks for the tip! Very helpful and to the point
Ver meaningful and helpful Marie! Loved your video!!
Mana Yousuf (1 month ago)
Thank you Marie, impressive work. I would definitely work on your suggestions.
Jack The Dreamer (1 month ago)
This was such an amazing and insightful video. Thank you Marie! Your energy is so fun lol
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Theresia Riggs (2 months ago)
Hi Marie. Wow! Thanks! What a great video! I am a writer with my own website who sells my books on Amazon and Kindle, and I think you have solved my problem. Hundreds of women have downloaded my books for FREE when offered on Kindle, with a third buying my books for 0.99 cents. I will now go and change the spotlight from me, and concentrate on the customer, or reader, like you suggest and hopefully attract more... tbriggsnovelist.com
Brad Spencer (2 months ago)
Watched a LOT of videos of yours over the years. Obviously I'm not the exact target market you're going after but this video is probably the most useful one I've watched of yours. I've written copy for a long time and heard people beat around the bush about the spotlight method. They didn't say it that way nor were they as succinct as you were. But yea...this is so freaking useful. Taking it beyond copy, every deal I've ever closed at a 1:1 basis looking back I unconsciously did this in my language. Every deal I lost basically was because I did the opposite. Anyhow...really helpful...appreciate it :)
Alpha KoalaGamer (2 months ago)
lol I love how I am aware of the costumer spolight method and notice you using it in your video's script from beginning to end and it's pretty subtle indeed. Hope I can land my copywriting job thanks to all these research I'm doing and your tips. Hope you won't mind me quoting you 😋
Dhiego Bersan (3 months ago)
Nice video! I think it is a good exercise to identify how big companies apply this in practice. For instance, I would say Apple does only 15% of customer focused copy writing, and the rest is actually product focused. You get a lot of "The brightest and most beautiful retina display ever. Fastest performance with the A12 bionic." and sometimes, more in the middle and end of pages, customer focused copy write like "Find the best Mac for you" or "Explore covers, cases, and more to help you get the most from your iPad.". This trend is very clear throughout all their products. Microsoft seems to do the same, although in a less organized fashion and mixing both bit. If we take Solar City, almost every copy write has some customer focused language. For instance, they'll say something like "Our solar panels blend into your roof with integrated front skirts and no visible mounting hardware. The result is a clean, streamlined look."
Your Intro is 🎯✔💯%💘
phoebe green (4 months ago)
Thank you for this amazing video. https://www.creativebrain.co.in/how-to-write-winning-copies-for-websites/
tasha80mgr (4 months ago)
Wow! You are amazing,gurlllllllll!
Lokoo Montana (4 months ago)
Excuse me miss.. Your pants is ripped.
Abc Xyz (4 months ago)
Her voice😍
Core Cubed2 (4 months ago)
Great information! It's important for web copy to be updated regularly with fresh, relevant content as well. Creating and keeping updated a professional blog is the best way to accomplish this. More info here: https://mostforyourmarketing.com/increase-reach-home-care-marketing-ideas-blogs/
Saluer la mer (4 months ago)
Wow! When you were reviewing this website I saw myself in the titles. Everything in the website is around ME! "Who I am", "Working with me", and the first sentence is about MY methodology. Can't wait to change everything!! =D
Kevin Whitsitt (5 months ago)
Words that are not normally used are great for getting attention. I like the word “illegal.” Check this out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EMMNeMCnZU&t=10s
Asif Mojtoba (5 months ago)
*This is my first time watching your video. Really loved your presentation style. You got a new Sub here, love. Best wishes.*
Sunny mentioned you on her show and you are everything she promised. Thank you! Now I will transform my website!
Sharron Dark (6 months ago)
Great Insights Thanks 😁
twinaholic (6 months ago)
4:11 is when i pause d and said Daaaaaammn, this is good!
Janis Opie (6 months ago)
Thank you for the video. Very nicely done and refreshing to listen to. Also, great advice and I will implement it. Janis www.shorelineornamentaliron.com
GUAVA BEAN (7 months ago)
If you're looking for new clients, check out www.GUAVABEAN.com 's FB group :) They post new jobs everyday and it's 100% free :)
STS Tech (7 months ago)
I honestly believe nothing you did here helped any for her and with the tagline you may have just made things worse. What if someone has a good relationship but wants it to be stronger. Now you have offended your customers by assuming to much being too personal and judgmental and they have went away. Lastly an about page is supposed to tell you about the person or business so it creates a more personal connection with your customers. It's not all about what your offering that's for other pages such as Services but you need to be able to connect with people. Yet again I disagree with everything you've said here.
Sandeep Singh (7 months ago)
where are you from around 2:34- 6:40. I mean you could have brought yourself talking instead for that pic not moving.
Edward balvarado (7 months ago)
Thank you for this great video, very important and direct.
Rachel S. Lee (7 months ago)
Just what I need right now for my Affiliate Marketing website.
Mary Joanne Tan (7 months ago)
Same here! Just subscribed to your channel today. An aspiring online marketer here. :)
Mcdenver Fernandez (7 months ago)
Affiliate marketing!!!! I'm an online marketer too and I definitely need to connect with you.
Kenneth Thomas (8 months ago)
I guarantee that this will soon become your most-used “secret weapon” for writing killer copy! https://bit.ly/2KoRK88
Winchestah (8 months ago)
Mindful Loving...sounds like some straight up woowoo bullshit.
JD Alfonso Art (9 months ago)
So much good info
Urban Vegan Farm Girl (10 months ago)
I never comment on YouTube but I had to thank you for the the copy cure info and for being inspirational!
Marie Forleo (10 months ago)
We're so glad our Copy Cure information has been helpful! Thanks so much for commenting and for your kind words :) - Team Forleo
花花悟空 (10 months ago)
How about shift that spotlight over to the interaction, the communication between the supplier and the customer, build a new communication way for the both sides of the business, the supplier needs strategy, the customer needs strategy too.
uday kumar jammula (11 months ago)
Mikko San Ramon (11 months ago)
This video is just so helpful! Thank you very much for the simple and clean instructions.
Bollywood Society (11 months ago)
Marie Forleo great video and nice way of explaning things. Thanks for sahring this video.
London Tolspeare (11 months ago)
Love it! Thank you!
Jose Santiago (11 months ago)
amazing advice, very clear and to the point. awesome job
丘杰 (1 year ago)
Men of Mastery (1 year ago)
This is great! Super simple but very valuable! Thank you!
Ronney Aden (1 year ago)
I have online directory: www.worldwidewisdomdirectory.com how to focus on ALL 300+ categories
Kid Genius Cartoons (1 year ago)
Love it!
earthangel (1 year ago)
Such great content!!
A.S technical point (1 year ago)
best copy writing site singup and get 100rs link:http://linkrex.net/JFleMC3
Miri (1 year ago)
Pretty cool! Cheers!
John Lewis (1 year ago)
Thanks Marie....this was super helpful....
Shubham Singh (1 year ago)
really loved this amazing tutorial
Stevie Aycock (1 year ago)
This is so great! How would you apply this to writing a bio or, do you have a video already that talks about writing a great bio? I am actress and playwright. I am about to start submitting my play to big festivals and contests. All of them are asking for a BIO. For some reason this is really daunting. Thanks in advance
Joseph Robinson (1 year ago)
This blew my mind the spotlight method never knew that knowledge is power
WasteOfTimeGames (1 year ago)
u like to points allot at the end of your sentences lol
DON SANTO (1 year ago)
Where else could I have learnt this? Thank you. ~$
Chris Srivastava (1 year ago)
Thank you Marie!
Punjab Express (1 year ago)
Simply the Best. I had to comment twice.
Punjab Express (1 year ago)
Anthony Meszaros (1 year ago)
Total Body Training (1 year ago)
Wow, this is super helpful information. Thank you so much!
Marie Forleo (1 year ago)
We're thrilled that you found this video helpful! - Team Forleo
Luxus Häuser (1 year ago)
Enjoyed the video, now let's put the spotlight on sewing those trousers.
I am Lita Wi (1 year ago)
I'm in the process of designing my website right now...so thank you!
Bassy1ne Basi (1 year ago)
make the subjected matter about the targeted than yourself. such as in the intention of selling perfume to comes, "Want to be approached with mentality of feminine or manlihood aroma and perspective of professional dear to inspire people around you, try variety our great perfumes to add your unique touch of approaching people into your initiate to meeting people and make business and personal life easier for people to see the uniqueness of you.
Nick Piche (1 year ago)
these are really great points and advice. but i have 2 comments to add to what you're saying. 1. yes, very important to turn the attention on the audience, but, as even in your examples, once the audience's problem is addressed, you then need to talk to how your service or product alleviates that problem. this is the way it should be, just thought you might want to say it more directly...shine the spotlight on their problem/desire, then answer it with your solution. 2. one of the copy/headline style you use as good examples here are actually something i try to avoid at all costs...you start with a yes/no question which means you immediately lose everyone that answers NO to the question. your second example there was great though.
Karl Anders (1 year ago)
How can we write great content which increases conversions? Every content writing video we see just goes on about keywords and is too SEO orientated. We already rank #1 on google.
Briana Oliver (1 year ago)
learned how to switch from my views to the people view
derius evans (1 year ago)
I love the idea of the spotlight lighting.
Leah Barker (1 year ago)
i like the content of this video and it is simple advice. This video reinforces that our customers is top priority. Our copies should carter to their problems, their aspirations and their goals.
Lisa Clare (1 year ago)
I frikken love you Marie
Percy Sherrod (1 year ago)
ohhhh love that outfit..........and im a black guy crushing on a white woman............hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yummy
NEPTUNE SILVER (1 year ago)
Thank You I been looking at a lot of adds on the Internet Trying to learn what they tick, Thank You For the video great information. I am going to think about how to word it.
likes mountains (1 year ago)
This is really useful. I am going to use the spotlight method on every page of my website www.bustsandsculpture.com
Chalmers Thain (1 year ago)
my heart beating
Chalmers Thain (1 year ago)
just hear to see you marie
Chris Gooden (1 year ago)
It's also highly unlikely that her site will be found by anyone because no-one is going to be searching for a "mindful guru".
Rozli Yusof (1 year ago)
Simple tweaks but very powerful! awesome video
Heather Quisel (1 year ago)
This is very useful. Thank You Marie! 💜💜💜
Simona Bartusyte (1 year ago)
Thank you so much! It's simple and very valuable advice! Need to work with my website and put customer on spotlight :)
Joanna Shares (1 year ago)
great tips, thank you Marie!
Rosamaria.tv (1 year ago)
Updating my website this weekend and will use this guidance. Thank you, Marie.
Agnieszka Perkowska (1 year ago)
it was so helpfull! more videos with practical tips please! Thank you Marie!! :)
Avelardo Lopez (1 year ago)
Awesome advice, loved it!!! :D
Natalya Nikonova (1 year ago)
Thank you so much! The minute I needed it, your great advice comes out of the blue 😘 Keep being so cheerfully beautiful. Love your style!
English Tea Ecuador (1 year ago)
good follow-up to b-school. looking forward to creating my website soon.
Yvonne G (1 year ago)
Why would this dunce keep reading my text messages while texting, remove messages while im texting complete sentences? The iphone, smart phones were design for part of speech creations. Why would I make too many mistakes when submitting a message? Stop annoying me while writing and texting. Im not laughing, or joking. Its annoying! Starting a message, document and the wording is removed because, a person or organization enjoys the "texter" or writer get annoyed? YG2017
Patricia Salem (1 year ago)
Just happened to watch this while taking a lunch break from working on my website. I love it when the Universe sends just the right resources at the perfect time! I think I will recast the phrase "Superb written content for all your business needs" on my landing page to "Superb written content to support and grow your business," putting the customer a little more in the spotlight. I can make some other tweaks as well. Thank you!
danvil identity (26 days ago)
Cheers for this, I been tryin to find out about "copywriting in marketing" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of - Fonucas Ziyyatt Tip - (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my brother in law got amazing results with it.
Tanya Plummer (1 year ago)
Wonderful help and advice, makes total sense, Marie! THANK YOU! I've had the Copy Cure on my Goal Board for 2017 for a few months. Once I wrap up Bschool, this is my next focus!
North Yippie (1 year ago)
Great! Thank you!
AeroSpaceNews.com (1 year ago)
+Marie, your advice is suppa solid here as usual. The points you make are as lucid as the changes you suggested for her website navigation. The only "but" I've got for you, and it was true in the before as well as your after, was there seemed to be no consideration given to SEO or the consequences to SEO for the choices made on the menu. I'm not pitching that service - I'm a sci/tech journalist dealing with flight so no dog in the hunt. But sadly, Google is of two minds on this as I'm sure you of all people know. "Make the site great for people," they say, "not for our bots." Oh, but if you ignore SEO (their bots/algorithms) nobody will find you to be influenced by your outstanding on-page copy. :/ One last thought: Using "contact" for the link to a contact page (we use connect like the sample "before" actually) increases the likelihood in my experience of being targeted by bots that want to spam your contact form. Or e-mail address you post there (don't do that I'd suggest). Even with captcha, it is still a pain.
How2Boxing.com (1 year ago)
Thank you, Marie. You are the best!
Yenny bermudez (1 year ago)
Mrs. Mountstephen (1 year ago)
Spotlight method is wonderfully simple and effective! sam xo
ism711 (1 year ago)
so good!
Daniel Nenesso (1 year ago)
Always so fashionably on fleek; I'm anticipating a Marie fashion line of casual, formal and business wear for those A-game females out there soon. This vid was insightful, well timed and much appreciated! xo
Clifton Pereira (1 year ago)
your videos are so insightful that it never ceases to amaze me but what I love most about your video is your closing line....it is so motivating and inspiring, almost seems like an encouraging pat on the back after massaging those grey cells. thanks for sharing
Alicea Daya (1 year ago)
Marie always delivers 🙌
Thank you so much for adding amazing value to our life and business, Marie! I will go implement that right away.. Thanks for teaching us the Spotlight Method!
motas raluca (26 days ago)
Winner of a video, I been tryin to find out about "most effective headlines ever written" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of - Fonucas Ziyyatt Tip - (just google it ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my colleague got excellent success with it.
CrexerLV (2 months ago)
How's it going so far ?
SanlenGaming (10 months ago)
I just finished B-School and now I see The Copy Cure on my horizon. Thank you Marie and Team Forleo. Much love.
Rosamaria.tv (1 year ago)
I'm setting up a sinking fund to pay for b-school 2018. I wish I had prepared for it this year. I so excited for next year though.
Worth every dollar. When I signed up for B-SCHOOL my business was just an idea in my head. Now I'm toying with he idea of giving my notice.
English Tea Ecuador (1 year ago)
me too
Iriss Delgadillo (1 year ago)
Thank you for sharing, very helpful <3

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