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Gravity Forms CSS - A Simple Guide

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Gravity Forms is hands down the most powerful form plugin for WordPress. That being said, it can be very hard to style to taste. So I've created this video as a Simple Guide to Gravity Forms CSS, that will teach you 4 concepts you need to know to make it a much easier endeavor. Subscribe to the channel! I've also written a blog post on Gravity Forms CSS that includes a link for you to download the High-Quality Gravity Forms diagram for yourself. Here's the link - http://bit.ly/2Jzqnwz Make CSS changes without ANY coding knowledge - http://bit.ly/2Jcfocf
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Houston Brown (4 months ago)
Is this still valid for GF v2.4.5
Thanks Travis, nice one!
Anne Sandbrink (9 months ago)
Hi Travis, your video helped me a lot! Just one question: If I make changes to the styling in the Form Preview just like you just did, I can I save these changes? As soon as I click away the window I loose all the changes
Anne Sandbrink (9 months ago)
+Travis Media What a fast reply, thanks! Great to have the answer, I'll try it first thing tomorrow!
Travis Media (9 months ago)
Hi Anne, thanks! You will have to take that block of code and put it in your CSS file of your theme (probably style.css). The browser preview is wiped out when the browser is refreshed and is just used to get an idea of what to change in the CSS file. So I use the browser inspector to tweak things, and then I will copy and paste that entire CSS block into my style.css when I am ready. Let me know if you have further questions on this. You can also reference this video ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1dZNCjCvro ) on how to copy this CSS to your stylesheet.
Bill Parsons (9 months ago)
EXCELLENT! Good speaking voice, clear and concise instructions. Can't get any better, thank you. Oh, and no back ground music, praise the Lord!
Houston Brown (4 months ago)
Yes, thank you for NO background music.
Travis Media (9 months ago)
Ha, thanks Bill for the kind words.

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