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BMW i3 Production - CAR FACTORY - How It's Made ASSEMBLY Electric Cars

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BMW i3 Production - CAR FACTORY - How It's Made ASSEMBLY. How to built an Electric car 2018 ► If you love cars you should SUBSCRIBE Now to Gommeblog Car and Performance Youtube Channel: http://goo.gl/sP8oKK ► Gommeblog.it CAR TV and PERFORMANCE is a webzine devoted exclusively to the international world of automobile, car news, How It's made videos and Car Factory Production. SUBSCRIBE NOW and discover all new cars before anyone else!
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HYPNOTIC Video about BMW i3 Production - CAR FACTORY - How It's Made ASSEMBLY Electric Cars ... You Like this ?
M ZAKRIA (3 months ago)
GLAPro (4 months ago)
and they selling that shit of car to people? who will buy this shit? did they know anything about dynamics and design? am spent 40 min to view this shit of car? all best for GommeBlog...
holywells (1 day ago)
So, tell me....how long does it take to warm up the interior of the car and defrost the windshield on a cold, frosty morning, hmmmm?
DarkestDot (16 hours ago)
About 1-5 min, heat is coming through the vents about 15 seconds after you start the climate system.
Jose Peixoto (9 days ago)
nice factory,but noisy
Jag Mag (10 days ago)
Last year GM sold 976,000 trucks. That is about $48 billion gross. GM also spent almost $670 million at Corvette.
Jag Mag (10 days ago)
Last year I worked at GM Flint, GM Lansing and GM Fort Wayne. At Ft Wayne GM spent almost $2 billion at Chevy/GMC truck plant.
Jag Mag (10 days ago)
I have been to GM, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Nissan and FCA car plants in the USA and they are all just like this.
Emir Estrada (14 days ago)
nice factory, nice process, intelligent performance, ugly car
Maja Paja (16 days ago)
best Tesla ! only :-)
simoes lima (19 days ago)
what this day in the movie??
Mariano Polano (20 days ago)
Bmw No1.quality quality quality. And passion for cars.
Robert Weaver (26 days ago)
ugly bumpers
Prasad Lanka (1 month ago)
Atchi Reddy (1 month ago)
Sir please develop BMW electric cars manufacture in India sir. Sir here diesel costs is very high sir
sadlfjasdfacv (1 month ago)
so this is effectively an ASMR video no?
Christian Lanctot (1 month ago)
23:43 What? The chassis is just glued?
mscolli3 (19 days ago)
Some epoxy is stronger than welding.
Thakur Timmy (1 month ago)
Amazing greate the feuter BMW.
MOHD NASEEM HASHMI (2 months ago)
Automation is everywhere. Use of automation can be seen from manufacturing to assembling. Big companies are utilizing the advantage of automation. It really costs huge to implement such type of automation. It's impressive and fascinating. Awesome video !!
Sedonascape (2 months ago)
No Walmart fatties working here...Lol
Lucian Eduardo (2 months ago)
nunca vi tanto investimento em apenas acabamentos, BMW superou
Richard S Wiggins (2 months ago)
It was a pleasure to watch you guys so excited and keenly into building E.Vs. Thank again for an awesome and interesting experience. Looking forward to your beautiful new i5 series.
Joel Vale (2 months ago)
This is just the beginning.
Aryan Gh (2 months ago)
The credit should go to the scientist and the engineers who contribute to high tech , innovative, comfortable living styles for humanity, dare to go where man has not gone before. Best wishes to all supporting creative technologies.
Petey Pon (3 months ago)
Just wondering if Intel copyrighted the i3? Beemer ,,AMD is giving away the Opteron name,lol
it;s imocionate for me to see this guy,cool guy l had notseen the whole process so congrulations to the brasilians,we sure wll all like the work of you.
Mark R. (3 months ago)
That sewing machine @14:33 is so amazing, a bunch of engineers must have spent months on that alone!
Douglas Cornish (3 months ago)
We should be able to just trade in a battery at a gas station taking 5 minutes instead of waiting for it to charge 5 hours.
Ahmed Elshafey (3 months ago)
I am a big fan of BMW ,yet I am not impressed with their electric cars, either you do competitive e-cars or soon BMW will be out of the race
Waldiney Arouche (3 months ago)
Vou quer um para mim e depois vender seis por dia aqui no brasil, quero ver todos de carros eelétricos show
Shi Yan (3 months ago)
So expensive production lines! You can imagine how much is the cost to modify the design.
Manuel Weber (3 months ago)
9:41 - programming goals
HugeK (3 months ago)
he better pick that screw up off the floor!
A Naam (3 months ago)
Thank you BMW (and GommeBlog.it); a good teacher knows best.
Hustensaft (3 months ago)
arbeiten für die mülltonne
Andre Moreira (3 months ago)
Nice video about BMW i3; but finally I would do like to see them assembling all these robots machinery !!
Emese Szorenyi (3 months ago)
Great video. Super ugly car. I wonder why legacy automakers make their EVs so unattractive... Still trying to get most of their profit from their outdated ICE cars? Short-sighted strategy. None of them will be able to keep up with Tesla and other 100% EV startups. ICE era will end before 2025.
DarkestDot (16 hours ago)
I have the orange one and i love the way it looks. The interior is amazing and the performance is even better. White and grey weren't great colors for this car.
grunt style (1 day ago)
WACONimages (3 months ago)
Different people different tastes! Lucky otherwise it would become boring on the road. Even if you don't like this model its looks go out for test-drive if you have the change! You could be really surprised how wel the i3 is driving. After a 24h test-drive we had somewhat problems to step back in conventional car(although almost new one). For myself I don't get the point of VW e-Golf etc. Grey sparrows in my option. A Tesla & i3 are made from the start point as an EV car and one can notice that.
Ник Кор (3 months ago)
Video deinterlacing is incorrect.
Erich Jeske (3 months ago)
Soviel Arbeir für dieses schlechte E-Auto. Die müssen sich mal Audi, Mercedes oder Hyundai ansehen. Die Produktion des E-Rollers ist schon wieder eingestellt. Der i3 wird auch noch auslaufen.
DieZockerZone (3 months ago)
wenn die wenigstens ne 100 kwh batterie einbauen würden , aber ne die bauen eine 22 dann 33 und jetzt ne 42 kwh ... die lernen es einfach nicht , wenn die autos verkaufen wollen dann mit 100 kwh.... dumme deutsche
Laurence Allen (3 months ago)
OMG that seemed to be a LOT of that was done manually that seemed to be some thing a machine could have done; seems to be some thing that would make this thing expensive to build.
BMW I3 s (3 months ago)
Quero um BMW i3 de presente.
Fernando Zaia (4 months ago)
plastic car!
srisri053 (4 months ago)
Of course. It's a BMW. Quality, made also not in a reachable to the middle class. Really are these cars are really affordable by a common man. All these electric cars made for luxary class.May be after a decades these will be accesable to common people.
Christian Lanctot (1 month ago)
What the heck you talking about? My Ioniq electric will break even with an Elantra sport after 3 years. After that it'll cost me far less to operate than the Elantra. Screw "decades"! You can get a decently priced EV right now (Jan 2018)!
Thomas Runaldue (3 months ago)
In Europe there is a concept of city Car like the Smart, etc. The issue is that in Europe cars usually are not for the lower middle class. You need to use buses and trains, mass transportation. Also, the lifespan of a car is much shorter. In Germany and much of the EU the taxes get more expensive each year the older the car. In the US cars are much more a right of passage. If you only have a few thousand dollars you can buy a decent used car. Yes EV cars are relatively expensive now but in a few short years EV cars will be less expensive because the only cost that's really keeping the cars expensive is battery technology.
Rudiger Ratzinger (4 months ago)
Buy a used I3. A lot of them have few miles. Unfortunately, the BMW i3 (a fine EV) depreciates quickly, but it’s the best value for your money as a used car.
egn83b (4 months ago)
I like that bmw makes cars mostly void of human contact but its still fun to see people do the work because lets face it things happen and that gives the car some personality and reliability issues too but you get what you pay for.
Chanvibol Pen (5 months ago)
Wow me first. I love it!
Moria1978 (5 months ago)
It looks like they could make it without any humans if they want....
Nguyễn Vũ Hoàng Long (5 months ago)
Mark H (5 months ago)
It's an interesting video, but it would be a lot more informative if you captioned what process was going on at any particular scene. To the layperson, a good deal of it is just very sophisticated robotics doing this and that.
Realmente fascinante e hipnotico . No pude dejar de contemplar cada detalle. Aplaudo a todos los ingenieros que hayan sean parte de esta espectacular muestra de calidad y eficiencia Alemana desde Argentina
Машина клевая однако реально - для каких то богачей ...
soon ho kim (6 months ago)
오~정말 간편하네요 하나 구매해야겠습니다
ozzyg82 (6 months ago)
Love how they use water to cut it!
nam truong (6 months ago)
After watching this video, here are my thoughts about the i3 compare to Tesla model 3 - Thicker battery and shorter range, drive train is too big, therefore it can only fit into a box looking vehicle. If they want to design something nice looking like the M3, their battery pack should be flat like Tesla's battery. - Bigger and weaker electric motor compare to Tesla - Since they have a weak battery pack , in order to extend the range, they have to make the vehicle lighter by making the frame with carbon ( i would not put my kids in the vehicle, Tesla steel frame is much stronger) Tesla's M3 only flaw is that the gaps between door panels are not evenly line up , other than that it's a perfect car I think in the future, all other brands will copy Tesla's designs
Not A Name (1 month ago)
"they have to make the vehicle lighter by making the frame with carbon ( i would not put my kids in the vehicle, Tesla steel frame is much stronger)" - Why, then, are many supercars, racing cars, yachts, aeroplanes made from "carbon" (i.e. carbon fiber reinforced plastic)? CFRP had a much higher strength-weight ratio than even the best steels. Also, BMW can afford to design their drive train to fit the vehicle, so for an urban commuter car like the i3 a more boxy drive train fits well.
Rudiger Ratzinger (4 months ago)
nam truong the Model 3 is a nice car. I have yet to see one, But keep in mind that the i3 was designed to be an urban car and for that it exceeds its intended purpose. I think for the money of a new i3 it should at least be able to go 200 miles with one charge. Still a nice car.
Jocelyne Yanez (7 months ago)
Show me the jaguar suv
JOHNNY ALBUQUERQUE. (7 months ago)
Wonderfull future is coming... Not more war for to get petroliun....no more dead for smoog...
grolschgrolsch (7 months ago)
Obvious that Tesla is not going to be in business for a long time. Undeniable BMW quality.
Pawan Kumar (7 months ago)
Very nice video
You are Welcome ... I hope You Enjoy and Subscribe my Channel
Giry 78 (7 months ago)
wow amazing BMW
Rob S (16 days ago)
Too bad the car is fugly
Bernard George (8 months ago)
India cars future bernard
Pedro pepe (8 months ago)
Very impressive, seems like with all this technology cars should get cheaper and few brands disappearing in favor of mass production in fewer facilitys.
Reza Moghadasian Rad (8 months ago)
all that effort to make a useless wheelbarrow, talk with people who have it and cant get rid of that cuz no one buys
Sam I am (8 months ago)
Thanks for sharing! Cool to see all the attention to detail in my little car.
Raynald Chatillon (9 months ago)
You better don't put a to big f a dent in.... You can't do shit on this thing, if you have a problem.. it's gonna cost...ALWAYS
Adriano D (10 months ago)
bel video
BMW i3 (8 months ago)
Bob Smith (1 year ago)
Good video. Car...not so much.
Thanks for Your Comment !!
RL Agito (1 year ago)
plastic fantastic. soon the bolts will be plastic too. like fisher price toys
mafifi09ify (5 months ago)
That is called carbon fiber, lighter and stronger than steel, it is used in Formula 1 cars, BTW it is also more expansive than steel.
Du gar CBD (1 year ago)
kaani bakim (1 year ago)
i want it
Nice Car 👍🏻
Juan Noguera (1 year ago)
Great video, thanks for sharing it.
You are welcome 👍🏻👍🏻
travel er (1 year ago)
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