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An Evening Out | Lakmé Fashion Week + MGW Party // #MagaliVlogs

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As mentioned in the vlog, I've fallen really behind on editing! This one's from the last day of Jan, it felt great to glam up & get out after a few boring sick days. my blog- http://magalic.com CAMERA + Filming Gear → http://magali.co/mycamerakit Last Video on my Main Channel → New Summer Hair + Hair Colour Q&A https://youtu.be/VFLnzli5Xl4 Last Vlog → Sick Day Hustle + Indian Beauty Launches https://youtu.be/FqurOrAw2Y4 ====== About ====== Hi I'm Magali, a 25 year old blogger + vlogger based in Mumbai, India. This channel will feature vlogs that offer a behind the scenes look into the fun, interesting & silly things that go on in my life. ========== What I Wore ========== https://www.instagram.com/p/BenNMKrH0AW/ =============== People in this Vlog =============== → Sheila Vaz / mom | @sheila_vaz http://www.chila.in https://www.instagram.com/sheila_vaz/ → Larissa | @larissa_wlc → Debasree | @debasreee → Bhumika | @bhumika_t → Aiana J | @aianajsays → Priyanka | @priyanka.purplenista ======= Links ✍ ======= → MAIN CHANNEL http://magali.co/subonyoutube → BLOG http://magalic.com → TWITTER http://twitter.com/magali_c → INSTAGRAM http://instagram.com/magali_c ============ Special Offers ============ A selection of exclusive discounts from various websites & services I love, for your benefit. Airbnb & Teabox are my most recommended. TRAVEL → Airbnb // http://magali.co/airbnbindia My fave for accommodation while travelling in India & abroad! Lots of options for any budget. Sign up with the link above to get ₹1200 off on your first trip (minimum spend of ₹5000) → Uber // magaliv129ui Fave cab company that I use A LOT. Use the code above for ₹50 off your first three rides. → Ola // TY4M9V Another cab company (like Uber, but Indian). Similar app interface, options & pricing. Use the code above to get ₹100 off your first ride. FOOD → Zomato Order // http://magali.co/zomatoin There are SO many apps for food ordering, this is my fave interface, variety & very quick customer service via live chat. You can get ₹75 off your first meal by registering through the link above or using the coupon code MAGALI. Services most cities of India. ONLINE SHOPPING → Casetify // http://magali.co/xcase Super cute iPhone cases that are also really protective. The personalised glitter case is my fave. Visit through the link above or use the code 15MAGVAZ for 15% off your first order with free international shipping. → Teabox // http://magali.co/teabox50off I'm a HUGE tea drinker & this remains my favorite tea website in India. They ship within India as well as abroad. Good selection, premium packaging & a very lovely collection of tea / brewing serve wear & paraphernalia. Register via the link above to get a whopping 50% off your first order! Multiple teabox hauls are in my tea playlist: http://magali.co/magalidrinkstea → iHerb // http://magali.co/buyrtbrushes iHerb is a US based website that I use to buy teas not available in India, like Harney & Sons. Sign up with the link above or use the code CSP461 to get $5 off with a minimum spend of $20 & $10 off on a minimum spend of $40 Tons of hauls on my channel, one here: http://magali.co/buyrtbrushes → Sigma Beauty // http://magali.co/sigmaxmagali Sigma Beauty is an American beauty brand selling good makeup brushes as well as makeup. Register with the link above or use the code MAGALI for 10% off your order! Haul Video here: http://magali.co/sigmahaul ========= Soundtrack ========= → Funki Flavour http://magali.co/funkiflavour ================= Contact Me / Inquiries ================= → [email protected]
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Text Comments (9)
Ritu Rawat (9 months ago)
That tea in the beginning makes me so happy.. Like always 😂😂 awaiting more videos.. Take your time! Stay well Magali 😄
sowmya techsol (9 months ago)
Love your vlogs and my fav of ur video is travel. I love to watch them
Netto Yolanda (9 months ago)
Whenever I watch your videos, your cup of tea by the window always drags me to my kitchen to get a cuppa chai myself. Doesn't matter what time in the day :) Again It's calling out to me today!
Savita Verma (9 months ago)
Always enjoy your vlogs..keep them coming at any pace..no pressure 😘
Ruma Bhattacharjee (9 months ago)
I was missing your vlog real bad and was about to message you asking shamelessly about it , knowing you just returned and there!! I saw the youtube notification. Waiting for your Bangkok vlogs!! When priyanka and you were talking about traffic, I wanted to scream and say that i quit my job in the year 2015 because i started dreading the traffic which took 2 hours one way for my commute. Keep vlogging!! 💖
Charmi Dholakia (9 months ago)
Always waiting for your vlogs! I am kinda addicted to it! 😀 🤗
Zainab Travadi (9 months ago)
Love your vlogs!!
Unfair & Lovely (9 months ago)
Missed you Magali!😗 glad you’re back!
Neha (9 months ago)
Hey.. was just thinking that you haven't posted in a while.. always good to see a video notification from you :)

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