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Automation Testing using Oracle Application Testing Suite OATS

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Explore New Generation Automation Testing Tool from Oracle for automating UI applications, Database automation, load testing, web service automation and lots more......Come and Explore !! Go to this playlist to learn OATS (Oracle Application Testing Suite) from basics https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKHIn3YA0ghTsjE2eBncz_1f4YIn65LYE Hello Everyone, I am Ex- Oracle employee having more than 7 years of IT industry experience. Teaching is my passion and I love to teach Software Testing Concepts (Manual, Automation, Load, Web services etc) Read my training reviews here https://www.urbanpro.com/pune/saurabh-thawali/4774561 Email: [email protected] Automation Course Contains: http://oats-automation.blogspot.com/ Manual/ISTQB Course Contains: http://softwaretesting-training.blogspot.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/saurabh.thawali10 Come and Learn Next Generation Software Testing, ISTQB certification or Automation Testing Tool for Automating any ORACLE packaged application or any web application. Training is specially designed for all those who are looking for: 1.Automation Testing Training (One on One). 2.OATS (Oracle Application testing Suite) Training 3.Openscript scripting for automation 4.Corporate OATS/Automation/Manual/ISTQB Training. 5.Project Support or any other real time help required for OATS TOOLS or any other software testing needs. 6. Manual Testing Classes 7. ISTQB Certification Classes We are group of Automation Experts who have experience working with various Multinational companies on different automation projects. We can provide a complete solution for your Oracle Application Testing Needs for any Oracle Packages Applications Projects. Customized solution for Automation Testing of Oracle Fusion (ADF), Oracle EBS, Oracle Silbel, Peoplesoft etc. If you are looking for any Software Testing Training (Manual or Automation) then please let us know - We can provide best in class training along with practical and also help you in getting top MNC employee referrals based on your profile. Call us on +1 4089019645 or WhatsApp on +91 9860545160 or drop an email on [email protected] for free demo on any of the software testing training you are looking for
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keerti V patil (1 year ago)
Can we automate Language testing using OATS?
Rudra Veeranna (1 year ago)
Where are you sir I wanted to join your class r u in Hyderabad ?
Saurabh Thawali (1 year ago)
Hi Rudra, Call me on +1 4089019645 or WhatsApp on +91 9860545160 or drop an email on [email protected]
Sainath Manchala (2 years ago)
Can we automate oracle clinical /Oracle TMS using OATS ?
Saurabh Thawali (2 years ago)
Hi Sainath, Yes absolutely we can use OATS to automate Oracle Clinical as well as TMS because basically they are build using forms and all Oracle applications which are developed using forms (like Oracle EBS) can be automated without any issues using OATS (openscript) :) Let me know if you have any more queries. Please subscribe to my channel to stay updated on all OATS related videos/learning/tips
Satyaki Bhargava (2 years ago)
Perfect ......You rocks \m/ \m/

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