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[TAEYEON-I] KPOP Concert MAMA 2015 | EP.1

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Meet your favorite KPOP artist and watch how they performed at KPOP Music concert MAMA 2015. Who won the best KPOP artist on the largest KPOP world festival & KPOP award - MAMA 2015? Watch your KPOP idols' live performance rocking the stage! If you enjoyed the videos, please click on likes & share button. ▶ Video clips of TAEYEON-I from KPOP Music Awards 2015 MAMA ▶ Watch more video clips on MAMA 2015 Kpop playlist: http://bit.ly/MAMA2015-KPOP ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MAMA 2015 The greates K-pop music festival in Asia. Mnet Asian Music Awards. Not only is MAMA simultaneously broadcast in 4 continents, including Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania, it is a ‘global K-pop music festival’ that brings global K-pop fans together and enables them to communicate beyond the TV screen, through online, mobile and various other platforms. ▶Subscribe Now! - Mnet K-POP: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-Mnet-KPOP ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mnet(Music Network) is an official KPOP music television in South Korea owned by CJ Group. ⓒCJ E&M. Corp ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
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Text Comments (3250)
Call me Dear (1 day ago)
Androniki T. (1 day ago)
She’s a fairy 🦋 that’s what she is 😊
ATS BOSS (1 day ago)
Hay quá
Go Minam (2 days ago)
Cray On (2 days ago)
I can't get over her highnote. :'(
The Blue Sky (3 days ago)
October 2018💖
Elza M (6 days ago)
Hakim Dreamtrips (6 days ago)
3:03 Goosebumps! ✨
snsd (7 days ago)
minha rainha❤❤
camilla borja (8 days ago)
Is there any video of big bang’s reaction to this performance? I hope gdragon and taeyeon will have a collab in the future
Yood N (8 days ago)
Vitória Almeida (8 days ago)
She is so beautiful... 💕
Alexis Cruz (9 days ago)
love u
Alexis Cruz (9 days ago)
a goddess
Blood King (10 days ago)
김줄 (12 days ago)
I loved her. She's like an Angel! A beautiful Angel and her voice.. 😍 😊😍
Arfah Bari (14 days ago)
gg supremacy (14 days ago)
framey 24 (15 days ago)
แม่ก็คือแม่ กราบพลังเสียง👍🙏😱
Liang (16 days ago)
3:22 As expected of our Leader.
bbie421 (17 days ago)
She's so beautiful😘😘😘
Tern Castilan (18 days ago)
Watching this 09/2018.. Look at her smile.. 3:23
Charmyne Mae Arcamo (19 days ago)
Anyone noticed Seohyun and Tiffany there 1:00 ? ^^
Bambang Setiawan (20 days ago)
Luar biasa
nekoneko meow (22 days ago)
2018 still keep coming back👐💕
sun flower (24 days ago)
2:17 violin????
。보라김 (24 days ago)
かわいい 💔🐑
My Life Doing Makeup (25 days ago)
who was that playing the violin?
Omg taeyeon voice ❤😍
Tan Tran (26 days ago)
Taeyeon 😍
revel bangtanexo (27 days ago)
one of the most magical and best MAMA performances ive ever seen :') Queen Taeyeon as always
Sigma (1 month ago)
The one with the violin is the singer of echae en route give it an opportunity, she sing very well.
Nor Ho (1 month ago)
2018 listen+1 Forever love taeyoen🌸🌸🌸🌸
Jude Christian (1 month ago)
Taeyon's voice is so perfect Shes so perfect😍😘😚😙
Quỳnh Soshi (1 month ago)
Jam Caspe (1 month ago)
levi qalp (1 month ago)
I think she is not beautiful
Thi Ngoc Tran (1 month ago)
what is song name?
KingSoo O.O (1 month ago)
Vicky Glamby (1 month ago)
Me encanta
NnY_ Jk2006 (1 month ago)
2018 ???
Nana Nunaa (1 month ago)
So talented love and respect your performence. Keep it unnie.
bookjoo's psychic (1 month ago)
I came here hoping to see baekhyuns reaction lol
KAWA KAWAii (1 month ago)
Just her voice enough for us
eris dkfldi (1 month ago)
Look at how he smiled when they shouted huhu
Ri Bghda (1 month ago)
Please stream Twice TT Still 9M to reach 400M
kim jiyeon (1 month ago)
1:41 it's that a lip syns
autocrush (22 days ago)
That's called back track, even Beyonce use it cause they need to catch their breath before next phrase
Trung Tranthanh (1 month ago)
Im from vietnamese
Kimchi ngon quá (1 month ago)
Lo Nyuk Fei (1 month ago)
Omo so good & beautiful 😍
Jiří Valenta (1 month ago)
justice carradine (1 month ago)
She's too beautiful!!
park suck yoel (1 month ago)
Queen 👑
hannjhui (1 month ago)
My angel
Jun Anoos (1 month ago)
Lightning Bolt (2 months ago)
1:40 lip sync fail?
autocrush (22 days ago)
That's called back track you fool. Everyone use it including beyonce since they need to take a breath before next phase
TAEYEON İS NUMBER ONE İN MY HEART😙😙😍😍😘😘😚😚😻😻👄👄🙊🙊💋💋👑👑❤❤💚💚💙💙💕💕💞💞💘💘💝💝💗💗💖💖👍👍💛💛💜💜
rose# black Pink (2 months ago)
HKT Channel (2 months ago)
3:25 taeyeon khóc kìa
HKT Channel (2 months ago)
giống hát nhép quá tại vì cái giọng hát trc khi taeyeon đưa micro lên hát
ดา ก้อน (2 months ago)
siti rahimah (2 months ago)
squishypenguin Giraffe (2 months ago)
I am really not a fan of taeyeon but this song always gives me goosebumps
Kartika Alfaeny (2 months ago)
2018 ??
SALLY SWEET (2 months ago)
The queen
meme Stars (2 months ago)
Brisa. 948 (2 months ago)
Es muy hermosa :'(♡
Michella Oktaviani (2 months ago)
She is totally a legend indeed and I am having a goosebump while watching this. Kim Taeyeon jjang!
Mellz 06 (2 months ago)
Her voice is so perfect like a goddess 😍😍😍
Hiền Thanh (2 months ago)
taeyeon oppa TT
Jimin's Waifu (2 months ago)
Even im once im starting love sone... but now i love them both even theres a fan wars
SONE_Nctzen KHYLDH (2 months ago)
Jane Chan i used to hate twice before bcs of immature once.but now, i like them n their song eventho im not a once.
Totong Sastrilio (2 months ago)
But i like the song even if im not a fan of kpop
Totong Sastrilio (2 months ago)
Have you noticed that guys?
Totong Sastrilio (2 months ago)
autocrush (22 days ago)
That's called back track you fool..even beyonce use it because they need to take a breath before singing the next phrase
equalsto525 7times5x3x5 (2 months ago)
Totong Sastrilio that's called background music lmao😂
اكسو حياتى (2 months ago)
라하프- (2 months ago)
I’m Still watching and I Still saying wow so beautiful
mina tozaki (2 months ago)
eu tô no céu escutando a voz de um anjo eu tô chorando meu deus
jeongguksoft (2 months ago)
Okey i dont know what she is singing but i can see sge is a good singer.thus is lovely
myjungkook (2 months ago)
she looks like a fucking princess omfg!!!!
SunShine (2 months ago)
Kim Faith Kyun (3 months ago)
Taeyeon your so beautiful. And beautiful voice
p-Qah AJ (3 months ago)
The one playing the violin is really a beauty..I mean she has a really good face features..sharp nose, sharp chin, small lips, I mean I don't care if it's plastic surgery or whatever but she's really...I dunno what to say anymore...The only person that I see has good features like that before is Emma Watson...She's the second one...
agisti raudlatul (3 months ago)
miss this mnet
Kyungsoo Do (3 months ago)
My queen 👑🌸
Pinchanok konpfnphadung (3 months ago)
Rlene Ungab (3 months ago)
She looks so skinny
Audrey Espejo (3 months ago)
She's so skinny 😥 eat some healthy foods 😥💓
Luchie Palma (3 months ago)
She is a star 🌟 shining so bright! 😭💖
Andrea Barrozo (3 months ago)
Omg I like her voice... Amazing Wow Wow I 😘😘😘😘😘😱😱😱
taeyeon smile (3 months ago)
Taeyeon i love you with all my heart
Lfan Tena (3 months ago)
lâu lâu nghe lại
Nabila Dewi (3 months ago)
Seohyun forever (3 months ago)
These songs are Immortal
Emma Grace (3 months ago)
Watching 2015 MAMA when 2NE1 performed with full members included Park Bom makes everyone shocked...I hope this year 2018 Girl Generation makes a suprise too with performing Gee + I got A Boy with jessica..Ot9.. Im Blackjack amd Sones and i stan the legend
meme Stars (3 months ago)
😻😻😻😻😻😻효과 좋다는
Duda (3 months ago)
She is a princess 😍
Ariffa Murfsa (3 months ago)
Udh mungil, cantik , vocalnya kuat hemm idamann ❤❤❤
Laura Vermeulen (3 months ago)
J'aime tellement cette fille elle est naturelle jolie drôle bref sois heureuse taeyeon saranghe 😍
讚讚man蹦蹦閔咻嘎 (3 months ago)

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