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Victoria's Secret Angel Butt Workout

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Sign up for our newsletter: http://goo.gl/UwnMd Subscribe: http://goo.gl/qR0gi In today's episode of XHIT, you will learn how Victoria's Secret models get their butts toned and fit and ready for the runway. Follow along as fitness trainer Rebecca-Louise shows you a series of exercises that workout your booty in a short amount of time. Leave us a comment and let us know what you thought! Stay tuned to our channel for more episodes: http://goo.gl/c6p4j Check out our other fun workouts: 1. Intense Ab Workout: http://goo.gl/cRtbu 2.How to Burn 150 Calories in 8 Minutes: http://goo.gl/vtSYy 3. Intermediate Pilates Workout http://goo.gl/88x8V 4. McDonalds Calorie Burner http://goo.gl/XJ2dy 5. Suit & Tie Challenge http://goo.gl/DQIwq Check us out online: http://goo.gl/qVuTM Facebook: http://goo.gl/HzUSX Twitter: http://goo.gl/6esYW Tumblr: http://goo.gl/Tmzhb Pinterest: http://goo.gl/6tUk9 Instagram: http://goo.gl/mEIzdC
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Text Comments (3073)
Diyanah Nassir (1 day ago)
“Ok and now we’re going to do it ALL over again,” You’re on your own pal!
Paige Eckart (4 days ago)
Every like I’ll stop eating sweets
Nara Gevondyan (5 days ago)
I just love these exercises!
Jazzy G (11 days ago)
Thanks Rebecca!
thebeast66157 (17 days ago)
will this make your butt bigger?
B14Z3_. Gaming & More! (20 days ago)
I'm a simple man I saw butt I click
Sophie is Cool (21 days ago)
Any suggestions for banana rolls(the rolls under butt )
Zoe Sun (25 days ago)
it works!!!!
Sabrina Li Vlogs (1 month ago)
OMG I DID IT YAYY Please, I need a like I’m only 13 years old an I maaaaade it!!
Isabelle Ciambella (1 month ago)
for every like I stop eating sweets and junk food (every like count as a day!!)
zahraa (1 month ago)
Love you
김태히 (1 month ago)
am ka (1 month ago)
Alondra Ruiz (1 month ago)
I can honestly say this has really helped my butt. Before my butt was there but it wasn’t lifted. Now that I’ve been doing this workout for nearly three months my butt is lifted and rounder.
Leann Harison (1 month ago)
i wish she'd stop talking
「oskar」 (1 month ago)
helped me be much lazier this looks hard
Tess Tomb (2 months ago)
Been switching off between this and XHIT's 'The Beyonce Butt Workout" every other day for about three months now. It has toned up my lower body, and my butt has benefited too. No, it won't make you Buttzilla, but it feels good.
Hana Šmachová (2 months ago)
I remember doing this workout a couple of years ago... it was a very easy workout to do and I did another right after this one... stopped working out now not even a half way through and I am dying.
Cheon Gug (2 months ago)
Add ankle weights after doing this for 3-4 weeks and boom, big butt is yurs. Then to gain even more muscle mass you’ll need to add on more weights. Or you’re just gonna have a toned butt but not developed(big). Its better to strech before a workout and its very important to consume proteins right after your workout ! When you do that your muscles have small « injuries » you gotta need proteins to help them recover and grow the muscles or its just gonna fall back in place as it was in the beginning. I only knew about that after a year of doing workouts, during that year I didn’t had a "big" butt only toned and small. Been doing workout the right way for 5 months got incredible results. I actually got more results from these 5 months than the 1 year of doing with no weights. Remember, you cannot have small thighs and not muscular thighs and have a developed and big booty. Its simply impossible except with surgery. You should develop at least a little (with no weights if you’re aftaid of big thighs) your legs cuz its gonna look marvelous I promise !
Cheon Gug (2 months ago)
You can also use bands !
Sofia Israelsen (2 months ago)
Better to do this using resistance bands
veggie diva (2 months ago)
For every like I get I stop eating junk food and sweets AND work my bodyy♡ i need motivation people don't come after me
Galaxy. Tv (3 months ago)
I hate buldged butts lol
Presley Costello (3 months ago)
Has anyone noticed the timer was off by a lot doing the other side of one leg bridge?? Or just my phone 😂
Filipa Lemos (3 months ago)
This is perfect. Thanks 🙌🏽
Madison BeerFans (3 months ago)
That was my first workout when I was13😩
LLOYD (3 months ago)
Nice ass
Nastia M. (3 months ago)
but... she doesn't really have a butt
Aegon Conqueror (3 months ago)
Great Video! Excuse me for chiming in, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you researched - Dinanlinson Belly Secret Approach (search on google)? It is an awesome exclusive guide for learning how to get an amazing toned beach ready belly minus the hard work. Ive heard some interesting things about it and my cousin after many years got astronomical results with it.
Dharmendra Chandravanshi (3 months ago)
Fuking you baby love you
Gianna (3 months ago)
For every like I get I’ll work out and diet (counts as days )
Lilly Malkus (3 months ago)
Gotta small but and want to get it bigger. Does that workout help?
Alana M S (3 months ago)
damn am sweating after this workout 😏 how come she hasn't one drip of sweat on her 😏😏
addison braden (4 months ago)
I like how horrible the camera angles are. The banner is blocking the bottom half of her body, and she only takes up half of the screen.
lissa bean (4 months ago)
2018 anyone?
soraya kharid (4 months ago)
It's my first day doing this. I get through the workout but i feel like dying. My butt feels great. I'll do this every other day with 90 squats per day. I really wanna build my booty! 🍑
Jihyoun seo (4 months ago)
Tried these workouts and love her comments and encouragements!!
Zahra A (4 months ago)
For every like a day of no sweets and chocolate
SusieJayKay (4 months ago)
My ass is on fire
Wait.. What booty? 😂
Christina Lokis (4 months ago)
This hurt so bad the first time
Selin Bulut (4 months ago)
I’ve been doing this for 2 weeks now taking a Break every third day and I already notice that my butt is getting perkier EVEN THOUGH I have a very flat Ass, seriously it’s flat as paper. I‘m doing this to get a fat ass hopefully it‘ll work.
Amon Amarth (4 months ago)
howe many times on week is good to do it?
Amon Amarth (4 months ago)
Ceci lia thank U very much ♥️
Ceci lia (4 months ago)
Amon Amarth 3 times a week should be enough for the beginning 😌
sugar Dealer (4 months ago)
I added ankle weights to this workout and let me tell you! I can not sit down LMAO
Cooles Wessen (4 months ago)
i passed out at 7.37
꾹이네당근 (4 months ago)
한국인을 못찾겠다...ㅎㅎ
Bandhan Khan (4 months ago)
I have a question. Is this exercise is make increase butt?? Or make reduce butt?
Bandhan Khan (2 months ago)
the jacket in monsta x beautiful mv . What kind of tone? I need to make smaller my butt.
Bandhan Khan this will tone your butt
Garisha Gulyani (4 months ago)
for every like I get I'll do this workout as many days
Paramjit Singh (4 months ago)
This Workout Make Yours butt Big or small ?PLZ rep
Hope Dwyer (5 months ago)
Those squats are not good for you, your legs should be forward not out OR buckling in. This is bullshit she doesn’t even have an ass
Krutika's World (5 months ago)
Thank you so much. #radhaviraniandkrutika, #krutikaworld
Advika shree (5 months ago)
Does this make our but smaller ? I want a small but
Mali J (5 months ago)
My fave. 😍😍Beca
Angel Victory (5 months ago)
Great job. Thanks so much for sharing!!! I love your apartment.... It looks so peaceful. Stay fit!
Megan Emily (5 months ago)
Wow Alfie worked so hard on this gosh he must be so toned expecially with the weights
Cwsing 7 (5 months ago)
No butt workout
Kymber Leigh (5 months ago)
Fix your count down clock! Its waaaayyy off
Christina Tina (5 months ago)
Hey that was so cool exercise, thanks 🙂👍🏻
Seyfun 14 (5 months ago)
Christina Tina have you seen her own channel Rebecca Louise?
Jose Somera (5 months ago)
Does this make your butt small or big
Ceci lia (4 months ago)
Jose Somera if you have a small butt your butt will getting bigger. But if you have a really big butt whit a lot of fat it will get smaller.
Hannah Elizabeth Brown (5 months ago)
I actually like butt workouts- I find them so easy! but I can't do ab workouts- they always hurt my neck and back and I don't have the strength to hold my legs up straight like a lot of the moves require. I don't know how to get flat abs:(
Hannah Elizabeth Brown (5 months ago)
Yes, I have. Thanks:)
Seyfun 14 (5 months ago)
Hannah's Colouring Creations Have you seen her own channel Rebecca Louise?
Skinny Pap pap (5 months ago)
Now that carpet is -sweating-
Katja Schneider (5 months ago)
How many calories does this burn?
taetae uwu (5 months ago)
Ive been doing this for two weeks My butt looks more tighter and lifted and little smaller There are less cellulites Im really happy with the result Im gonna try my best to continue being regular
shilpi gupta (5 months ago)
Great workout. Have been doing it for almost a month. And have started seeing some results. Though there's this problem that I'm facing. I feel hungry in between my meals at times. And it's so after eating more than I used to do, sometimes I eat double too. Please help anyone if you know anything about it. Is it so because of something lacking in my diet like fats or protein or anything else? Or if it happens at first in weight lose? Thanks.
This is content Duh (5 months ago)
Every like another sit up
BANGTAN GIRL (5 months ago)
Is this make your butt smaller or bigger?
Keerthi Gaddam (5 months ago)
Will this help get a smaller butt? Vvvv important question please reply asap!
my doggo is also right next to me and is named Alfie
Nirmala Cherukuru (5 months ago)
Watermelon 1865 (5 months ago)
Does this make your butt bigger or smaller??
;-; Sad Koreaboo ;-; (6 months ago)
I completed a total of 3 excersise videos with about 20 exercises in them, and this one!!! I feel so accomplished and proud of myself, 7 more videos to go!! Thanks for the helpful workouts! I can always rely on you to help me lose weight and such :)
Faeza Musawi (6 months ago)
Just going through the comments cause I don't want to do it
Faeza Musawi (6 months ago)
I do her exercises as well and Gabriella Whited OMG HER WORKOUT IS INTENSE TRY THE ONE WEEK ON
Seyfun 14 (6 months ago)
Faeza Musawi Why not? If you're looking for something less intense, check out Rebecca Louise Channel!
Peter Jones (6 months ago)
try this amazing Yoga a.k.a. super sexy booty program  ------ ( https://bit.ly/2sQIPpa ) P.S. My wife Kardashian and it's me Kanye commenting from fake profile
Lola Vienne (6 months ago)
My dog joined me during my workout <3
Riley Eager (6 months ago)
i have just started and can all ready see a change it is great
Seyfun 14 (6 months ago)
Riley Eager Yes! Have you seen her own channel Rebecca Louise?
סארה סארה (6 months ago)
Thasr workout from what ?
Ngân Lê (6 months ago)
I was totally fine until she said: " And now we gonna do all over again." O_O"
Angelina Correia (6 months ago)
But they hardly have any 😂😂😂😂😅
Selena Gomez (6 months ago)
But you ve got small butt;-;
Wiktoria Masłowska (6 months ago)
mfw I watched this a few times last year, learned it by heart and I do those excercises when eg. watching series. protip
joseph yniguez (6 months ago)
You gave me some ideas for a workout
Seyfun 14 (6 months ago)
joseph yniguez Have you seen her own channel Rebecca Louise?
Rosana (6 months ago)
Someday l’m gonna do this! Someday!
Meg Golden (6 months ago)
The timer started going whack near the 5 minute mark
Lylah Cardenas (6 months ago)
You are killing my mom☺️ thanks for the work ou
Lori Payne (6 months ago)
First time in 57 years old good video trying to get back into excercise
carly loudenslager (7 months ago)
The times counting down on the screen mid workout are so off, that messed me up!
Alicia Gapstur (7 months ago)
Ouch and thank you!!!
ramesh wwe (7 months ago)
superb darling cool excise
LadyChaneLNo5 (7 months ago)
Akira Akish (7 months ago)
Her body is my goal... Her body is my dying for goals..
Tatjana Giglia (7 months ago)
I hate and love you at the same time 😂❤️
Hamato Raphael (7 months ago)
I've been doing the angel workouts for a month now. Cuz of bein busy, I usually do a warm-up, then the routine, I list below. 1st. day-leg 2nd. day-stomach 3rd. day-arms 4th. day-booty (then all over again) I've not even been eating the healthiest type of foods, also been eating too much, I can still see a lot of changes. My abs are nice enough compared to their earlier state. (lower-belly fat) My waist got smaller, my legs are toned and look awesome in dresses, also let's not even mention the bubble-butts. So.. girls(, guys), it's totally worth it and you will be so glad that you started it. If you keep going, you will achive what you want.
chocolate6560 (7 months ago)
Exercise great but I don't like the music
Seyfun 14 (7 months ago)
chocolate6560 She has plenty more workouts in her own channel Rebecca Louise
Kida's Fans (7 months ago)
Why you dont have boot
Kida's Fans (7 months ago)
Seyfun 14 ok thanke you
Seyfun 14 (7 months ago)
Kida's Fans Because she mostly works out on her abs. And if you see the 2018 version of her, you'll see her butt grew bigger.
Kida's Fans (7 months ago)
Seyfun 14 ok.thanke you...but she dont have boot...
Seyfun 14 (7 months ago)
Kida's Fans She says she loves to workout mostly on her abs.
이크리스탈 (7 months ago)
This is so nice
Mya Johnson (7 months ago)
Does anyone else experience back pain after completing this exercise?
Seyfun 14 (7 months ago)
Mya Johnson No. But Rebecca has more butt workouts on her own channel Rebecca Louise
Alexandria Ritchison (7 months ago)
“Shaped butt” this bitch butt is flatter than a piece of paper lol
Sarah-Belle Nzamba (7 months ago)
O.M.G i could not sit well after this workout as my booty was on fire!
Seyfun 14 (7 months ago)
Sarah-Belle Nzamba Yes!! Good job. Have you seen her own channel Rebecca Louise?
Isabelle Richards (7 months ago)
Does this also work on you legs, or just your bum?
Seyfun 14 (7 months ago)
Isabelle Richards Sure! Push yourself and get fit! Good luck sweetie
Isabelle Richards (7 months ago)
Seyfun 14 no I haven’t but I will check that out. Thankyou :)
Seyfun 14 (7 months ago)
Isabelle Richards Mostly but. Have you seen her own channel Rebecca Louise?
behnaz safavi (7 months ago)
I love you and all your work outs and thank you.
behnaz safavi (7 months ago)
How do I see her channel and thank you for telling me about it.
Seyfun 14 (7 months ago)
behnaz safavi Yeah she's amazing!! Have you seen her own channel Rebecca Louise?

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