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How to repair the MBR (Master Boot Record)

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My website: http://www.musicarta.co.uk YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/musicarta Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Musicarta-Computer-Tutorials/139191476140274?cr... Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/Musicarta Google Buzz: http://www.google.com/profiles/musicarta Digg: http://digg.com/Musicarta This video will show you how to repair or fix the MBR. The 'MBR' stands for the 'Master Boot Record' and it's the information in the first sector of any hard disk. It identifies how and where an operating system is located so that it can boot into the computer's main storage or random access memory. So essentially, if the MBR gets damaged or broken, you may not be able to load any operating systems. If you haven't already got a Windows repair or installation disc, click the link below to watch my video on how to make one for free: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ZQ9Vw4yXqY If you have a question about this video, after reading all of this description, please leave a comment and I will try and get back to you. If you would like to request a computer related tutorial for me to make and upload, please leave a comment on my channel or contact me through my website or forum and I will see what I can do. In the unlikely event that anything goes wrong with your computer when following the steps in my video, then it is in no way my fault and I am not responsible. I am, however, prepared to help you as best I can. If you do have a problem, feel free to get in touch. Music Provided By www.freeplaymusic.com. All the programs featured in this video are not owned or copyrighted by myself and due credit goes to their authors/creators. For business enquires only, contact me here: [email protected]
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Text Comments (393)
Sonic Fortress (20 days ago)
fuck you
Manuel Andrade (5 months ago)
Thanks for this video. Although the instructions were altogether applicable it got me on the right track to get computer going again.
Alex Tutorials (5 months ago)
when i entered bootrec /fixboot it says access is denied what can i do?
Alexei Tarulis (7 months ago)
Does this fix the 2215-ETA failure? This doesn’t loose information?
Matthew Hinkle (9 months ago)
so, how would you do this for an external hard disk that needs the MBR repaired?
Ateng Peer Moesi (10 months ago)
Thanx,,you helped a lot.
Jeffrey Lee (10 months ago)
It really works. Thanks a lot.
Theholaxd YT (10 months ago)
MBR got damaged = memz virus
Tomy Young2 (11 months ago)
ERROR: Yes surch partion.
Youness Agdmoun (1 year ago)
I can t even logg in to boot place ??
Marcelo Souza (1 year ago)
Muito obrigado, funcionou perfeitamente! No meu caso, aparecia a seguinte msg: Warning, MRB cylinders (680012) e outras coisas.
HITESH REDDY NANI (1 year ago)
Really nice my problem is solved.......
the spawn of millbill (1 year ago)
2:54 mine does not say windows 7... in fact it says nothing. i think i deleted everything off the hard drive when performing hard reset.
Rob (1 year ago)
I was an idiot . i installed windows 8.1 upon a windows 10 boot . i deleted the windows 10 OS and now i can't get it to start .the windows 8 was UEFI if that matters.Any ideas appreciated
toolittle toolate (1 year ago)
6+ years later...Thank You...simplicity at its finest.
حنسافر (1 year ago)
Hello I got a problem with my pc I tried to install windows but I couldn,t boot it from CD and every time I do this it dosen,t respond and boot from hard disk I tried to format using minitool iso file but it did not continue working and booted from windows too and sure I can,t use windows repair disc So I need your assistance to deal with this problem and to be able to format my hard disc and reinstall windows again thank you
Alagappan A (1 year ago)
can I use windows 7 boot drive to repair windows 10 ?
Dan Becker (1 year ago)
THaNK YOU. You saved me a LOT of trouble. ;-) Dan
Pond6 Gaming (1 year ago)
My problem is a Dell laptop with a soldered SSD and RAM, I cannot change the SSD. The computer's bios doesnt detect the integrated SSD anymore, but booting into Ubuntu lets me see the SSD. So its a corrupt MBR. Can this be repaired?.
Trollminer 6969 (1 year ago)
help my computer sayd missing MRB helpper
Paul Durotoye (1 year ago)
Please my external hard drive collapse immediately I open it......but i copy files into it....but can't access them.....please help...thanks
citlaltlamina (1 year ago)
What about a MBR from an external HD (LaCie 2D), how can i access to fix it? Can you help in this matter? Thank you.
10Mns PopCoRn (1 year ago)
I really like the accent... i wasn't able to fix my problem 😞
Carl Gagnon (1 year ago)
Very appropriate and well done video. However I had a problem with the second command (bootrec /fixboot) it showed me the following error; "Element not found" so my problem still persist. Do you have any idea what it could means and how it can be fixed? Thank you for you reply.
Herobrine 37 (2 years ago)
God can't be uninstalled
SiMs (2 years ago)
yeeeeee tnx manlol
2sisyphus (2 years ago)
Thank you SO MUCH. You fixed a problem I had loading Linux! Keep on keepin' on!
SimoneSimbula52 (2 years ago)
Man I love you! You saved me
lionreb (2 years ago)
I tried bootrec/fixmbr and fixboot and both were successful, however; my computer still did not start successfully! Any clues?
AV EDITZ (1 year ago)
lionreb same to me
La Gran Boda (2 years ago)
you are my hero!! like and sub!!
Magicjack Support (2 years ago)
Magicjack Support 1-800-653-4096 Installation Support Magicjack Renew Support Magcijack Device Support Internet Support
ThugDuck (2 years ago)
It says The system cannot find the path specified what do I do help!!!
André Allmannsberger (2 years ago)
Hello, does this also works for external hard drives ?
ToIsleOfView (2 years ago)
Thank you!
Robs Video Editing (2 years ago)
boots to the blue screen, but no drop down box appears
Nuxyer (1 year ago)
that is bios (settings boot) or bsod (blue screen of death) if this bios try select your usb on boot settings if bios try finding help on youtube called my computer boots to blue screen
SAMMY ELHOOT (2 years ago)
that was awesome ........ thank you so much
sir francis (2 years ago)
Here is the command incase you cant wait until the  2:55 secBootrec /fixmbrBootrec /fixboot
Teerayoot Bootwong (2 years ago)
help for me great thank sir
Rock&Roll (2 years ago)
An english mate. Who else think he sound like Mr. Bean?
PeeWeeP (3 years ago)
I can't find my operating system it wont show up in the window after booting the USB.
UKININKAS EKO (3 years ago)
Ljubomir Blanusa (3 years ago)
Very good LIKE + SUB
Avero (3 years ago)
Thank you so much :) But at Windows 8.1 i can't use the last command, but it works without it too (Sry for bad english)
Balaji Indus (3 years ago)
cool dude my problem is fixed .......thankx
Debbie C. Mafra (3 years ago)
Please help, on my computer it says MBR Error and I do not have a disk how do I fix it?
Buddy Bird (3 years ago)
+Debbie C. Mafra, you need to create a windows repair disk from another computer with the same operating system.
Debbie C. Mafra (3 years ago)
Please help, on my computer it says MBR Error and I do not have a disk how do I fix it?
G Jr (3 years ago)
Thank you very much. This video very helpful =) (y)
TW Brit (3 years ago)
Well, I can't even get the DVD to boot up :/
imron rosyadi (3 years ago)
Thank you very much. This video very helpful
Daniel Dcruz (3 years ago)
My HDD can't boot windows (stuck on loading screen when logo appears).It doesn't even boot safe mode. I tired installing fresh copy of windows but after clicking on install now...it freezes on starting setup screen...even tried repair but no luck. Any help ?
Hardik Patil (3 years ago)
yeah same problem i had faced.Me and Amey tried couple of times during our submission time.. +GAURAV MODI  +Larry Dcruz  Try to install using win CD. 
Bryan Cendana (3 years ago)
Hey guys. Can you pleasencheck my channel? I have a problem with my comp. And i dont know how to fix it.
Đinh Hải Dương (3 years ago)
thank a lot
Ramesh Manda (3 years ago)
bootrec /fixmbr is sucessful, but bootrec /fixboot is showing "the volume does not contain a recognized file system". What to do now?
Muktesh Gautam (1 year ago)
Ramesh Manda same here sir what did you do?
Leon Lowe (3 years ago)
I've tried many fixes, including this one, to re-install Windows after apparently deleting my MBR. Windows would not install. I finally installed Debian successfully thinking that I could then re-partition my drive and install Windows 7. Windows 7 installation will not work, since it's an upgrade. Apparently it's still looking for the MBR - which was deleted even before the drive was formatted during the Debian install. So, the bottom line seems to be that Windows Update will not install without an MBR and this fix apparently must see the MBR or sector (?) before proceeding. I'd be pleased to have your comments.
VORTEX VICTOR (3 years ago)
how many times i can execute these commands without any errors..!  
javy0820 (3 years ago)
Installed a brand new dell hard drive into my desktop and apparently had a whole mess of shit installed on it already. Even with no hdd connected to the machine I still get that no grldr message. Followed this video but my os (win7) isnt listed in the recovery menu. Therefore /fixboot didnt work for me. Anyone can help?
Whorology P.H.D. (3 years ago)
O.k. I entered the "bootrec /fixmbr" and I got this message = "A device attached to the system is not functioning" HELP?
YouSuckDeep (3 years ago)
You should throw your computer to your mom :D, it helped trust me :D
Shaun Banham (3 years ago)
Magic Thank you
michael hamlett (3 years ago)
Thank You so much.  I knew there had to be a simple way to do this but didn't know what it was.  You're example  worked for me.
Paul Nechita (4 years ago)
is not working in my problem  MBR 
thecooldudeK16 (4 years ago)
Fuck it laging virus in my master boot it restart anytim
Suraum Chetty (4 years ago)
Im guessing it cant find my hdd
Suraum Chetty (4 years ago)
I dont even have the option to select windows7 from that list. cmd just says x:sources instead of x:windows\system32
bladadidoblah (1 year ago)
i had the same experience right now on win7. had tried startup repair and also bootrec but i only see x:sources it can't even detect drive c: where i think my mbr is. i have 600gb with 3 partitions, 1 part is system reserved. how someone can help share their positive experience. email me @ [email protected] coz im not sure if i could still read your response. TIA!!
Mad doX (3 years ago)
+Suraum Chetty for me .cmd just said x:sources aswell, but i got it fixed on my second attempt though. i first did exactly the same as showed in the video. then my second attempt after typing in the two bootrec lines, i closed the .cmd and then instead of clicking on restart on the bottum right i clicked on startup repair.. which fixed it i guess. maybe this helps
Bryan Cendana (3 years ago)
Same :/
The Joker (4 years ago)
same here
reteece (4 years ago)
I tried it but It says "The system cannot find the path specified." 
Muktesh Gautam (1 year ago)
Anton K how did you solved it😂
Anton K (1 year ago)
reteece how did you solve it?
thanks alot it worked im liking this video
F LaRaque (4 years ago)
Hi, I am having a problem booting my windows Vista. Where do I get your software to fix this problem. Please help. Thanks
John Dixon (4 years ago)
How do you fix the mbr on an external drive?
Joseph Sack (1 year ago)
1. Open Command Prompt and type: chkdsk /f c: (replace c with a drive letter of your external hard drive); 2. Hit Enter to let the checking process to run; 3. When it’s finished, type: exit and hit Enter to finish the process. After this, your not responding external hard drive shall show up now.
demented12 (4 years ago)
You just save me a lot of work there mate,I was thinking about doing a whole reinstall . Thank you man!  Thank you very much!
Peter Pokryvka (4 years ago)
Amazing HELP! MAN THANKS!!!!! 
CRO (4 years ago)
But this can be very easy too with RogueKiller with two clicks! ---------------------------- http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/download/roguekiller/
luis Post (4 years ago)
I appreciated it. This information you provided  Help me out a whole lot Thanks
True Story (4 years ago)
Thanks helped so much
Grinsekotze (4 years ago)
The PC I want to fix has Windows 7 64-bit while the other 2 PCs I have access to have Windows 7 32-bit and Windows 8 64-bit. What should I do?
Grinsekotze (4 years ago)
The problem might also have been that the computer I wanted to make a repairdisc with has Win7 Ultimate while the one I wanted to fix has Home Premium. Whatever, I asked a fried with the same version of Windows to make a repairdisc and it worked perfectly. (I'm actually writing this on the fixed PC :D) Thanks guys!
Szuwarski Ziom (4 years ago)
the repair is the same 64 or 32 bit architecture has no say so in MBR repair
Dcience mat (4 years ago)
Very helpful videos  thank you
yusuihang (4 years ago)
Are these two commands ("bootrec /fixmbr" and "bootrec /fixboot") also the same commands used for Windows XP repair?  I had read elsewhere to just use "fixmbr" command from command prompt window, for Windows XP.
nick poverman (4 years ago)
Very helpful thanks.
Cain Kamikazi (4 years ago)
or when you setup a RAID array and you leave any Initialization on, thus deleting MBR.
Irakli Isakadze (4 years ago)
Thanks a lot for this quick and simple tip. This saved my ass.. I ghosted system drive thinking that it will be simple enough and after trying to boot it up i got an error message, some sort of signature problem which was related to MBR, i spent hours trying to find the way to fix this without reinstalling the entire system and here we are, this was the BEST way of fixing this and also reminded me that it's always a good idea to make/keep a repair CD for your system. Thanks again.
Jammy Dodger (4 years ago)
what if you do not have a cd-rom drive??
SMH CR (4 years ago)
My screen turn black after the disc loaded, help please 
licarire (5 years ago)
I've   folowed your 2 steps and I got this : 1) after first command it said : operation completed successfully 2) after second command I got this message: element not found Can you help please ? Thanks
D Grundman (1 year ago)
+licarire Whoa whoa whoa, are you fuckin kidding me tuff guy? I know this is an old comment & I'm certainly 'Joe Nobody, I gotta say I sure hope my response still somehow reaches you. And B4 I go off on my own tirade of how incredibly shitty a thing for a stranger to do to another person completely UNPROVOKED, & how hypocritical your intensely aggressive & just plain nasty reply is, I want to at least make sure this wasn't a classic "I was having a REALLY bad day & I lost my shit that day, sorry" type post most people are guilty of at least ONCE in their life. So mate, which is it, chalk it up to a bad day, or are you a total thunder-prick like this to everyone? 👎👍 😤
licarire (4 years ago)
You are an EdOT. Everybody knows how to backup and reinstall an OS. The question were: how to repair the OS without loosing the data or backing it up. Next time keep your mouth shut and answer only strict to the subject.
official_erki (5 years ago)
Will this restore my files on the hard drive??
Thomas Harrington (5 years ago)
Thanks for the video Was Able to get my grub off of my internal Hard drive so now I feel better
Ricardo Diaz (5 years ago)
Tr Sp (5 years ago)
I encountered an error that stated: windows can not be installed to this disk the selected disk has an MBR partition table on EFI systems, windows can only be installed to GPT disks."
KiKZ (5 years ago)
How can i fix MBR on usb stick? i cant even format it cause its saying that is write protected :S help?
Tiberio Vazquez (5 years ago)
I really need some help!!! When I get to the system recovery option, I don't have an operating system to pick from, what the hell do I do!?
ImEsmeralda (5 years ago)
I got an Operating System Not found error when turning on computer. I made recovery disc from another computer also using window 7 like the one im getting error on.All of the steps worked up until i got to System recovery options. There is no Operating system to select. Any suggestions on how to get it to show up on that screen?
James C (5 years ago)
Good tutorial. I went through all of the options you described after getting the BOOTMGR cannot be found message. I created the Windows 7 system repair disc (DVD), then got to the point where I received the following message: error 0x4001100200001012. I tried to boot up again from the repair disc, and after loading Windows files, a black screen with the cursor shows up and nothing else happens. When I remove the hard drive and put it into a reader, I can see the files. Suggestions??
deontisstaton (5 years ago)
Javier Vazquez (5 years ago)
Hi, when i select "Use recovery tool......" on "Operating System" it does not appear Windows 7, what do i have to do?
Karlis Stigis (5 years ago)
xbox1ish (5 years ago)
Asim Poptani (5 years ago)
Asim Poptani (5 years ago)
Thanks so much!!!
vj tucino (5 years ago)
thank you very much sir...
Rocksmith Pdl (5 years ago)
does it comes with a blue virus or yellow one
Rocksmith Pdl (5 years ago)
vamshi reddy (5 years ago)
yes i mean it, this is really fantastic. i can tell you one thing, my spouse is getting paid monthly for doing some surveys and browsing sites. i got it from here. you can also try it: bit.ly\17jACpo
Lopig5 (5 years ago)
it shows i dont have an operating system please help! my parents are going to kill me

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