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Victoria's Secret Train Like An Angel Live: Alessandra Ambrosio + Tracy Anderson - Full Workout

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Join Victoria’s Secret Angel Alessandra Ambrosio and her trainer Tracy Anderson as she gets ready to walk in the world’s sexiest fashion show. At their go-to fitness studios, the Angels’ trainers will share their best workouts and tips on how to TRAIN LIKE AN ANGEL. Watch @ 2PM Every Tuesday LIVE on Facebook to #TrainLikeAnAngel!
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Text Comments (58)
Sophie Hunt (5 days ago)
i died on legs
atiqah nour (21 days ago)
not really helping
TangySoft (21 days ago)
Am I tall enough to be an angel if I’m 173cm?
Valentina (6 days ago)
TangySoft sure u r welcome :)
TangySoft (6 days ago)
Valentina thank you for answering
Valentina (7 days ago)
TangySoft yes u are , sara sampaio (who is one of the vs angels) is 172cm
BlueBell (24 days ago)
Alessandra is one of my favs. adore her
Gabrielle Diaz (1 month ago)
Tracy is amazing.... only watched this because of her
Rock monster (1 month ago)
She’s looking at the trainer like she’s never done this before. Can we see what workouts Alexandra ACTUALLY does on the daily???? Please, thanks
Rock monster (1 month ago)
Haha definitely not an actress. So cringey!
ZenTee (1 month ago)
how short is the instructor? she looks like an 8 year old
ZenTee (1 month ago)
Dalayza Salvatierra vilchez uhm.. Contractions 101. Your versus You are🙄
ZenTee your short
Robyn Weyeneth (2 months ago)
A lot of these movements are sloppy and unnecessary
Ayesha Gull (2 months ago)
Good job ladies 👍👍👍👍👍
Ayesha Gull (2 months ago)
Is it often that every time I bend and add weight on elbows and knees i get darking marks on them while working out
Isa S (5 days ago)
Go to a dermatoligist to explain why thats happening.
Võ Minh (2 months ago)
Does anyone know what is the background song is. Please tell me. Thanks!
Zhing Stacey (2 months ago)
im watching it right now trying to convince myself to start working up buuuuuuuut i've been convincing myself for a month.
Izzy Pearce (3 months ago)
She looks like slenderman
Janae Johnson (29 days ago)
Izzy Pearce I wish I looked like slender man lol
Belieber girl (3 months ago)
Do you do this everyday?😳(wow)
Camila urquiza (3 months ago)
Yes, they do 😂
Belieber girl (3 months ago)
This one‘s so hard😅 but it‘s worthit
Kamogelomaile (3 months ago)
Alessandra makes me want to be tall😍😍😍
Mumtaas Mohamud (4 months ago)
I got tired 😓 in the warm up 😂
Jennifer Lorence (4 months ago)
I noticed that Angels Don't have a lot of Curves, they just have to be Skinny.
flora I (4 days ago)
Skinny women can have curves, rolls of fat does not equal curvy!
jessica Roch (23 days ago)
+Steven Strange romee its not curvy lol. She is Just skinny
Steven Strange (1 month ago)
Candice, Elsa, Romee are perfect example of curvy girls. Slim and Energetic.
Sophie Bassett (2 months ago)
Jennifer Lorence they’re very tall and usually tall people have less curves... some angels are curvier than others though
Gracie Piscopop (2 months ago)
I am a ELFfishHoneyCloudMeigeniToppKlass jeez they were just stating there opinion on need to get aggressive 🙄🙄
Ana Monroy (4 months ago)
15.02 using 3 pound waits and already sweating a lot and I'm only 9 yrs old😁😁😓😅
Rebecca Jay (1 month ago)
Don’t use such heavy weights yet considering that you’re 9. Your body still has to finish growing
eiliyana torres (1 month ago)
Keep up the work! I’m 19 and love lifting heavy weights
Eva (3 months ago)
Well don't do this if you're 9 girl
LosAngeles323 (5 months ago)
I wanna train like a VS model but they have no ass.
Lîkê (5 months ago)
Please make video how to get lean legs
Pham Linh Cuc Nguyen (6 months ago)
I'm freaking love it, just finishing this workout and I feel so good, I feel sweat, it's easy to follow and really fun. Plz make more like this!
Laura Fokti (7 months ago)
I just did it for the first time. Such a great workout. I used to watch Cindy Crowford too when I was little :) Thank you for sharing this workout.
Emily Graves (7 months ago)
Tracy is a genius
Dunya's world (7 months ago)
i wanna workout it feels so good but i heard it would make u stop growing
lyvsix (19 days ago)
If you are not fully developed yet and do heavy weight then yes your bones wont grow as much as if you hadnt done it. But apart from that you can do any other sport you want
Dunya's world Ooooooo god it MAKES U GROW
maria bodea (4 months ago)
Maxine Caulfield I think he got it confused,lifting heavy weights does affect your growth
Fried Egg (6 months ago)
No, working out regularly can help stretch your spine, legs, etc so that you can grow taller.
Stacie J. (7 months ago)
I made it through...but had to stop once. The leg exercises were a little complicated for me. Gotta keep at it!
Mia Perry (8 months ago)
So its my first day and i did 15 minutes without stop ... and i thought i was in 5 minutes so yheaa !!! My arms are shaking and now im going to legs
Shutup Bish (7 months ago)
So how was the progress? Does the fat on your arms slim down?
Lara Zussner (8 months ago)
I feel like I´m so slow omg xD but it´s really fun though
Liria (10 months ago)
This workout is amazing! I really feel the burn!😂 How many calories do you burn with this one?? PD; sorry for being this insistent
Hello, sorry for the delay. It's no problem at all and I'll be adding the estimated calories burned in future uploads! This one burns approximately 180-210 calories.
Rachel Alyse Thomas (1 year ago)
This is GOLDEN! To get Tracy's dialogue and explanation of the movements AND having it be a full 30 minutes! So hard to find. I can't wait to try this workout.
Alison Spangler (1 year ago)
Not many of her full workouts are on here any more, so I was happy to find this one.

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