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Classical Music for Reading - Mozart, Chopin, Debussy, Tchaikovsky...

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♫ Buy the MP3 album on the Official Halidon Music Store: http://bit.ly/2OH1mxU 🎧 Listen to our playlist on Spotify: http://spoti.fi/2mUkjPI 🍎 Stream "50 Masterpieces of Classical Music" on Apple Music: https://apple.co/2H76efy ▶▶ Order “Music for Reading” (2CDs) on Amazon: USA: https://amzn.to/2T3mIXQ CA: https://amzn.to/2RTmFB3 MEX: https://amzn.to/2SXBCPW IT: https://amzn.to/2GMDSm9 UK: https://amzn.to/2KPoyHL DE: https://amzn.to/2LqivKX FR: https://amzn.to/2GMDSm9 ES: https://amzn.to/2GLtivN ▶▶ eBay: https://bit.ly/2MhHm4h These tracks are available for sync licensing in web video productions, corporate videos, films, ads and music compilations. For further information and licensing please contact [email protected] Subscribe to our channel: http://bit.ly/YouTubeHalidonMusic Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/halidonmusic CLASSICAL MUSIC FOR READING 01 Saint-Saens - The Carnival of the Animals: XIII, The Swan 00:00 02 Debussy - 2 Arabesques: No. 1, Andantino con moto 02:38 03 Satie - Trois Gymnopédies: No. 1, Lent et doloreux 06:44 04 Chopin - Nocturnes, Op. 9: No. 2 in E-flat major 09:32 05 Debussy - Suite Bergamasque, L. 75: III. Clair de Lune 13:51 06 Faulkner - Daydreaming 18:34 07 Yiruma - River Flows in You (Live Recording) 21:30 08 Einaudi - Le Onde 24:32 09 Chopin - Douze Etudes, Op. 25: No. 1 "Aeolian Harp" 27:39 10 Liszt - Consolations, S. 172: No. 3, Lento placido 30:07 11 Debussy - Rêverie, L. 68 34:09 12 Tchaikovsky - The Seasons, Op. 37a: No. 5, May. White Nights 38:22 13 Tchaikovsky - The Seasons, Op. 37a: No. 6, June. Barcarolle 42:59 14 Tchaikovsky - The Seasons, Op. 37a: No. 12, December. Christmas 48:14 15 Mozart - Rondò in D major, K. 485 (Live Recording) 52:43 16 Galuppi - Piano Sonata No. 5 in C Major: I. Andante (Live Recording) 59:24 17 Costantini - Elegia 1:04:36 18 Sakamoto - Energy Flow 1:06:52 19 Sakamoto - Aqua 1:10:27 20 Einaudi - Nefeli 1:13:57 21 Faulkner - Ballade 1:17:43 22 Faulkner - Springtime 1:20:36 23 Corelli - Concerto Grosso No. 1 in D Major, Op. 6: I. Largo 1:23:40 24 Corelli - Concerto Grosso No. 9 in F Major, Op. 6: I. Preludio 1:26:35 25 Corelli - Concerto Grosso No. 9 in F Major, Op. 6: III. Corrente 1:28:42 26 Telemann - Viola Concerto in G Major, TWV 51:G9: I. Largo 1:30:36 27 Barrière - 6 Cello Sonatas: No. 4 in G Major: I. Andante 1:34:10 28 Telemann - Viola Concerto in G Major, TWV 51:G9: IV. Presto 1:38:55 29 Stamitz - Sinfonia Concertante in D Major: II. Romanza 1:42:01 30 Trad. - Greensleves (with variations) [Arr. for Cello and Violin] 1:48:34 31 Einaudi - Nuvole Bianche (Arr. for Two Cellos) 1:52:02 32 Faulkner - New Beginning 1:58:33 33 Mozart/Liszt - Ave Verum Corpus, S. 44 2:02:38 34 Mozart - Piano Sonata No. 16 in C Major, K. 545 "For Beginners": II. Andante 2:04:58 35 Mozart - Piano Sonata No. 17 in B-Flat Major, K. 570: II. Adagio 2:08:43 36 Liszt - Liebesträume, S. 541: No. 3 in A-Flat Major 2:15:50 37 Schumann - Kinderszenen, Op. 15: No. 7, Träumerei 2:21:36 38 Debussy - Préludes, Premier livre, L. 117: No. 8, La fille aux cheveux de lin 2:24:53 Track 1 performed by Sarah Joy (cello) & Kathy Hohstadt (piano) Tracks 2, 4-7, 10, 11, 21, 22 & 32 performed by Luke Faulkner Tracks 3, 8, 17-20, 33-35 performed by Carlo Balzaretti (solo piano) Tracks 9 & 36-38 performed by Giovanni Umberto Battel (solo piano) Tracks 12-16 performed by Vadim Chaimovich (solo piano) Tracks 23-25 performed by Kiev Chamber Orchestra, Liviu Buiuc Tracks 26, 28 & 29 performed by Giovanni Antonioni (viola), Warmia Symphony Orchestra, Silvano Frontalini Tracks 27 & 31 performed by Mr & Mrs Cello Track 30 performed by Duo.Hansen Cover picture: https://pixabay.com/it/narrativa-storia-sogno-raccontare-794978 Thank you so much for watching this video by Halidon Music channel, we hope you enjoyed it! Don't forget to share it and subscribe to our channel http://bit.ly/YouTubeHalidonMusic #classicalmusic #musicforreading
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HALIDONMUSIC (15 days ago)
♫ Buy the MP3 album on the Official Halidon Music Store: http://bit.ly/2OH1mxU 🎧 Listen to our playlist on Spotify: http://spoti.fi/2mUkjPI 🍎 Stream "50 Masterpieces of Classical Music" on Apple Music: https://apple.co/2H76efy ▶▶ Order “Music for Reading” (2CDs) on Amazon: USA: https://amzn.to/2T3mIXQ CA: https://amzn.to/2RTmFB3 MEX: https://amzn.to/2SXBCPW IT: https://amzn.to/2GMDSm9 UK: https://amzn.to/2KPoyHL DE: https://amzn.to/2LqivKX FR: https://amzn.to/2GMDSm9 ES: https://amzn.to/2GLtivN ▶▶ eBay: https://bit.ly/2MhHm4h
thena marie (7 days ago)
...my favourite playlists are your compilations of "music for reading", such as this one, which I enjoy immensely and listen to almost daily and I wondered how special it would be if you created a live streaming channel.
Aree you chopin?
Joseph Paul Charles (1 month ago)
Dragovan Đukić (1 hour ago)
Mia Morrow (4 hours ago)
i yous it to play schools
In Born Singer AG (9 hours ago)
CarlosMz (10 hours ago)
If anyone was wondering, the first song was saint-saëns: the swan (the carnival of the animals)
Mystery Cloudy (12 hours ago)
1:19:00 é minha parte preferida, alguém sabe de quem é parte específica?💕
Diogo Ribeiro (16 hours ago)
Anyone would know the playlist? Sorry, i dont speak english.
Chanbaek shii (19 hours ago)
Gérard Vergari (20 hours ago)
Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuua is you
Lucas Muraro (21 hours ago)
Listening and studying Brazilian Civil Law for magistracy.
Water Falls (1 day ago)
CarlosMz (1 day ago)
what is the first song?
Brooklynn Tyler (2 days ago)
this saved my life, thank you
Candy Barron (2 days ago)
I was going to blast this on the Bluetooth speaker like really really htz loud...while some of my children argued...played x-box...rode around inside the house on the tri-cycle (4yrold)..and one does her homework ( the quiet one) .as i begin to cook dinner...but...my oldest child at home (14 yr old).. Loaned me his earbuds. Tomorrow we get bloodwork results for giganticism he 6' & 6 -1/4" @ 14 yro.
Alevtina Romanova (2 days ago)
this gives sad vibes
Simiane C (2 days ago)
I wish the titles were written
HALIDONMUSIC (2 days ago)
hi Simiane, you can find the tracklist with time stamps in the description below the video :)
Esther Wong (2 days ago)
The first song made me imagine millions of things. A carnival of animals, that was what i thought.
Albert Q. Moy (3 days ago)
Ashok Verma (3 days ago)
Helps me a lot in reading....
HALIDONMUSIC (2 days ago)
happy to hear it, Ashok :) what are you reading at the moment?
Reece McAra (3 days ago)
There's something about listening to classical piano that just completely soothes me & rids my anxiety. What an absolute gift this instrument is and the artists that crafted the compositions.
HALIDONMUSIC (2 days ago)
happy to hear you enjoyed the piano pieces featured on this compilation, Reece. If you'd like to hear more, please consider subscribing to our channel - our main focus is on classical & instrumental music and we upload 3 to 4 new compilations every week :)
shaymae v (3 days ago)
Music in 13:53, when i heard it .. immediately i saw Euphoria MV in front of my eyes 😌💜 and i remembered also SAVE ME webtoon, i feel like m waiting to hear "EUPHORIA" with jungkook's sweet voice ❤ ... and yeah so i stopped what i was reading to write this thinking of those 7 great kind wonderful boys ☺ ..yeah it's BTS 💜
Slamacat98 (4 days ago)
The second one was from minecraft wtf
captain skeptical (4 days ago)
you're kidding right? reading is done in silence to let the brain grasp the ideas. reading and listening to piano is pure aggression.
Bhavyaa Arora (4 days ago)
Don't read the comments! Go and study ! You can do it, I know you can 💪 All the best 👍👣
Jon Hohensee (4 days ago)
Why is a lot of this music kinda depressing?
Jennifer Gomez (4 days ago)
Such a beautiful collection
HALIDONMUSIC (2 days ago)
thank you, Jennifer! The album is also available on our music store if you'd like to check it out :)
elf anima (4 days ago)
Hello and god bless you cause you are reading. Read some book every possible time. And remember "Read" is the first order of GOD...
ciara rose (4 days ago)
whats the first song called ?
HALIDONMUSIC (2 days ago)
The Swan, from The Carnival of the Animals, by Camille Saint-Saens.
Egor Mozhenkov (4 days ago)
Egor Mozhenkov (2 days ago)
+HALIDONMUSIC Yes I was just listening and writing down along some favorite ones. Not to forget it and get back from time to time! Thanks for beautiful compilation!
HALIDONMUSIC (2 days ago)
are these your favourite pieces, Egor? :) we've put the tracklist in the description box if you'd like to find out more about the composers & performers!
Egor Mozhenkov (4 days ago)
Andrea Basile (4 days ago)
Some songs were played quickly but still a nice video
Lol Fool (5 days ago)
You could feel what the pianist is trying to say through playing the piano, violin, and other instruments👌🏻💯! This is just so calming, thx for making this! I am not really into classical music until now😊✌🏻 It’s actually cool and fun and pretty challenging on the piano! So inspiring👍🏻
pelérik (5 days ago)
Nice music and all but i've come to realize it doesn't fit that well with the Red Wedding chapter in A Storm Of Swords
HALIDONMUSIC (2 days ago)
haha, the whole saga deserves a compilation / soundtrack of its own! Wouldn't say this one is very fitting, no 😂 but thanks for checking it out anyway!
Jesse Brooks (5 days ago)
Correct speed is .75
cristian pinzon (5 days ago)
why are not you reading right now?? you r losing your time in the commentary box!!
StripyStuff (5 days ago)
When Your Teacher Says Let's Listen To Music In Class
Eirian Pycroft (5 days ago)
What's playing at 21:46? Also; are there any timestamps in the comments anywhere? I can't find any lol :)
HALIDONMUSIC (2 days ago)
that's Yiruma's River Flows in You, played by Luke Faulkner. We did leave a comment with time stamps somewhere - if you can't find it, have a look at the description box :)
Asude Doğan (5 days ago)
Afton Logan (5 days ago)
I was deep into the peaceful music when all of a sudden an add started and loud music started playing and I jumped. It scared me so bad!!!! I'm still working on slowing my heart.
LORDBOMBAF /\ (6 days ago)
Am i the only one who thinks comptine d'un autre été would be a great adiction do this?
HALIDONMUSIC (6 days ago)
that's a great suggestion! 😊 in fact, we've added it to our Spotify playlist - we've put the link in the description box if you'd like to check it out. Thank you for listening!
LORDBOMBAF /\ (6 days ago)
When ur listening to this and u hit river flows on you and ur all like.... Omgggg i know i song on this playlist, i see i am a man of culture
Jaime_Pinkman (6 days ago)
I can't explain why, but the first composition brings a tear to my eye
Jaime_Pinkman (6 days ago)
Such marvellous and exquisite music, I am so entranced...
Malka Davis (6 days ago)
Oh my gosh, what is the name of the piece at 1:18:00 (I guess closer to 1:17:43)? It is so beautiful!
HALIDONMUSIC (6 days ago)
hi Balka, that's Ballade - an original composition by pianist Luke Faulkner. It's also available on Spotify & iTunes/Apple Music if you'd like to add it to your library! 😊
L Cosmelista (6 days ago)
Merci infiniment pour cette vidéo qui m'aide à me concentrer sur mon travail.
Fair Lalyn Ortiga (7 days ago)
Wow so nice music cool ,chill it is a music you love when you are reading oh thanks for sharing this amazing music am fun of reading i appreciate this lovely music God Bless
willdanny143 (7 days ago)
Anyone know the song at 1:17:44 it’s a banger
HALIDONMUSIC (6 days ago)
Ballade, an original composition by pianist Luke Faulkner. It's also available on Spotify & iTunes/Apple Music, fyi 😊
Miki (7 days ago)
Someone new moved in upstairs, and in all the years I lived here, I have never thought that people could be this noisy. It doesn't help that they apparently have no carpets or curtains or anything yet, so every word they say and every step they take echoes and reverberates through this old building. This music keeps me sane - it can't drown out the noise or the vibrations, but it gives me a "sound-blanket" to wrap myself in to ease the constant stress.
HALIDONMUSIC (6 days ago)
hi Miki, sorry to hear you're having a difficult time. Hopefully once your neighbors have settled in, things will go back to normal. Until then, we'd be very happy to keep you company with our compilations! Sending hugs your way 😊
rafiq shaikh (8 days ago)
I go my past
msmontana1961 (8 days ago)
My Daschund Beckham LOVES LOVES Classical
Anna Cook (8 days ago)
Sooooo pretty
Who´s de musician that starst on the 1'48''36'''?
Andrea Arango (5 days ago)
+HALIDONMUSIC OMG! You cannot imagine how grateful I am :*
HALIDONMUSIC (6 days ago)
hi Andrea, this is a version of Greensleeves (with variations) played by Duo.Hansen - Adam (cello) and Julia (violin) 😊
Esmin Kovačević (8 days ago)
Great suits my great read...
westley sargeant (9 days ago)
Can someone please tell me what piece is playing at 22 minutes and who composed it please?
HALIDONMUSIC (6 days ago)
as Ravindu says - this is a rendition of Yiruma's "River Flows in You" by pianist Luke Faulkner. 😊
Ravindu Shehan (8 days ago)
Yiurma - River flows in you
Evija3000 (9 days ago)
This makes monotone office work so so much better.
HALIDONMUSIC (9 days ago)
We're so pleased to hear it! We also have a "Music for Reading" playlist on Spotify if you'd like to give it a follow - it's updated at least twice a month and has the same vibe. We've put the link in the description box :)
ki ki (9 days ago)
Does anyone know what the first song is?? :)
HALIDONMUSIC (9 days ago)
Hi ki ki, that's The Swan - composed by Camille Saint-Saens and performed by Sarah Joy (cello) & Kathy Hohstadt (piano). They have also filmed a beautiful music video if you'd like to check it out: https://youtu.be/mSiLZy1qFKY. Enjoy :)
Bryan Ludwick (9 days ago)
I like reading to this, good job.
HALIDONMUSIC (9 days ago)
thank you, Bryan! Don't forget to have a look at the description box to find out who the individual performers are & show them some love on social media :)
muggshot (9 days ago)
How are you suposed to read with these beautiful pieces? I know most of them, I just start singing the melody in my head
HALIDONMUSIC (9 days ago)
sorry you found the compilation a bit distracting for reading - sounds like you enjoyed the music though. Happy to hear that :)
Rodrigo Sobrenome (9 days ago)
I'm from brazil. Thanks for uploaded this vídeo.
Gwenn Bazajou (9 days ago)
It has been wonderful to read comments from people all around the globe and hear that music really is universal, spiritual and uplifting. I loved hearing from the person in PANAMA'. I recently began researching what it might be like to retire in Costa Rica or Panama'. It is so good to hear that such things as this site are available. Today, March 14, 2019, I am sitting in my office in Grand Forks, ND in the middle of a late winter blizzard, charting notes. This music makes this task so much more enjoyable. So, I better get back to that, huh?
Souhayl A Photographer (10 days ago)
no way !
paw the dog (10 days ago)
I thought the comment section was filled arrogant self proclaimed "intellectuals", i guess not.. Really Nice music btw <3
Khadeen Seeram (10 days ago)
I have a blind kitten who was rejected by her mom so I raise her. She is staring directly at the speakers. This must speak to different kinds of animals, since I saw a comment about a hummingbird listening in as well.
HALIDONMUSIC (9 days ago)
happy to hear your kitten is enjoying the music. She's lucky to have found you :)
Houssam Alp (10 days ago)
Yiruma - River Flows in You (Live Recording) 21:30 <3 < 3
Harrish Mathiyalagan (6 days ago)
Most beautiful song ever, really brought a tear to my eye Thank you.
Stian Sanchez (10 days ago)
I love this type of music, you can really tell its been put together by someone with a very high state of conciousness. Compare it to a lot of mainstream modern day music and you can clearly see the difference in values and passion. This should be mainstream!
HALIDONMUSIC (9 days ago)
Hi Stian, thank you so much for your kind words. You're giving us too much credit though - it's the musicians that do the magic :) don't forget to have a look at the description box to find out who the performers are!
happyhindu30 (10 days ago)
Sounds like great foreplay music ;-)
cmputer87 (10 days ago)
The ad woke me up.
Xyrill Charm (11 days ago)
Magkakaiba ho tayo. Meron din yung di maka concentrate pag nakikinig ng mga musics tulad ko. HAHAHAH triny ko amputik di gumana
Murtoza Siddiqui (11 days ago)
Thanks for sharing the collection.
Dollar (11 days ago)
Favorites! WIP 22 Faulkner - Springtime 1:20:36 30 Einaudi - Nuvole Bianche (Arr. for Two Cellos) @
Liuccia Marradi (11 days ago)
Quel bonheur, quel frémissement des sens, quelle hauteur ! Merveilleuses sensations, Merci !
DOUGLAS DIG_BIX (11 days ago)
is not may ?
Anto Jiminnie (11 days ago)
13:52 Euphoria : Theme of LOVE YOURSELF 起 Wonder<3.
Álex the Benighted (11 days ago)
What a strange combination of composers.
HALIDONMUSIC (11 days ago)
hi Alex, thanks for your feedback. We did add a modern composer here and there - we thought they fit in well with the rest of the tracks. Is there anything in particular you wouldn't have added, or think we've missed? Constructive criticism is always appreciated 😊
MAURÍCIO DOM (11 days ago)
congratulações, muito boa a seleção.
nel clarke (11 days ago)
using it for studying, makes it much enjoyable :)
Hi, very nice song
Angel Rubin Rock Voice (12 days ago)
2:40 El Planeta imaginario, para los españoles la conocerán
So good, and lovely music
muffin gang ayye (13 days ago)
eXplorer (13 days ago)
Good movie!
Nilu Far (13 days ago)
thxx for upload!!
I love BTS (13 days ago)
Manuel Cabrear (13 days ago)
Who makes the song at the 7:00 minute mark? It is so mellow and, malancholic.
HALIDONMUSIC (13 days ago)
hi Manuel, that's Gymnopedie No. 1, composed by Erik Satie and played by Carlo Balzaretti. You can listen to all six Gymnopedies at this link - https://youtu.be/nyU83wB9iV8. Have a lovely day :)
Bindu R (14 days ago)
Thanks for this music, I have my finals going on and this helps me a lot. Well, wish me luck...
HALIDONMUSIC (13 days ago)
good luck, Bindu! We're sure you'll do well :)
Parietallobe 08 (14 days ago)
studying now
Erik Satie, Gymnopeadie, just lovely and quite wonderful melody.
Юлия Гейвах (14 days ago)
Приємна музика та красива картина.Сподобалось.
Matchstick 73 (15 days ago)
this is perfect, now i feel like i'm in the 16th century and in a ballroom with a girl that is about to kick me in the "Area" and storm off with my favorite wig! thank you
paw the dog (10 days ago)
I feel like im the 16th century dying of smallpox and polio
roy wang (15 days ago)
Oscar Martinez (15 days ago)
03 Satie - Trois Gymnopédies: No. 1, Lent et doloreux 06:44 sounds like It would be in legend of zelda
katsukun Victory (16 days ago)
Fernanda Martiniano (16 days ago)
Algum BR por aqui??? ❤
Katherine Cordova (16 days ago)
in every piece for some reason I have a story in my mind and i rlly like how the music just makes up characters and show the tones their using and how they feel (but I imagine ballet and opera sort of show thing) I might start writing these stories or drawing them...idk I just wanted to share that . most of these songs are cheerful but have a different variation. of emotion....ok ill go back to studying....love the playlist btw! everyone who got this far on this comment have a wonderful day night afternoon ect my u conquer anything in your path and keep smiling! <3
Sophia (16 days ago)
Please someone tell me the name of the song at 21:32!!!
HALIDONMUSIC (12 days ago)
that's correct :) don't forget to check the description below the video for the full credits & tracklist,
Brian Fay (16 days ago)
Sophia river flows in you, I think
Alice (16 days ago)
I ADORE this compilation!!!! Just perfect for every occasion!
HALIDONMUSIC (12 days ago)
thank you, Alice! Don't forget to follow our playlist on Spotify too - we've put the link in the description :)
Another user (16 days ago)
these pieces be so good it made me stop reviewing for my exams for awhile
Efe Aghahowa (17 days ago)
I always find myself coming back to this compositions. Each song tells a story. Makes me feel things I never knew music would make me feel. . Its truly beautiful
HALIDONMUSIC (12 days ago)
we're so happy to hear it, Efe! Wish you could see the huge smile on our face 😊 just so you know, we also have a "Music for Reading" playlist on Spotify (updated at least twice a month) if you'd like to give it a follow - https://open.spotify.com/user/halidon/playlist/1ByzdKSKWgv9M18IEUScfQ?si=J-tgXon6QLauQqozCNrUtQ.
Nelly N (17 days ago)
The music takes me to a place where i can’t even focus on reading a book 📚 These are more than amazing 😭😍😭😭😍

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