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How to Create a Recovery Partition in Windows 7

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Creating a recovery partition is a two part process. The first process is to create a partition if you do not have an additional Hard Drive to install the system image which is the the second part of this tutorial. Partition your Hard Drive http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WL5Ca-zqiRk http://www.avoiderrors.net/?p=10542
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Denis Howe (24 days ago)
Have none of you noticed: Miguiel has never replied to any question posted here as far as I can see.
master mind69 (2 months ago)
How to make in Samsung laptop
al coburn (3 months ago)
Darriane Goh (4 months ago)
Can I use the USB? Or must it be a CD
guillan villaruz (6 months ago)
I accidently delete my windows 7 in my hard drive. Can you help me how to restore windows 7 on my hard drive?
Kuwait Kuwait (7 months ago)
Ali ABDELBARI (9 months ago)
A very "clean" and clear tutorial, thank you very much ... Keep doing great job :)
virgilgray (10 months ago)
Some of you just don't get it. Take your stuff to a REAL repair Tech.
maskedavenger777 (11 months ago)
Will you keep your data if you restore the backed up system?
Haseeb Khan (11 months ago)
This is my cell number please help me 7983050390
Haseeb Khan (11 months ago)
Friends, all my laptops have all the data format. Please tell me what software I need to download to recover it is Windows 7
Edgar Koterle (1 year ago)
Good tutorial, but how can I do recovery partition which is hidden?
Matthew Fraser (1 year ago)
thank you very helpful tutorial
Ankush Gour (1 year ago)
Hi I want your helP sir
myqueenkiller (1 year ago)
Hi Paul, can you make a tutorial where you show how to make a WIM file for recovery and integrating that into the bootup menu on Windows 7, that'll be so awesome.
GUAYAPA (1 year ago)
Thanks very much, i love your tutorial, but please, I have 2 questions: Firsth: when you say at minute 6.20 / 6,21 " REMOVE THE DISK FROM THE DRIVE" I didnt see when was the disk installed in the drive, and 2nd. in this back up, are included all additionals programs installed after OS and data storred ? Thanks for your answer, and please, excuseme, I am not english speaker and reader.
Thaddeus Rosales (1 year ago)
plss help, i dont have backup and restore when i searched it
RAMESH KUMAR (1 year ago)
UVritesh Nim (1 year ago)
I like your video but can we upgrade from 32 bit to 64 bit
Charlie Johnsson (1 year ago)
hi and thank you, is it possible to create a start usb? how?
Edgar Koterle (1 year ago)
You must have downloaded bootable system image and then create the bootable USB flashdrive using e. g. Rufus or PowerISO
Nitej (1 year ago)
thanks man!!!!
Raghu Prasad H N (1 year ago)
sir i want to know what is system reserved partition
PREM SINGH (1 year ago)
Fudan Majhi (1 year ago)
Telling that "setup was unable to create a new partition or locate an existing system partition. See the setup log files for more information."
Jefferson Barrion (1 year ago)
hi, i have a question, say i already made the image backup, then i installed a new program in the local disk C, it will not be included or added into the image backup, right???? the content of the image backup is just exactly on the time you created it??? hope you will answer, and understand what i mean,
Luis M. Soler (1 year ago)
Very Helpful. That's muy bueno and clear mi hermano.
Brandon Cook (1 year ago)
1,000th like, great video, easy to understand and simple. Thank you
AvoidErrors (1 year ago)
WW Wickramasinghe (1 year ago)
charles thotawatta (1 year ago)
thanks brother
zarab hyder (1 year ago)
plzz tel me mor about
zarab hyder (1 year ago)
thanks for decument buht sir one partaction delet so I retry buht cannot receive ...
Zifovski Nikolco (1 year ago)
Hi MiguelHow come the sistem didn t let me change the sistem volume to hire number that i needed and how can i solve this problem example from 13026 maximum MB diden t let me make 25000MB wen i m tryng to create a recoveri partitition.
OldManWilkins (1 year ago)
it looks like you only have 13GBs left on your computer, example- - - you have 20 gallons gas maximum you can put on your car, you cannot just try to put 50 gallons, your issue is the hard drive space, there's just not enough space left to use, suggestion would be to remove uneeded giant files or videos/pictures ect.. to make more space or buy a new bigger hard drive.
Daryl Crum (1 year ago)
I have a windows 8.1 upgraded to 10 and my recovery d partition is over 20gb and is telling me I'm low on disk space . l am thinking it has a lot of data I don't need now. what would be my best options..? thanks
ahmed naveed (1 year ago)
Coby Alfred Kekane (1 year ago)
my pc say diskpart> has encountered an error :data error <cycle redundancy check>see the systems event log for more information What should I do? This happens when am trying to create partition primary size
Mahendra Sawant (2 years ago)
After recover partition need reactivate again windows license again or already acticated.
Mauro Toscanini (2 years ago)
Mauro Toscanini (2 years ago)
So I use the "Windows 7 installation CD", I can format my Hardisk “C” and then I can restore my previous image backup "Z". 1 The image backup includes also all driver (videocard, audio…ex)? 2 Can the image backup restore all advance setting I did on Outlook or Mozilla Firefox.. ex? Thanks a lot for this video
ihsan khan (2 years ago)
I make wrongly format data hdd instead of windows drive.so what I do now
Debbie Wilson (2 years ago)
Near the end of the video (at 6:25), you say you'll have your OS the same as before. But what about everything else? What if I reformatted C right before the restore? Would I have all my data, all my settings, and all my installed programs also restored? (Or just the OS restored... as you stated in the video?)
Godson Eh (2 years ago)
I allocated 35GB for this in my Windows 10 but it wasn't enough, and i don't know why
barzin pirayesh (2 years ago)
thank you so much it was great toturial may you post a learning vidio to how to creat flash memory usb recovery drive for windows 7 all the best
dhsdd rdsd (2 years ago)
while creating a systems image, can't find the created new partition. Help?
respected sir I am install window 7 ultimate I want to format HP recovery drive how I can save my data HP recovery drive format all drive erase but I want to save my old data
Test Kid (2 years ago)
Great Tutorial! Pardon my ignorance but how do I know what MY operating system partitiion size is so that I am able to set the new partition 5gb bigger than such. Thanks!
Decent Life (2 years ago)
hp pavilion g6 delete recovery how i fixed without recovery disk.
Web Makers (2 years ago)
Dear I Have A Serious Problem And Need Help.. I have were windows 7 in my hard disk and i open hard disk from my laptop and fit it to another laptop so it shows me there is no windows when i start windows so it shows me that there is no partition in your hard drive and your hard is completely free.............. I Have astonished what to do now please help....
Shinta Kyoura (2 years ago)
You have to reinstall Windows
DLC ENERGY (2 years ago)
6:34 Bye... And have a wonderful time! xD
AvoidErrors (2 years ago)
Annettesmusic (2 years ago)
Excellent tutorial. Clear visual and simple instructions. I'm having a problem due to a screw up at Lenovo repair where they changed my motherboard but didn't link my Operating system to the new motherboard so now, Windows is acting like a new install and is asking me for a product key on a laptop I've had Windows 7 installed on for over a year! Anyhow, long story short, I saw in your video that you have that 100mb partition in front of your C driver too. I thought, because I recently partitioned my C drive into C and D that the partition software created that file and that was what is stopping me from using my restore disks (official Windows 7 disks from Lenovo), since I can't reformat because it can't find Bootmgr) The Laptop boots with no problem but the recovery disks can't find Bootmgr??? So, is that 100mb drive supposed to be there and it's something else preventing the restore disks from finding Bootmgr?
Annettesmusic (2 years ago)
+AvoidErrors Thanks for getting back to me. IGood to know the 100mb partition supposed to be there. That link you gave was for the error: Bootmgr is missing My error is: CDBOOT: Can't find Bootmgr I get this error when I put the Lenovo Windows 7 recovery disks in. It will not go past that screen so I cannot go any further with a reinstall of WIndows on my machine. I think I will have to send it back to Lenovo to fix this issue.
AvoidErrors (2 years ago)
+Annettesmusic is that 100mb drive supposed to be there? yes. fix the Bootmgr missing http://goo.gl/6ZSC6N
Dock Saylor (2 years ago)
thanks this really worked good.
AvoidErrors (2 years ago)
+Dock Saylor great. im glad it worked. let me know if you have any questions
AvoidErrors (2 years ago)
+Dock Saylor great. im glad it worked. let me know if you have any questions
Sumon Khastgir (2 years ago)
Thanks for this document. It is very clear, concise and easy to understand.
[VIP] Security ™ (3 years ago)
"Windows cannot repair this computer automatically" If you have recently attached a device to this computer l , such as a camera or portable music player , remove it and restart your computer manufacturer for assistance. Help !!
[VIP] Security ™ (3 years ago)
I don't know what my problem is i started my laptop it says in german "windows failed to start" then it says repair windows and then it says windows can't fix the problem and so on. help please :((
dan no (3 years ago)
what i want to do it put a back up of windows onto a dvd so if my hard drive gose i have a back up of my windows for a new hard drive can you a tell me how i can do this or do you have a video on how to do it
Abdur Rahman Hira (3 years ago)
I lost one of my partition. How can I get back that? -thanks
Erick Yu (2 years ago)
download mini tool recovery disc ok
Luis P (3 years ago)
Thank you for showing us but how can i do it if i don't want to save No files from my computer only Windows 7 on the partition?
Uriel Soto (3 years ago)
is it also keeping programs and files that you had when the system image was made??
Uriel Soto (3 years ago)
+AvoidErrors thank!
AvoidErrors (3 years ago)
+Uriel Soto yes
Edgar Villalba (3 years ago)
Muy buen tutorial loco, esta no la sabia, saludos
AvoidErrors (3 years ago)
+Edgar Villalba Gracias
thomfroi (3 years ago)
Very nice video! Thank you. What tool are you using to create such smooth highlighting and zooming effects?
Filmy Maza (3 years ago)
Sir will it also activate windows which is activated at the time of making Image disk Drive
winston smith (3 years ago)
i have a partition that read Recovery, but no idea h ow to use it. i tried to boot from it when i was having some boot options and it wouldnt work. Does that means Im already covered. I did reinstall a different version of windows 7 at one point bc my system did not come with a disk,, but didnt mess with that recovery partition/ I basically have no idea what it's for. Some Google searches indicated it is to recover my system. Just a bit confused on how it works. Any advice will be appreciated but Ill keep looking on my own as well. Tx. Great video.. Im making a backup image on an external drive anyway.
winston smith (3 years ago)
tx! This actually turned out to be a hardware issue. You could hear scraping in the hd.. I bought a ssd for the c drive .. (man does it boot faster) and a 2nd mechanical drive for content. I used the partition version to reactivate Windows.. and it worked perfectly.. but tx anyway.. I didnt know that so you taught me something new/
Luis Gudino (3 years ago)
+winston smith If your Recovery partition is intact, you can recover from it by going to disk management and set it to active, the boot reboot.
Aris Affandy (3 years ago)
Long time ago, before Windows 7, I use Ghost to do this disk imaging backup and restore.
Abdul Rahman Ghous (3 years ago)
Hey thanks for your video i want to change my hard drive from 500 GB to 1TB but i cant create the recovery partition to 1 TB as same like my 500 GB hard drive is?
Nikola Sarić (3 years ago)
Miguel i have windows7 (32bit) Is it possible to divide partition to be differente that it is now (in recovey mode) or on the other way In need to upgrade to windows 10 but i dont have enough space on C because when i bought pc it was C-40gb, D-460gb :( thanks
Nikola Sarić (3 years ago)
+Luis Gudino TAHNK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU...it works :)
Luis Gudino (3 years ago)
+Nikola Sarić I don't know if you already got an answer, but you can use a partition manager called "minitool partition wizard" to resize your "C" Partition
Chaoba Singh (3 years ago)
thanks 4 your valuable video
Joe Blow (3 years ago)
MegaDutcher (3 years ago)
Ik hoor Nederlands!!!!
Jesse Pedyfoot (3 years ago)
Do I need an actual disk to complete this
Jesse Pedyfoot (3 years ago)
i am having a hard time finding te revovery files. can u point e in the right direction
AvoidErrors (3 years ago)
+Jesse Pedyfoot yes you can place it on a partition or an additional drive
Jesse Pedyfoot (3 years ago)
hey miguel. I am trying to create a image with a disk. is that possible if i follow the same way you did. 
almusafir hussain (3 years ago)
 How can Create a Recovery Partition in Windows 8 pro
AvoidErrors (3 years ago)
+almusafir hussain https://youtu.be/PxsUuvOz7sQ
Victor R (3 years ago)
I shrank the c partition and freed up enough space in the unallocated space but I wanted to perform a clean install. I bought this computer used and when the HDD crashed a friend of mine put another one. I wanted to start clean slate. Is this recovery going to contain files that are currently on the computer? I guess I want to do a "factory reset".
Victor R (3 years ago)
But in order to get a fresh install do I have to create a disc? I did a system recovery from image and it basically reinstalled Windows where I left off.
AvoidErrors (3 years ago)
+Victor R this process will delete all files and install a fresh copy of windows
ASNLF ATJEH (3 years ago)
Thanks Miguel I like your Hobby
AvoidErrors (3 years ago)
+ASNLF ATJEH thank you
Sampa Motovlog (3 years ago)
Hi Miguel! Can i create a disk image with all user information ?
Sampa Motovlog (3 years ago)
+AvoidErrors do you have a video about it ?
AvoidErrors (3 years ago)
+Sampa Motovlog yes
Jacob Percy (3 years ago)
lucky s (4 years ago)
well it say i need more space to back up the thing my hardvie is 2terbaatyes so what do i od
adnan hashi (4 years ago)
if i trying recovery partition in windows7 and then recover from it so what happens with my lap ton  is everything removed with my data computer?
thanks... how to create bootable win7 ghost image.. i try to image all are success but not bootable issue 
ncix2 (4 years ago)
Im trying to fix a computer that has a virus already and a system image was never made on disc. Can I create a system image using another windows 7 computer and use the disk on the computer that is not working ? Or do I have to download a copy of windows 7 and burn it has iso image and use the product key on the computer. 
Hi admin.......I have an question to you...I am using fujitsu lifebook ah532/ga21. I had original windows 7 home premium sp1. I have also recovery DVD...The problem is unfortunately I have deleted my windows drive C...Finally I downloaded a home premium version from internet and activated with my keys....But problem is my recovery disk says not compatible with this operating system....Could you please tell me whats way to solve this problem that can I used my previous windows with my recovery DVD. 
+AvoidErrors I also tried the same way that you said but the problem is when I am selecting the drive C it says "The selected disc is of the GPT partition style, Windows can not intall on the disc'. The "next" option aslo showing hidden. Again If I insert recovery disc and go with recovery then it shows not compatible with the existing version. Please give me solution.
AvoidErrors (4 years ago)
+Md. Jahangir Alam Shimul if you had recovery disk there was no need to download win 7 from the internet.you should have booted the PC using the recovery disks
mina soma (4 years ago)
if i were to do this on a fresh laptop and make a backup/repair disc while it had a recovery partition still installed and some way somehow later on down the road when/if my partition got deleted would i be able to use that disc to get my recovery partitton back? Or would it only install everything but my partition back onto the laptop?
Christian Villacis (4 years ago)
Thanks Buddy Recover my System is a important way to dont stop my business
AvoidErrors (4 years ago)
+Christian Villacis Thank you
mina soma (4 years ago)
I don't really know what happened but i woke up a few days ago turned on my computer and couldn't go into my hp recovery manager. It said my recovery partition was removed. I also couldn't go into the restore settings in my boot up menu or press i think its f11 to get to the menu where it shows the 3 windows where one ask to restore the other is maintenance and i forget the 3rd. I really want to factory reset my computer back to the way it was when i bought it but it won't let me as long as this recovery partition is no longer on my computer. I don't have a installation OR recovery disc as these were suppose to be replaced by the partition. Of course it's the same partition that was somehow removed.(nice one hp>.<) I realized this video is old but if anyone can help please let me know or reply to this comment.
mina soma (4 years ago)
+Simon Zhu well the most interesting thing is the only reason my computer works right now is because i had to use some well i'll say somewhat-shady methods lol to get my own recovery disc and windows 7 installation disc to repair/restore my computer. I thought if i system restored my computer the partition would come back but nope i was wrong. I get that essentially they are the same thing but for me i'm very picky about my stuff. If i have it one way and i'm used to it like that then that's what i want. That's why i'm so hung up on trying to get a partition back and working. I'm so specific about this problem that i'm looking for the exact same laptop so that i can replace this one i'm currently using. It works just fine and i don't really have any problems outside of the whole partition issue but again i'm picky. If i bought this computer with a partition on i then without it to me, its incomplete and i don't like that at all. That's why i find it stupid that they don't give the discs with the computers anymore and  instead put something that's meant for recovery on your computer that can be deleted at anytime.  Which bugs me because i still don't know how it got deleted in the first place!! >.<
Simon Zhu (4 years ago)
Well, the recovery disk is basically doing the same work as the recovery partition does. Don't worry about no recovery partition on your hard drive, as long as you did not change your computer motherboard, there won't be a problem if you use their recovery dvd disk to restore your system. The first thing I did to all my brand computers was making bootable usb drives through their recovery managers, and erase the recovery partition after it's done in order to release some hard drive spaces. Actually, it will be more convenient for you to upgrade your hard drive if you have an external recovery partition in hand.
mina soma (4 years ago)
+Simon Zhu i called and talked to hp and they said that buying a recovery disc wouldn't give me back the partition they said basically nothing can once  it's gone it's gone forever. Also i really didn't know about making another bootable drive from cd/usb because i assumed that was all covered by the partition. Stupid on my part not to but i didn't really know how to go about doing it and if it was needed because i didn't know that if could even bee deleted in the first place!
Simon Zhu (4 years ago)
In your case, I'm afraid you have to order a recovery disk from HP since you did not create a USB/DVD boot drive before the recovery partition failure. BTW, if you have changed your hard drive, the HP recovery partition won't work on the new hard drive unless you have created an external boot drive. 
Mohammad Kashif Khan (4 years ago)
sir actually i wanna ask that if i create a recovery disc of my windows from backup and restore , would i be able to recover the company's add on softwares that i got with my laptop I have got a recovery partition already but the thing is my stuff and windows are on same drive therefore i have total 2 drives one of windows and the other recovery partition , if i want to create another partition from my one and only drive , can i install windows afterwards using my recovery partition, if i dont create recovery disc and i just want to install windows from recovery partition afterwards then what should i do ?
Chee Yong Lai (4 years ago)
Thanks a lot man. this video really help me a lot!
HelmetVanga (4 years ago)
@ 6:24 the poster says remove your disc from the drive?   this seems a grave error because, he was restoring from Z: or E: partition. Therefore there is no discs to remove from the drive. This is a snafu I believe, I think the poster made a mistake and viewers will wonder what disc? 
Jiggs224u (4 years ago)
No he had the "windows install disc" instead of the repair disc due to it being a virtual machine.  I'm sure it also was an iso of the install of win 7.  The disc he was removing was essentially the ISO of the win 7 install.  
Zakaria no (4 years ago)
Hey, my question is, is this the thing if you want te remove everything and like reïnstall everything (back t windows 7 from the 'factory settings'?
Jiggs224u (4 years ago)
if you didn't have a recovery partition already in place you can't do this.  What this does is take everything that is currently installed and backs it up to an image.  When this process is done it gets the exact copy of what's on the machine.  You would have to do this process after a clean install previous to installing anything else.
Ohene Sekyi (4 years ago)
hi miguel how can i recover my files from an unallocated partition
stainless0521 (4 years ago)
terrible!  There IS no link in the 'description box below!!!' There is no DESCRIPTION BOX!!  PERIOD!!!
Memes Dreams (4 years ago)
i dont have an uncalloted
autumnsprings44 (4 years ago)
Good Job Mig
PumpONz (4 years ago)
This is not an automated method. Recovery partition is not hidden, and no binding to hotkeys, both branded workstations. Even if you do not use the installation DVD to install the image, this method is not optimal.
Cee David (4 years ago)
does recovery erace or destroy any programs already installed?
Szuwarski Ziom (4 years ago)
it restores everything to the state of your PC from the time of backup anything you have done or save past that date is a goner unless you have 2nd HDD or other alternative save location example if  you saved 30000 pictures to c drive of your PC one minute after image completed !!! when restored those 30000 pictures will not be there  but every file / picture before the backup will
Tarique sameer (4 years ago)
if i installed win  8 after creating recovery partition would i be able to restore my computer again to win7 ???plz reply...
Mohd Abuzar 8ball pool (4 years ago)
Yes of course geek..
Ivan Acuna (4 years ago)
you do not need the CD, before windows start press F8 to have repair option then you can do it from there
Arab Dude (3 years ago)
+lastorderfan That's my situation. I was looking for an answer to that. Thanks.
lastorderfan (4 years ago)
If you have a System Recovery Partition already in place (correct me if I am wrong). My laptop came with no windows cd and had been upgraded by the seller to Windows 7 Pro from Vista. The seller erased the partition that allowed restoration to factory condition and never replaced it with a wndows 7 version. F8 will most likely not be sufficient in a worst-case wipe-the-drive scenario. You need the disc or a partition containing a recovery image with windows for that.
Ligid Toron (4 years ago)
I've just accidentally converted my one and only laptop hard drive, from basic to dynamic. And I want it to convert it back to basic.The problem there is I need to delete all the volume.(especially the boot,page file etc.). I need to ask , that kind of method is can be apply?.
Sakura (4 years ago)
Thank you so much. Your video tutorial is very clear and detailed.
stainless0521 (4 years ago)
IT' SNOT!!!  He skips over things!!!
AvoidErrors (4 years ago)
thank you
skylark304 (4 years ago)
link download EPM http://j.gs/6485102/epm
angelo duarte (4 years ago)
continue the great work,thanks for sharing ur knoledge
Erik Swanson (4 years ago)
Thanks for this Miguel. You are AWESOME!
Abu Mathloom (4 years ago)
+AvoidErrors thanx  iam from iraq i so love usa
AvoidErrors (4 years ago)
thank you

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