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Brown Eyed Girls 'Abracadabra' (Performance Version)

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2010 한국대중음악상 Korean Music Awards (Best Dance/Electronic Album of the Year : Sound-G) 2010 한국대중음악상 Korean Music Awards (Best Dance/Electronic Song of the Year : Abracadabra) NOW AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE ON iTUNES http://www.itunes.com/browneyedgirls Brown Eyed Girls 'Abracadabra' 이러다 미쳐 내가 여리여리 착하던 그런 내가 너 때문에 돌아 내가 독한 나로 변해 내가 널 닮은 인형에다 주문을 또 걸어 내가 그녀와 찢어져 달라고 고 every night I'll be with you do you love her do you love her 매일 너의 꿈 속에 do you love me do you love me bring bring 너를 내게 가져다 줘 뭐라도 난 하겠어 더한 것도 하겠어 빙빙 도는 나의 fantasy에 모든걸 걸겠어 널 내가 내가 갖겠어 못참아 더는 내가 이러다가 정신을 놓쳐 내가 도대체 왜 너란 애가 내 마음에 박혀 니가 찢겨진 사진에다 주문을 또 걸어 내가 그녀가 떨어져 달라고 고 every night I'll be with you do you love her do you love her 매일 너의 꿈 속에 do you love me do you love me bring bring 너를 내게 가져다 줘 뭐라도 난 하겠어 더한 것도 하겠어 빙빙 도는 나의 fantasy에 모든걸 걸겠어 널 내가 내가 갖겠어 I`m in the Voodoo lsland 널 되찾기 위한 plan 매일같이 이렇게 날 울린 널 향한 마지막 step (ye ye) 그녀의 손을 잡고 그녀와 입을 맞추고 그런 너를 상상조차 하기 싫어 이 주문에 염원을 실어 랄랄랄랄랄라 랄랄랄라 랄랄랄랄랄라 랄랄랄라 랄랄랄라 랄랄랄라 아브라카다브라 다 이뤄져라 Let`s go! uh uhuhuh! ha hahaha! 내게 주문을 걸어 봐 I`m like a supervisor 널 통제하는 kaiser 내게서 벗어날 수 없어 (내게) bring bring 너를 내게 가져다 줘 뭐라도 난 하겠어 더한 것도 하겠어 빙빙 도는 나의 fantasy에 모든걸 걸겠어 널 내가 내가 갖겠어 이러다 미쳐 내가 여리여리 착하던 그런 내가 너 때문에 돌아 내가 독한 나로 변해 내가 cool한척 하는 내가 놀라워라 이런 내가 아닌 척 널 만나러 가 또 또
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Text Comments (7171)
anshul kalsain (1 hour ago)
1:02 kills me everytime 😍
Manar A (12 hours ago)
iconic song
jenyafantitanic911 (17 hours ago)
Who watching this in 2019???
Sugita_7v7 (20 hours ago)
1:01 ♥
Valérie Charette (20 hours ago)
2018 love watching this it's amazing ;)
Mert (20 hours ago)
I think im the Only one who love the "Do you love her" and "Do you Love me Part" :D
Diana Schneider (1 day ago)
2:00 so sexy!👏💜😏
Yo soy jose (1 day ago)
Sound like a britney spears song what they do this year 2018 ? Information
jennie (1 day ago)
now this is pure gold
Feng (2 days ago)
back when Kpop was actually good. nowadays its just pretty much just like america
Alex Mercer (2 days ago)
Nobody rocks the short hair like Ga-in
Chaowarit koonjah (3 days ago)
I miss this era
Jovy Muslad (3 days ago)
The first Gentlemen version. 😂😂😂 As far as i can remember, this is the first Iconic kpop girl group song that really stuck in my mind for so long. 😍
Angultra (2 days ago)
Damn catchy tune...did Psy copy their move for Gentleman?
Keitarou Hosaka (3 days ago)
still one of the best kpop songs ever made
Angela Rose (3 days ago)
the original hoe anthem
reesemalo (3 days ago)
Iconic af
Israel (4 days ago)
The scenery...!!!
Israel (4 days ago)
So, the outfits...!!!
clzm90 (4 days ago)
One of the best dance choreography in K-pop ever. Looked great then, still looks good now. It stood the test of time very well.
pipelon lavin (4 days ago)
PSY gentleman?
hiro 5519 (4 days ago)
우윤철 (5 days ago)
브라운아이드걸스 제아 나르샤 미료 가인
T.O.P best cover 😂😂😂
년단방탄소 (4 days ago)
Mi Mi (5 days ago)
December 2018...Who's listening with me?
EL Cenador-Ls (5 days ago)
<3 me gusta
Kookie's Bunny Smile (6 days ago)
No gg has the presence of these girls. ICONIC!!!!!
성이름 (6 days ago)
이때로 돌아가고싶다 ㅜ 펜션에서 동생이랑 같이 따라 췄는데 아직도 기억나네 ㅋㅋ
STom (7 days ago)
jisoo want chicken (8 days ago)
The best girl groups in K-Pop are the ones the have only a few members
nokpeekhug (8 days ago)
Who is she ? 2:02 so sexy
nokpeekhug (4 days ago)
+Atok Shah Putra thanks you
Atok Shah Putra (4 days ago)
BLUVXKNUT (9 days ago)
Akira Hayama (9 days ago)
Who remembers the Dirty Eyed Girls (2pm and 2am parody of this song)???! 😂😂😂😂
Seokjin Kim (8 days ago)
Israel (9 days ago)
I mean, the guilty of the you know which scene is...
Manuh Mattos (9 days ago)
Ga In its my lesbian passion
Origobi Lee (9 days ago)
I miss Brown Eyed Girls :,v
Pianist Libre (10 days ago)
걸크러쉬의 시작이 된 그룹
ymyone (10 days ago)
This song makes us blue eyed boys notice our brown eyed girls.. :-)
Chinz Thiru (5 days ago)
Ayu Lia (11 days ago)
I miss them so much
Weisiubou Tang (11 days ago)
ChesPops (12 days ago)
Feels like tron
jisoo want chicken (13 days ago)
Best bad bitches 2ne1 Brown eyed girls 4 minute Blackpink and I don't care if they haven't been around long
Beyiii Books (13 days ago)
Me acordé de T.O.P 😂
Maha Alfattlawe (13 days ago)
Seokjin Kim (14 days ago)
This is so iconic
H. M (14 days ago)
I don't know why but this group kinda reminds me of 2ne1
Yusup Maulana (14 days ago)
Hehehehe i think so. But they are oldest than 2ne1.
Origobi Lee (14 days ago)
this song is part of my childhood
써니 (14 days ago)
오랜만에 추억팔이 갬성팔이 하러 왓는데.. 와.. 다시들어도 명곡이다
James Hecter (16 days ago)
I hate it that it's chinese
Tess (12 days ago)
Songji Ylanan (16 days ago)
My babies!
T W (16 days ago)
This is still a bop
Mad Boy (17 days ago)
คิดถึง Audition ว้อยยยยยยยย!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eb Yang (17 days ago)
I see Bae Seonsaengnim
Mayu Nakano (18 days ago)
JW (18 days ago)
The most distinguished MV of the all kpop.
Mael Navillera (18 days ago)
Queeeeeens ❤
Savage Noona (19 days ago)
This is where I recharge my gay spirit and dick energy.
calico ** (19 days ago)
cansu göcmen (19 days ago)
Gangnam style dance :D
Ice Cream (19 days ago)
cansu göcmen (19 days ago)
O sorry :D
Ice Cream (19 days ago)
But this was first
Ice Cream (19 days ago)
cansu göcmen it’s Gentlemen Dance
khadejasss s (19 days ago)
idk why but produce48 bring me here ✨ this song sooo good 💗
。くもり (19 days ago)
idk (17 days ago)
。くもり yes
Lilly Keule (19 days ago)
idk (17 days ago)
Edm Garcia (20 days ago)
2NE1 pilots (20 days ago)
One word: ICONIC
shahad nazim (20 days ago)
2018 november 😁😁
Random Randomness (20 days ago)
Guys this is my hoe anthem just gonna say
Be Medina (21 days ago)
2020 😍😘!
dear chen (22 days ago)
we need more girl groups like this
sy j (22 days ago)
대박 지금 들어도 좋앜ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ와...진짜 오랜만이다..
Sam Ortega (22 days ago)
_둠피너프 (23 days ago)
10년전 노랜데 외국인들 많이들아네;;
Li Sa (23 days ago)
Rosario martinezjay (24 days ago)
top brought me here
Why can't kpop stay like this ??
Đạt trần (25 days ago)
예아예아루피갓 (25 days ago)
시대를 너무 앞서가서 2090년도에 유행할 컨셉임
K PUFF (25 days ago)
Dean’s Girl (26 days ago)
I still remember learning to dance to this song with my cousins,i was only 13 back then lol,back then kpop was only how to learn their dance,now adays views views views please stream hahaha todays kpop cannot be compare to kpop back then
idk (27 days ago)
Karenina Irkalla (28 days ago)
My hips will always move to this song regardless of my own freewill
Noormalina Ahmad (28 days ago)
miss old kpop...
Bitch I’m Japanese (28 days ago)
Guy at 1:09 looks like rm during the no dream era
That hairstyle is hilarious tho😂😂Namjoon regrets that hairstyle now but i think it was cuuute
Chinz Thiru (26 days ago)
*He does* but with more hair he'll look more like RM
idk (27 days ago)
Bitch I’m Japanese Omg he does
ymyone (29 days ago)
This is so sexy, still..
Fenixopel (29 days ago)
I love the simplicity of the video. You don't need amazing background visuals to make a good music video.
Rodehy RdH (29 days ago)
그레이트 (1 month ago)
막하롱 (23 days ago)
레벨 (28 days ago)
SN Azziera Yusof (1 month ago)
2010 Kpop *VS* 2011+ Kpop I don't know anymore
楊琪 (1 month ago)
Tiansu Z (1 month ago)
this song is the must-listen in 2010 and it reminds me of 2AM and 2PM and any other male groups who did this hit afterward. ;)
TheSunMoon (1 month ago)
1:00 that was when I realized I like girls with short hair. Back in 2010 lol.
kjj (1 month ago)
2009 had so many bops
loo loo (1 month ago)
Ong Seongwoo's Mouth (1 month ago)
I suddenly miss Jo Kwon + Ga In couple. 😭❤
*00 00* (1 month ago)
왜 다 영어댓이야. 난 또 외국인이 저작권 무시하고 뮤비 올린줄 알았잖아
*00 00* (1 month ago)
아니 영상 잘못들어온줄....
Juliana Kissme (1 month ago)
Thư Huỳnh (1 month ago)
Cái này chất
Luka Paraíso (1 month ago)

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