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TechZone ► https://goo.gl/Gj3wZs When you are world famous and literally roll in money, of course you want to spend it well. And what could be a better investment than a luxury car? Sometimes, looking at celebrities' cars, it seems that their owners are constantly competing for the title of "coolest celebrity car in the World". So whose cars are better, Bieber's or Smith's? Or maybe Lil Pump defeats them both? Well, we are going to show you their cars and you can come up with your own conclusions.
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Text Comments (1205)
I like for neymar
Nashwa Saber (22 hours ago)
10,000 subs please (1 day ago)
He said nigger im kidding
Tori (1 day ago)
Marshmello also owns a Mercedes G-Class 550 4x4
Gamerforlife 123 (1 day ago)
Omg dude you make every car person cringe
Hearamphan H. (1 day ago)
Yo u forgot another car that is from drake
megaman2mdn2k2k (1 day ago)
Jaiden does not look 20 he looks like he’s 15
ZAK KB (1 day ago)
5:25 on the photo is Audi Q5 not Q7 as you said...
ZAK KB (1 day ago)
It's Aventador S, you said that it has 700hp..WRONG ! It has 740hp
sanjeev srinath (2 days ago)
The Maserati! Man!
Anthony Ouellet (2 days ago)
7:53 He is not breaking his roll royce, it's a bentley
Anthony Ouellet (2 days ago)
DabbingDerp 72 (3 days ago)
My car is the best
Nikola Peric (3 days ago)
where is ronaldo
Jai dubz (3 days ago)
Out of all these people I think Chris brown has better looking cars
Ryan Ryan (3 days ago)
Cristiano? Ohh this video is for dumbass non car guys who knows nothing
Twiggygaming2020 909 (3 days ago)
Don’t need to be a celebrity to have a Mercedes tho boyo
LeoTheLlama YT (4 days ago)
LeoTheLlama YT (4 days ago)
My boy at his garage got cars way damn better and savage than deez
Alexander Whitaker (4 days ago)
I have a Tesla model x. Why is that on this video.
JAYEQUIP INT LLC (4 days ago)
G0D B3AR (4 days ago)
not q7 but a q5 neymar
SvO 13 (5 days ago)
Lame, sorry but this is the lamest car video. If u wanna see cars and learn about them go watch Doug Demuro
Xxxtentacion (5 days ago)
You forgot xxxtentacion bmw i8
CRINGED LUCKBOI (5 days ago)
Cena and drake have best car
Ernie Robinson (5 days ago)
lil pump is somewhat a weirdo.. You hardly see rappers harshly damage their own cars.. Why don't he buy a pickup truck?.. that can take a beating better than a luxury car lol
MVP JEFF (5 days ago)
Then theres that one celebrity with a highly modified 95 lan evo 9
Jealous af......!!!
I’m surprised no one has a Dodge Demon
DARKO (6 days ago)
Why dafuq is maywethers koneigsegg CCXR TREVITA not listed?????
LegendOnyx (6 days ago)
The Ferrari Has Fitment Issues XD THE KIT DON'T FIT XD 0:45
Donda Nana (6 days ago)
didn't even show enough of john cenas car lol
carguy on the nets (7 days ago)
Wheres The Weekend??? He has a P1
Anurag Malik (7 days ago)
He owns a Bugatti Chiron
Anurag Malik (7 days ago)
What happened to Ronaldo
Owen Pietraszek (7 days ago)
you suck at making car videos
Rxlapse (7 days ago)
Please don’t tell me that you just said that Lamborghini Aventador was a Gallardo.
Giovanni 25 (7 days ago)
0:20 tho
Isaiah Bains (7 days ago)
This car is for people that know nothing about cars 😂
A.A (8 days ago)
Ashleigh Petrie (8 days ago)
HE HAD A AMAZING CARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! michael jackson did have amazing cars
Ashleigh Petrie (8 days ago)
whreres michael jackson?
Marcus Moto (8 days ago)
I know YouTubed with cooler cars then this.
Mason Griffin (8 days ago)
Hey guess what your retarted that was a lamgorgini Aventador S try 500,000$ bud
pino brožić (8 days ago)
lil pump??? Hehehe he is a small fish in the sea. Posting on instagram i will have jeremy clarkson car collection. I need only 5 min in summer in front of a luxury hotel in Poreč,Croatia and i will have batter "instagram car colection". Bdv. may of cars that they "own" and use in music videos are rental cars.
pino brožić (8 days ago)
And where is drake laferrari? Meh, this car is not important. XD
Jonathan Pape (8 days ago)
Well I just bought a Toyota Solara 2 door so I feel pretty sporty in it
Eshan Waduge (8 days ago)
You googiee! You just read what was on Google lol non car guy
Moushomi parvin (8 days ago)
Your videos are so cool
Lorenzo Morales (9 days ago)
Lil pump is better
Kaloyan Kolev (9 days ago)
5:25 sorry, but on the picture is an Audi Q5 :D
Awesome Chael (9 days ago)
Lewis hamilton should be in the list
JesseDaMVP (9 days ago)
3:23 Racist motherfucker
James Ali Kennedy (9 days ago)
Justen Abraham (9 days ago)
I don’t care, my car collections beats both of these kid’s. these kids needs to make money to even come close to mine!
Mana Maon (9 days ago)
Singapoer GTA is 29M
Telmo Jeronimo (9 days ago)
69, lil pump or xxtentiones
Txlenol (10 days ago)
Justin has a liberty walk 458 🤤
GAMERS CUPU (10 days ago)
ken block's car still better
Oliver Loftus (10 days ago)
Then you look at some of the car YouTubers with $/£1million worth of cars
Vincent B. Chen (10 days ago)
I disagree that Bieber has good taste. His leopard skin covered super car is the most tacky design I've seen in my entire life >.<
I.L (10 days ago)
No offense but in my opinion a great car taste is not Lamborghini
ravenwood06 (10 days ago)
Why are everyone so hyped over Bentley? They're made in my home town in Crewe England. Everyone drives the concepts round if they work there
nameisross (10 days ago)
too many ads smh
Mats W (11 days ago)
Where is the purrari?
Pratham 1709 (11 days ago)
9:40 You mean 'iNcenarator'
lachlan cameron (11 days ago)
Which of these 2 cars is best? Leave a comment here if you’d like to see a working Technic Lego model of these beasts 😳🔥🔥🔥 check my account and let me know!!
conor rafferty (11 days ago)
The car in the thumbnail is a buggati gt there is only one of those in the world (I think)
Double S (11 days ago)
Neymar da pusi kurac 8==D
MeFiii (11 days ago)
Where is Cristiano Ronaldo? He as a pretty good car collection.
Thorn (11 days ago)
the car in the thumbnail is a bugatti vision gt, theres only one in the world, and i doubt that you knew that its a private owner nobody even knows who owns it
Cartoons and Cars (11 days ago)
5:27 That is a Q5
Mercedees Toronto (12 days ago)
Well my car is no where near these cars.... =/
PS4 GAMING (12 days ago)
Till 00:02 why did you show us some random background?
Yusuke Hoshi (12 days ago)
Could you actually use the right pictures for cars because you got about half of them wrong.
Mafia Studios (12 days ago)
7:10 That’s not a gallardo, it’s a fucking aventador, YOU HAD ONE FUCKING JOB
80brax04 (12 days ago)
Lil pump owns none of those cars and the yellow Porsche was a rental for his birthday and he crashed it within 15 minutes.Fake it till you make it.
Thu Lam (12 days ago)
Zorgo defuse 10.32
AikarambaNorway (12 days ago)
So Jaden owns the same car as my family? Not so impressed
Ethan D (12 days ago)
He literally read the Wikipedia articles about the cars...e
MrExilitron {}_{} (12 days ago)
Justin beiber is a terrible singer and lots of people don’t want him on this earth
أحمد عبد (12 days ago)
My cars are better
BingBangBrine (12 days ago)
What about Arnold’s bugatti
Leroy Scholte (13 days ago)
I hate the fact that rich and famous people get all those expensive car and laugh about getting their expensive ass cars being crashed
Faiz Izz (13 days ago)
I wonder how does it feel like to have fucktons of cash that you can simply wreck a Rolls Royce just because you feel like it.
Playboii Carting (13 days ago)
7:53 He wasnt even 18 when he made the Essketiit music video.
Vishal Bugata (13 days ago)
Gentlemen respect their cars and lil pump is not one of them
Ty Kinnane (13 days ago)
Drake also has LaFerrari
Khamisi Tokunbo (13 days ago)
Khamisi Tokunbo (13 days ago)
Nope its the stradman youtube bugatti 1500 hp its and he has the one thats one of a kind and some more awsome cars😎🚘 Wait a car that can shoot fire NEVER MIND😕
Zilorx (13 days ago)
Celebrity cars and you put a one of one Bugatti vision GT that isn't even road legal lolol
vasea florea (13 days ago)
Where is Cristiano Ronaldo? He have a good colection too. Bugatti Chiron Ferrari F12 TDF Bugatti Veyron Etc..
Sharona Maina (13 days ago)
cars are a depreciating asset...not so much an investment but a decaying collateral.Invest in stocks or startups that car worth would give a 550 million dollar ROI
Abhishek jha (13 days ago)
Where is Cristiano Ronaldo car
p.lemuel king (13 days ago)
At 10:00 it was amazing cena car is the best i never saw it any video even i don't know than cena had such kind of car thankyou for providing this information 😀😀😀😀😀😁😁😁😁😁😎😎😎😎😎😎😃😃😃😃😃😃😺😺😺😺😺😺👽👽👽👽🤖🤖👾👻
Oh yeah yeah (14 days ago)
Did he say Arnold swatznigga?
Trillock 1945 (14 days ago)
Uuuuurrrrrhhhh a (c)rapper has a Bugatti ? Nothing like showing disrespect to a beautiful car, which is way more classy than he will ever be...
Samuel Gonzalez (14 days ago)
The coolest car is the Honda Civic. Not some retarded lambo lolololol
Alec Stewart (14 days ago)
Porsche is pronounced poor shh not porsha If I’m wrong sorry idk
Ahxmde (14 days ago)
3:21 did he say the n word? *ALI A INTRO PLAYS*

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