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Vanilla Sponge Cake Recipe - How To by CakesStepbyStep

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This is the recipe that I use for most of my cakes. ***********************FROSTING RECIPES******************** Italian Meringue Buttercream https://youtu.be/OajER4ilbVY Italian Meringue Frosting https://youtu.be/OsWa9Yi4w2I Frosting for Cakes & Cupcakes https://youtu.be/XHaV-tgBBPY Vanilla Buttercream Frosting https://youtu.be/c4RG0LfE9nM To stay up to date with my latest videos, make sure to SUBSCRIBE to this YouTube channel (if you are not). To find out more about the items I use, please visit: http://www.cakesstepbystep.com/ You can support this channel by sharing my videos. Thank you. ************************FOLLOW ME******************************** *FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/cakesstepbystep/ *INSTAGRAM http://instagram.com/cakesstepbystep/ *PINTEREST http://www.pinterest.com/cakesstepbystep/ *TWITTER https://twitter.com/CakesStepByStep/ CakesStepbyStep is about cakes and cupcakes decorating with fondant and buttercream frosting. Also you can watch simple chocolate decoration techniques and cake recipes. Learn with me basic cake decoration techniques which will help you to decórate your own cake masterpiece. ***********HAVE FUN! Music from Youtube Audio Library: "Festival" Topher Mohr and Alex Elena
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Text Comments (201)
Samira 1967 (1 day ago)
ممكن.تشتركوا ف قناتى لدعمى بالله عليكم
onetwothree fourfive (12 days ago)
I'm pretty sure 6 inch pans are used.
monitta2510 (14 days ago)
I made this recipe today it tastes amazing but for some strange reason it shrunk when I took it out of the oven was my oven too hot?
Dado Samadi (18 days ago)
Can we replace cream of tartar with something else?? We dont have here in our country
Karina Leon (4 days ago)
yes, use a few lemon drops or vinegar drops. Just a few
Gapita Sarplah (20 days ago)
Can this recipe work without the cream of tartar?
Caroline K (23 days ago)
How necessary is the cream of tartar?// what can I replace it with?
asma akter (1 month ago)
cream recipe plz
Zaid Khan (1 month ago)
Can u plz provide measurements in cups
XinYi L (1 month ago)
no need for butter? really?
Angelita Gomes (2 months ago)
Debbie Williams (2 months ago)
Such a shame that you didn’t write ingredients and instructions. Fat less sponge cake is delicious but doesn’t keep quite as long as with fat
Ferdous Hasanat (3 months ago)
can anyone help me , why my cakes create a dense bottom?
Shining Angel (3 months ago)
Guysss see 5:22
Ana Coursey (3 months ago)
how many inches is the pan?
Rohan Ambetkar (4 months ago)
Where is the recipe
Anu Arun (4 months ago)
Plz share the ingredients in cup and tsp or tbsp measurements.
Nikki (4 months ago)
INGREDIENTS: - 300 gr. flour - 250 gr. sugar - 6 egg whites - 6 egg yolks - Vanilla extract - 12 gr. baking powder - 110 ml milk - 1/2 tsp. cream of tartar
Prince Sanchez (5 months ago)
Made this yesterday. But I’ve added 1/4 cup of oil. (My instincts tells so) maybe if I didn’t put oil in it it’ll be super dry. Im eating it as is and it’s super dry. But flavor is good.
Sara Monteiro (6 months ago)
recipe::: 300g all purpose flour 250g granulated sugar 6 egg whites 6 egg yolks 1/2 tsp cream of tartar vanilla extract 12g of baking powder 110ml milk
Ruqsana mol.k (6 months ago)
Can i use this cake for making fondant cakes
Cakes Cupcakes (6 months ago)
Will this cake recipe work for a tired cake with buttercream. If so will the cake be dried the next day ty
yumi saga (6 months ago)
If i was to use Fondant should i put the icing on the whole cake then the Fondant or the Fondant straight on after the cake cools?
Charan Ingole (7 months ago)
very amazing yummy cake thanks
Tiziana Cavalera (7 months ago)
Mi piacerebbe avere la ricetta della crema grazie
Zohara Banu Haseena (7 months ago)
pls send the link of piping bag n nozzles pls
Freedom Lopez (7 months ago)
can i have the recipe please
Thejashree Balagopal (5 months ago)
Freedom Lopez... Hi... Ingrediants nd quantity is shown at the very begining of this video. Pls pause nd note down on a paper....
Julie Nolan (7 months ago)
I just noticed that no one from this video ever answers any questions! I’m not generally rood but “Helloooo! Is anyone there?” I think it’s rood not to answer!
Mimi Kpop (3 months ago)
Julie Nolan hiii
Julie Nolan (7 months ago)
Beautiful job! Thanks for this video!
Jane Farrer (7 months ago)
Great vid, but the music blew my roof off! :-(
JoAnn Page (8 months ago)
I have a question......what do you do with the cake that is cut off????
Nikki (4 months ago)
You can make Cake pops out of them. You can also save it in your freezer for a couple of weeks.
anna cutajar (7 months ago)
JoAnn Page if
ankra12 (8 months ago)
That most be a boring and dry cake to eat.
Hananeh Lotfi (8 months ago)
I don't know why whenever I put my sponge cake in oven, the middle of cake collapse and keep going down😢 please help me , what is wrong with my cake
Chetram Ramnandon (8 months ago)
Hot crass bunes
If you do that recipe but using butter or margarine, Presto Flour, vanilla and almond as flavors, taste delicious.
Manel dhen (8 months ago)
Excellente 😍😍
Christa Angel Janerta S (9 months ago)
Wawwwww kue kuenya bagus banget heheheehehdeh.
mohammad Jardali (9 months ago)
Just done now Well done Waiting them to cool on the rack Looks successful Just minimize the milk to 100 ml instead of 110
contend contend (25 days ago)
+Yrassi Yrassi hi. Does the batter make 4 cake pan as showed in the video. Does taste good,
Yrassi Yrassi (1 month ago)
No biggie. I just tried this recipe. The cakes are baked well. Happy baking to all! :D
nana nona (1 month ago)
Yrassi Yrassi thank you very much
Yrassi Yrassi (1 month ago)
Hi. When the cake is cooked, you leave it inside the oven for 10 more minutes but make sure that the oven is already off. :)
nana nona (1 month ago)
when do you get the cake out of the oven please, do you immediately take it out or you wait a few moments while it's in the oven after it finishes baking?
refilwe palesa Chilisa (9 months ago)
Hi thanks for sharing.. is it buttery? Looking for a fool proof butter cake
Tina Pearce (9 months ago)
Wow those sharp edges just happened so quickly! Wish I could do that!lol didn't Show you how to achieve that x
Alexandra Rodriguez (9 months ago)
Hola, no es necesario agregar mantequilla o aceite?
Charan Ingole (9 months ago)
very nice and yummy cake
Nancy Dutta (10 months ago)
what we use instead of eggs
black arrow (10 months ago)
No butter or oil?? Why
stewjd76 (10 months ago)
Can't stand it when they don't list the ingredients, either in the video or in the description.
Prince Sanchez (5 months ago)
stewjd76 the ingredients listed at the beginning of the video
Rania rano (10 months ago)
المقادير بالضبط ؟؟
Wendy Ayala (10 months ago)
If this is a how to video why are the ingredients not part of it
Paola Poroj (5 months ago)
You not giving the full recipe, n were to be seen the ingredients, looks like you don't want to share you secret, don't ya
Wendy Ayala (9 months ago)
majaglitter thanks..idk how I missed that 😁
majaglitter (9 months ago)
Wendy Ayala they're at the very start of the video.
Nancy Dutta (10 months ago)
what we use instead of eggs
Nancy Dutta (10 months ago)
pls eggless cakes
amal metwally (11 months ago)
This cake is very beautiful!!! A perfect vanilla cake 👌👌👌🍰🍰🍰... Thanks a lot for sharing this lovely video 👍👍👍 ... Happy New Year 🎇🎊🎆🎉🎈🎈🎈
Hi, wat size are these cakes? I havent baked before so im not questioning you, im just confude. Most people do sugar and butter together, but you didnt. Im very interested in your baking style if u can tell me please?
زين زين (11 months ago)
I handed your hands .. Please cheif Is egg whites at room temperature or cold ?? I wait for an answer and God Almighty and care.
Prince Sanchez (5 months ago)
زين زين usually eggs must be at room temperature. It works best to the merengue
G Hollis (1 year ago)
Made this today. I understand now why there is so little sugar in the cake. The Buttercream is sweet enough to balance things out. However with whipped cream frosting this needs a bit more sugar in my opinion.
G Hollis (10 months ago)
cookie monsters wife I've made a lot of cakes in my lifetime.
Wendy Ayala (10 months ago)
How did you make it with no recipe?
G Hollis (11 months ago)
Jocelyn Foo hi, no I had to add oil. I don't think she does but I feel it really needs it. I added 1/3 cup of veg oil to this recipe and that was barely enough.
Jocelyn Foo (11 months ago)
Hi, did you bake this cake without using any butter or oil? Thanks!
Anais Coundial (1 year ago)
Very disappointed. Not a single time you replied to a comment, you didn't even list the ingredients.
Dr. VegaPunK (2 days ago)
+Julia Brennan it's really hard to put the the amount and measure for the ingredient right?
Julia Brennan (7 months ago)
Anais Coundial the ingredients are at the beginning of the video, don’t judge. This very nice Baker is taking time of her busy schedule to bring us all her knowledge and recipes to learn, so let’s be thankful.
Ali Potter (8 months ago)
ingredients are listed on the video so just pause it and write them down like I did.
Christine H (1 year ago)
Please reply to the questions asked by the viewers and subscribers, It's free!
Fauzia Khanom (1 year ago)
What....!! There is no butter or oil in there.Am I missing something !!
martina ezeani (1 year ago)
Io like what you did. What are the recipe
Asma Begum (1 year ago)
Amazing talent. Lovely cake
Karen McKenzie (1 year ago)
Where is the printed recipe?
吳宗熹 (1 year ago)
زين زين (1 year ago)
سلمت يداك 😙😙 رجاء ما حجم القالب ؟؟
yousif mukhtar (1 year ago)
Where I can find a print for this receipe?
Christine H (1 year ago)
I just made this but after taking it out of the oven it shrinks the edges pulled away from the cake pan. What did I do wrong?
Hollister (1 year ago)
Christine H it's supposed to do that. It's how you know it's done
Nashrat Jahan (1 year ago)
which sizes pan u used?
Sweet and SimplE (1 year ago)
how much the size of baking form?
Mukund Rao (1 year ago)
how much is flour ,baking pdr ????is there any written receipe pls help me out n is cake to be placed in middle rack??? both rods on ??? pls ans
Yrassi Yrassi (1 month ago)
Recipe is right before the baking starts. They have their measurements there. :)
Cakery Land (2 months ago)
Mukund Rao i think all sponge cake should be baked with a little bit water in the oven it means with steam
jackeline Pérez (1 year ago)
donde puedo buscar la receta?
Carl Perl (1 year ago)
Hi! My cake look perfect inside the oven but when I pinch for view if it's done, then go flat. Why?? Must I don't open the door until the cake is cool??? =-/
lifespoisonous (1 year ago)
it's normally best not to open the oven during the rising period as the cold air enters the oven causing the cake to sink, you can open the oven around the 20mins period when the cake as properly created a structure
Littlelambism (1 year ago)
where do they get their tools from?
Ay Bilal (1 year ago)
Cakes StepByStep hello what size pan did you use. thanks for sharing your creations :)
sécrète RS (1 year ago)
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Cakes StepByStep (1 year ago)
From cake decorating supplies stores.
Armando Hernandez (2 years ago)
what is cream of tartar ,,pleassee
Tous gourmands (1 year ago)
c de la crème de tartre. On la trouve en pharmacie à ce qu'on dit
Nathalie Diabaté (2 years ago)
Armando Hernandez merci
De todo un Poco (2 years ago)
Is the cake dry ?
dara sasi (2 years ago)
Can i use self raising flour instead of mixing flour and baking powder?
Yrassi Yrassi (1 month ago)
Self-raising flour is okay to use. It eliminates the baking soda/ baking powder. :)
Francisca Ruiz (2 years ago)
Por favor que diámetro tienen los moldes? Que es la crema blanca que le pone por fuera? Sirve este bizcocho para decorar con fondant? Gracias.
Tatiana Ramirez (2 years ago)
vasopavlidou (2 years ago)
how many inches is the pan?
Zaini Yaseen (2 months ago)
Same question
ЕЛЕНА КУМАР (2 years ago)
Hello, please tell me how many inches diameter to form biscuits. thank you in advance for your response
Brahim Zahra (2 years ago)
I don't like cream of tartar or lemon juice an i do the cake without their
Gillary Garay (2 years ago)
With this cake I cant decored with fondant?
Sammy Anz (1 year ago)
Gillary Garay you canb
Hawraa Hassan (2 years ago)
I want to know how much quantity amounts that you used
Jorja Williams (2 years ago)
How big is it ?
christina m (2 years ago)
Anyone know what size the cake pan was?
E Dalusung (1 year ago)
Yadan Wen with the 6" pan how many were you able to make & how high per pan was it? Thankssss 😊
Yadan Wen (1 year ago)
christina m 6 inch,I tried
Sammy Anz (1 year ago)
christina m they look like 8in rounds
Aura Draconis (2 years ago)
Is there a way to evenly cut a cake without one of those fancy knives?
Yrassi Yrassi (1 month ago)
You can put some toothpick around the sides of the cake so that you would know where to cut it. You can use a thin string to cut it, too. :)
Ali Potter (8 months ago)
I bought a small thing of ebay that does the same trick
Shezmeen Munshi (9 months ago)
Use a serrated knife
廖玄花 (2 years ago)
Use ruler to measure and cut
annasayajin 2103 (2 years ago)
Brandie McSpadden (2 years ago)
could I add pistacho pudding to the sponge cake mix?
Yrassi Yrassi (1 month ago)
Hi. You can add anything you like into the batter/ mixture. Crushed oreos, nuts or chocolates are just fine. :)
Roxana Gutierrez (2 years ago)
may I use these recipe for fondant?
gusisbest (2 years ago)
What were those things on the ends of your knife when you leveled the cakes? That's a great handy tool and I need to get some!
Manos Pas (2 years ago)
super!!can i use this sponge cake for under fondant???or it is too soft for fondant and it will colapse?????please reply..iam a begginer
Candy Cupcakes (2 years ago)
I have to use cream tartar?
Yrassi Yrassi (1 month ago)
Hi. Yes but if you don't have cream of tartar, you can substitute it with a tsp of white vinegar. :)
ZAINAB MAHOMED (8 months ago)
Yes. It helps to stabilize the whites.
frnk øreø (2 years ago)
I wish this is my cake for my birthday ;-;
Lavina WishMaster (2 years ago)
No butter? No oil?
Yrassi Yrassi (1 month ago)
You can put 4 tbsps of vegetable oil in your batter. If you dont have this kind of oil, you can still bake it without it. :)
XinYi L (1 month ago)
same question
Ali Fatima (2 years ago)
good rasepe
Mariette Desilien (2 years ago)
Love that
Ramsha Khan (2 years ago)
so Delicious
Ijeoma Okonkwo (2 years ago)
so nice
נריה זיוה (2 years ago)
tasnia matin (2 years ago)
were they 6 inch cakes?
Yrassi Yrassi (1 month ago)
Yes. 6 inch pans are good for this recipe.
Zemr Nuk punon (2 years ago)
Bonjour, quel est le diamètre des moules ?
oluyemisi fanegan (2 years ago)
Wow!! Pls do you mean there is actually no need for butter in the recipe?
Patty Cakes Delites (4 months ago)
Sponge cakes are similar to an angel food cake so they will not have any fats (butter or oil), they will rise with the eggwhites added!
d taitt (8 months ago)
My 1st thought...i had to rewatch then go through the comments
Zubi Baher (9 months ago)
Well it’s butter free .
MJD Qureshi (10 months ago)
me too
2damnfunny (1 year ago)
oluyemisi fanegan wondering the same thing
Mirah Mohammad (2 years ago)
Wow looks so amazing ❤️
Deng Lamlam (2 years ago)
Nice video. What is the song's name?

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