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Best Cover Songs Beyonce, Avicii, Eminem, Britney Spears, The Beatles (covers 2017 )

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1. 0:01 Britney Spears - 'Oops!... I did it Again', Julia van der Toorn cover (Holland) 2. 1:47 Kylie Minogue - 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head', Lee Glasson (UK) 3. 3:35 Beyonce - 'Halo', Johanna Ewald (Germany) 4. 5:22 Gnarls Barkley - Crazy, Sol (France) 5. 7:27 Haddaway - What is Love, Linda Antonia Heue (Germany) 6. 8:59 The Beatles- Come Together, Max Milner (UK) 6. 9:20 Eminem - Lose Yourself, Max Milner (UK) 7. 10:45 Britney Spears - Toxic, Melanie Martinez (USA) 8. 12:23 Foster The People - Pumped Up Kicks, Chris Schummert (Germany) 9. 13:54 Avicii - Wake Me Up, Chris Royal (UK) 10. 15:28 Outkast 'Hey Ya!', Janna Salhoume (Belgium) Sexy Songs. Hot Guys and Sexual Healing (The Voice Blind Auditions) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Hu1XpWH03s advertising [email protected]
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Text Comments (2866)
Matt Lauer (10 hours ago)
Might be just me but I don’t think any of these are better then the originals.
roefully (13 hours ago)
Max Milner looks like Sting.
Dominic Poulin (13 hours ago)
Travis isn't there ?!
George Weilenmann (16 hours ago)
3 was the only one I didn't feel lived up to the title, so well done OP!
gummikazy (18 hours ago)
11:49 is def michael jackson 😂
takih (23 hours ago)
The first one....she was the spiky animal one in the sing😂 i dont remember the name of that animal hahah
A Girl Has No Name (1 day ago)
Haha that What Is Love girl looks like Sansa Stark 😂
Evan Roberson (1 day ago)
imma keep it real, cheif. Melanie Martinez performance ain't from 2017 lmao.
K Ninj (2 days ago)
2 second person was so cool
Stonebridge BR (2 days ago)
AVICII <3<3<3
slipknotic1982 (3 days ago)
Watched half waiting for best cover of something and this was horrible.
Nate Quickmire (4 days ago)
Holy that last girl doing hey ya. Soooooo good. That's unreal. Dude covering avicii definitely didn't do that song any favors. Hes a decent enough singer, just tried too hard to stylized it. He should have left it alone
Pedro Ribas (4 days ago)
esse link errado do moreno ae kk
Jog ANDROID (22 hours ago)
kauã ;-; (4 days ago)
O moreno do canal react Brasil botou o link errado na descrição kkkkk
Jog ANDROID (22 hours ago)
AliB333 (4 days ago)
Melanie is an established artist, why is she in blind auditions?
Tim Stibbs (5 days ago)
Awful versions of awful songs. This is truly terrible. How the hell does this crap end up in my youtube feed...
The crazy cover was A LOT worse
Student Pocket Guide (6 days ago)
Beautiful cover! Check out our channel for more just like this!
surfingshewolf (6 days ago)
Why can't the judges sit the fuck down and stop trying to take the spotlight off the talent
Sgt Dodger (6 days ago)
Hey ya never sounded so soulful til now. Wow, you actually listen to the lyrics instead of the catchy beat and realize that it is good ole fashion Soul music. Kudos to her and the writers of the original. They are all great loved 7 out of 10 the other 3 were off the hook.
Boba Fett (6 days ago)
The loose yourself/come together guy was AMAZINg
Diário da Celly (7 days ago)
Eu duvido você não fica com essa musica na Cabeça! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHO9Vke8aHs sexta-feira
skunkie110 (7 days ago)
Eh...some of these were def not better. That Britney Spears Toxic cover was pretty bad. She has an interesting voice but it was all over the place. Kind of a mess, not to mention the heavy breathing.
Megan May (1 day ago)
She's a world famous singer now so was doing something right!
Mystery 7 (7 days ago)
Jog ANDROID (22 hours ago)
Nicholas Maietta (8 days ago)
Linda Heue omg... what is love? She just sang it. Hot damn.
Teddy Cervantes (8 days ago)
pero que lindas voces :)
Harold Kelly (8 days ago)
those are the best....we in trouble
assasiner567 (8 days ago)
I want first one's album .. so bad . She sung it waaaayyyyy betterrr
Doidera gamer (9 days ago)
Quem veio por causa do moreno
Jog ANDROID (22 hours ago)
+Lord ¿ EU TAMBÉM 😂😂
Lord ¿ (7 days ago)
Arkannon (9 days ago)
4:00 Hey everyone it's me Bruno Mars I'm so glad I could be here with you for this. Anyway have a nice day. I'll just show myself out.
KaLicA79 (9 days ago)
Janna Salhoume absolutely AWESOME!!!
alisson sudré (9 days ago)
Jog ANDROID (22 hours ago)
+Lord ¿ POIS É😂
Lord ¿ (7 days ago)
Daniel Nunya Bidnezz (10 days ago)
I do believe, for the second guy, Madame Kylie might have needed to change her undies. :-P
Don Berry (10 days ago)
One shot, joker.
T R I P P Y † V M (10 days ago)
Sara Abbaszadeh (10 days ago)
It’s amazing how some covers are better than actual artists and that would be talent. 🙃
DaDaRiO (10 days ago)
React Brasil ????
Lord ¿ (7 days ago)
Ne não
K I R A (10 days ago)
Coé Moreno, tá de trollagem.
Lord ¿ (7 days ago)
Konrad Andersson (10 days ago)
Toxic version stolen from Versaemerge
Eskil Thulin (10 days ago)
5. 10.
Sensei Itachi (11 days ago)
Moreno trolo
Thorgraum (11 days ago)
7:27 such a beautiful Woman, lost for words
biel medeiros (11 days ago)
Lord ¿ (7 days ago)
Guilherme Guimarães (11 days ago)
Moreno tá doidão kkkkk
Luis Lyrics (11 days ago)
O que que isso tem haver com o vídeo do Moreno reagindo ao vídeo do Cocielo?
夢 zaskyutirra 夢. (11 days ago)
Vim pelo moreno do react Brasil ksksksk
Melhor Gamer (11 days ago)
Vim pelo react Brasil
Carlos (11 days ago)
Que porra é essa react Brasil.
Lord ¿ (7 days ago)
+Mano hardcore né
ツRedSkull17 (10 days ago)
Mano hardcore (10 days ago)
Dowil Miller (11 days ago)
Oq o moreno ta assistindo kkk
Craig Thomas (11 days ago)
never heard a singing harp player, that was so pretty
Ez0rus (11 days ago)
Last one was the best
Tomate el dinosaurio (13 days ago)
I dont expect to see Melanie Martinez here
Luca Orlandini (13 days ago)
hey ya version is so deep
SirAngusSteele (13 days ago)
Am I the only one who wants Will-I-Am's jacket after 9:05?
LennY PauloNS (13 days ago)
The girl who sang toxic is like 16 or less, really but has a voice of a pro dang..
LennY PauloNS (13 days ago)
The dude's eyes who sang "crazy" is really creepy at some moments
-Stella May- (14 days ago)
Tyler Hobbs (14 days ago)
the last one i can hear some serious auto tune...
The Last Girl-best!
Abraxsas Demycreis (14 days ago)
The first girl somewhat looks like Sandra Bullock
hi hungry I'm rat (14 days ago)
The second one was so good
eurovisionwtf (15 days ago)
i am trying to be simon cowell that hired me.
Snokween1968 (15 days ago)
the cover of pumped up kicks was amazing!!
Audit Recon (15 days ago)
It must mean something when all 4 turn around.
ivan ojcius (16 days ago)
7:29, 13:54 AND 15:35 THEY'VE GOT REALLY TALENT!
z0mbie savior (16 days ago)
Can someone tell me the song the first guy is singing?
Knuffelbeer (14 days ago)
z0mbie savior look at the description 🙄
Rey Rogers (16 days ago)
The Beatles? Where? Clickbait - ciao.
Absolute Zero (17 days ago)
There's no better than the Original😐
Crow Father (17 days ago)
crazy was not better then the original. it was barely sub par. Sorry.
XSquibX (18 days ago)
I really liked the 1st, 2nd, 5th, 6th, 8th & 10th performances. 2nd & 8th especially I also love how in the 8th 1, the guy singing and playing has the exact opposite appearance and reactions compared to the blonde, glasses, high pitched kid freaking out behind stage.. lol
Danielle Sharp (18 days ago)
That girl singing Toxic❤
Terry Weathers (18 days ago)
Loved the last song!!! What a cool rendition to "Hey Ya" . Didn't know the lyrics were so emotional.
Philip Sandercock (18 days ago)
Well will,I,am you seriously need to release this song with her lead vocals, that the best version I've ever heard. Truly truly impressed
SuckIt Up (18 days ago)
Several of the acts are good. But better than the original singers and arrangements? No fucking way. Especially that last act...what a depressing arrangement of an otherwise catchy upbeat song.
yamah Hon (18 days ago)
13:54, the judges were on crack!!! What took them so freaking long???????
Kimm! (19 days ago)
John Smith (19 days ago)
Leave it to the cunts on the voice to make a fun song pretentious and depressing. Like hey ya and other song. JFC.
reeseslightning11 (19 days ago)
7:27 - I need her album *now*
Lloyd Gittens (19 days ago)
Hey ya... she turned a happy sung song into the sad song it really was wriiten as...about losing love. Good idea.. but its not as good as the original. He sung it as a sad but ...joy that im over you rebuttal. The day you decide to move on.
Miss Phoenix (20 days ago)
Europe truly has a lot of the worlds most talented people.
Sorry but the oops song isnt better.
Just Enough (20 days ago)
that 3rd one, a voice to bring tears to the hardest eyes, amazing.
Jonathan Stallbaum (20 days ago)
Harp girl was awful
Cristina Montero (20 days ago)
taking a rap classic and turning it into a mainstream song is not a better version
Heidi Baltom (20 days ago)
This is the way covers should be done in their own way but not straying too far from the original so that its un recognisable. I love these
Wagner Matos (20 days ago)
12:23 no me la esperaba
The Black Dog (21 days ago)
Here is where the first girl ripped off her version of the song from. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_HN50TLuaI She doesn't do it anywhere nearly as good as Haley Reinhart.
Captain Awesome (21 days ago)
That was hella funny that one judges chair wouldn’t turn around all the way.
Anna Romina (21 days ago)
The halo cover is just a cover of ane brun's cover of halo tho
Caz M (21 days ago)
That guy who tore up Eminem reminds me of Dave Matthews.
Ortiz jimmy (21 days ago)
Carmen S (21 days ago)
Gnarls Barkley, France.. AMAZING.
roxane mouchi (21 days ago)
french one omg
Malew1998 (22 days ago)
I mean it's not very difficult to beat beyonce, shes overrated and average.
Dexter Torillo (22 days ago)
What is love totally owned❤️
Joshua Obi (22 days ago)
Jacques cover of trip by Ella Mai
Gabbe Sweden (22 days ago)
Wtf is Neil Patrick Harris (barney) doing in the auidience at 13;26
壱-Ichi (23 days ago)
Avicii love...
John Coronel (23 days ago)
Nah the Halo one isn’t good tbh. No one can beat Beyoncé.

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