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Best Cover Songs Beyonce, Avicii, Eminem, Britney Spears, The Beatles (covers 2017 )

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1. 0:01 Britney Spears - 'Oops!... I did it Again', Julia van der Toorn cover (Holland) 2. 1:47 Kylie Minogue - 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head', Lee Glasson (UK) 3. 3:35 Beyonce - 'Halo', Johanna Ewald (Germany) 4. 5:22 Gnarls Barkley - Crazy, Sol (France) 5. 7:27 Haddaway - What is Love, Linda Antonia Heue (Germany) 6. 8:59 The Beatles- Come Together, Max Milner (UK) 6. 9:20 Eminem - Lose Yourself, Max Milner (UK) 7. 10:45 Britney Spears - Toxic, Melanie Martinez (USA) 8. 12:23 Foster The People - Pumped Up Kicks, Chris Schummert (Germany) 9. 13:54 Avicii - Wake Me Up, Chris Royal (UK) 10. 15:28 Outkast 'Hey Ya!', Janna Salhoume (Belgium) Sexy Songs. Hot Guys and Sexual Healing (The Voice Blind Auditions) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Hu1XpWH03s advertising [email protected]
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Text Comments (2421)
Mzukisi Xhali (5 hours ago)
Who's the guy singin crazy
TheFabulousGeoffry (10 hours ago)
Holy shit. I want to Mary the first girl. Holy man. An angel. Wow.
joe selzer (11 hours ago)
your video link to sexy songs. HOt Guys and sexual healing (The and i knc i can not see it i am block it say
lexsandriad (15 hours ago)
kpecak (20 hours ago)
Take this: https://youtu.be/jx7j5uWdM1s?t=3
Manda Wagler (1 day ago)
Mighty Mouse (1 day ago)
Kylie Minogue ALWAYS trying to sneak a peak to make sure they're not ugly... so annoying.
Elle Oswald (1 day ago)
I hated all of these
francois syed (1 day ago)
Agree with others but crazy nahhh not even a scratch to barkley. Haha bless yoour soul
YouTube Fangirl (1 day ago)
steve stiffler (1 day ago)
Didn't dig that halo because no one can sing it better than Beyonce
solmyr2 (1 day ago)
first song put a smile on my face from start to finish.
Jesus イエス M. (1 day ago)
So if you have a good voice, just choose a song that was already a hit on its time and hipterize it and you will make it in to those vids lololol
Marc Carlton (1 day ago)
Well I listened to 1,2,4,6 and Mon were better than the original but I did love Melanie Martinez cover of toxic as I think the original is just a bit too fast
Rio Winaryo (2 days ago)
some judges have no soul LOL [email protected]@rds!! LOL
Mercy (2 days ago)
0:08 i like the look in her eyes, its like her life depended on her voice lol.
Marry Tanginoa (2 days ago)
Crazy!!!!! I love that song!!!! He sung it well... Just not better thou
HW2800 (2 days ago)
I do not think any of these auditions approach the original stars renditions!
Jesse Gettings (2 days ago)
In the hey ya cover, she didn't even try to go for any of the hard notes. She has a decent voice, but, she doesn't show any range. Huge disappointment.
Jesse Gettings (2 days ago)
That cover of crazy has the absolute worst timing of any cover. I thought he was joking. Absolute garbage
QQTrick1QQ (2 days ago)
12-year-old, Ava Maha sings Rihanna's "Love on the Brain"
Mad Dog Miky (3 days ago)
The first girl wow, was born to sing
Orlando Just Orlando (3 days ago)
Better than Avicii? Nope
bannablitz247 (3 days ago)
I think the crazy cover kinda sucked
Nebur (3 days ago)
7:57 Kevin Nash
pearldrumgirl (3 days ago)
Wow : ) JOurney to foreign lands = thank you : )
Zosofoxy Music (3 days ago)
The man who sang "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" turned it into a Muse song. :)
Omnii Games (3 days ago)
12:37 he looks baked asf
Pedro Fernandes (3 days ago)
If you think that girl sings better than Beyonce you are actually retarded in the head
Wiktor Witkacy (3 days ago)
When You're on Youtube and the title ACTUALLY matches the video :) !!! <3 First girl and 'crazy' in Voice French got me like the title is so true.
Erika Cooper (3 days ago)
That version of Hey Ya might be one of the most beautiful things I've listened to.
Ryan Howard (4 days ago)
The last song boardline made me cry a bit
MrDarren5012 (4 days ago)
Sing the song like it was meant to be...otherwise..your just a hack
Kipper Goldfin (4 days ago)
Thank you so much for putting Melanie on there!
extreme DV (4 days ago)
Omg amazing version of hey ya by outkast
imnotdavid (4 days ago)
"don't touch it" one black judge telling the other black judge "i thought the dude was black. I fucked up...don't fuck up too."
michael (4 days ago)
Soo, the people judging are suppose to be important? Umm, no idea who any of them are. 🤷‍♂️
turgsh01 (4 days ago)
I actually thought that some of them were mediocre at best, but others were really good... like, they shouldn't be needing any help from these famous losers that think they know everything just because they're rich and famous.
Paola Abizaid (4 days ago)
7:27 Sansa, is that you?
anti people (4 days ago)
Melanie is such an angel 💖
Mahmoud Nadi (4 days ago)
@7:09 WTF just happened? Damn
BladeShark MTG (4 days ago)
Malenia Martinez has talent but her style of singing and songs creep me the fudge out man.
Jamie Rees (5 days ago)
Half and half list, some of these "best cover songs" are worse than me and my friends do when we are just messing around and not singing seriously.
Pamela Rahn (5 days ago)
how nobodys talking about the guy who did crazy?
Nate Burk (5 days ago)
Wow, that Outcast cover got me completely. Absolutely amazing
Will Roy (5 days ago)
All these songs either suck or simply aren't better than the original as advertised.
Bannlyst Man (5 days ago)
Max Miller has the most annoying voice in the world, its just distortion!
Devil Drive (5 days ago)
william : the brainless creature . 😐
The Drawing Phycho (5 days ago)
4:39 that voice crack tho , but it’s better than what I can do .
Mason Armstrong (5 days ago)
Holy shit this is the best singing ive ever heard of in my life. All of there amazing.
djdimi gaming (6 days ago)
What the fuck I have been click baited into this shit I was told there were a Beatles cover fuck me
djdimi gaming (6 days ago)
I don’t need the hole fucking song just a clip will do
CourtneyMarie 6661 (6 days ago)
The first girl... Chills. I had CHILLS!!
Gerry McErlean (6 days ago)
, , P
the 3 tough wolfs (6 days ago)
They do not sing it better
TheVerrm (6 days ago)
Gnarls Barkley guy #4 - OHH MYY GODD what a VOICE!!!! Totally astonishing! I-WANT-MORE!
Cole Smith (7 days ago)
I was just getting Bo Burnham “Pandering” vibes from the beginning of Pumped Up Kicks
Jimmy Dean Bowl (7 days ago)
Girl singing What is Love has an angelic voice
Billie Ellish fan (7 days ago)
Michael Teter (7 days ago)
WTF. Pumped Up Kicks was a total amazing surprise.
Sax And relax (7 days ago)
Halo was the best it’s hard to play the harp lol
mylullabyis91 (8 days ago)
Liked the video only because of the first girl ❤️
I love menlanie
Christian H (8 days ago)
The first girls performance was even more impressive considering English isn’t her first language
Faby Cortes (8 days ago)
The first girl is way better than the original singer 😮
Mark D (8 days ago)
harp girl! hell yeah.
Jeon_ Suset (8 days ago)
Wow... sin saber que Melanie Martínez se convertiría en una persona famosa. I like it💖
Mid-Ohio Guardian (8 days ago)
I thought the first girl was Tracy Chapman
Daisy ApocX (8 days ago)
Didn't Kina Grannis sing that version of oops first?
Michael Nasim (9 days ago)
Culturally Europe is far richer than USA. And Creatively they are the best.
XIN7AX (9 days ago)
What is love is not their song.
Emily Still (9 days ago)
I’m the judge pretending to know the words at 1:22
Saben gaming (9 days ago)
That guy pumped up my kicks omfg he’s dah shit!
Savas Par (9 days ago)
5:00 Me: "Stunning!!!!" / My girlfriend: "Too sleepy!!!"
Moist Prince (9 days ago)
7:28 wow😍😍
Om Ri (9 days ago)
[Guy adapts rap song.] [Jury all look at the black man.]
irishmakbeth (9 days ago)
That first song...who is playing the bass?
Young Anakin (9 days ago)
Qui-Gon would've loved this :c
Young Anakin (9 days ago)
wait fuck I'm also dead
You F'coffee (9 days ago)
Their moments of fame were over quickly though
freya fc (9 days ago)
Ok that second guy gave me shivers- the first time they turn. Fucking hell.
Stenly Tryskacz (9 days ago)
Julia van der Toorn (1st one) is adorable af :P
J (9 days ago)
Ain't no-one sing halo like Beyonce. Queen Bee for a reason...
Rusia (9 days ago)
Traceya Bonnell (10 days ago)
Dude the last one was so unique seriously was so beautiful 💕💕
CrowsFeet (10 days ago)
where's the dream on cover? that's up there with all time best c'mon
CharlyDeamen (10 days ago)
Bah. "Lose Yourself" was butchered. It doesn't have the same sort of power as Eminem put into it. It was personal for Eminem, no one could cover that and tap into that same intensity, and definitely not surpass it. As for the rest, I honestly didn't think any of them topped the originals. Some in my opinion were just bland "modifications" that entirely missed the "spirit" of the song in question.
Solito (10 days ago)
Don't think she sang Halo better than Beyonce... I mean come on guy, Beyonce is way better!
The Librarian (10 days ago)
why the hell is melanie martinez under the top 5 ?!?!?!?
Simone V (10 days ago)
3:35 that girl is amazing 😰😰😰
Pricila H. (10 days ago)
Who's the last girl????????
Strong Aingel (10 days ago)
1:47 The Lee Glasson, refreshing (the only unforgettable voice of the group); 5:22 the Sol, accomplished, but not wholly; 10:45 the Melanie Martinez cute but; 15:28 the Janna Salhourne lovely'ish. VOTE GOES TO 1:47
Nick Gerz (10 days ago)
First girl, last girl, and the guy in the middle that sang Crazy. Those are next level talents.
hangry_ and_sarcastic (10 days ago)
That avicii song broke me
Sean Doherty (11 days ago)
I live for these covers!!!!
Sean Doherty (11 days ago)
These europeans can sing these english songs better than most english speaking singers!!!!!!
legoman716 (11 days ago)
Seulement chansons en anglais desolement...
Alex Noriega (11 days ago)
The second singers voice reminds me of Matt Bellamy from muse
Eli B (11 days ago)
Great covers: 1 and last one Great covers combined with great voice: 5 and 8 They were all very good
Jamie Aubrey (11 days ago)
13:26 is that NPH ?

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