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Evolution of Music ( 1680 AD - 2017)

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The evolution of music from the 1680s period to the present day. in this video, I had to transcribe many songs for piano versions. Tell me if I forgot any important song. Instagram: http://goo.gl/9FAFP5 Twitter: http://goo.gl/x5V4kf
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Text Comments (18781)
Eric Widder (42 minutes ago)
Man Liszt was on some meth in the 1800's.
jorge putin (1 hour ago)
Músicas antigas são as melhores, tinha que inverter
Maurer Aleixo (3 hours ago)
at 2:00 he puts some polka-dot glasses on to see YOU better ......booo (spOOky) TALENTED BOY !!!!! :D
Marcello Beltramo (4 hours ago)
Gigi Dag 😍
Megatério Vega (4 hours ago)
Bach o melhor
SUSHOBHAN BISWAS (4 hours ago)
3:13 Shaun the sheep
SUSHOBHAN BISWAS (5 hours ago)
1:26 Reymond
Degradation of music 1680-2017 - correct video title
Inoubliable Douleur (5 hours ago)
You are grinding your tears. Visit an orthodontist or you will bust your mandibular joints.
Deadly2Die TV (6 hours ago)
ure so great but why not to crossover from some original 1990 - 2000 titelss ;D with little bit singing (good female / male singer ) it will be blow my mind :D thumb s up
BlackCyril (6 hours ago)
Take Canon as exemple is a big joke. Evolution of music anyway you can't compare with one song of each century :D
shenlonggohan (8 hours ago)
Canon in D will always remind me of My Sassy Girl.
Magnus Robin (8 hours ago)
Rik James Zupko (9 hours ago)
.DAMN....No Africa? :(
Meloidao Z (10 hours ago)
krl o maluco é br ,e nao vejo 1 brasileiro sequer falando sobre ele
Nosa Bigapau (10 hours ago)
Seus vídeos são demais!
JTD472 (11 hours ago)
You know it’s serious at 1:35 when he has to look at his hands
FFAGAMING (12 hours ago)
Thank you for being the best "Over the years"  completion players! I felt I just lived through the past several hundred years of music!! Are you available to play weddings?
Werther Sales (14 hours ago)
Olá, Lord. Sou novo no canal. Parabéns! Te descobri no Danilo Gentili. Procurei um pouco e ainda não achei nada dos Beatles. Não gosta? Sugiro um vídeo com as mais famosas, incluindo Obladi-Oblada. Werther. Goiânia.
47Str8 (16 hours ago)
Click 'like' if you realize you lack talent.... :(
Shaun Sayres (16 hours ago)
basically just a collection of ring tones from the early 2000s
Juninho Kmillo (16 hours ago)
Difícil alegar que a música evoluiu.
jonatas vieira (16 hours ago)
Vinheteiro é foda rsrs
Mi_Naomi Otomo (16 hours ago)
Muito bommmm!!!!
Felipe Raí (17 hours ago)
Lord Xampouleiro...parabéns pelo canal! Dose certa de humor, com mt elegância e músicas belíssimas.
Jochen Bedersdorfer (17 hours ago)
Peaked in the 80's - went to hell in a hand basket 1987
miraga eliyev (18 hours ago)
nice good boy
Карл Маркс (19 hours ago)
Пидар я уснул под музыку а ты в конце такое сделал
Veszetkutya Presents (19 hours ago)
Bravo Maestro
zeth roodwood (19 hours ago)
Where the heck is Clocks???!!! And why despacito Is hereeeee!!! >:c
Stephen Bennett (19 hours ago)
Dude, you need to look up an English comedian named Bill Balley. He's good on the keyboard, knows all about music & did a whole stand up show about the evolution of music. You'd like him 🎶😃🎶
PlaceOfOrigin (19 hours ago)
Dance Of The Knights is so dark.
Hurrix (20 hours ago)
L amour toujours and blue (dabadee dabada) are italian songs
Thao Tu (20 hours ago)
Also where is Nirvana?
Denis Bombeiros (20 hours ago)
O Maior Pianista do Brasil e um dos maiores do mundo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hélène Lagorse (21 hours ago)
Youkali => Kurt Weill (1934)
Johannes Karl Paul (21 hours ago)
after 2000 only examples why modern music sucks, oof boy
A Reação (21 hours ago)
Oxi cadê os comentários br? KKKKK
Ediogo Alves (9 hours ago)
+Ester Candido verdade é sonoramente perceptível
Ester Candido (9 hours ago)
Como a música ficou "pobre" em comparação aos séculos anteriores 🙁 How music became "poor" compared to previous centuries 🙁
Ediogo Alves (10 hours ago)
A devalorização e osso
Diogo Oliveira (14 hours ago)
Segundo ele, apenas 9% dos seguidores são Br. Triste.
심검 (21 hours ago)
와 0:32듣자마자 수능영어 시험지넘기던 ㅈ같은 기억이 떠오른다... 바로 다음곡도;;
Mike Oxlong (22 hours ago)
You can actually see the regression of music over the years. It was young, new, and complex at the start. Then it became simple, dull and underachieving.
Willies 89 (22 hours ago)
As a dane I'm butthurt that you choose Aqua over Bent Fabricius Bjerre
Willies 89 (22 hours ago)
C U when U get there
Mory Kante (22 hours ago)
seems like that the evolution of music's become inversely.
guido7095 (23 hours ago)
you forgot 2018 and 2019
Harris F.R (1 day ago)
lol that STARE hahahha.good job
Tyler Paul (1 day ago)
It’s like he’s staring into your soul
Satanovo Dítě (1 day ago)
You are from Czech? 😁😁
Tom Tom (1 day ago)
C'est complétement dingue...........( merci d'avoir mis un peu de Maiden ca fait du bien , tout est reprenable de maiden au piano tellement c'est mélodiquement bien travaillé ) merci à toi , et félicitations pour ton travail , et ta folie dans ton regard :)
Lilica Ripilica (1 day ago)
*_Meu Deus que presente ter te encontrado no YouTube_*
vídeo espetacular, aliás parabéns pelo canal
Fernanda Abreu (1 day ago)
* rattles * *"Subscribe to this channel -- NOW!"* - Ok, ok! Subscribed.
youtert (1 day ago)
His eyes....his eyes....
G.💔 (1 day ago)
Rapaz esse cara manja mesmo..
Dima 135 (1 day ago)
А чего он в середине 20 века с традиционной музыки проскочил на пользующуюся популярностью ? Академическая музыка никуда не делась, хоть и приблизительно потом Стравинского ушла в андеграунд. И пользующаяся популярностью в той либо другой форме была вечно - будь это народные мотивы либо темы из ширпотребных оперетт.
Marvin Chaves (1 day ago)
Music died after the 2000s
Diretor (1 day ago)
Tristesse it the most beautiful songs of all times
totti liu (1 day ago)
This is more like a staring contest than a video.
Ringus Slaterfist (1 day ago)
Axel F was hype as hell in this omg
ABBAOPAXO (1 day ago)
you said evolution but play despacito, that was like going all back to worse!
Lucy Dwyer (1 day ago)
2011: RIP
Elton Lima (1 day ago)
Cadê as músicas do Skyline Pigeon, Elton John?
Tom James (1 day ago)
Despacito NOoooooo[
Burlimonster (1 day ago)
5:17 I see what you did there. Quiet clever. Sub'd.
Woah! Yes sir! Subscribed!
vanessa Campos (1 day ago)
Oi Vinheteiro. Faço parte dos 9% dos Brasileiros que assistem seu canal. Amo música clássica, e gosto muito de ver você tocá-las. Parabéns pelo seu talento e que você possa conseguir algo mais na sua carreira. E que você toque pelo mundo inteiro.
Tampajoe77 (1 day ago)
Gigi?!?! Subscribed.
Luis Naspirán (1 day ago)
Why did he jump from classic to pop music?
Farting Duck (1 day ago)
Gimme the finger!
Jose Mejia (1 day ago)
Tom and jerry right there
aldenis santos (1 day ago)
Quando eu tava nascendo se tocava sweet dreams
Erickson Dominguez (1 day ago)
wow que capacidad bro
ana lilia alcantara (1 day ago)
Exelent fantástico good job
CanalOssoDuroDeRoer (1 day ago)
2:07 Who else heard it before in Calab Belkin's Summer Nights?
dR4G0nZ3R4 Br (1 day ago)
Coldplay - Clocks?
Lindy silva (1 day ago)
9% kkkkkk vinheteiro o pika dos pianos
when i will be on my deathbed the only thing i will remeber is this guy's stare
Jane Goodnut (1 day ago)
Its so stupid having that guy looking at the camera like that. it makes the video unwatchable. I hate the way he looks at the camera.
Maria Braga (1 day ago)
Caramba!! Te acompanho no pânico na rádio e não sabia que você é pianista.. descobri assistindo o The noite
Aaron Awesomest!!! (1 day ago)
You know the songs are hard when he stares at the piano. You know the songs are easy when, I guess you can figure it out by yourself. - Btw, where was Bohemian Rhapsody, by Queen????
Cesar Goodman (21 hours ago)
And Stravinsky? And Messiaen? And Gershwing? Copland? Shostakovich, Rachmaninoff, Bernstein?..Glass? Stockhousen?..nop? Okay
0:40 TÜRK Marşı
clashko 747 (1 day ago)
Very good 👍
Alex Srontgorrth (1 day ago)
2018 - The Proverbial Bellow (BTBAM)
Tim Hobson (1 day ago)
Brilliant. Maybe a piece by Rachmaninov?
Billy851 (1 day ago)
my neck hurts
Davart (1 day ago)
Joplin is the Maple Leaf Rag
Ybn shine (1 day ago)
I held a staring contest with him but sadly I lost.
Trần Hữu Huy (1 day ago)
Modern Talking and Boney M? :))))))))))))
Andrew Solo (1 day ago)
Wait for 1680-2680 ;)
Organization Enemy (1 day ago)
6:04 damn wtf dude, I'm fucking jump after relax Piano music aaaaaaaaaa
You are amazing 👍🎼
Max BLITZ (2 days ago)
0:38 заглавие песни Минет
Sandra Teruya (2 days ago)
Sonhos nascido no coração de Deus agora aprender com vc cara vc é o cara apaixonei
Sandra Teruya (2 days ago)
Caramba passa o número de seu celular agora vou te ligar heim contratado por mim
Bintang Ekananda (2 days ago)
Camila cabello - Havana Year : 2018
Cheese Cupcake (2 days ago)
I wish i have that talent... 😍😍😍
Ali Ahmed (2 days ago)
bob acre sleep away
elro bercone (2 days ago)
Ese "Kalamazoo" lo conocía como "Chatanugga Chu-Chu"...
MontanaR_2018 class (2 days ago)
2:18 that reminds me of Martin Lawrence as Dragonfly Jones.
Eichwiesel (2 days ago)
Fuckin genius

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