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Oracle Application Testing Suite 12c: Oracle Load Testing Overview

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This video introduces Oracle Load Testing, which is a part of Oracle Application Testing Suite 12.1. The recording consists of a slide based overview (15 min) that describes the basic product concepts and architecture, followed by the product demonstration for generating Load Testing Script in OpenScript (10 min), and running the script in Oracle Load Testing (25 min).
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Praveen Arora (3 years ago)
Very good explanations for beginners
I am facing issue when running Med rec Application in open script that is "Cannot acquire Data source" when trying to Login for patient login page and unable to establish connection on port 1527.
Mohammad Ali (5 years ago)
Great Explanation in detail . Thank you very much
shivam gupta (5 years ago)
Very good information,keep it up...
RAJa Chakraborty (5 years ago)
just awesome, amazing

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