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슈퍼주니어 & 소녀시대_SEOUL(서울)_뮤직비디오(MusicVideo)

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SuperJunior(슈퍼주니어)& Girls' Generation(소녀시대)_SEOUL(서울)_뮤직비디오(MusicVideo)
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Text Comments (9979)
Putri Purnamasari (3 hours ago)
I need their collaboration song again...
Ella Mae Mardoquio (12 hours ago)
At first I don't like this, bec. OMG Im jealous to SNSD with my SUJU. But, the hell. S. E. O. U. L. it is very beautiful song.
MrYoonJan (20 hours ago)
who watch this on 2018? Super Generation FTW!
real_ chan's lover (20 hours ago)
Love this song
svt shinee (23 hours ago)
awww i miss the old kpop
Nam Anh Nguyễn (1 day ago)
Citra Amanda (1 hour ago)
Newbie kpop fans have to see this! They're legends, singing together beautifully, promoting Seoul! edit : no ridiculous scandals by singing together
thguyen MINO (3 days ago)
Dung Thanh (3 days ago)
Bahar OLUR (3 days ago)
SEOKYU 😭😭😍😍😍
Lottie Enrico (3 days ago)
Sang this with my friends back then. SNSD and SoJu- I miss this so, so much T^T
Rahma Taeyeon (4 days ago)
Super generation
Nathanaela Farenas (4 days ago)
this is the first kpop song that I have been introduced to ^_^ <3
Bambang Febrianto (6 days ago)
Nittlay Yar (6 days ago)
Here 2018
Nguyên Trần Trung (6 days ago)
Love this song😘
Toppoo He (6 days ago)
Sooyoung did great!!! This was the kind of SY that I fell for!
Út Nguyễn (7 days ago)
OMG they're so cute <3
최아영 (7 days ago)
엉엉 이거 아홉살 때 듣던건데 벌써 고등학교 2학년 실화녀 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅜㅠㅠㅜㅠㅠㅠㅠ 내 주변 이 노래 다 몰라 헝헝,,
Amirul Aji (7 days ago)
2018 indonesian FB?
real_ pcy (8 days ago)
Thảo Phương (8 days ago)
7.10.2018 💖
mackooo kpop covers (8 days ago)
Still loyal to sm ent.
Silvia S (8 days ago)
hestia petrina (10 days ago)
First time heard this song in 2010 and i've fallen in loveeeeee with super junior and snsd! Their golden era ❤
Mo cha (11 days ago)
公開してから何十回何百回と観てるけど、 ホント、このMV好き♡ 好き過ぎて辛いくらい...(爆&汗&笑)。
Lee lee of the valley (11 days ago)
I remember those days when I used to feel so jealous of Seo Hyun because of my love for KYUHYUN.😂😂.. Now I always watch this video with a smile.
Aying LM (12 days ago)
I can't help but smile in Shindong and Sunny part 😂❤🤘
Chantratevie Chan (12 days ago)
2018? October?
최주미 (13 days ago)
추억의 곡이다~
Christin Alvina (13 days ago)
Min Ngok (15 days ago)
30/09/2018 anhoong , miss SUJU SNSD so much
Melanie Rebonanza (16 days ago)
Who's still here at 2018?😍
haninah farhah (16 days ago)
Really ship Kyuhyun n Seohyun
Trinh Ta Le Ngoc (17 days ago)
my youth
Bea Lins (17 days ago)
baekhyun wifeu (18 days ago)
Bogoshipda 😢 I feel so old hahaha i miss 2nd gen kpop
Jack Oliver (20 days ago)
Japan to
Jack Oliver (20 days ago)
Korea is modern
jicooked (21 days ago)
We hear Jessica's buttery voice.
anjali anirudh (21 days ago)
Miss those days
BANGTAN Awards (21 days ago)
Camz Cortez (23 days ago)
Siempre que veo este video me llega la melancolía de esos antiguos tiempos, tiempos buenos y fantásticos de Suju Y GG
Narwhal 13 (23 days ago)
Ooh nostalgia 😑🤣😂😭
Micoh Micoh Nii (24 days ago)
I f*cking miss jessica 😭
rifai ahmad (25 days ago)
reversea (25 days ago)
Don’t sleep on this!
Mộc Mộc (25 days ago)
Ôi tuổi thơ tôi
Mộc Mộc (25 days ago)
Cả tuổi thơ , ngày bé lớp 4 vẫn hay nghe bài này , đến h 12 rồi vẫn nghe
v v (28 days ago)
The two who make me comes to this world *kpop
Sarah Torres (29 days ago)
I miss super generation 💖💖💖💖💖💖
dtr wulandari (29 days ago)
Oh my god, 2018 anyone?
Sandini Mochi (29 days ago)
Still watch this in 2018
SONE BLINK ONCE (1 month ago)
seoparty 628 (1 month ago)
Still the best collaboration song between boy and girl group ! ❤
Dong Yul (1 month ago)
I love Seoul✨❤️
L 777 K 69 (1 month ago)
este es el que mas me encanta lo escuche en el 2015 y aun me sigue encantando <3 <3 :"3 ME ENCANTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN
Patcharaporn Pookpan (1 month ago)
JUN_ k (1 month ago)
Love that Sooyoung is in this <3
Rafifah salsa (1 month ago)
Niiummy Sarang (1 month ago)
I never thought watching this after all these years would make cry... How I miss this era :/
Manal Baghdadi (1 month ago)
Am I the only one who have teaars in her eyes 😭
Virna Widyastuti (1 month ago)
Crystal Alamillo (1 month ago)
Who is still watching this in September 2018?
Habibah Muslimah (1 month ago)
Anyeong maseo
Aubrey Chi (1 month ago)
Ow wow.i di not know Super J and SNSD had a good Chemistry hehehe.. It sad cause its not happening today were Male Kpop idol can collaborate withe female kpop idol hehehe
Dessa Ann (1 month ago)
I will always always be back here watching this video. Always made my heart soft. My favorite will always be kyuhyun and seohyun's part at the near end. Feels! 😭😍💞💙💖
HOÀNG LÊ (1 month ago)
Farida Nurul haq (1 month ago)
ack sighs (1 month ago)
They should bring back Super Generation...
ahmd kmrdn (1 month ago)
september 2018 anyone?
lannman.j op (1 month ago)
Manuu Dale (1 month ago)
Lee lee of the valley (1 month ago)
Good old days 😭😭
Suholkay (1 month ago)
Źem K'xai (1 month ago)
Shindong is too cute dancing to "Tell me your wish".I really miss their era when everything was just about them & when there was no fandom wars.Suju ,SNSD ,SHINEE,F(x)😭
Jason Saw (5 days ago)
No wars? You tripping. SM fandoms fought a lot.
Autumn Lee (9 days ago)
There were a lot of fanwars back then between elf & sone 😂
Unicorn (1 month ago)
Endy Hasibuan (1 month ago)
My Firts Love Kpop Group is This Couple SuperJunior-GirlsGeneration OT9
Wawa Sajali (1 month ago)
I'm just miss old kpop song TT
Na na (1 month ago)
Sun Jung (1 month ago)
31/8/2018 <3
ᄏ ᄏ (1 month ago)
daly (1 month ago)
Shanique Wright (1 month ago)
they must have had so much fun filming that. imagine the memories they had lol great song
Indah Pakpahan (1 month ago)
The best representative of Seoul so far.
dr. nick (1 month ago)
I still remember when I ship kyuhyun & seohyun so so much
dr. nick (1 month ago)
Summer Choi (1 month ago)
I miss this era , super generation
Tita Rahmatika (1 month ago)
This is the song that brought me to Kpop. I started memorizing the name of suju and snsd member from this mv. I suddenly feel so nostalgic :’)
Dell Ayun (1 month ago)
My youth is here. I really really miss this time !!
Yogo Lin (1 month ago)
Ngọc Hoàng (1 month ago)
Myron Haryth (1 month ago)
Nostalgic 😌😌 miss the old k-pop generation..🌹good vibes💐
Mey Gu (1 month ago)
I miss old kpop song :( first know kpop when i see tvxq, and then SJ, snsd ..
RyoniixProductions (1 month ago)
9 years ago, Korean pop golden age
Paulenne Ramos (1 month ago)
Tiffany isn't here.?
raehee song (1 month ago)
SeoKyu >.<
Videldel septyan (1 month ago)
iKON n Twice 😂
Tantri Ayu Relatami (1 month ago)
I just love their natural makeup at this era than now

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