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2018 WEY VV7 SUV Sporty From China Full Review

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The very first photos of the WEY VV7, formerly known as the WEY 01. The VV7 will be launched on the Chinese car market later this month. Somewhat confusingly the white car on the photos appears to be the sportier S model (compare with base model) with a racy bumpers and four big exhaust pipes, but it doesn’t have the S badge on the back. In anyway, we expect WEY to confuse us a many times more. WEY is a new “premium SUV” brand under Great Wall Motors. After the VV7 they will launch the car currently known as the WEY 02, a similar looking but smaller SUV. The VV7 has become quite a good looking car, and we especially like the shape of the wheel arches. Very classy. The interior is a masterpiece in simplicity. Many Chinese automakers love to add as much buttons and panels as possibly possible, but Great Wall is showing great restraint here. The materials are top notch. The steering wheel and seats looks luxurious. Perforated pedals seem to be made of metal. Three air vents on the ultra clean center stack. The only thing that isn’t so good is the relatively small touch screen. Power for the VV7 (S and not-S) comes from a 2.0 turbo with 234hp and 360nm, it is mated to a 7-speed DCT sending horses to all four wheels. WEY logo on the engine cover. there’s a lot of influence from Maserati, Jaguar and even Peugeot in this WEY VV7 crossover soon to hit the Chinese market, but it’s really not bad. It has an aggressive Levante-esque front end, purposeful side profile and smart rear lights similar to those of the latest Peugeot 3008. Music Credit : PACIFIC SUN by Nicolai Heidlas Music https://soundcloud.com/nicolai-heidlas Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ Music provided by Audio Library https://youtu.be/kbqmEJTr3nU
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Text Comments (84)
ठाकुर 86 (1 day ago)
BMW copy
공유왕 (14 days ago)
Wow !! It looks nice
Autohome Trend (14 days ago)
Anh Nguyen (18 days ago)
All copy shit
Lemadjou Sheeva (19 days ago)
Putain.quelle technologie
hosam hasan (1 month ago)
بقالي سنه ونص معجب جدا باWEY VV7 تابلوه بسيط والزراير الكتير حوالين الفتيس شبه البورش والاشارات بتنور زي الاودي A7او بطريقه متحركه 😍😍والهافال منتشره في معارض الخليج والجيلي امجراند بانواعها الحديثه ممتازه جدا
Nass Fkr (1 month ago)
The front and the steering wheel of a Citroen DS7
JEFF OLAYA (1 month ago)
WEY jajajaj funny SUV for mexican XD come on with my wey XD, beatiful car.
JEFF OLAYA (1 month ago)
doing research this car in other countries, this car called Great Wall
Andres Escobar (1 month ago)
V T (2 months ago)
厉害吧!这是new made in china
Muy buena, cuando vendrá a Perú en versión 4x4 o AWD?
liu luis (2 months ago)
1 of the best SUV made in China, the brand is called Great Wall. its H9 is competing with toyota prado.
Sissi Family (2 months ago)
when you come in france ?
sumin chang (2 months ago)
神城子 (1 month ago)
150000 RMB
faten altawil (3 months ago)
how many horse power ?
Autohome Trend (3 months ago)
FastDucky Gaming (3 months ago)
Nice car!! Now peoples would not say china rubbish🙂
Autohome Trend (3 months ago)
China always learning
Orlando Molly (3 months ago)
Hermosa Traer a Colombia 😋
Dragon Fruits (4 months ago)
Better than American made cars
Jose A. Romo (17 days ago)
I highly doubt that. In terms of looks, sure. But in terms of quality, especially in the long run, there's just no way this will be as good as a Ford. Expect it to be cheaper tho
FastDucky Gaming (1 month ago)
Dragon Fruits thanks! From china
William Zhang (1 month ago)
nope. as a Chinese, I never proud of Chinese car. Lol. In China, Chinese car means low-budget car
993BlueZones (3 months ago)
So then, they are at the same level as general motors.
小子火锅 (3 months ago)
Dragon Fruits but the interior quality is somehow disappointing, u can see this at 2:05 where he turned the nob and it feel plastics and not that as good as how it looked....
Harga kira2 brp ratus juta th???
吹个泡泡逗你玩 (1 month ago)
小子火锅 (3 months ago)
Jamalul firdaus TM Part II tak tahu la
thesuperproify (5 months ago)
Wow, it looks dope af
chinnappa m (5 months ago)
Nice design!
zimin - (5 months ago)
good car
mario celis (5 months ago)
wow ,is a very nice car,why they dont sale cars in my country? Colombia
JEFF OLAYA (1 month ago)
por que ese carro va venir pero con la marca GREAT WALL
Diego Trujillo (6 months ago)
Excelente camioneta falta es la exporten a Natal Colombia
قبل 15سنوات (6 months ago)
العن امها رايقه والله🐈
Sule Bello (6 months ago)
Lovely you are okay keep it up you are the best
alexander raditya (6 months ago)
Most beautiful suv from china
小子火锅 (3 months ago)
alexander raditya, u should know that this car gain 20hp more per muffler...
Jason Xu (5 months ago)
alexander raditya 234 HP and 360 Nm.One of my friend use magicpro tune VV7 to 280HP and 432Nm
alexander raditya (6 months ago)
Anyway how much hp and torque from this car until this thing use 4 mufflers ?
Jose Gomez (6 months ago)
Awesome car! wow
Petro Tech (6 months ago)
I am going to sell my motorcycle and buy this car : :))
小子火锅 (3 months ago)
Petro Tech I'm going to sell this car and buy your bike haha
mono hatari (6 months ago)
China product can kill westurn and europe cars due to the price and low quality 55555
adrien Kalombo (3 months ago)
how did you determine it was low quality? have you driven the car yet, i bet no. what is the difference between this a Kia or Hyundai. They catching up, the problem is the world in is deny of this fact. I am in china and some of the cars and suv's worth looking for.
贾尤佳 (5 months ago)
that's because you don't have enough money to buy the high quality one.
Jason Xu (5 months ago)
mono hatari The world is changing everyday. What u told can be the past.
mono hatari (6 months ago)
I am from Laos. I wanna buy this car how much? my salary per month is 200 $ i am afraid that i cannot afford this kind of engine5555
Francisco Villarreal (7 months ago)
If you have some information appresiate so much so send me. I like so much this model is exating be get first here in my contry.
Francisco Villarreal (7 months ago)
How can i get one of this model of car; WEY VV7 SUV Sporty de have this trademarck in Nicaragua but how can i buy one.
Francisco Villarreal (7 months ago)
Como puedo adquirir uno de estos modelos en mi país. Nicaragua ya tenemos está marca. Pero como adquirir este modelo WEY VV7 SUV Spprty
Konrad C (8 months ago)
Oh look, its a Maserati
993BlueZones (3 months ago)
This one in particular doesn't look like a copy. Dont put always the topic.
小子火锅 (3 months ago)
Konrad C haha, isn't it a jag?
Wesley Souza (8 months ago)
Price in China?
Jason Xu (5 months ago)
Kapil Soni Congratulations on becoming a WEY car owner. I am also a car owner of WEY VV5.
Kapil Soni (5 months ago)
i bought this car yesterday cost me 220K rmb
Han Garyh (8 months ago)
Around US $28k
Tofik Tofik (9 months ago)
From where and how I can buy this car I'm in United States
JEFF OLAYA (1 month ago)
master, you must wait, great wall sell this car in USA
Patriotic Warrior (1 month ago)
Get out cunt
edward leung (1 month ago)
Jason Xu (3 months ago)
小子火锅 看样子你没开过多少车?合资车内饰了解一下
Niyaz Nazar (3 months ago)
Tofik Tofik Ali Express
Excellent !
Autohome Trend (10 months ago)
Archi nul la contrefaçon !!
max black (11 months ago)
Super beautiful car

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