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Available on iTunes @ http://smarturl.it/2NE1_CRUSH #2NE1 #COMEBACKHOME More about 2NE1 @ http://www.yg-2ne1.com/ http://www.facebook.com/2ne1 http://www.youtube.com/2ne1 http://iTunes.com/2NE1 http://weibo.com/2ne1asia http://twitter.com/ygent_official
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Text Comments (104854)
giana talks too much (1 hour ago)
2019 and it still makes me cry
Bayan Salami (1 hour ago)
come back we miss you 2ne1😢
2019 Brasil 🇧🇷💛💚💜
Lucy Mendes (4 hours ago)
Já é 2019 e eu aqui sofrendo pq 2NE1 acabou💔😓😭😓😢💔
Comeback 2NE1
Quality Lemon (5 hours ago)
This used to be my favourite song 😂
senns _ (5 hours ago)
Please come back 😭😭 i miss you we all miss you 😭😭
Sozy Sozy (5 hours ago)
Margarita Yu (6 hours ago)
I miss 2ne1
Rusty Kelly (6 hours ago)
I followed 2NE1 from 2010 and was lucky to see them perform live twice. In all I've seen of Kpop, there has never been a group come close to 2NE1. They were powerful and brilliant performers and their songs were extraordinary compared to the rest. It was the greatest tragedy of the Korean music scene that they were destroyed by the corporation. God, I miss them. Imagine how it would be if they were still around. But still the greatest Kpop group ever.
Angel Wings (8 hours ago)
I guess no one forget 2ne1 , comeback home
Angel Wings (8 hours ago)
2019 anyone?
thảo thanh (8 hours ago)
I miss you 2NE1
EL Cenador-Ls (8 hours ago)
2ne1 volved a casa! :´c
super jesss (9 hours ago)
Theres so much new GG now like Blackpink who is very succesful but i cant leave and abandoned 2ne1 like this. I miss you my Queens. I know someday. I can feel a Reunion between 4 of you.
Gracee Lit (10 hours ago)
Even though they don't get a lot of views they are still legends and always will😍💕💕 PLEASE COME BACK
I still love this.I MISS 2NE1' 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😖😖😖
jiminsaur (13 hours ago)
00:06 I swear I thought my alarm was going off😂
Asena Tufan (13 hours ago)
2019 n we’re still here
Hanapi Putra (14 hours ago)
Please come back to us!We miss u
Hillary Jane Vlog's (15 hours ago)
Comeback 2NE1😭😭😭 please??
zeeman (15 hours ago)
This is memorable in Philippines😥😥😥Comeback 2NE1
杰生Jayjay14th (16 hours ago)
GABRIELA MARGA (17 hours ago)
Come back 2ne1☹️
kooo yoko (17 hours ago)
Kim Hyun A (20 hours ago)
2019? 💎👑💎
Yasmin Lopes Bandeira (20 hours ago)
Maria (1 day ago)
chorando sangue nunca superarei
Caiio Orbit (1 day ago)
2ne1 :c
Alexandre Santos (1 day ago)
Jhocelle Singzon (1 day ago)
please come back home 2ne1 😢 missing you.
Fung Yee Man (1 day ago)
2019 still listen 2ne1!
xxseav ly (1 day ago)
im here 2019 ❤️
Nurhalipah Exo-L (1 day ago)
Toranton Scher (1 day ago)
Hello 2019 this is the first song that i love to hear in KPop i miss you all
shinta fatmala (1 day ago)
Evyzoener Effida (1 day ago)
I miss them 😢
[qυεεη cl] (1 day ago)
stay salty (1 day ago)
Come back 2NE1
Cecilia Yen (1 day ago)
2ne1 are legends.
Weliton Fonseca (1 day ago)
S2! Infelizmente se separaram! [email protected]!
marsh mellow (1 day ago)
4 years later, this song is still a bop. And forever will be a bop.
gisela ding (1 day ago)
Come back home 2ne1
Hea Oun (2 days ago)
2NE1 Come back
xxbbnvipnangel xx (2 days ago)
2019 😍
Icill 9 (2 days ago)
Pliss come back stage 2ne1
Zai Zai (2 days ago)
Someone tell me why did they disband?? (Im new in kpop so..)
dispatch started a false rummor about park bom related to druggs and their agency didn't manage it well, the group entered in a hiatus and in 2016 Minzy leave 2NE1 and the agency, finally they disbanded
ahmad badrun tamam (2 days ago)
PARKK JIMINN (2 days ago)
Shin Kwon (2 days ago)
2019 💓💓💓💓💓
I miss you
M A I N E D O Z A (3 days ago)
I miss daraa please cooommeebbaaaacckk!😢
Naeri G. (3 days ago)
Probably the most unpredictable drop ever.
pollocon chelas (2 days ago)
Las amooo demasiado vuelvan malditas!!!!!!!!!. Por que se fueron me hacen falta. Las amo siempre diosas❤❤❤❤❤🍷❤❤
Aléxia Regina (3 days ago)
Come back home 2NE1 😢❤️🇧🇷
Chrissy Hyungie (3 days ago)
omg i thought at 03:06 these candles were burned dicks LMFAOOO im so sorry but im waiting for their comeback
michael bacus (3 days ago)
2019? Still the best korean girl band for me
Kim Kim (3 days ago)
Pls come back queens
lost s0ulz (3 days ago)
justice for 2ne1 :(
Alimu padil (3 days ago)
Semu lagu 2ne1 aku suka 😢
Rairai Stan ;D (3 days ago)
2ne1.. im waiting from you back to home.. pls..
Come back home 2ne1😓😢😭it's 2019
Wabbit. (3 days ago)
Queens please comeback home...😞
madeley ibet (3 days ago)
Wow i discovered this treasure this month. Too late, miss you 2ne1
BOM looks like fricking Hinata wtf?
Leidiane Santos (3 days ago)
Alone cl 😞
Rizka Z (3 days ago)
siempre B L A C K J A C K nunca inBLACKJACK <3
Doom Dada é T.O.P (4 days ago)
Saudades das rainhas 😔
Army Alondra (4 days ago)
come back 2ne1 😭😢
ゆきmomo (4 days ago)
Seo Tae Ji Boys - Come Back Home
Pau-La Que Comenta :/ (4 days ago)
Blink here supporting BLACKJACK and 2NE1 :') 💕
blurmax (4 days ago)
The true Kpop legend - 2ne1
지수가최고 (4 days ago)
Uriah G (4 days ago)
I don't know much about 2NE1, but blackjacks seem to be very toxic and mean as hell to blackpink and the members. There are people in the comment section calling Jennie a bitch, if they knew anything about her they wouldn't be able to say that. Is it some how a crime for YG to make another girl group? Why don't you get to know blackpink before you bash them just because they exist. I don't know much about the members of 2NE1, but I know they are talented, hard working, good people and I respect them. I know CL, Minzy, Park Bom, and Dara don't hate Jisoo, Lisa, Jennie or Rosé so why do blackjacks?
get out of here, do you see blackpink in this video? no, just 2ne1, go to cry to another place
Christina Panggoy (4 days ago)
I miss 2ne1 :(
ITS JELEAN (4 days ago)
el brayan xd xd (4 days ago)
Nulo pulo bulo alv que buenas rimas :v
BSgo Solis (4 days ago)
2019? No? Nadie? Bueno no importa :')
Magali Rivera (4 days ago)
Bùi Thế (4 days ago)
This song listen very boring.i miss 2NE1 very much.😢😢😢
Kayla Haru (5 days ago)
Come back 2NE1
Johan Fandiño Gómez (5 days ago)
I miss 2NE1 so much..
tothemoontaeil. (5 days ago)
this would make a great movie, anyone agree?
Wanessa Arcanjo (5 days ago)
A Taylor Swift plágiou o clipe delas
Wanessa Arcanjo (5 days ago)
K pop é bom
•Jil_ Liana• (5 days ago)
super jesss (5 days ago)
Coming back here cuz i totally missing the True Queens Era where Youtube Views are not the base of being a legend.
Haziq Danial (5 days ago)
I really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really miss 2NE1😢
BEZZO (5 days ago)
2019 pls make another song 😢
An Bé (5 days ago)
Jiří Valenta (5 days ago)
blackjack 4eva
Le Luu (5 days ago)
Ai la nguoi Viet 2019 co xem len tieng xem nao
Riang Gaming (5 days ago)
2019?? 👇
헤만엘프 (4 days ago)
*Please Com back 2ne1🙏😢*
conan nii (5 days ago)
come back home 2NE1
Suci Rahmayani (5 days ago)
Rindu kalian

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