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Start own antivirus business with Zillya!

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You want to start your own software business, but you don't know HOW? And you are having such questions as: - What is the size of the initial investment? - How much time is needed to develop your own software? - Whether your software is competitive? Use the solution of Zillya! Co-branding and you PROTECT your business from variety of RISKS. Avoid such risks as: - product will not be made in time - creation of a product will exceed the scope of the allocated budget - you receive not exactly what you wanted - the program will appear too "crude" and will demand long completion In order to make our cooperation mutually beneficial especially for you, we will select the best scheme of work and price. Zillya can develop individual design for your anti-virus, which will allow you to emphasize corporate style and stand out from the competition. Antivirus under your brand will be ready within 21 calendar days. At this time you can tackle the improvement of its marketing policy. As a result, you get ready to use product with Co-branding. Your antivirus will have a simple interface, full functionality for complex protection of your users PC (anti-virus, web filter, firewall). And also it will have virus pattern with more than 8 million records, which is daily updated and also regular updates of software modules. Once your product is ready, you can immediately start selling it. You can sell antivirus on your dealer network (offline) and online at the site where the information about the software is. Create your own successful business with Zillya! Earn money with us. And contact our managers to get more details. http://zillyaoem.com
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