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Relaxing Cafe Music For Cooking - Jazz & Bossa Nova Music - Background Cafe Music

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Text Comments (81)
Shelby Kitchings (3 days ago)
Sorry I lied, my boyfriend is making the salmon
Shelby Kitchings (3 days ago)
Making salmon while listening
Atay Babakan (3 days ago)
Thank you Cafe Music BGM! From ordinary boring cooking felt myself as a Chef and as if movie was being shot of me cooking
Mararagi (4 days ago)
made grilled cheese
Togo Burrows (10 days ago)
I’m baking a blueberry upside down cake...
Kis Forcool (12 days ago)
I can't keep my pants on while listening
pressure zone (12 days ago)
this makes me want to chop vegetables
Hobo Chicken (15 days ago)
I love these videos so much, and so does my mother. Every time I play one of your videos she has to ask me what it is and say that she really likes it. One more thing is I really like that there is only one ad for the entire video, it’s really nice that your not doing this for the money
Nykko V (18 days ago)
Made toasted bread
Ria Shew (22 days ago)
LOL... i'm making pork chops with this music...love it! thx a lot
Chloe Bear (1 month ago)
This music is really relaxing! Sweet!
S Fort (1 month ago)
I love this, made french toast, coffee, regular toast, eggs with onions tomatoes and green peppers, felt like a chef at my own local cafe
Amanda Betters (1 month ago)
Thank you for this! I wanted some light jazz music to listen while cooking and this was perfect. We had chicken Parmesan tonight for supper. Yum!
Brittany Taylor (1 month ago)
Gives me a ratatouille vibe
Aniyah Dunlap (1 month ago)
I made crapes
Planet Destroyer11 (2 months ago)
I am just casually listening to this while DMing for D&D.
Galaxy Catgirl (2 months ago)
Me and my cousin is making cupcakes,so I put this music on😂
Rachel Von Rebelle (2 months ago)
this took me places
Johanna Kidd (2 months ago)
I like this sound, thank you for the pleasurable listening
Weakley (2 months ago)
Literally when my mom and dad cook they just do it but when I cook dinner for them I come here listen and cook and it always turns out perfect
Suzienne Fiera (2 months ago)
thank you so much for this music!! So lovely and relaxing to prepare dinner with - helps to infuse the food with love.
YJ (2 months ago)
I made cup noodle!
QTee (2 months ago)
it's good that ive been cooking a lot lately... it's much better for me... i do a lot better... its when i eat from outside that I put on extra pounds.. that has always been the case... and its responsible for a lot too... its whatever garbage they put in the food-- and that is even though i dont eat fastfood<<< no... i do not.. and really havent since my mid 20s.. still... the ingredients matters.. when i cook i can control everything that goes into what im making... plus get some minor stress relief
john campo (3 months ago)
Love the music. I make amateur cooking videos. Can I use your music in my videos? Please not I am not monetized and do the videos only as a hobby.
Love it! I added to my playlist😊
123 123 (3 months ago)
Got that urge to smoke a join and start cooking <3
Wee Peng (3 months ago)
simply beautiful, love your channel a lot.
mgms2010 (3 months ago)
Hello from Brazil I love this channel
Twilight Clarke (3 months ago)
Beautiful music 💓
Teresa Quintana (3 months ago)
Perfecto! Yo ahora mismo! 🍳
Nickkia Taylor (3 months ago)
立花孝志 (3 months ago)
素晴らしいです! ウォークマンに入れさせて頂きます。
Music Universe (3 months ago)
You've got my attention!
Yoo whene (3 months ago)
Chill Select (3 months ago)
love it : )
jovancica73 (3 months ago)
Once again you made my not day but whole year because my passion is cooking. I have personal cooking blog. Thanks my dear friends. And who knows maybe we'll meet one day so I can say thank you in person.
Gumball Machine (3 months ago)
Loving this, gonna listen to this while I make pasta 😋
God's Community (3 months ago)
Hi. Have a great day! 🌻
Вик (3 months ago)
Отлично !
Fledermaus A Denevér (3 months ago)
Hello from Hungary 🙋
Smok 2112 (3 months ago)
Not a break from the latest music, a REPLACEMENT FOR the other stuff!! Like coming out of a noisy atmosphere into a peaceful quiet one...THANK YOU!!!
Leslie (3 months ago)
Love the song at 11:06, what is it?
Frances✨ (3 months ago)
OMG! I never knew I needed this! This will be my jam for holiday cooking!👩‍🍳🥘🍲🍅🥕🥥🍍🥔🌽🌶 THANK YOU!
Jackie M (3 months ago)
All thats left is too cook a semi decent meal
J (3 months ago)
DanTDM (3 months ago)
I love this music
WhoamI? (3 months ago)
Four hours cooking😅
WhoamI? (2 months ago)
+QTee Give you 10 more likes 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💕💕💕
QTee (2 months ago)
+WhoamI? 😂😂😂 sure! Im always down to share and feed my guests! .. well, its not so much that its hardy, its just the way the food is prepared and it takes awhile. My grandmother used to start from the night before... i just throw the beans ina crock pot, for everything else, well im just one person and you have to watch every pot soo.. ive done it several times and its about the same timing every time
WhoamI? (2 months ago)
+QTee It must be a very hearty dinner. I wish I could join you. What about 2019 Christmas? 😆😆😆
QTee (2 months ago)
+Paula González Silva But i have fun when im doing it.. put on nice xmassy songs and drink wine.. of course.. but gotta be in the kitch by 8am to finish by 4pm. My grandmother always started at 5am because we'd eat about 1pm or 2pm as is tradition in our country... but here for me 4pm is good
QTee (2 months ago)
+Paula González Silva Id say it takes about 8hrs for me to make a xmas dinner
もとこ (3 months ago)
ご飯作るぞー。 こちらのワガママで申し訳ないのですか、広告はできれば動画の頭と終わりだけにして欲しいなー…(´;ω;`) 途中の大音量広告でいつもビックリしているもので…
YJ (3 months ago)
Ganrok간록 (3 months ago)
David Torres (3 months ago)
To the seasoning of the jazz & Bossa Nova with BGM
aus Blue (3 months ago)
nice music for when i can listen thank you ..****
Vale C. (3 months ago)
Omg yess this new and i love it 😍
Leslie (3 months ago)
xmugenx (3 months ago)
Lovely and sweet Beats💠
Stephanie C h (3 months ago)
This is an amazing, makes me feel like a chef.. it's very classy and relaxing.:) Thank you Cafe Music BGM ! <3 Much love ♥
Cafe Music BGM channel (3 months ago)
Thank You!! Stephanie!!
ASMR Hyeon (3 months ago)
Thank you😍😍😍
Mohd. Afham Ithnin (3 months ago)
Sweet, now I want to some dinner with these sweet music!
Eva Rose (3 months ago)
Oh, I simply love this. 😊
circuitus mr (3 months ago)
매번 잘 듣고 있습니다^^
Stress Free (3 months ago)
The number one jazz station on YouTube!! I pulled up at Central market, and people wanted to know what jazz artist is that playing..😎
Patricia Ortega (3 months ago)
Stress Free which CM? Houston?
Yovis (3 months ago)
Pon Música chilaout
SAD BOY (3 months ago)
I'm Brazilian, I love your music. <3
420FlowerPower (3 months ago)
Now we’re cooking with gas. 🍳🥩🥗🍝🍜🍲🥓🥖🥒🥕🍒🍌🥥🍇🥐🧀💘love it 😊
Cafe Music BGM channel (3 months ago)
Cafe Music.
Mister Turk Turkle (8 days ago)
Cafe music
oksana ostapuk (3 months ago)
oksana ostapuk (3 months ago)

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