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Rihanna - The Making of Sledgehammer

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"Sledgehammer (From Star Trek Beyond)” from available now: Download on TIDAL: http://smarturl.it/tdSledgehammer Download on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/iSledgehammer Download on Google Play: http://smarturl.it/gSledgehammer Download on Amazon: http://smarturl.it/aSledgehammer Stream on TIDAL: http://smarturl.it/tSledgehammer http://vevo.ly/SfwVPe
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Text Comments (1504)
Nicki Minaj (2 months ago)
Bedo Ak (3 months ago)
Sy Farah (3 months ago)
Please join to channel
K.O.Spurr (3 months ago)
Nice girl Sound 🎵🎵
Ms. Gin-Gin (4 months ago)
This is beautiful. director is did an excellent job.
Edu. G (5 months ago)
oooooooooooooooooooo 👏👏
the song so hard is amazing its on the movie breaking in trailer
André Machete (7 months ago)
Make videos-clips is difficult, to much variables. God day and be wild. Gone.
وجيه الشاعر (9 months ago)
Your voice is enchanting
El Paraiso Celebraciones (9 months ago)
Probably Rihanna's best song
TrinityWard (9 months ago)
Is anyone else shook?
no name (9 months ago)
Such a great talent
Alda 11 (10 months ago)
Its so stupid i hate Rihanna
Ilona van Toor (10 months ago)
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Maciej marciniak (11 months ago)
You Tube (11 months ago)
actually this song is about illuminati bitches,not about being dramatic and strong..sir,you lied
Jerome Zeigler (11 months ago)
Why is VEVO allowed to post Rihanna s music when she has it on her own channel?
im tristen (1 year ago)
I love riri
James Bozeman (1 year ago)
Merry Christmas sweet heart
Marysia Soczyńska (1 year ago)
OMG! Is realy realy cool !!:)
😍i love Rihanna's big forehead lol im weird
Leonardo Renault (1 year ago)
i love so much it videoclip
evan (1 year ago)
Don't steal fifth harmony titles
robert1235421 (1 year ago)
Incredible video....
H̶e̶r̶s̶e̶l̶f̶ (1 year ago)
I think they made this song for a movie
Dinara Fauziah (1 year ago)
thats no atmosphere there
Arnel Ongachen (1 year ago)
She should break walls from trump
Rachel Nathania (1 year ago)
not to be mean but she looks like avatar. and she is rocking it
xc xc (1 year ago)
I hope Rihanna knows Sledgehammer is a love song,, and is about moving past the pain inflicted by a love gone wrong.
Ericka Betancourt (1 year ago)
shes the best not even beyonce like this 👏🏻👏🏻😭😘😘
Adrian Richli Vlogs (1 year ago)
rihanna really felt it !!!
Me love Rihanna
A Person (1 year ago)
EXCELLENT VIDEO AND SINGING! A perfect pair. This song should be playing all the time.
Samira Nadif (1 year ago)
firefly (1 year ago)
is it wrong that I think this fits star trek voyager as well as beyond
melissa kfmn (1 year ago)
elle fait trop flippe
Diego Santizo (1 year ago)
∆ illuminati ∆
Neutral Face Emoji (1 year ago)
I prefer Star Wars 😐
ADM (2 years ago)
she's beautiful I love it
maria chachi (2 years ago)
oh riri so cute
Laura Kersten (2 years ago)
wow RIRI in full clothes
Silvano Silva (2 years ago)
amo o filme... sou fã.
Bishop Sins (2 years ago)
Her Accent Makes Me Buss Nuts Yo 😅
David Šigut (2 years ago)
30p is not hi-tech technology! Please 60p!
joshua thomas (2 years ago)
my sis love this song so much
Dulce Saviñón (2 years ago)
Fofa Gata Linda☺☺💜💜💞💞💎💎💙💙
Váné HQH te amo (2 years ago)
I Loveeeee..... RIRI...
ronikha maxime (2 years ago)
what is that girl
whatever the system will make awful images and ideas..u will find the huge majority clicking on likes .. and a few "the alerted ones" cliking dislikes...this is just unbelievable
Chase Alexander (2 years ago)
Star Trek and Rihanna, with Imax
Mecânica em 2 Rodas (2 years ago)
👍 👍
staardust (2 years ago)
Rihanna slays everything in life
staardust (2 years ago)
Rihanna slays everything in life
Choy .C (2 years ago)
Eres preciosa, te adoro, eres la perfección echa mujer, te amo.
Ákos Buzogány (2 years ago)
Tiana R (2 years ago)
Yass queen
Nadjiba Said Mohamed (2 years ago)
j 'adore sa voix
JessicaK (2 years ago)
Vanessa Azevedo (2 years ago)
Te Amo Rihanna!
Uğurcan Akçay (2 years ago)
Hands 81 (2 years ago)
She's fully clothed OMG !!!!
Vesa Galica (2 years ago)
She's beautiful in every way omg
marieke Janse (2 years ago)
When you draw your brows so thin they get outta there. 😂 love ya ri-ri ❤️
Chyna West (2 years ago)
Henry Kaliph (2 years ago)
Nice one
Monica Recendiz (2 years ago)
Floria Sigismondi is an awesome director of music videos. Saw the making of Muse's Supermassive Black Hole and she is really creative with everything. Absolutely love how her work improved and she took it to the max with Rihanna. May she continue with her lovely work 💜💕✨
Nathan Antoni (2 years ago)
haha y'a des français ? :-P
poison dancing (2 years ago)
wow i see alot of things from ariana grande break free
OrangeBurrito (2 years ago)
Why do people comment things like "You wanna know who's beautiful? Read the first word i hope u have a wonderful day" or "If you are watching this video, you are a beautiful person and have an amazing day"? I hate those comments. These people only comment those things to get lots of likes, when in reality they couldn't care less about you.
Riri Rihanna (2 years ago)
Stan Edits (2 years ago)
you guys did a really great job it really looks like your on a other planet 🌌
RBCool (2 years ago)
No naked Rihanna? :((((
J.Roman (2 years ago)
I hope Rihanna gets a part in the 4th Star Trek Movie.
Selmab (2 years ago)
she's so weird without eyebrow but i love her
Jc Dickinson (2 years ago)
You rock! The best!
Angie Fleming (2 years ago)
Hello by adele was the first to be shot on imax... Great vid tho!
lovely sheeshee (2 years ago)
the place kinda looks like Ariana break free
Alan Bita (2 years ago)
mds ela ta sem sombrancelha
Unplugged Wires (2 years ago)
Please watch my videos.
Alex Garcia (2 years ago)
Ari fam (2 years ago)
I'm surprised how in music video she without eyebrows but without the music video she with eyebrows
Don’t Worry bout tht (2 years ago)
bruh her eyebrows grew back fast
Don’t Worry bout tht (2 years ago)
no hate she's still awesome
Daniela Donneys (2 years ago)
I love you from Colombia!!!
sofly 100 (2 years ago)
I hate this song this song is stupid I hate this song
Coordenacao Rodrigo (2 years ago)
Darmansah Abdo (2 years ago)
I love Rihana
ToxiCore (2 years ago)
Awesome video!
Leo Hutasoit (2 years ago)
Wow, the video is simply amazing variety of extraterrestrial look. Fixed so the best
yassine balouchir (2 years ago)
i love rihanna shes the best of music
magic vmx** (2 years ago)
no titties :(
Dongy Sakura (2 years ago)
1:11 I think people will be surprised with her transformation Yes. Yes indeed. I was surprised to see with Rhianna with no eyebrows
cinnamonstar808 (2 years ago)
this bitch is crazy..... why do people keep hiring her? EVERYTHING SHE TOUCHES IS CREEPY.. i sure her salary IS high
Yottifferent (2 years ago)
This girl is the biggest girl YouTuber
DeCoiZ Gaming (2 years ago)
dafuq is this
XxAna JúliaxX (2 years ago)
br 😏
Mirabelle Andersson (2 years ago)
Whos the best zara larsson or rihanns
Sr gaming (2 years ago)
my dream brought 200 participants as possible to help me Thanks to everyone who supported me
hueva tv .com (2 years ago)
no lo notan riana es una iluminati o reptiliana no han visto sus entrevistas su cercanía a los lagartos raro no?
Maya Playz (2 years ago)
Rihanna est juste MAGNIFIQUE.

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