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A Quick Stretch with Victoria's Secret Sport: Legs

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Victoria's Secret Angel Lindsay Ellingson and trainer Justin Gelband share some leg, hip and full-body stretches that can be incorporated into your post-workout cool-down.
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funstuff925 (5 years ago)
I like her she's cute!
josephineee92 (5 years ago)
i like skinny women but i think this much skinny is unattractive and definitely not healthy.
TropicalFeel (5 years ago)
LOVE the color swirl on the pant!
TropicalFeel (5 years ago)
LOVE the color swirl on the pant!
DaleMurph (5 years ago)
She looks so hot
Luca _ (5 years ago)
Notice how a part of the arm stretching vid is in this one, at the end :O hahahah
juan torrez (5 years ago)
GOO Victoria's Secret :)
Scarlett Choi (5 years ago)
She always say :I really love this LOL
Wayward Martian (5 years ago)
That guy has the best job EVAAAR!!! O__O
Austin Butler (5 years ago)
Chill babe
thebballer69 (5 years ago)
a perfect combinations of adorable and sexyness...
thelindzz (5 years ago)
Lindsay seems so sweet :)
Haruka Noguchi (5 years ago)
finally a guy who isn't bashing thin women
Susy Arboleda (5 years ago)
She has a ballerina's feet
Imma KNIGHT (5 years ago)
Because they've been on camera so many times and they strut in their underwear for millions to see.
mista (5 years ago)
we all know that these are not the real exercises they do..these are not enough to look this fit and hot..so just show the fucking real workout programmes! these are just useless!
Elyse E (5 years ago)
nervous about what?
Noelia A. Durand (5 years ago)
why all the victoria secret girls look so calm? I would be nervous all the time
HollyGolightly078 (5 years ago)
ahaha LOL some people say that these girls are too skinny,but i think they're perfect just the way they are
TheShutupandmodel (5 years ago)
glad you dont like fatties!!!
I guess someone around here is jealous because he doesn't look that good on sport bra?
Happy Holliday (5 years ago)
Lindsay Ellingson is perfection
demetriaisdead (5 years ago)
Guys, don't feed the troll.
HollyGolightly078 (5 years ago)
I like skinny and tall women like her.
Austin Butler (5 years ago)
Ummm do you have repressed sexual tensions about them? It's okay. Just jack off and you'll be fine, doctors orders.
Pringle Prangle (5 years ago)
You don't feel good about yourself, do you Frank?
celticschampions (5 years ago)
She's so sexy!!!
SidViciousPro (5 years ago)
She is right. Stretching is important after all workouts.
Natasha S. (5 years ago)
grown up Bella Thorne
demetriaisdead (5 years ago)
Lindsay, so beautiful...
Timothy_Candel (5 years ago)
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