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Chinese gpu farm | Mining bitcoin & ethereum

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Farm for the mining of crypto-currency. Abandoned building, buzzing racks. Here do not care about the order or technical design. The main thing is the extraction of bitcoin and etherium.
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Siao Wun (2 months ago)
HAHA its funny because it look really stupid but in practice it work. You see white people in a snowy factory mining bit coin funded with crowd funding. It look really professional. Meanwhile your cousin or uncle in the middle of no where is just doing this. HA
Срач неймоверный ))
Satoshi Alpha (6 months ago)
Excelente video muy nítido contenido y nos quedamos pendiente a su canal muchas gracias
ALEXANDER GOMEZ (9 months ago)
Colin Stienke (9 months ago)
what an mess area
Sara Admi (9 months ago)
I always wanted to be a tour guide for my city. Maybe signing up to the gig9 platform will help fulfil my dreams in showing what our wonderful place has to offer.
!от!б.? псьгоэшлхчж
Coinhive. live (1 year ago)
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Скоро трибунал
TẠ HỒNG THANH (1 year ago)
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omer jamal (1 year ago)
wooow very nice !!
PC KUCHING (1 year ago)
BTC crash this month, cheap GPU card floor the market soon.
jhone doe (1 year ago)
Supot Wat (1 year ago)
PLease give me an information of hardware you used. Thaks
Мario Ralchev (1 year ago)
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it7upport (1 year ago)
You have to show working farm but not stopped.
salem mat (1 year ago)
GIGABYTE AORUS RX 580 8GB Is it good and advises it Mining
Justin Pockrus (1 year ago)
salem tamali it was really good a month ago
Stephan Germishuizen (1 year ago)
Its all stolen
EAsy(FUT15) (1 year ago)
lifelesskids (1 year ago)
stolen electricity and all counterfeited items
Mark Wilder (1 year ago)
send me some of those cards how much
Eric Boon (1 year ago)
contact lanjiao
سلام السالم (1 year ago)
hi dear please contact me if you can

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